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PO BOX 175, MALDEN-ON-HUDSON, NY 12453 • 845-246-7873 • ARMOFTHESEA.

Photos this row © Jim Peppler

What We Do
Arm-of-the-Sea Theater chan- ed 41 public performances at venues Our Arts in Education
nels the evocative power of the arts as ranging from Big City stages to windy Program fosters creativity, cooper-
a force for joy, insight, and commu- waterfront parks and a venerable ation, and confidence in young peo-
nity uplift. We fuse the cutting-edge barnyard in the Catskills. Most of ple through hands-on residencies at
discoveries of science with the age-old these performances were offered free schools and camps. This year’s pro-
arts of puppetry to enact stories that to the public, with an estimated 8,000 grams involved hundreds of students
matter — stories that communicate people in attendance. in Poughkeepsie, Red Hook, Pine
across boundaries, reveal- Plains, and New Rochelle.
ing our common humanity,
The Tidewater Center
and illuminating essential
is AotS’s waterfront revital-
relationships between
ization project on the tidal
people and the life-support
Esopus Creek in Saugerties.
networks of this blue-
Through a grant
ocean planet. from the NYS
Public Performance Dept. of Envi-
Season We added two ronmental Con-
new productions to our servation, we’re developing a
Photo©Allyce Pulliam Photography

repertoire this year. Dirt: Master Plan that will trans-

The Secret Life Of Soil is a form the ruins of a 19th cen-
dazzling up-close journey tury papermill into a vibrant
into the Great Underneath; center for arts, science and
and City That Drinks The regional heritage. The Plan
Mountain Sky: Part Two, is will be unveiled in August as
the ongoing story of H2O part of our annual home-
for NYC. Our irrepressible town extravaganza, The 2018
touring company present- Esopus Creek Puppet Suite.
How We Do 2017 Donors
Arm of the Sea has succeeded for Judy Allen Melissa Higgins Julian Lines Laurie Ross
35 years on tenacity of vision, an Suzanne Bennet Susan Holland Susana Meyer Jared Schmidt
energetic ensemble of performers, Barbara Brozik Polly Howells Susan Murphy & Niki Swarthout
the support of our community part- Deborah & Beth Humphrey & Peter Poccia Larry Ulfik
ners and a sturdy business plan. Over Ted Conathan Guy Reed Bonni Nechmides John Wadden &
two thirds of our operating budget is Merle Cosgrove Shabazz Jackson Ellen Neilly Kristin Dean
earned income from performance fees William Denehy & Josephine Abby Newton Mary Ellen
and residency programs. We solicit Lynne Gilson & Pagagni James Malchow Wadden
contributions to keep our fees afford- Joel Schuman Jolanda Jansen Ernie Mortuzans David Wallick
able to the wide variety of small or- John DeNicolo Laura Rock Jane Oriel Wendy Weinrich
ganizations that request our services. Virginia Dow Kopczak Catherine & Nathaniel Williams
Arm of the Sea Productions, Inc. is a Michaela Graham Anna Landewe George Puzak Shelley Wyant
non-profit, 501©3 organization. Our
most recent financial report is avail- Pro Bono Contributors
able at Cantines Island Cohousing
Community, John DeNicolo CPA, Tory
Ettlinger, Greenway Environmental
Services Inc., Jansen Engineering,
PLLC, Michael Nelson Photography,
One Nature LLC, Jim Peppler, David
Radovanovic, Vern Rist, TDC Auto

Foundation Support
Catskill Watershed Corp., The
Ulster Community Response Fund
and the Ann & Abe Effron Fund of
the Community Foundations of the
Who We Are Hudson Valley, and TechSoup

Photo© Kris Konyak

Government Support:
Founders & Directors:
Marlena Marallo & Patrick The County of Ulster’s Ulster County
Wadden Cultural Services & Promotion Fu nd
Design Associate: administrated by Arts Mid-Hudson.
Jean Whelan The Environmental Protection Fund
Tidewater Project
administered by the NYS Department
of Environmental Conservation.
Where We Are
Manager: Laura Kopczak Recent performance venues in-
The New York State Council on the
Musicians: Eli Winograd, Dean Arts, with the support of Governor clude: LaGuardia Performing Arts
Jones, Juan Basilio Sanchez Andrew Cuomo and the New York Center in Queens, Ossining Earth Day,
Company Performers: State Legislature. Urban Farming Festival in Newburgh,
Kira deCoudres, Anna Hafner, Hudson Valley Community College in
Sam Shippee, Soyal Smalls Troy, Battery Park City Parks in New
York, Orange Co. Earth & Water Fest,
Board of Directors: Deborah Riverdale Riverfest, New Haven Festi-
Conathan, Marie Daniels, Robin
Photo© Michael Nelson

val of Art & Ideas, Old Songs Festival

Goss, Jolanda Jansen, Esq., in Voorheesville, Crocheron Park in
Shabazz Jackson, Laura Kopczak, Queens, City of Water Day in New
Abby Newton, Josephine Papagni, York, Liberty Square in Ellenville, Met-
Susan Murphy, Peter Varner. tabee Farm & Arts in Hillsdale, and
The Ashokan Center in Olivebridge.