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Topic Name
Some thermal hydraulic changes in sodium cooled fast reactors
Manual Of Applied Mechanics
A mechanical model illustrating the theory of turbulence
Hydraulic characteristics of vertical vortex at hydraulic intakes
The vortical flow above the drain hole in a rotating vessel
Anatomy of a bathroom vortex
Stationary bahroom vortices and a critical regime of liquid discharge
Free surface air core vortex
Velocity of vertical vortices at hydraulic intakes
Vortex formation at verical pipe intakes
Vortices at vertical intakes
Similarity of free vortex at horizontal intake
Scale effects in pump sump models
Gas entrainment at the free surface of a liquid
Gas entrainment at the free surface of a liquid:entrainment inception at a vortex with an unstable gas core
Estimation of hydraulic characteristics of free surface vortices extension vortex
Unsteady behaviour of gas entraining vortex on free surface incylindrical vessel
Experimental study on gas entrainment at free surface in reactor vessel of a compact sodium-cooled fast reactor
Experimental study on gas entrainment due to nonstationary vortex in a sodium-cooled fast reactor -comparison of onset ondi
Experimantal investigation on bubble characteristics entrained by surface vortex
Proposal of design criteria for gas entrainment from vortex dimples based on a CFD method
Formulations and validations of high-precision VOF algorithm on nonorthogonal meshes for numerical simulation of gas entrai
Two-phase flow simulation of gas entrainment phenomenon in large-scale experimental model of sodium-cooled fast reactor
Evaluation model of bubble-type gas entrainment
Model-prototype comarison of free-surface vortices
The IAPWS formulation 1995 for the thermodynamic properties of ordinary water substance for general and scientific use
Flow distribution around a bathroom vortex
Experimental study on scale effect on gas entrainment at free surface
Thermodynamic and transport properties of sodium liquid and vapour