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Kata Sandang
Digunakan untuk menambah arti suatu benda
- Mr. Green Sees a beautiful girl
- I closed the door

Kinds of Article:
1. Definite Article
Kata sandang tertentu
A. The = de (dibaca)
Bila kata benda yang mengikuti diawali dengan bunyi konsonan
- The World
- The University
- The Table

B. The = di (dibaca)
Bila kata bendanya diawali dengan bunyi vokal
- The umbrella
- The hour

2. Indefinite Article
Kata sandng tak tentu
A. A = a
Dipakai bila kata benda tunggalnya diawali dengan bunyi konsonan
- A teacher
- A student
B. A = an
Dipakai bila kata benda tunggal yang mengikuti diawali dengan bunyi vokal
- An apple
- An orange
Definite Article
Kata sandang tak tentu

A / AN: Choose the correct answer.

1. elephant 2. boy

3. cat 4. octopus

5. girl 6. apple

7. baby 8. umbrella
Complete: Write A or AN
kite apple

ball balloon

book umbrella

elephant octopus

cow alien

car tree
Look and complete with: IS; ARE;

Hi! My name Martin.

I 144 years old.
I green.
I got four legs and
two hands.
My nose big and I got seven eyes.

My name Blous.
I 99 years old.
I yellow.
I got two hands and two
I got three eyes and my
nose big
I got a yellow tail.
Hello! My name Tis.
I 85 years old.
I not yellow. I red.
I got three hands and five
I got a big red nose.
I got three eyes.
My eyes big too.
Days of the week

English Indonesia
Sunday Minggu
Monday Senin
Tuesday Selasa
Wednesday Rabu
Thursday Kamis
Friday Jum’at
Saturday Sabtu


1. What day is before Thursday?

2. What day is after Monday?

3. What day is after Sunday?

4. What day is before Saturday?

5. What day is before Thursday?

6. What day is after Friday?

7. 7. What day does school begin?

Family Tree

Choose the correct answer.

1. Your father's sister is your ___

2. Your sister's husband is your ___

3. Your mother's mother is your ___

4. Your sister's daughter is your ___

5. Your son's son is your ___

6. Your sister's brother is your ___

7. Your mother's brother is your ___

8. Your uncle's daughter is your ___

F r u i t:
across down

1. 5.

6 2. 6.

3. 7.

4. 8.
The Use of Much, Many, A lttle and A few

Much, Many
Much = banyak terbatas. (Untuk uncountable noun)
- There are much money in my pocket

Many = banyak (terbatas). Untuk countable noun

- I have many pets

A little, a few
A little = sedikit dan cukup.Untuk noncountable noun
- She gets alittle monet
- She had a little sugar
A few = sedikit dan cukup.Untuk countable noun
- I have afew books


How much...? How many...?

How much...? How many...?
a little a few
1. How______ photographs did you take?

Just _____

2. How_____ orange juice do we have left?

Only_____ bit.

3. How______ time do we have?

Just_____ , we're late.

4. How_____ pencils do we have left?

Just____ , we need to buy more.

5. How_____ bottles of water do we have?

Quite_____ , enough for this week.

6. Do you know how paper is left in your notebook?

It's quite full, just____ pages left.

7. How_____ chicken do you want with your rice?

Not_____ thanks.

8. How_____ money does an English teacher earn?

Not_____ .

9. How_____ soup do you want?

Just_____ , I'm not hungry.

10. You haven't got_____ chips. Do you want____ of mine?

Ok, thanks!
Verb To Be


1). Insert verb “to be”

1. Where you from? I from Moldova.

2. How old you? How old your friend?
3. What your address?
4. I glad to see you. How you?
5. Mary tired? No, she … not
6. Moscow …. the capital of Russia.
7. I thirsty. Give me a glass of water, please.
8. Tom and Bod good football players? Yes, they
9. What .your sister’s address?
10. your father a doctor? No, he not. He an actor.
Prepositional Of Time

Kata Depan Yang Menyatakan Waktu:

In: Digunakan Untuk
Season/ Year = Only
 In Summer
 In 1999 Etc.
On: Month/ Day
 On January
 On Monday
At: Clock/ Date
 At 27 Th October
 At 5 O’clock

Preposition Of Place

Kata Depan Yang Menyatakan Waktu:

In: Digunakan Untuk
State/ Country/ City
 In America
 In Bandung
 In Java
On: Street (Only) Tanpa Nomor
 On Jalan Pasir Asih

At: Street + Number

 At Jalan Pasir Asih No. 290

Insert prepositions at/on/in

1. I get up 7 o’clock every day

2. I was born 21 May

3. Mary likes to go to the seaside summer

4. Steve reads the newspaper the morning

5. We are going to the picnic the weekend

6. My mother is home now, but I’m work

7. My friend was born 1975

8. I will be back 5 minutes

9. His brother is going to get married the age of 25

10. We have English lessons Monday and Wednesday

11. They are busy the moment

12. Olga and Nick arrived the same time


A. Persoanal Pronoun
Kata ganti orang atau benda

Name Subject Object Possessive Possesive

Adjective Pronoun

I (I) Tunggal I Me My Mine

II (I) You You Your Yours

III (I) He Him His His
III (I) She Her Her Hers

III (I) It It Its Its

I (II) Jamak We Us Our Ours
II (II) You You Your Yours
III (II) They Them Their Theirs

Possessive Adjectives
2. I

4. we
3 5. she
6. it
5 Down:

5 1. they

3. you
5. he
1. Where is ruler? (I)

You left it on desk. (you)

Ok, thanks. Where is next lesson? (we)

2. I like dress. (she)

I like boyfriend! (she)

clothes are very smart. (he)

3. Look at the dog chasing tail. (it)

4. Those tourists look a little confused. I think they have lost way. (they)
Let's practice some of these

verbs. Have a try !!


Complete the boxes with the corresponding

form of the verbs as in the

example above.

buy ; lost ; drunk

; brought

come ; fly ;
rang ; worn

put ; make ; got

Exclamation Mark

Tanda seru biasanya menunjukkan perasaan yang kuat, seperti terkejut, marah atau sukacita.
Menggunakan tanda seru saat menulis agak seperti berteriak atau meninggikan suara ketika

- How + adjective/adverb e.g. How beautiful!

- What a + singular countable noun (kt benda tunggal yang dpt dihitung) e.g. What a mess! ?

- What + uncountable noun and plurals (kata benda jamak y dapat dan tidak dapat dihitung)
e.g. What nonsense! What big feet!

-What an + Singular countable noun (diawali bunyi vocal) e.g. what an awesome house!

What/ what a /what an

1 sweet rose!

2 friendly dogs!

3 tender cat!

4 serious cats!

5 angry dog!

6 lovely violets!

7 beautiful lily!

8 big eyes!

9 fine daisies!

10 funny dog!
Choose the right answer
‘in’ ‘at’ ‘on’ ‘ago’

1. I came to class Tuesday.

2. I went to the gym three days .

3. I arrived 6 o’clock.

4. I finished my test 30 minutes.

5. A long time , I use to be a gym teacher.

6. Saturday, I plan to go to a movie.

7. I go to bed 10 o’clock.

8. I am going to Wonderland Sunday.

9. That was a long time .

10. I finished filling in all these blanks only 7 minutes!