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“Rock climbing isn’t for ev-
eryone, but there are other
hobbies that teachers have
that can help them connect
with their students.”

Cyber Bullying 
Cyber bullying has
become an increas-
ing problem in today’s
increasingly techno-
logically social world.
With the rise of social
networking, along with
Should it or shouldn’t be punished by schools?
By Vikash Akkineni
the rise of usage of the
cell phone and computers
to communicate, comes
the rise of cyber bully-
ing. Most educators agree
that cyber bullying has
become a major problem
among today’s students.
While this may or may
not be true, is it the school’s
job to punish cyber bully-
ing, especially when it is
done off school grounds?
Recently in Beverly
Hills, California, school
officials suspended a mid-
dle school student who
used her home computer
to post a video on YouTube
of herself and others mak-
ing fun of another student.
This student, in re-
sponse to the suspen-
sion, is now suing her
school district, claim-
ing that because what
she did was done after
school and off campus,
Photographed by: Kavinmozhi C
it is beyond the school the case of cyber bullying, body, but it isn’t anything performance in school.
district’s jurisdiction. the victim has a choice on physical. It is not a verbal as- Well there are hundreds

While this is a val- whether or not they can sault. It is not anything like of things that can also af-
id point, many schools communicate with a bully. actual bullying. Why should fect performance in class or
across the country are In Facebook, they can de- it be punished as if it were? the school’s environment.
stepping up their re- lete the bully from their Unlike physical bully- One great example is Rock ClimbingPage...... 2
sponses to cyber bullying. friends list, on emails a ing, cyber bullying is usual- homework. A heavy amount One Day W/O Shoes
So the question still re- victim can ignore a bully’s ly only done to embarrass, to of homework can negatively
mains, do schools have the emails, and even beyond emotionally hurt someone, affect the school’s environ- Crazy Weather
right to punish the cyber this, a victim can choose or to generate a response. ment, a student’s perfor-
bullying of their students? to acknowledge a bully’s While cyber bullying can mance, and even affect stu- Why do people help?....4
“Schools should not attempts to bully them. hurt a victim, when it gets dents’ attitudes at home. So
have the right to punish Because there is so much to that stage it is a problem why isn’t this punished? Fam- Successful Project...........5
Class Ranking
off campus cyber bul- choice involved among the that should be addressed ily problems, peer pressure,
lying. Cyber bullying victims of cyber bullying, either by the parents of the recent news, and a lot more Exercise.............................6
can hurt and it may have it really shouldn’t be that victim, or even the police can negatively affect stu- Weekends
negative consequences big of a problem to start if necessary. Why should dents. However, these prob-
on a victim, however with. Regardless of that, cy- the school get involved? lems usually arise at home Longer School Days........7
All About Attitude
if this is done off cam- ber bullying is not usually Many teachers say that and are resolved by families
pus the school shouldn’t done at school and therefore the school should get in- and friends, and even the po-
have a right to punish it.” should be an issue between volved because cyber bul- lice when necessary. Why
Blain Rogers, a stu- parents and students”. lying can usually affect isn’t cyber bullying treated
dent at NTH@C, agrees Cyber bullying might the school’s environment, the same way? Why can’t
and says, “Usually in embarrass or hurt some- or it can affect a student’s it be treated the same way?

Page 2 New Tech High @ Coppell
Teacher uses hobby as way to connect
By:Vikash Akkineni and students and it helps me
understand the activities my
Rock Climbing is a sim- students like - their hobbies,
ple activity in which people the topics that they are in-
climb natural or manmade terested in, and much more.
rock formations. It is also In turn, that helps me create
a hobby and a passion that more engaging class discus-
many people share. sions, projects, and assign-
One local teacher how- ments” says Mr. Perryman
ever, has turned this passion when asked how spending
of his into much more than time with his students has
just a pastime, he turned helped him as a teacher.
his hobby into a way to
connect with his students. “I think more teach-
“What started out as a sim-
Charles Perryman, ers should try to get to
ple hobby ended up giving
known by some simply as know their students.
me the opportunity to hang
Chuck and by others as Mr. Rock climbing isn’t for ev-
out and connect with my
Perryman, is a World His- eryone, but there are other
students in a safe, but chal-
tory teacher at NTH@C. hobbies that teachers have
lenging environment”
Perryman is a new, fresh that can help them con-
out of college, teacher who nect with their students.
just happens to have a pas- Nathan Kloepper scales walls with Charles Perryman. Not only will their con-
sion for rock climbing. nection with their students
“I’m always looking ryman rock climbing was him. Pretty soon Mr. Per- a simple hobby ended up make them better teach-
for a way to go further and just something that he did ryman, along with around giving me the opportunity ers, but it will also make
see more of the world. At for fun in his free time. 10-15 students (some- to hang out and connect them better role models.”
one point I realized that in When he men- times more), started to go with my students in a safe, Mr. Perryman is still a
order to see some parts of tioned this past time of to Exposures Indoor Rock but challenging environ- relatively new teacher, fresh
the world, I had to climb his in class quite a few Climbing on 2389B Mid- ment” says Mr. Perryman. out of college. He agrees
rocks” said Mr. Perryman people showed interest. way Road Carrollton, Texas “Hanging out with my that he has much to learn
when asked how his pas- Eventually, Mr. Perry- at around 6:00 p.m. every students has given me a win- about teaching, but perhaps
sion for rock climbing be- man decided to invite some Monday and Wednesday. dow into their lives. It helps there is much that other
gan. According to Mr. Per- of his students to come with “What started out as build trust between teachers teachers can learn from him.

NTH@C Supports the Community

Relay For Life A Day Without Shoes
By Dara M. Thomas By Haley Mathews

New Tech High @ Donations of $1.00 On April 8th, you child in need. Mycoskie’s countries like Rwanda, Ar-
Coppell is helping out each will allow people to may have walked into whole business is based on gentina, Ethiopia, Uruguay,
the community yet again. honor those who have fought school and noticed some- that one simple premise. Haiti, and even America’s
Kim Wootton, English cancer, to gain professional thing a little funny. Working from the poor neighborhoods in New
Facilitator, created teams ethics, or get popcorn and Looking around, you ground up, Mycoskie has Orleans and New York City.
for all the learners to join baked goods. We’ll also probably noticed that a made TOMS an incred- Why shoes? Not hav-
for Relay For Life, a big do this on Friday, the 23rd bunch of NTH@C learners ibly successful business ing shoes may not seem like
event hosted all around the at the Spring Fling. Thurs- weren’t wearing shoes! As that has given over 600,000 that big of a deal to us here
world, is a big birthday par- day, the 22nd, we’ll have you took your own shoes pairs of shoes to children in Coppell, because we’ve
ty for those who beat cancer “Wear Purple Day” and off, hopefully you learned in need through their non- never experienced not own-
and it also honors the people shoot a purple glove dance from other people about profit organization, Friends ing shoes. But in places like
who didn’t win the battle. video. “ Says Kim Wootton the TOMS One Day With- of TOMS. And they’re South Africa and Argentina,
“So far, NTH@C has The actual Relay is out Shoes movement. Even still giving. For each pair a disease called Podoco-
hosted all the Coppell Relay May 1 – 2 at Wagon Wheel our facilitators were going you purchase, yet another niosis runs rampant and af-
for Life meetings, includ- Park in Coppell Texas. If barefoot! All of this was for pair is given to children in Continued on page 4
ing the committee meet- you are with your family or spreading awareness about
ings, the team captain meet- friends that day come out TOMS and their mission.
ings, and the Relay Kick and hang out, there are kara- TOMS shoes was
Off Party. We’ve had bake oke contests, face painting, founded by Blake My-
sales and individual dona- carnival style games, food, coskie, an eager entrepre-
tions to our teams. Right drag queen contest to raise neur who used his knowl-
now, we have 8 teams from money for cancer research edge of business and his
New Tech. Starting on and so much more it’s some- desire to give back to cre-
Thursday of this week and thing you will never forget ate the One for One move-
continuing through Tues- and you should bring your ment. The One for One
day of next week, we’ll kids and family it’s amaz- movement is Mycoskie’s
be taking donations in the ing and really life changing idea that for every pair of
cafeteria during lunch. knowing that your helping TOMS shoes that is bought;
something so much bigger. a pair will be given to a
Page 3 New Tech High @ Coppell
Are you Stressed?
By Vystnavi Karri
So how do people and concentrate on breath-
You know those times deal with something like ing, vent, chat, play la-
when you feel like you’re this? Easy. They lash out, crosse, do math, sing, swim
going to pull your hair out vent, and maybe even say laps at the Y, fix whatever
of your head? Or you’re things they regret later; is making them stressed,
gone strangle the person they get cranky and re- watch funny videos, play
next to you? Or every little ally frantic when they WoW (World of Warcraft),
thing just gets on your last are nearing a deadline. spend time with family,
nerve? Maybe just possibly How do we do not do the laugh, and a bunch of other
the next second you will yell aforementioned actions? things.
“I AM SO STRESSED!” Have some “Me”
Yeah, well, welcome First of all take a deep time for yourself. At the
to Earth. In fact, I’m breath. Yeah, you would same time, make sure you
stressing bout writing our breaking point. Some of In any situation, we think it’s given and all con- balance out your other ac-
this article, go figure. us handle it better than oth- are reaching towards some- sidering we are breathing tivities so you do not fall be-
ers. For example, someone thing and when we get there all the time but some peo- hind. I know you’re think-
You would think we who is not used to doing we want to do better. Doing ple actually die from high ing ‘easier said than done’
would have learned how to a lot of work that is given our best takes time and ef- amounts of stressing and not but try to do these and it will
handle our stress by now the same amount of work fort; both of which, lately, breathing because of it… make you feel loads better.
or figure out ways to re- as a person who is used to we just don’t seem to have. really. Nah. Just kidding. There is a reason people
duce it but no, our stress doing a lot of work would Then, remove yourself from keep saying it!
levels just keep increasing get more frustrated easily. The after effect? high stress environments
and have no intention of We feel tired, exhausted, for a few minutes and find Believe it or not,
decreasing anytime soon. Some of us even and just plain relieved. an outlet. An outlet is some- sometimes some stress
Being stressed is relevant to wonder why we get stressed “I feel tired and exhausted, thing you enjoy doing that can be good for you. It
everyone whether it is about in the first place. It could “says sophomore Vikash. makes you feel good. (Ex- can help you realize that
family, friends, school, be because we want to do This whole time, you were ample: hobbies or sports) you’re falling behind or
or even pets. “My classes very good on something or running on adrenaline to nearing towards a dead-
stress me out the most,“ says just do our best; most of the get everything figured Some students at line and you have to get
freshman Christian Bergin. time, we just want more. out and done. After ev- New Tech take naps, play going. The intensity of it
The only part that differs is erything, you’re out of it. guitar, listen to music, sit motivates some people.

Weather Affects Teens’ Moods

By Kavin Caldwell
brain that tend to be de-
Is Texas weather pre- pressed during the winter
dictable or does it snow when the temperatures
one day and is very sunny drop tremendously. Peo-
the next? The weather ple are less active dur-
changes every day and so ing the winter and they do
does the mood of teens. not get enough sunlight.
Teen’s moods just like The cycles of sunrise and
the weather are fickle. In- sunset also have an impact
deed the weather and teen’s in this. Some treatments
moods do have a connec- that have been used for
tion. Why does the mood seasonal affective disorder
of teens change when is light boxes that simu-
the weather changes? late sunrises to help you
What connection does the wake up in the morning.
weather have with one’s Mr. Timothy Trout, who
brain? Are some questions lived in Alaska for 20 years
that are frequently asked. has experienced all this and
It is proven by scientists has seen this firsthand be-
that the weather can affect cause of the extended cold
teen’s moods because of whether there. He explained
a seasonal affective disor- that the weather has a large
der, or SAD, that occurs impact on teens and adults.
due to minimal amount “The cycles of sunrise and change. Mr. Trout also states, when it’s gray and rainy makes me sad looking at the
of sunlight. Sunlight pro- sunset are tied into this and “This winter in Dallas Forth outside, they feel gloomy gray sky. I like the summer
duces photochemical reac- it all comes back to how worth it’s been a colder, and lazy. On the contrary, but it depends where I am.”
tions in the skin producing much sunlight you are get- wetter, gloomier winter, I when it’s sunny they feel If you ever felt gloomy on
vitamin D in the body. Vi- ting and the stimulation of think it’s affecting teens active and on the go with a rainy day or irritated on a
tamin D affects the hor- nerve transmitters because more than last winter which much more energy. Too hot, sticky day, you know
mone levels which causes of activity,” Mr. Trout states. was a lot warmer and we much sunlight also causes you have experienced mood
teen’s moods to change. He explains that the he had a lot more sunshine.“ an irritable nature on teens. change due to the weather.
Another reason that does believe in teen’s mood “It has to be a prolonged A student quoted, The amount of sunlight
seasonal affective dis- changes according to weath- period and for each per- “I hate the monsoon; it available and the overall
order occurs is due to er, although it has to be an son that can be different.” makes me gloomy and sad. weather do have an im-
neurotransmitters in the extended period of weather Many teens state that Even if I am happy that day it pact on us psychologically.
Page 4 New Tech High @ Coppell

Music To Our Ears

pell. In fact, the variety nem, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent.
of types of music listened Pop came next with art¬ists
to is quite surprising! such as Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus,
From Country and Pop to and Michael Jack¬son.
Techno and Rap, New tech Country took the 5th spot
has a very diverse selection with artists like Taylor
of music playing all at once. Swift, Carrie Underwood,
The most popular of all and The Zac Brown Band.
genres at New Tech is Al- Other Notable genres
ternative - with bands like were Dance, Indie, Chris-
All Time Low, Blink-182, tian, Metal, and Blues.
3OH!3, and The Killers, Some genres not men-
Alternative is the most. tioned were Classical, Jazz,
Not far behind is the sec- and Folk, mostly due to
ond-most listened to genre, the fact that these styles of
Rock. Bands in this genre in- mu¬sic are popular among
clude: Nickelback, Em¬ery, facilitators, and parents.
By Christian Bergin Lifehouse, Jimi Hen¬drix,
Learners with trust Swift, and Lady Gaga. multiple times during the and Mayday Parade. New Tech High @ Coppell
cards all over New Tech Although it is neither ap- day when, with a trust card, Andy Harp says, “I listen to is not only di¬verse in eth-
High @ Coppell have propriate, nor allowed to lis- learners have permission. Rock because it relaxes me.” nicity, looks, and experienc-
headphones in their ears, ten to music when the facili- Multiple genres are popu- After Alternative and es, but also in music, a major
lis-tening to artists such tator is teach¬ing or when a lar among learners here at Rock comes Rap with art- part of any learner’s life here
as Lil Wayne, Taylor tour is coming in, there are New Tech High @ Cop- ists such as Lil Wayne, Emi- on the NTH@C campus.

Why Do People Help?

Why do people help? student of Mrs. Woot-
What does it mean to help? ton, is a part of the Com-
The answers to these ques- munity Service Club.
tions are differ¬ent for each Leslie said, “When I help
person. Help¬ing comes in someone I feel happy that I
many forms; community was able to do some¬thing
service for school, volun- for someone other than
teering for a local hospital myself,” which is sim¬ilar
or charity, taking out the to what Mrs. Wootton
trash, or even build¬ing said, “It’s like being nour-
homes for the homeless. ished; it’s what one does
Mrs. Wootton, facilitator if you want to lead a life
of the Community Ser- of happiness and peace.”
vice Club at New Tech, is The simple fact is that peo-
a reg¬ular volunteer for ple feel rewarded when they
many dif¬ferent charities help. Helping brings joy.
including Relay for Life, Even simple things like do-
and Touch a Life, has a ing the dishes without being
good definition for what find a way to fulfill it, a you just have to open your help, if we all take a small asked can make a happier
it means to help and en- need can be small or it eyes, there’s always a need, part of our day it adds up to person. So why not help?
courages others to do so: can be great, but anyone and there is usually time in a huge accomplishment.”
“To see a need and try to can contribute something, the day to do something to Leslie Edwards, past

A DAY WITHOUT SHOES from taining good hygiene.

page 2 One Day Without Shoes
was a hit at New Tech. Post-
fects millions. In a certain
ers were up all over school,
region in Ethiopia, Podo
and the TOMS documen-
is more common than the
tary was shown the day be-
HIV virus. Podo is caused
fore on Wednesday during
by walking or working in
networking. Almost every-
silica-heavy volcanic soil.
one was barefoot, and if you
Volcanic soil is very com-
came to school not knowing
mon in Africa and Central
about ODWS or TOMS, you
and South America, mak-
knew all about them by the
ing almost everyone with-
time you went home. TOMS
out shoes highly susceptible
are stylish and comfort-
to contract Podoconiosis.
able, so go buy a pair! Visit
Podoconiosis is To learn
100% preventable with
about Podoconosis visit Group competitions were held during Earth Day Festivities.
wearing shoes and main-
Page 5 New Tech High @ Coppell

Secrets of a Successful Project

By Janvi Agrawal something that will actu- storybook they created in
ally aid them in their jour- Spanish and also, teach the
Projects at New Tech ney of life, they are able children a bit of Spanish.
are an integral compo- to motivate themselves.
nent of the way we learn. Of all the learners asked, Being informed that for-
It is important for facilita- 100% of them said the rea- eign language has not been
tors to receive regular feed- son that they liked their fa- of as great an importance as
back on what kinds of proj- vorite project was because it was when they were in ele-
ects their students like best they could tie in a real mentary school, learners felt
in order to keep the learn- life issue and/or the prod- a sense of accomplishment
ers interested and increase uct they produced made after introducing and expos-
their work ethic. an impact and connected ing the children to Spanish.
When the learner is inter- them with the real world. Through this presentation,
ested in the project, it can im- A popular choice among Spanish 3 students also ex-
mensely improve the quali- learners was the Peace One perienced the position of an
ty of the products and lessen Day project in World Stud- elementary school teacher
the amount of time it takes ies. In this project, learners and saw the world through
to complete the project. were allowed to pick their a teacher’s eyes. This was
The problem is, a lot own groups and make a most definitely an impactful
of projects currently do video for a contest for the experience and an oppor-
not spark exclusive inter- Peace One Day campaign. tunity to grow as a learner.
est and therefore, learners Submitting this project into All of the projects
do not work their hardest. the contest on YouTube presented this year have
joyed, gave learners an in- they wouldn’t have oth-
Real world application made learners feel like they a “real life” component
sightful look at how the UN erwise – even as adults.
is what sets New Tech have helped spread the mes- and even relate the con-
Security Council functions It is exactly this sense
apart from the traditional sage of peace by putting a tent that is to be learned
in order to make decisions of awareness of the world
high school. Projects here part of themselves out for with this aspect of the real
that affect the whole world. around them and a sense of
at New Tech are meant to, the whole world to view. world, but only a few such
Projects such as these and discovery that leads a learn-
and do relate the content Another project to be as those mentioned above
the Medieval Times project, er into, and throughout the
to an aspect of the world noted for its success would demand final products that
which will enable learn- project. It is the ability to
in which we live, but how be the Children’s Storybook let the learner experience a
ers to write their own play look back upon their work,
many of them actually im- project in Spanish 3 classes. part of the real world and
for a Medieval Times per- and confirm that they have
pact our surroundings? For this project, learners how things function in re-
formance, provide learn- learned something valu-
When learners feel like were invited to travel to lation to their existence.
ers with understanding able that makes a project
they are making a differ- an elementary school and Save Sudan, a proj-
of the real world which memorable for learners.
ence, and learning about read to the students their ect that many learners en-

Class Ranking Beyond Negative Effects of

Top 10% Extended School
would be taking our tax
Each year, high of 600, would be proud to students and the district, President Obama money and not spending it
school students all over report their raw GPA score. rather than whether a pol- wants to extend school days on something we absolutely
the United States stress Many private icy decision might disad- and shorten the breaks in need, but on something that
over their grades, try- schools and some public vantage some students’ the United States of Amer- can be an option and is not
ing to be in the top ten schools do not rank stu- GPA relative to others. ica. He says this will put mandatory for our country.
percent of their class. dents beyond the top ten Critics suggest that us up to par with China’s Extending School
In Texas, this means percent. When class ranks eliminating class rank might education and other coun- hours would require hav-
getting into some schools aren’t reported, college ad- also remove the competition tries with high expecta- ing to pay teachers and
automatically, which is a missions counselors can that can encourage students tion standards. other staff to stay longer
major incentive for high consider a student’s course- to excel. Even without the Although this and just an hour longer is
school students. But does be- work, grades and test scores same competition for class is unpopular by stu- 1/7 extra per day, which
ing in the top ten percent re- without the negative bias rank, motivated students dents, teachers, and par- we have to pay. This is not
ally make one student more that could accompany a will continue to compete to ents, the effects are much a time to be wasting money
qualified than the others? less than stellar class rank. do their best, even if they greater than just that. on non-mandatory things.
Often a few hun- If students were are competing against them- I believe that this is Also, the extra
dredths of a GPA point can not ranked beyond what is selves or their best friend. a bad idea, not just because time in school will affect
separate students from be- required by state law, stu- While GPA isn’t we would have to deal with people’s overall schedule.
ing in the top ten percent. In dents would be free to fo- always an accurate predic- the students, the parents, Such as if you have
academically competitive cus on choosing courses tor of future success, class and the teachers who hate an extra-curricular at 5
school districts, students that best meet their needs rank is an even less accu- the idea, but also because and you don’t get out of
in the top 30, 40, or even and interests, rather than se- rate predictor. Students there are many more parts of school until 5, which obvi-
50 percent of a class could lecting classes based on the should be set free from our country affected. ously is not going to work.
have GPAs that, by any potential impact that class this ranking system, and First, it is our tax So extra curricular activi-
standard, are excellent. The might have on their GPA. instead let the academic money. When you think ties are going to have to
same student who might School boards and extracurricular re- about it, extending school start later which, in turn,
be reluctant to tell a col- would have more freedom cord speak for the student . days would result in hav- makes them end later.
lege admission counselor to make policy decisions ing to pay teachers and ad-
that their class rank is 120 based on what is best for ministrators more, which Continued on page 7
Page 6 New Tech High @ Coppell
How Does Exercise Influence Student’s
Grade? By Joshua Chanin
Working out is one of formance at school? nearly everything. They (the thus improving and adding When an athlete’s attitude
the best activities to do Working out in the students) can eat better and on more years to your life. is happy or overexcited, it
on a busy and hectic day. gym or playing regular healthier. It is one of the Sport involvement, helps is predicted that the person
Working the joints in sports, makes a mind ac- most important things in life build a child’s confident; will likely complete their
your body, from running to tive and ready. Nam Nguy- to keep a kid fit. Working out this makes them experience schoolwork joyfully with no
stretching, helps your mus- en, a learner at NTH@C, every day is the best thing more of the exterior world, hassle or complaints at all.
cles tighten and strengthen who is currently involved you can do to your body. and builds up their power This can lead into
their cores. in martial arts, shared his It makes you expel toxins, to accomplish their goals new relationships with oth-
This action causes comments: “Working out which make you healthier and dreams, no matter how er humans, for the student
you to release stress and re- in martial arts increases and smarter. It is better than far or unrealistic these are. is very active and wants to
laxes the nerves; the perfect talk and express themselves
motion to motivate a stu- as much as possible. Work-
dent’s performance at school. ing out also improves brain
These days, nearly nourishment and develops
everybody in the world ex- the organ more quickly
ercises; some to lose weight, than people who do not
while others for enjoyment get involved in exercise;
and fun. Olympic Athletes, this results in the brain be-
such as Michael Phelps and ing more energetic, with
Usain Bolt, are great exam- higher concentration lev-
ples of the people who com- els, and a slightly increased
pete in a sport because they level of self- esteem.
adore their activity. Better behavior also
Citizens, who have comes into play when kids
begun to realize how bad are involved in outer ac-
their weight problem is get- tivities. With those move-
ting, as they tip the scales, ments outside; the fresh air
are those people who ex- helps the brain to refresh its
ercise to lose weight, be- functions and its thoughts.
cause they don’t want Exercise is impor-
to get too fat or obese. tant for our bodies; our
Everybody works my focus in classes ev- not smoking and every- Team playing aids health; and our life. Work-
out; many people are ex- ery day, but it also makes thing…” Sports prepare the ones get used to large ing out makes the mind
ercising a lot these days; me tried every night, and kids for the outside world, groups of people; this helps more relaxed and cools
in one of the latest edi- I sleep earlier than usual.” and makes a child’s mind a lot in school project work the nerves; all helpful to
tions of U.S.News, high With this energy in- more effective, by pushing if a student is expected to calm the body down in a
schools in Hawaii and side, kids can focus well on and motivating the brain to work with someone else hectic and stressed mood.
New York have built in their schoolwork, while not grab the different kinds of they don’t know in order These are good signs
time slots for their stu- falling asleep or dazing off concepts; thus improving a to complete a task. This is for students that want to
dents to exercise and get fit. in class, thus putting that rest young one’s sense of knowl- especially helpful at New be very proactive, because
Across the nation, off to early in the evening. edge and school work. Tech High, where all the activity helps the mood
little kids walk with their The teachers also People’s thoughts learners collaborate on their swings go away, and start
parents to schools and have a say, and voice their also tie into this ques- projects every day. Sports the brain over with a fresh
church. Thus exercise is opinions too; Charles Per- tion; such as when Texan make an athlete think about and incentive start to work-
definitely always in our ryman, a facilitator at parents decide whether their favorite superstar; this ing. This is why every stu-
agenda every day, and it is a NTH@C, and also exer- or not to put their kid in action will make the child dent in the state and nation
piece of the human life that cises at local gyms shared Middle School Athletics. copy or perfect the player’s should do some movement
will never depart from us. his views: “Working out Many positive ef- moves; they may wonder to improve stress levels
So the question comes at least 30 mins a day is fects on our life come from about these certain actions and school grades; even a
back to this story; how one of the fastest ways to working out; in certain and begin to use differ- little movement can help
does working out influ- increase attention deficit, cases, exercising makes ent techniques and plays to out a lot with a student’s
ence a student’s per- thinking, productivity, and your body younger and fit, improve their own results. performance at school.

Weekends @ NTH@C
“What are you doing to- do various things over the esting things to be done in to concerts at the House of
night?” is what you hear weekend. John Blizzard, a the cities lying directly out- Blues. “House of Blues is
walking through the hall- freshman, goes to the mov- side of Coppell. Located just a cool venue for concerts
ways on a Friday after ies, the mall, and Six Flags north of Keller Springs Rd, and it doesn’t get sold out
school. Groups of people to hang out with his friends. is the Exposures indoor rock quickly because there’s lots
stand around making plans, Macy Maloy says “All I do climbing facility. The dollar of standing room.” If you
deciding on what they
should do that night. What
on the weekends is volunteer
at church and sing.” Regular
theatre is right by Chick-fil-
A and Panda Express off of
like plays or musicals, you
can visit the Music Hall at
“Working out
do you do over the weekend? activities of most students at Round Grove. At the dollar Fair Park and watch musi- makes the mind
Nathan Erhmann, a New Tech and CHS include theatre, movies that came cals like “Wicked” and “The more relaxed and
teacher here at New Tech going to the mall to shop out a couple of months ago Phantom of the Opera.”
was in the graduating class and catch the latest movies, are only a dollar a ticket. The weekend is a wel- cools the nerves;
of 2004. Not too long ago, he go to friends’ houses, and Right down the street come break from the week all helpful to calm
was attending CHS and do- drive around or go out to eat. from there is Main Event, for high school students, and
ing fun things on the week- Some of these things a well known bowling al- it should be filled with fun the body down in a
end with his friends. “When get boring, though. So what ley, arcade, and laser tag and exciting things to do. hectic and stressed
you’re young and can’t drive are some new things to do arena. Going to concerts at
the weekends usually con- on the weekend? In Coppell, the American Airlines Cen- mood...”
sist of figuring out what ev- there are not that many op- ter, the House of Blues, and
eryone is doing and jump- tions. But if you’re willing The Door are always fun and
ing on that bandwagon.” to drive a little farther than exciting. CHS sophomore
Students at New Tech usual, there are some inter- Jodie Woodward has been
Page 7 New Tech High @ Coppell

All About Attitude

SCHOOL DAYS from page 5

This will make the stu-
A wise person ers are grumpy she advises piled a list of sure fire ining your day, and others’ dents have to stay up later
once said, “Being happy others to make them smile, ways to lift your spirits. day around you. Next time doing their homework,
doesn’t mean that every- and “turn their frown upside The first step you want to yell or complain making them sleep less,
thing is perfect. It means down”. Her secret weapon... is acknowledging the remember that life is noth- and not performing as
that you’ve decided to look “Chocolate”. Freshman, mood, and telling those ing without laughter. well in school.
beyond the imperfections.” Jane Gross says, ““I stay close to you so no one Laughing is prov- Also the lack of
So why are teenag- positive by looking on the thinks they are the cause. en to help a person live sleep is bad for child de-
ers upset when they have bright side of life.” Delanie Then check how a longer and healthi- velopment. Also, parent
so much to be thankful Durso adds “sleep helps be- much sleep you are get- er life. How long has it work schedules would
for? cause it helps you rest your ting, and add an extra hour been since you laughed? be thrown off if usually
Whether it is from body and it puts you in a bet- if necessary. If it has been a So remem- they would get out in time
lack of sleep, arguments ter mood in the morning.” while since you worked out, ber “Be happy. It’s one to pick up their children.
with parents or friends, World Studies teach- try getting some fresh air. way of being wise.” Many parents
even a bad grade on a ers , Mr. Perryman says Release stress would even pull their chil-
dren out and put them in
test, most high school stu- “I avoid being grumpy by organizing or mak-
dents become disgruntled by not sweating the small ing a list. When you eing happy private school or home
at some point. Everyone stuff, finding the humor in seem down, do some- doesn’t mean that school, where these laws
has their own way of cop- everything, keeping my- thing fun, new, or exciting. everything is per- usually do not affect.
ing when it comes to stress self in shape with healthy Always avoid nega- All of these prob-
and irritability, some lash food and a healthy life- tive feelings and focus on fect. It means that lems that would arise are
out while other clam up. style, and eliminating the good; taking time for you’ve decided to not worth the extra hours of
Enthusiastic student, the stress from my life.” you is also very important. look beyond the school each week we would
Jessica Berdan, tells us how A grumpy attitude is Eat healthier and try helping get. The extra school would
imperfections...” not be popular among most
she stays happy. She says, defined as ill-tempered, someone besides yourself.
“I find something funny irritable, or grouchy. Whatever puts you in of the Unites Stat’s popula-
is everything.” When oth- Goodlife Zen has com- a bad mood isn’t worth ru- tion and I’m sure many peo-
ple would refuse this change.
All in all, changing

NTH@C school days to make them

longer, to get up to par with

Chinese education, would
be a bad idea that the bad in
it outweighs the good in it.