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Repel Water and Wind

Functional Design parameters Analysis Resources Risks Counter

requirements Measures
Shaped to 1) Must be Average height above handle http://powersports- The wind resistance effects the performance greatly Make it
minimize wider than bars is 2 feet, thus the adjustable
wind and not the rider windshield must extend to 75 davidson/memphis-shades-gives- Large windshields can affect visibility so that
effect 2) Must be percent of that height to repel you-more-coverage-with-a-shorter- when
performance curved to most to all frontal wind. windshield/ wanted
allow performance
And smooth can rule
aerodynamic over
Shaped to flow warmth.
keep splashes 3) Can have a
off the rider lip on top to Use the lip
force wind to allow
around the rider to
rider or can view over
be larger to Splashes on jet skis form about the shield
do the same. 2 feet from the tip of the vessel. without
4) Have side The windshield should be wind on
flares that behind this point to minimize face.
intercept the water splash.
from going
on to the
riders legs.
Wind flow 1) Could On some motorcycles “vents” Reduce or obstruct visibility Stronger
when wanted remove the or slotted closing levers are mounts
shield when installed on the lower half of Weak folding mechanism could break under large wind
wanted the shield that allows for forces Install
2) Folding controlled air flow. below
window vision line
3) A vented of the
shield to shield.
allow some
but not all
through the

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