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Overall Luck For Rat Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★ AUSPICIOUS North-East 东北

Wealth 财运 : ★★★ DIRECTIONS South-West 西南
吉方位 North-West 西北
Career 事业 : ★★★
Health 健康 : ★★
UNLUCKY South 南方
RAT 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948 DIRECTIONS North 北方
This year will be a challenging year for the Rat. Do not be bogged down by negative thoughts. Try to stay positive, think 凶方位
positive. This year, the Rat faces unlucky stars such as “血刃” and “丧门”, thus it is advisable to be extra careful and stay
more alert, especially when you are prone to bloodsheds this year. The ominous star “浮沉” will bring a bout of bad luck. COLOURS Brown 褐
This year, you should try as much to stay away from extreme and dangerous activities. Take each step with extra caution, 吉利颜色 Green 绿
stay prepared. Always think thrice before you leap, never make rash or hurried decisions, or you may end up regretting
your decisions. However, not all’s bad, as the lucky “天解” star is present to bring you a silver lining. This lucky star is UNLUCKY COLOURS Blue 蓝
akin to the ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel, and it will be your biggest help this year, so do hang on and not give 不吉利颜色 Black 黑
up hope altogether.
AUSPICIOUS 1, 3, 7, 9, 12
WORK: This year, the Rat will be shrouded with potential adversities. It is advisable to ground your feet, grit your teeth, LUNAR MONTHS
and just hang on. Meanwhile, it always pays to remain positive. This year, the Rat will offend the Heavenly Dog, thus you 农历吉月
will face a lot of obstructions at work and managing your own business. Be aware of the happenings around you, and AUSPICIOUS STARS 天解
make decisions that are favourable to yourself, or you may end up doing something you thought is right, but end up 吉星

creating more trouble for yourself. UNLUCKY STARS 灾煞、浮沉、血刃、丧门

WEALTH: This is not a good year for investments, including gambling, as you may lose hard-earned money through such
speculations. Remember, you may lose more than you gain. This year, it is advisable for the Rat to sustain your wealth OFFENDING STAR 白虎、天狗
and money, rather than to actively seek for more. Prudent financial planning is very important for you this year. 犯凶星

RELATIONS: The crux this year is to be extra patient, be more understanding and tolerant. You may spend too much GUARDIANS 福德正神
time settling your own problems that you end up neglecting those important people around you. Young couples are 守护本尊
prone to squabble over minute issues, or be misled by others, causing a drift in their relationship. LUCKY NUMBERS
1, 7
HEALTH: This year, you may want to pay more attention to your digestive system, especially the intestines and stomach,
LUCKY 大随求手镯
as old ailments may return to plague you. Prone to accidents and minor bloodsheds, you should be extra careful on the
road to avoid traffic mishaps. Insurance is a must when travelling. Rats in their late 50s and above should take extra care 吉祥物
of their health.
Overall Luck For Ox Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★★★ AUSPICIOUS East 东

Wealth 财运 : ★★★★ DIRECTIONS North-East 东北
Career 事业 : ★★★★ 吉方位 North-West 西北

Health 健康 : ★★★ UNLUCKY South-West 西南

OX 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 凶方位
The Ox enjoys the blessing of a few powerful lucky stars in 2018, so this year would be a good time to show the world AUSPICIOUS White 白
your talents and calibre. “天乙” and “太阴” are both noble stars that will extend help when you needed most. They are COLOURS Blue 蓝
also more favourable towards the lady Ox, thus women born under this zodiac sign will enjoy promotions this year. Be 吉利颜色 Green 绿
sure to grab the chances that come your way to strengthen your reputation. As the lucky stars shine on you, it is a good
time to enter into partnerships, as the other party may well be your benefactor. However, the Ox also offends the Grand
不吉利颜色 Yellow 黄
Duke this year, therefore you should be extra careful in dealing with issues around you. Never make rash decisions, rely
only on rational judgements.
WORK: This year, you will outshine with numerous lucky stars shining on you. Superiors will regard you highly, thus
continue to put your heart and mind into your work. You will reap bountiful harvest in due time. However, in view of the
unlucky stars appearing in your zodiac for 2018, you tend to incur the jealousy of villains around you. Remain humble to AUSPICIOUS STARS 国印、天乙、太阴
neutralize the adversity. 吉星

UNLUCKY STARS 破碎、的煞、勾神、贯索

WEALTH: The lucky “国印” star shines upon you this year, which means it’s a good time for investing in properties, 凶星
shifting house, or undergo home renovation. Wealth-wise, your future is bright and prosperous, as both the main and
side incomes will bring you good tidings. However, never be greedy and ask for more than you need. This year, as the Ox
OFFENDING STARS Punishment by the Grand Duke
犯凶星 刑太岁
offends the Grand Duke, it is always good to engage in prudent financial planning.

RELATIONS: If marriage has been on your mind and in the plans, then this is a good year to settle down. Single Ox RELIGIOUS 莲花生大士
should participate in social activities and get to know more people of the opposite sex. However, be wary of online 太上老君
dating. Always exercise caution to avoid falling into scams.
5, 8
HEALTH: Pay more attention to your digestive system, especially the colon, as the whole system may be subjected to
more stress due to increased social gatherings and dining opportunities. To avoid falling sick, engage in active workouts, LUCKY 红貔貅太岁牌
go for lighter meals and ensure sufficient sleep. ORNAMENT
Overall Luck For Tiger Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★★
AUSPICIOUS North-West 西北
Wealth 财运 : ★★★★ DIRECTIONS North-East 东北
Career 事业 : ★★★★ 吉方位

Health 健康 : ★★★ UNLUCKY North 北

DIRECTIONS South-West 西北
TIGER 1998 1986 1974 1962 1950 凶方位
The Tiger’s luck for 2018 shows a significant decline as compared to last year, due to the presence of numerous unlucky
stars in your house, especially the arrival of the unlucky “五鬼” and “官符” stars that will bring disputes, discords and
tell-tales. This will be an arduous but fruitless year. You may get into trouble with the law, thus it is advisable to be extra 吉利顏色 Blue 蓝
careful when signing official or legal documents, or becoming a guarantor for somebody. The unlucky “指背” star brings
with it villians, causing disharmony. Be careful when dealing with such issues. Always go for the conventional method of UNLUCKY COLOURS Yellow 黄
handling things to prevent stirring up more troubles for yourself. This is a year for defence rather than attack, as you only 不吉利顏色 Brown 褐
have one lucky “三台” star to aid you. This particular star will bring about a positive effect on power and status, and you
may benefit from help from someone in the higher powers. AUSPICIOUS 3, 5, 9, 10
WORK: You will receive direct pressure from your superiors, and coworkers may not extend the cooperation you need 吉月
from them. Therefore, projects on-hand may require your direct and dedicated involvement. People around you may
doubt your capability, or even show contempt. You should never retreat or give up when faced with such situations.

WEALTH: This is not a year for active investment. You should safeguard your interest instead, keep a lookout for UNLUCKY STARS 地煞、官符、五鬼、指背
potential dangers. Spendings should be kept in accordance to your income. Do not overspend or indulge in unnecessary 凶星
expenses. It is best not to engage in investments that require a large amount of money, such as buying or selling of
properties. 犯凶星

RELATIONS: Couples are prone to disagreements and bickerings, thus always remember that you should step into the RELIGIOUS 大随求菩萨
shoes of the other party and see things from their perspectives. In other words, exercise consideration for others, be 妈祖娘娘
patient, be tolerant. Fortunately, the lucky “三台” star shines upon you this year, which could bring a new life for the
3, 6
HEALTH: Generally, the Tiger’s health is quite alright, but pay more attention to that of your parents and children. Seek LUCKY 金貔貅黑曜石手链
medical treatments as soon as you can, do not delay, as the White Tiger star is present this year in your house, which ORNAMENT 大随求手镯
means it could bring bloodsheds. You may go for acupuncture or dental scaling to break the spell. 吉祥物
Overall Luck For Rabbit Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★★★★
Wealth 财运 : ★★★★★ DIRECTIONS South-West 西南
Career 事业 : ★★★★ 吉方位 North 北
Health 健康 : ★★★★ UNLUCKY South 南
RABBIT 1999 1987 1975 1963 1951 凶方位
The Rabbit enjoys tremendous luck this year. This comes as a much-needed relief from last year’s bout of misfortunes.
This change of luck is akin to a fresh breath of spring after the cruel freezing winter. You will enjoy the presence of many AUSPICIOUS Red 红
COLOURS Yellow 黄
lucky stars in rabbit chart this year, everything with becoming smooth-sailing for you. Although you may be beaming with 吉利顏色 Orange 橙
joy throughout the year, do stay humble and maintain a low profile, in order not to incur the wrath or jealousy of others.
It is advisable for the Rabbit to venture overseas and grab opportunities to expand your business or plans. This is also a UNLUCKY COLOURS White 白
good time for those Rabbits who are keen to start their own business, just remember to begin on a humble scale. 不吉利顏色 Black 黑

WORK: Though you may shine and outstand this year, it is unwise to excel above your superior. Be humble to enjoy the AUSPICIOUS 1, 5, 6, 9, 12
benefits 2018 has for you. As your superior may rely on you more than ever, you will experience an increase in workload, LUNAR MONTHS
thus disturbing your daily routine. This year, the Rabbit’s luck gets intruded by the unlucky “桃花” and “咸池” stars, so it 吉月
is advisable not to engage in office romance.
WEALTH: Your main and side incomes look prosperous this year, with chances of small windfalls. Investments will bring

significant profits, while your employment income will see a favourable increase. However, such increase in income will UNLUCKY STARS 死符、桃花、咸池、小耗
be accompanied by a rise in expenditure too. Thus, you should always spend rationally, never squander away your money 凶星
or splurge extravagantly.
RELATIONS: Single and attached couples may consider tying the nuptial knot if they find each other compatible, as this
year is a good time for marriage. The single Rabbit should engage actively in social gatherings to expand their network. RELIGIOUS 财宝天王
However, be wary of online dating as scammers are very scheming nowadays. Married couples should be very vigilant of GUARDIANS 九天玄女
their relationship, do not give chances to any extramarital affairs.
4, 9
HEALTH: This year, the Rabbit enjoys better health as compared to last year. However, you should not be too over relax 吉利号码
and get carried away, do notice your daily intake of food espiecially your digestive system to unnecessary stress. Stay LUCKY 密宗聚宝瓶
positive, maintain a cheerful disposition, have sufficient rest, engage in healthy outdoor travels, and most importantly, ORNAMENT
relax and enjoy what life brings to you. 吉祥物
Overall Luck For Dragon Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 :★
Wealth 财运 :★ AUSPICIOUS South-West 西南
DIRECTIONS North-East 东北
Career 事业 : ★★ 吉方位 East 东
Health 健康 : ★★
UNLUCKY North-West 西北
DRAGON 2000 1988 1976 1964 1952 凶方位
This year, the people born under the Dragon sign will clashes badly with the Grand Duke ( Opposing The Taisui 冲太岁)
thus you should always be on your toes. There are numerous unlucky stars in your chart this year, and you are left alone AUSPICIOUS Green 绿
with no help from any lucky stars at all. Therefore, you should always make careful decisions to protect your well-being. 吉利顏色 Brown 褐
If you are expecting a newborn or marriage within the family, then congratulations to you, as the saying goes “one
auspicious event will impede three misfortunes” and “without joy, adversity will rise”. In dealing with daily issues, always UNLUCKY COLOURS Purple 紫
remember to take the passive approach, engage stillness to suppress movement. In other words, stay put, do not switch 不吉利顏色 Red 红
jobs, do not change career paths, do not shift houses. Always be humble and cautious, do not provoke enmity or malice
from others. Pray diligently and do good deeds to accumulate merits. AUSPICIOUS 5, 8, 11
WORK: Outlook for your career is disappointing and lacklustre, expect obstacles and impediments. Your superior may 吉月
put pressure on you, exploit or marginalise you. In such situations, always maintain a humble disposition and be as
tactful as possible. Maintain harmonious relationships with coworkers to prevent the bond from deteriorating. Chances
of job changes is high.

UNLUCKY STARS 月煞、兰千、大耗、岁破

WEALTH: This year’s wealth outlook is not favourable. Although your main income is stable, do not take the 凶星
opportunistic approach, always be humble and down-to-earth. This year will see an increase in expenditure, so it is wise
to manage your finances properly and prudently. Do not engage in unfamiliar investments or you may end up losing 犯凶星 冲太岁
more than you expect.
RELATIONS: Keep a tight rein on your temper and emotional outburst. Be considerate and try to see things from the GUARDIANS 当年太岁
perspectives of others. Never engage in unnecessary bickerings. Set aside your competitive nature and be more
respectful of others. This will help to keep your relationships intact. Remember, do not let your pride rule over you. LUCKY NUMBERS 2, 7
HEALTH: Stress will increase, and will lead to the worsening of your temper. Keep your blood pressure in check. Maintain LUCKY 红貔貅太岁牌
a healthy and cheerful disposition. It helps to engage in outdoor activities, but do stay away from dangerous endeavours. ORNAMENT 大随求手镯
Overall Luck For Snake Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★★★★
AUSPICIOUS 东北north-east,
Wealth 财运 : ★★★★★ DIRECTIONS 东east,
Career 事业 : ★★★★★ 吉方位

Health 健康 : ★★★★ UNLUCKY 西北north-west,

SNAKE 2001 1989 1977 1965 1953 凶方位
The Snake enjoys a 180 degree turn of luck, as compared to last year. You’ve suffered a lot last year, and this year promises to bless
you with prosperity and success. In fact, the Snake reign the highest in terms of luck and fortune. With numerous lucky stars shining AUSPICIOUS Red 红
COLOURS Purple 紫
on your house, adversities can easily be averted. If you know how to grab the opportunities bestowed, your harvest will be bountiful.
吉利顏色 Yellow 黄
However, the unlucky “暴败” star resides in your chart this year, signifying sudden disaster, so you should still remain wary and be
humble in whatever you do. Remember that your destiny lies in your hands, so seek success and you will find it. It may seem that the UNLUCKY COLOURS Green 绿
Snake is well on its way to a smooth-sailing year, but be apprised that your luck will start to slide during the second half of the year, 不吉利顏色 Black 黑
so be prepared for it.

WORK: This year will be a good year for your career. Work will be smooth and you will naturally outshine others. You will gain AUSPICIOUS 2, 4, 7, 8, 12
recognition from your superiors, and may even attract opportunities for a better prospect. Consider carefully, and if the other LUNAR MONTHS
pasture is truly greener, go for it!
LUCKY STAR 禄勋、龙德、紫微、红鸾
WEALTH: You will enjoy chances to reap benefits and profits from investments and property-related transactions, as favourable help 吉星
from your benefactors will come your way. You may even plan a change of career paths, enter into entrepreneurship, expand your


business reach, etc. This year presents you with many great opportunities, so be sure not to let them slip away. Like a snake, you
should aim well, react swiftly, and anchor your teeth on the prized target. Coming to the end of the year, you should just sit back,
relax, and watch your efforts materialize. Do not be greedy, do not aim beyond your reach. OFFENDING nil
RELATIONS: 2018 is an excellent year for the Snake’s interpersonal relationship, romance and marriage. Singles will meet their dream 犯凶星
or ideal life partner, while attached couples can consider taking the next big step to seal the nuptial knot. Married couples will lead
blissful lives, but do be careful, don’t let bad romances spoil your year. RELIGIOUS 绿度母
HEALTH: Health is generally good, but since more opportunities for get-togethers will come your way, it would be good to keep your
diet in check. Do not binge, pay more attention to your digestive system and personal hygiene issues. Your health is relatively good, LUCKY NUMBERS 2, 7
but those around you, especially the seniors, may suffer from health problems. 吉利号码
LUCKY 密宗聚宝瓶
Overall Luck For Horse Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★★
Wealth 财运 : ★★★★★ DIRECTIONS North-East 东北
Career 事业 : ★★★★ 吉方位

Health 健康 : ★★★ UNLUCKY South-West 西南

HORSE 2002 1990 1978 1966 1954 凶方位
The Horse will benefit from a rather prosperous year in 2018. You will still face hindrances and the need to clear AUSPICIOUS Black 黑
obstacles, but help will be present when you needed it most. Problems will eventually be resolved through the COLOURS Blue 蓝
support of your benefactors. This year, the Horse offends the White Tiger, so villians will be around to create 吉利顏色 Green 绿
trouble for you. Just be extra careful in whatever you do, and pay more attention to your coworkers. Do not let UNLUCKY COLOURS Red 红
them sabotage your efforts. 不吉利顏色 Purple 紫

WORK: This year, you should be more careful of the interpersonal relationships with your colleagues. Be
AUSPICIOUS 1, 4, 6, 9, 12
cautious of office politics, stay far away from it and do not get yourself involved. Remember that you should LUNAR MONTHS
distance yourself for better protection. This year may be a good time for a switch in your career. 吉月

WEALTH: Although you may prosper this year, but when it comes to investing your money, you should always LUCKY STARS 天厨、将星
make sure you do your research before taking actions. Pay attention to financial trends for a better overview.

Your main income is relatively stable, with chances of small windfalls. UNLUCKY STARS 阳刃、披头、白虎
RELATIONS: Attached couples tend to quarrel over minor issues. Be more tolerant and patient. This year, steer OFFENDING STAR 白虎、五鬼
clear of disputes that do not directly involve you or your immediate family members. Avoid arguments, always 犯凶星
choose harmony over discord.
HEALTH: Pay attention to your diet, keep it regular, despite your busy schedule. Seek immediate treatments 守护本尊
once you feel unwell. Do not ignore any warning signs that your body is telling you. Beware of the “White Tiger”
star as it implies potential accidents and surgeries. Be patient and cautious. Donating blood or dental scaling can 吉利号码
help resolve mishaps. Pay attention to your heart, arthritis and chronic cough .
LUCKY 金貔貅黑曜石手链
Overall Luck For Goat Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
MOBILE NO: 91066667 EMAIL: (By Appt Only)

Romance 感情 : ★★★ AUSPICIOUS North-West 西北

Wealth 财运 : ★★★ DIRECTIONS East 东
Career 事业 : ★★★ 吉方位

Health 健康 : ★★★ UNLUCKY North-East 东北

DIRECTIONS South-East 东南
GOAT 2003 1991 1979 1967 1955 凶方位
People born under the Goat sign will offend the Grand Duke (破Tai Sui, 太岁) in year 2018. As a result, they may AUSPICIOUS Yellow 黄
experience some ups and downs in luck and should be very careful to personal financial loss. Due to the unlucky COLOURS Orange 橙
“Juan She” (卷舌) star, try to keep a low profile and not be involved in rumours and gossips that may spread, 吉利顏色 Brown 褐
regarding to one's reputation. Maintain a neutral and ethical stand and steer clear of conflicts and secret UNLUCKY COLOURS White 白
competitiors. Beware of petty gains, at the expense of morality. Fortunately, although there are numerous 不吉利顏色 Black 黑
unlucky stars present in Goat's chart, Goats will still get to enjoy relatively good fortune for 2018, as there are
three lucky stars shining. With them around, disasters will eventually become a blessing, especially with the
AUSPICIOUS 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
arrival of their benefactors. Do good deeds, earn more merits to achieve inner peace. In the event of difficult LUNAR MONTHS
situations, buck up, face reality and do not despair. Let go, if necessary and move on. 吉月

LUCKY STAR 八座、福星、天德

WORK: This year, Goats will reap the rewards of last year's efforts. Strike while the iron is hot; make most of the 吉星
opportunity and triumph will prevail. However, be careful of disputes. Be mindful of unnecessary conflicts,

UNLUCKY STARS 披麻、三刑、绞煞、卷舌

especially if it affects reputation. 凶星


WEALTH: Wealth is generally good, as hard work will finally pay off this year. Manage finance properly and do 犯凶星
not spend extravagantly. Beware of sweet-talkers, as they may cheat Goat's feelings and money losses. RELIGIOUS 佛顶尊胜佛母
RELATIONS: Singles may meet their ideal partner, but beware of love scams, especially online dating, as such 守护本尊

relationships often do not bear fruits. Goats may travel with love ones to improve relationships. Try to engage LUCKY NUMBERS
2, 5
happy events, go outdoors and absorb more positive energy. 吉利号码

LUCKY 红貔貅太岁牌
HEALTH: Goats will enjoy better health this year, but pay attention to the three highs: high-blood pressure, high ORNAMENT
cholesterol level and high sugar level. Try to relax or travel overseas to ease tensions. 吉祥物
Overall Luck For Monkey Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
MOBILE NO: 91066667 EMAIL: (By Appt Only)

Romance 感情 : ★★★
AUSPICIOUS North-West 西北
Wealth 财运 : ★★★ DIRECTIONS East 东
Career 事业 : ★★ 吉方位 South-East 东南
Health 健康 : ★★★ UNLUCKY North-East 东北
MONKEY 2004 1992 1980 1968 1956 凶方位
This year, the Monkey has to prepare him/herself for a testing year, as there are more unlucky stars than lucky ones in
your house. Exercise caution, plan carefully, be humble, listen more and talk less. These will help to tide you over the AUSPICIOUS Blue 蓝
tumultuous period. In all that you do, always aim to resolve and not create more problems. The Monkey tend to worry 吉利顏色 White 白
over emotional issues. You should let things go, always treat others with kindness and gratitude. This year is a good time
to curb the recklessness and impulsive nature of the Monkey, listen more and think deeper before taking actions. UNLUCKY COLOURS Red 红
不吉利顏色 Purple 紫
WORK: Do not act rashly this year, especially when the “驿马” star is residing in the yearly chart, thus it will bring with
many changes. There may be restructuring within the organization, confidence level may drop, and with the addition of AUSPICIOUS 4, 6, 8, 11
the “天狗” star, expect more complications to happen. Always remember to take the passive approach, engage stillness LUNAR MONTHS
to suppress movement. 吉月


WEALTH: Main income is stable but side income is unfavourable. Beware of potential lost in investment. Do thorough 吉星
research to prevent incurring heavy loses. Expenditure will increase this year, so manage your spending well. Do not

place trust on the words of others, especially those news circulating online. Be sure to find out the truth to prevent UNLUCKY STARS 天哭、吊客、天狗
falling into financial traps. 凶星


RELATIONS: This is a testing year for the Monkey. Misunderstandings may cause couples to drift apart. Due to the 犯凶星
presence of the unlucky “天哭” star, the Monkey is easily affected by mood swing, and may fall into a depression.
Always remind yourself to stay on the positive side.
HEALTH: Health is weak this year, you tend to suffer from fatigue and emotional roller-coaster, which can cause harm to
your liver and digestive system. Ensure sufficient sleep, regular daily routine and some occasional overseas travels to LUCKY NUMBERS 6, 7
relax yourself. This year, do try to stay away from the waters as troubles may brew for the Monkey.
LUCKY 金貔貅黑曜石手链
Overall Luck For Rooster Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
MOBILE NO: 91066667 EMAIL: (By Appt Only)

Romance 感情 : ★★
Wealth 财运 : ★★ AUSPICIOUS North-East 东北
DIRECTIONS North-West 西北
Career 事业 : ★★ 吉方位 West 西
Health 健康 :★
DIRECTIONS South-East 东南
ROOSTER 2005 1993 1981 1969 1957 凶方位
People born under the Rooster sign will offend the Grand Duke 害太岁. The Rooster was in conflict with the AUSPICIOUS Yellow 黄
Grand Duke last year. Ironically, there is no any lucky star this year to help neutralize the effects of the “Offending COLOURS Orange 橙
Star”. Rooster must learn to adapt to any situations and should act with caution when required, otherwise, your 吉利顏色 Red 红
bad mood will affect your health, work and love relationship. The unlucky “陌越” star represents imminent and UNLUCKY COLOURS Black 黑
constant changes, thus this year may see you experience a change of environment, which includes but not 不吉利顏色 White 白
limited to jobs, houses, etc. It is therefore important for you to learn to adapt to new situations quickly. The
other unlucky stars, such as “病符” and “六害” means this year, your health will worsen, expect minor ailments
and pain to plague you. LUNAR MONTHS
WORK: Plan early to enjoy better work-luck, try to maintain a modest attitude, and create harmonious
relationships with your colleagues. Only when he is well informed can the Rooster advance confidently in the LUCKY STARS Nil
intended direction. Try to overcome your fear, and take criticism as feedbacks to reflect from your mistakes.


WEALTH: Your main income is relatively stable, but do not risk speculation or be overly ambitious or expect 凶星
windfalls. Your financial situation will improve in the later part of the year. OFFENDING STARS 病符星 Illness Star
犯凶星 害太岁
RELATIONS: Cultivating good social skills will empower you with more faith and confidence. Spend more quality
RELIGIOUS 南无消灾延寿药师王如来
time with your beloved. Don’t dwell on the past, especially on what went wrong, focus instead on what to do GUARDIANS 华佗先师
next. Do spend more time with your close friends and family members. 守护本尊

HEALTH: Due to the illness star this year, you maybe prone to bacterial infection, thus become weaker. Poor
3, 6
health and stress will effect your work-life. Stress can damage the physical and mental health of the Rooster.
LUCKY 红貔貅太岁牌
Anxiety is also a risk and the difficulties the Rooster encounters might manifest as exhaustion. You need to ORNAMENT 大随求手镯
change your lifestyle. Sleep early and be extra careful with your food intake and where u travel too. 吉祥物
Overall Luck For Dog Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★
Wealth 财运 :★ AUSPICIOUS East 东
Career 事业 : ★★ DIRECTIONS North-East 东北
Health 健康 :★
DIRECTIONS South-East 东南
DOG 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 AUSPICIOUS Red 红
This year, the Dog is in conflict with the Grand Duke. Earth Dog in Earth Year are both of the same element, so COLOURS Orange 橙
be careful, as same elements often denote possible competition and struggle. Luckily there are two lucky “Art 吉利顏色 Yellow 黄
Star” and “Academy ” stars that will help to negate some of the bad effects. Try to be patient when things are UNLUCKY COLOURS Black 黑
not going well, accept that what is yours will come to you in the right way at the right time. 不吉利顏色 White 白

WORK: You will face new challenges and unforeseen problems in your career. Use your past experiences, AUSPICIOUS 2, 5, 9
knowledge and wisdom to tackle the difficulties. Stay focused with a calm attitude to cope with all the changes. LUNAR MONTHS
Collaboration might be the key solution to resolve work-related issues. Try to stick to your post and never make 吉月
a job-hop until you find a new job. LUCKY STAR 华盖、岁驾
WEALTH: The Dog person will experience ups and downs when it comes to your wealth. Your regular income is


stable. Please avoid investing, speculating and gambling. Be careful of sabotage. 凶星
RELATIONS: You need all the support from your loved ones this year. The Dog’s forthright honesty and moral 犯凶星
integrity may be put to a test, so be very careful not to argue with strong words. Do pay close attention to your RELIGIOUS 大随求菩萨
speech and attitude. GUARDIANS 当年太岁

HEALTH: Be very careful of work-related contacts with machines or metal. Pay attention to road safety, and LUCKY NUMBERS
2, 8
don’t push your luck. Your health may be affected by constant overwork, lack of sleep, and irregular diet. This 吉利号码

may surface, especially in the form of stomach problems. Thus, you should regulate your working hours and LUCKY 红貔貅太岁牌
have sufficient rest. Keep a balanced diet, and do some exercise. ORNAMENT 大随求手镯
Overall Luck For Pig Zodiac in the 2018 Dog Year
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Romance 感情 : ★★★★★
Wealth 财运 : ★★★★★ AUSPICIOUS East 东
Career 事业 : ★★★★ 吉方位
South-West 西南

Health 健康 : ★★★★
UNLUCKY South-East 东南
Pig 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947 凶方位
This year, the Pig will have many good opportunities as the “SUN” star shines brightly to eliminate influences
from the unlucky ones. The Pig will enjoy breakthroughs in their business and career, leading to a boost in COLOURS Purple 紫
wealth. For Pigs, the overseas market will be good, either networking or sales. This is a wonderful year to get 吉利顏色 Orange 橙
不吉利顏色 White 白
WORK: This year, the Pig will receive great benefits from a male benefactor’s good networking luck. There will
be a good partnership, or if you need helpful advice, seek it from an older man. You will get better incomes if
you go somewhere else to develop or expand the market. AUSPICIOUS 1, 6, 8, 11
WEALTH: You will receive plenty of help from a male benefactor’s aid, and that will help you reap good benefits.
You may benefit by doing some investment. Do more research and detail planning. With patience, all will paid LUCKY STARS 天空、太阳、天喜
off. Windfall luck may be right under your nose. Despite the improvements in your luck, you will still need to

continue to work hard. UNLUCKY STARS 晦气、孤辰、劫煞


RELATIONS: You will have plenty of romantic encounters this year. If you are single, you should get married. If OFFENDING STAR Nil
you are married, beware of extramarital relations! Do spend more time with your close friends and family 犯凶星
members. RELIGIOUS 摩利支天
HEALTH: On the overall, you are still quite healthy this year. The Pig will need to pay attention to your mood 守护本尊
swing and take care of your liver. Stop drinking too much. Do take extra care and pay attention to road safety, LUCKY NUMBERS
1, 4
especially during heavy storm weather on slippery road, when traveling or driving. 吉利号码

LUCKY 大随求手镯

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