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BrAc Audit

Small size Alcohol Tester

Fuell Cell Based Technology
Precise & Fast Testing process
Br AC Audit KY - 8000


Br AC Audit KY- 8000 is a fuel cell based breath alcohol tester designed and intended
to use in diverse applications. With its UK made electrochemical sensor, KY- 8000 delivers
accuracy and rapid testing performance at fair price.

Product Features

Data Handling ability: 32 bit embedded processor secures high performance of the system
UK made Electrochemical/ Fuel cell sensor: Highly specified to alcohol, unaffected by other
possible breath contaminants.
Compact gas circuit design and advance analysis process assure fast ,accurate and stable
testing performance.
Memory Capacity: Data storage of 4000 test results. Any tests can be easily recalled,
printed or downloaded to a computer.
Both active and passive blowing mode available.
Compact, portable and easy to use.
Power Supply: Nokia BP-6M rechargeable li-lion battery.
Built-in clock IC and individual clock battery always secure correct time
After Sales service: Independent intellectual property rights integrated with R&D,
and production ability guarantee a strong after sales service.
Details Technical Data

Principle of Measurement Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific

Measurement Range (BrAC) 0.000 mg/l -1.500 mg/l

Resolution 0.001 mg/l
Ethanol Vapor Concentration / (mg/l) Deviation
Accuracy: Max. Measure error C < 0.400 + 0.020 mg/l
un relation to
ethanol standard 0.400C<=1.000 + 5%
C1>=1.000 + 20%
Ethanol Vapor Concentration / (mg/l) Deviation
Repeatability of indicating Value C < 0.400 + 0.007 mg/l
0.400C< 1.000 + 1.75%
C1>=1.000 + 6%
Calibration Every 12 months

Temperature Range-Operation -10°C ~ 45°C

Temperature Range-Storage -20°C ~ 70°C

Optimum Storage Condition Temperature: -20°C + 5°C, Humidity: < 80%RH, Pressure: 86 Kpa ~ 106 Kpa
No vapor or electromagnetic disturbances in the environment affect the normal functionality in the device
Blowing Time 3 seconds (breath flow: >= 20 L/min )

Display 1.8 inch.

Memory Capacity Stores 4000 measured values with date and time (data can be downloaded to a PC or Printer)
Printer Micro Thermal Printer
Dimensions (L x W x T) Approx. 128 mm (L) x 9mm (W) x 26.5 mm (T)
State of Charging State of Operation
Operation Voltage
USB Port, 5V DC 3.6V ~ 8.4V
Batteries 100mAh/3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Weight Approx. 142 g (including battery)


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