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Trending issues have always been a significant part of our culture.

Whether it is about technology ,famous person ,topic in social media, and

other things that capture the interest of a Filipino .Yet , there is one issue
that doesn’t seem to end ,a problem that continuously increases as of today .

The central development issue in the Philippines is poverty and despite

of the progressive goals laid out by the government , our country has not
been able to sustain the economic growth required to reduce poverty in a
lower level . The decline in poverty in our country has happened more slowly
than in other nations. Poverty are at already alarming levels in this country ,
and our country’s too rapid population growth is magnifying the strain on
limited budgetary resources . The rapid growth of population is
compromising the quality of basic social services , contributing to the
decline quality of basic education , and limiting access to health care. The
masses have multiplied extremely . Increase in opportunities for employment
has not yet overcome the rapid increase in population , resulting in the
multiplication of the number of jobless Filipino. Because of high
unemployment rate in our country ,many people, children , and large families
suffer from hunger due to lack of finances for our everyday needs. Eating is
necessary for us to survive , we normally eats three times a day but
unfortunately not all of us can afford this kind of living some tended to do
criminal things just to fill up their hungry stomachs. Also the Filipino youth
choose to work in order to make a living. They doesn’t consider education
instead they are desperately wanted to earn money that can sustain their
needs. This gives another shot for the rise of poverty . Additionally, the
corruption in the government has a great impact in our country’s common
problem. Filipino are charged with taxes but we end up having inefficient
implementation of road and traffic rules ,lack of enough finances, finances
that had been corrupted instead of using to lessen the poverty. Philippines
corruption is considered the most serious among East Asian. The widespread
corruption includes embezzlements, bribery and benefits given unfairly by
government officials on certain individuals.
Let’s say, we have a good president , it would still be difficult for him to
implement good governance practices nationwide because the rest of
politicians would not support something that they won’t get any benefits
from it. In fact, the Philippines was given a tag as one of the most corrupt
countries in Asia. Beside of this corruption, the economy of the Philippines is
struggling. The government has a huge debt from the World Bank and those
money which the government borrowed were not used in projects which
could lessen poverty but were where lost to corruption. Furthermore, the
economy in the Philippines is inefficient and very low incomes. There had
been inequalities in the level of income of people. The continued rise in the
prices of commodations tended to transfer real income from the poor to the
healthy. Regardless of the scarcity that all of us are experiencing, the
government still manages to increase the prices of the merchandise in the
markets. The unequal distribution of material possessions in which the rich
wallow in wealth and the poor in sorrow is one of the result of such
unbalanced development of society. Still, the chance that the Philippines can
recover in such downfall is doubted to happen.

There are numerous trends in this country, but this one must stop.
Achieving any reduction in poverty will require rapid economic growth,
growth that had not seen in recent years. Progression is essential to ensure
the long term stability of the Philippines, even if it is not perfect , the
government and we the Filipinos are working together towards the ultimate
goal of reducing poverty. After all, “A step towards something is better than
a step towards nothing”.