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Note 531207 - Use of BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE concerning shipping

Note Language: English Version: 3 Validity: Valid from 28.06.2002


This note complements the documentation for the interface of function
module BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE concerning dates and transportation planning
Function module BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE is able to generateshipment documents
including preassigned planned and actual dates for the individual shipping
statuses planning, registration, loading start, loading end, shipment
completion, shipment start and shipment end.
On the one hand, BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE can be used as a
remote-enabledmodule. On the other hand, you have the option of using the
function within the EDI with function module IDOC_INPUT_SHIPMENT_CREATEFROM
then calls BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE for further processing).

More Terms
Alternative for idoc_input_shpmnt

Cause and Prerequisites

When you use bapi_shipment_create, there are different ways of setting the
different dates of the shipment header. The following statements can be
understood by means of the attached report ztest_bapi_shipment_create2.

o Only the fields

- bapishipmentheader-status_plan

- bapishipmentheader-status_checkin

- bapishipmentheader-status_load_start

- bapishipmentheader-status_load_end

- bapishipmentheader-status_compl

- bapishipmentheader-status_shpmnt_start

- bapishipmentheader-status_shpmnt_end

of structure bapishipmentheader are set with the call of

bapi_shipment_create (value = 'X'):

In this case the corresponding statuses of the new shipment are

also set, the respective DATA and TIMES

- VTTK-DTDIS --> Date of end of planning

- VTTK-UZDIS --> Scheduling end time

- VTTK-DAREG --> Actual date of check-in

- VTTK-UAREG --> Current time of check-in

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Note 531207 - Use of BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE concerning shipping

- VTTK-DALBG --> Current date for start of loading

- VTTK-UALBG --> Actual loading start time

- VTTK-DALEN --> Actual date for end of loading

- VTTK-UALEN --> Actual loading end time

- VTTK-DTABF --> Current date of shipment completion

- VTTK-UZABF --> Time of transportation processing

- VTTK-DATBG --> Current date for start of shipment

- VTTK-UATBG --> Actual transport start time

- VTTK-DATEN --> Actual date for end of shipment

- VTTK-UATEN --> Actual shipment end time

correspond to the SYSTEM DATE or the SYSTEM TIME, at which the

function module was imported. The respective PLANNED data and
PLANNED times remain empty.

o Filling the seven above-mentioned BAPISHIPMENTHEADER fieldsis not

necessary if you assign the HEADERDEADLINE interface to the
function module. If Headerdeadline is filled correctly, the
statuses of the shipment WITH date and time are taken from this
structure. (Setting the fields from Bapishipmentheader is not
necessary in this case, but also not incorrect). The PLANNED data
can also be set with structure HEADERDEADLINE.

However, structure HEADERDEADLINE must be filled in accordance with

the following rule:

-TIME_TYPE = logical time --> to be filled with fixed values:

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTPLDT --> Date/time of end of planning

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTCIPDT --> PLANNED date/time of check-in

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTCIADT --> ACTUAL date/time of check-in

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTLSPDT --> PLANNED date/time of loading start

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTLSADT --> ACTUAL date/time of loading start

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTLEPDT --> PLANNED date/time of loading end

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTLEADT --> ACTUAL date/time of loading end

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTCPDT --> PLANNED date/time of shipment


- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTCADT --> ACTUAL date/time of shipment


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Note 531207 - Use of BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE concerning shipping

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTSSPDT --> PLANNED date/time of shipment start

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTSSADT --> ACTUAL date/time of shipment start

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTSEPDT --> PLANNED date/time of shipment end

- -TIME_TYPE = HDRSTSEADT --> ACTUAL date/time of shipment end

These equivalents can also be found in function group V56I_BAPI

--> Include LV56I_BAPITOP

-TIME_STAMP_UTC = UTC time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)

-TIME_ZONE = time zone

Remark: If you set some fields, which do not have any equivalent in
Headerdeadline, in Bapishipmentheader, system date and system time
are set again for these (current) shipping statuses. The planned
data stays empty for these (additional) statuses.

You can find the specified report as part of the "correction instructions".

Header Data
Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 28.06.2002 13:42:01
Priority: Recommendations/additional info
Category: Consulting

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Related Notes
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546602 BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE: Return ID/Message empty

Correction Instructions

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Note 531207 - Use of BAPI_SHIPMENT_CREATE concerning shipping
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423134 46C 470 SAP_APPL C 26.06.2002 15:00:13
*) C Correction, B Pre-Implementation, A Post-Implementation, M Undetermined

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