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accuse (someone) of ([doing] something) introduce (someone) to (someone else)

add (something) to (something else) invite (someone) to (an event)
admire (someone) for ([doing] something) keep (something) for (someone)
agree on (topic) matter to (someone)
agree with (someone) object to (something)
apologize to (someone) for ([doing] something) participate in (something)
apply to (a place) for (something) pay (price) for (something)
approve of (something) plan on ([doing] something)
argue with (someone) about (topic) pray for (someone/something)
arrive at (a building, room, site, event) prefer (something) to (something else)
arrive in (a city, country) prevent (someone) from ([doing] something)
ask (someone) about (someone/topic) prohibit (someone) from ([doing] something)
ask (someone) for (something) protect (someone) from (something)
believe in (something) provide (someone) with (something)
belong to (someone) recover from (something)
blame (someone) for ([doing] something) rely (up)on (someone/something)
borrow (something) from (someone) remind (someone) of (something)
care about (someone/something/topic) rescue (someone) from (something)
comment on (topic) respond to (someone/something)
compare (something) to/with (something else) save (someone) from (something)
complain to (someone) about (something) search for (something)
concentrate on ([doing] something) separate (something) from (something else)
congratulate (someone) for/on ([doing] scold (someone) for ([doing] something)
something) smile at (someone) for ([doing] something)
consist of (some things) consent to ([doing] speak to/with (someone) about (topic)
something) stare at (something/someone)
contribute to (something) stop (someone) from ([doing] something)
count on (someone) to (do something) subscribe to (something)
cover (something) with (something else) substitute (something) for (something
decide on (topic) else/someone)
depend on (someone) for (something) subtract (something) from (something else)
discuss (something) with (someone) succeed in ([doing] something) su er from
distinguish (something) from (something else) (something)
dream about/of (someone/something) take advantage of (someone/something/
escape from (somewhere) situation)
explain (topic) to (someone) take care of (something/someone)
excuse (someone) for ([doing] something) talk to/with (someone) about (topic)
forgive (someone for ([doing] something) thank (someone) for ([doing] something)
get rid of (something) travel to (somewhere)
graduate from (a place) vote for (someone)
happen to (someone) vouch for (someone)
help (someone) with (something) wait for (someone/something)
hide (something) from (someone) wish for (something)
insist (up)on (something) work for (company/something/someone)

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