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1.9. The first accurate measurement of the properties of high-pressure gases were made by E.H. Amagat
in France between 1869 and 1893. Before developing the dead-weight gauge, he worked in a mine
shaft, and used a mercury manometer for measurement of pressure to more than 400 bar.
Estimate the height of manometer required.



1 bar : 105 Pa
1 atm : 101325 Pa
1 atm : 76 cmHg
1 mHg : 100 cmHg

So, the height needed for mercury manometer is around 300.0247 meters.

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1.9. Liquids that boil at relatively low temperature are often stored as liquid under their vapor
pressures, which at ambient temperature can be quite large. Thus, n-butane stored as a
liquid/vapor system is at a pressure of 2.581 bar for a temperature of 300 K. Large-scale storage
(>50 m3) of this kind is sometimes done in spherical thanks. Suggest two reasons why.


Reason number 1 : Spherical tanks ensure the pressure exerted by fluid is the same from every
angle. This feature ensures the maximum ability of tank to withold the

Reason number 2 : Spherical tanks have less surface area than cylindrical tanks for the same volume