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ANTHEM BENNY ANDERSSON TIM RICE, Slow, like a hymn BJORN ULVAEUS, bd act Be ED Aad A. ‘The Russian iT! D DFE opict Bm mA E9IGE mad-ness, though their sad pow-er may pre - vail, ean poss A BA Em/G B/F} Em \Bm/D ATsust AT D con - quer my country’s heart, they rise D ATE ort ci. GmiB> DIA = long be - fore —_nation’slines were drawn, When no A ET A pict birt Ae ez Etmst A flags flew, whenno ar - mies stood, my land Bm BmoiA c —3—_ ask me why I love her through wars, death and de —3— toda e pyet c ra Amst A isthe con - stant, Brn9/A wonder, will I leave her — but eros o-ver bord-ers but Tm how? Teas