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The young person king is a statement of the author Oscar Wilde narrated in third
person and in which it uses a descriptive language. In this work Wilde which tries
to make ourselves think how we act with all the persons. Initially the work where
it mentions a brief history of how a young person who had been disinherited
returns to take again the throne after the old king had been looking for it, which
is a way of exemplifying that in some situation we will need from someone and in
spite of the pride that a person could have, the need for obtaining something I
can make us change of seeming.

On the one hand, a day previous to his coronation the " young woman king " had
three dreams that would change his way of thinking. In his first dream, it shows
to a group of workers where arduous hours happen doing the mantle that the re
will dress; it is there where one starts realizing of everything what coronation and
gown have provoked; it realizes that the work is excessive on the part of every
worker is not rewarded well, since they are a humble people and of scanty
resources that for small quantity of money they need it so heavy works.

In his second dream, he is in a ship, young where they enter to the sea to look
for a pearl that is the most beautiful and worth being in the sceptre of the " young
woman king". The young person king notices that due to the pressure of the depth
of the sea, a young person dies for finding the most beautiful pearl. It provokes
that he thinks otherwise since now realizes that some lives get lost for material
things, which it might say they are less important than the life of a man.

In the third dream, it realizes that persons' multitudes look for rubies for the crown
of the " young woman king ", seems to be a competition in which there is too
many death and greed; In all the dreams it had realized that all the disasters were
due to him and to his luxuries, but on this case quite this problematic they were
based in only finding a ruby for his crown.
On the other hand, the following day, that is to say, when already it was going to
be crowned they were taking the golden mantle of the first dream, the sceptre
with the pearl of the second dream and his crown with the ruby of the third dream,
the " young woman king " remembers each of his dreams and remembers the
way for which all the persons happened that he could have these belongings. On
it having remembered it decides that they should bring the clothes with the one
that had come. It would use old rags, secondhand and ugly clothes, but even like
that I decided to go to the cathedral where they would crown it, in spite of the
insults of the people and laughs of the people who saw it.

On having come to the cathedral, the Pope decides that it will not crown it this
way, in this moment, on having admitted that the people saw the things of a bad
way, " the young person king " decides to pray, and for divine art a light arises,
appears " to be divine " that dresses it in beautiful things, but using elements
offered to the nature. So later it goes out of the cathedral dressed hereby and the
whole people remains annihilated, without words, since thanks to this one " to be
divine " could cause some type of change in the mentality of the persons.

He narrates the arrival of a snub enanito to the castle of Spain, where it had to
make laugh to the Infanta and to the nobles, because the small one was expiring
12 years. The story begins with The Infanta playing and traversing with his
companions, which was not doing grace to the nobles who saw her, because they
were thinking that the Infanta of Spain had to play with people of his lineage. But
this was not mattering for her because it was happy running with his friends.

The king was contemplating his daughter, remembering with melancholy the
queen, who after having died, continued loving her and giving him mourning
ignoring to the matrimonial offers of other kingdoms and empires. When the
infanta stopped playing, a young boy of the castle brought a horrible enanito that
had been sold by his father to the king in his zeal to get rid of his unsightliness
and uselessness.. The dwarf, ignoring his horrible aspect of birth, followed the
orders of the young boy and started dancing and joking with the Infanta and the
children. On having seen that they all were laughing, he thought that it had fallen
them well for his playings and rapidly he fell in love with the infanta. But it did not
know that she and his friends were joking of his unsightliness.

When it ended the spectacle, the dwarf escabulló in the gardens of the castle and
started strolling sighing and thinking about the in love thing that it was of the
Infanta. He was thinking that would take her to him to the forest and they would
live united in the peace of the field, together with the animals, breathing pure air.
In it, it entered to a luxurious room, where there was an enormous mirror. Ignoring
totally what was, the dwarf approached and saw a horrible monster, and moved
back, this was reproduced by the reflection. The dwarf continued moving and the
monster copying it, without understanding what happened. When it realized that
it was the monster, it began to cry in a corner of the room, complaining that they
all were joking of him and that his father had sold.

Meanwhile, the infanta and his group came. She asked him to get up and to dance
again, but the dwarf continued crying. The infanta enraged and called his uncle
herself in order that it was raising and dancing it for her. But when the man went
to raise it, it could not, and said: " I am sorry, but this dwarf already is not going
to be able to dance nevermore, because the heart has broken " to what the
Infanta answered coldly: " From now on those who should come to play with me
who do not have heart". I liked this work much for his end, it was not hoping for
me that the infanta was treating that way to the dwarf poor person.

A statue of a Prince, the happy Prince, to which you have echo a statue and
placed it in a column in the Centre of the city. The statue was coated of thin sheets
of gold, as eyes had two sapphires and in the handle of your statue a Ruby.
Everyone admired the beautiful statue. Swallow who was in love with a Reed
stayed when her friends went in autumn, because he wanted to meet with the
Reed, but seeing that his beloved not towards filtrear in the breeze I leave it, and
ready to go the next day was to find a place where to spend the night and saw
the statue of the Prince when he decided to sleep at the foot of the statue you
Cay a drop and thought - that It serves a statue if not protect me from the rain.

But to the look towards up saw that the Prince was crying and you wonder as is
called, and the Prince you responded-the Prince happy, Act followed it swallow
you wonder that if was the Prince happy because cried and the responded
because while was live, lived in the Palace of the unconcern but now that this
dead you have since ay and could see all the misery and ugliness of his people.
And the Prince asked a favor wing swallow told her that it carried its handle Ruby,
a poor seamstress who has a sick child and his son asks him oranges and she
lora because it can only give you water from the River, because it has no money,
after ask for it and beg the swallow agreed and I took Ruby to the seamstress.

The next day the Prince asked him please take him one of his eyes which were
sapphires and take him to a student that I had to do a work for the theater director
and could not follow it because hunger had weakened him much, and swallow
took it. To the other day you asked that you take your other eye to a girl that sold
matches and is you had fallen by the drain and if not wore nothing to house your
father you would stick and it swallow said that if you llevab

A young fisherman fell in love with a mermaid and wanted to join her in her land
beneath the sea. The mermaid told him he could not be with her because he had
a soul and she did not. The fisherman swore to get rid of his soul for the mermaid's

He visited a young witch who lived in the mountains. She gave him a magic knife
and told him to stand with the moon behind him and use it to cut the soul from his
feet. She said, "The shadow of the body is the body of the soul."

As the fisherman cut the soul from his feet the soul begged him not to separate
them. When the fisherman refused the soul asked that he also cut out his heart
and give it to the soul. "With what should I love my love if I gave thee my heart?
" the fisherman asked. When he was free from his soul the fisherman left to join
his mermaid under the sea. The soul, before he departed, told the fisherman that
he would return after a year and call to him.

The soul returned the next year and the year after that. Each time he offered the
fisherman some marvelous treasure he had found in exchange for joining with
him again. Each time the fisherman told him "love is greater." The third year the
soul offered to take the fisherman to a maiden who danced beautifully with naked
feet. The fisherman remembered that the mermaid had no feet and could not
dance. He agreed to join again with his soul provided that he could return within
a day to his little mermaid.

The soul, however, had tricked the fisherman. There was no dancing girl with
naked feet. The fisherman, when he realized this, tried to cut his soul from his
feet with the magic knife but it did not work. The soul said that a man may
separate his body from his soul only once in his life, never twice. The soul had
rejoined the body of the fisherman, but he could not enter his heart because it
was too full of love for the mermaid.
The fisherman mourned his lost mermaid for years. One day her dead body
washed up on the shore, and the tritons of the sea came to kill the fisherman for
deserting her. Just before he died his heart broke and the soul entered it. Finally,
they were truly one.

A young person student was complaining of not finding a red rose in his garden,
his dear one it was required a red rose from him to be present at the holiday that
the prince was organizing. He young student was said if I it take a red rose, it was
dancing with me up to the dawn and if not, it was not fixed in me. A small lizard
joked and laughed on having seen it to weep for laying in the lawn. The
nightingale from his nest of a tree heard and said it is here the real lover.

And suddenly it demolished and crossed the garden, saw a beautiful rose-bush
and settled in a twig, and said to him give me a red rose and he will sing my more
sweet songs to you, my roses are white it answered the rose-bush, it sees my
brother that this close to the old clock, and it demolished the nightingale to
another rose-bush and said to him, give me a red rose, my roses are yellow it
answered, there sees me brother who grows under the window of the student, it
demolished immediately the nightingale and coming I shout him give me a red
rose, and he will sing my more sweet songs to you, my roses are red it answered,
but the winter to ice cream my veins and I will not have any more roses during
this year. And there is no way of obtaining it he said the nightingale, if there is
one answered the rose-bush and added, you must sing to the clear one of the
moon with the chest rested on my thorns, and the whole night; the thorns were
crossing your heart, your blood will run for my veins and this way it will form a red
rose with your blood. The nightingale accepted the sacrifice. And then it flew for
the garden and there it saw the young person who continued crying on the lawn.
And he said to him Be happy; you will have your red rose. I will create it with notes
of music to the moonlight and will dye her with the blood of my own heart, only I
ask you to be a real lover, he young student listened and did not understand it,
and the nightingale was said he will understand the feelings, I am afraid that not
and it entered to his room.

The tree that understood everything, asked him to the nightingale to sing his last
song to him, and the nightingale sang his last song. When the moon was lighting
the nightingale it demolished from his tree to the rose-bush and support his chest
on the thorns and started singing, in the highest of the rose-bush a pale rose
appeared; narrow more he said the rose-bush to him, and the nightingale
narrowed more, and started reddening the rose; but it was not sufficient, the
thorns had not come to the heart of the nightingale. Narrow more it returned to
saying the rose-bush, or it will dawn before stopping doing the rose. And the
nightingale I am too tight more, until the thorns come to his heart and major it was
his pain, more loudly he was singing and slowly he was dying and the rose
reddened as the rose of flare.

The following day, for the midday the young person opened his window and saw
a red rose that in his life it had never seen, took it and removed it to his dear one;
this one despised her for that alone it was a simple rose and did not have value,
as the gift of jewels that I give him the nephew of the chamberlain. Young he said
to him ungrateful, and threw the rose in a creek and a heavy car squashed it, and
one returned to his house, and taking a book it put to read. The gesture of the
nightingale was forgotten, with a total coldness, and worse much was unvalued.

Two poor lumberjacks returning home through great terrain of pine trees.
That night was much cold that until those animals and birds not knew that do.
Them loggers despite the cold followed walking, slid and is fell several times but
finally arrived to the village in where lived and is put to laugh, after have laughed
much is put very sad because recalled his poverty and is put to speak of it unfair
that was the life for some.

Of soon saw falling from the sky a star bright, this cayo behind a group of Willows.
The two people began to run towards the Golden Star and one of them came first,
then he yelled out to another resident that they find and together they opened the
layer of tissue of gold and were surprised that there was no gold but a sleeping
child. Them peasant is regretted of their bad luck and one of them you proposed
leave it in the snow however its companion it led to House for care of it.
The farmer came to his house in which them received his wife very happy by see
to your husband healthy. The farmer told his wife that it had found the child star
and his wife is very angry because he didn't care for the son of another.

However at the end the words of the farmer shook his wife and she agreed to
care for the child. The child grew up with the family of the farmer, but while they
were dark-skinned, he was a white, blonde and very beautiful child. He mocked
the children of peasant and other villagers because he told them that he was
much more beautiful and important to them. Child star had his companion who
were their servants because they did all the ordering them and became cold of
heart as he. A day child star saw a woman resting in a tree, this woman was in a
very bad situation and fell exhausted into the tree. The child star approached her
and threw it from the tree in a very aggressive way. The farmer was near the
place cutting firewood and when saw what happened is approached to the child
and it rebuked. It took home the woman and you yield from eating and drinking.
This woman told the peasant if that child had found him in the forest ten years
ago and the farmer told him that Yes, then she told him that was the mother of
the child star, which has been looking for ten years. Immediately the peasant was
instructed to call the child star and he told her that his mother was inside the
house, he entered very lively but to see her mother who was refused to accept it.

He threw away his mother in a very cruel way and she went through the Woods
crying. He returned to play with their peers but they threw it because he was told
that it was just as ugly as a toad and a snake. The child felt very bad was
proposed to go in search of his mother to have forgiveness, then began to walk
to the forest and asked all the animals if they had seen his mother but none will
yield response. The wandered the world for three years without to find his mother.
One evening he came to a village and keepers asked him what was in that place,
he answered that I was looking for her mother, a beggar woman, and wanted to
know if it was in that town because he wanted his forgiveness however they not
let him go and sold him to a bad man as a slave. Led him inside the magician
who had bought it from the city and you yield from eating and drinking a bread
with mold and tainted water. The next day he entrusted to a forest and to bring
you the currency of white gold at sunset. He went to the Woods but failed to find
the coin, she cried inconsolably but far I hear the cry of a Hare, this free was
trapped and he helped her giving him his freedom. The Hare it led up to the
currency of gold white as thanks.

Arriving to the city saw a leper man crying and implored him to give him a monera
or will die of hunger and then the boy sympathized with him and you gave the
currency. He came to the House of his master and this was punished for not
having fulfilled its task. The next day the magician asked him to bring him the
monera of golden yellow and if not did you would give three hundred lashes then
went to search the monera but didn't find it, Hare helped him find the coin a
second time without asking anything in return.

The child was to way to the city and again the leper asked the monera and he is
given. The child returned to be punished for failing to meet the task.
The next day you magician asked coin red and told him that if not brought her
would kill him. It was to the forest and for third time the Hare it helped to find the
coin. The leper returned you to ask the currency of red gold and it is what gave
again. When opened you the door of the city people told him that beautiful is my
King and child star thought that they were mocking of her unhappiness, however
far away he saw his beggar mother and leprous man, he ran toward them and
kiss and cried his leprous mother feet and implored him his forgiveness but not
receiving response implored the leper who says his mother to talk him and they
told him to stand and look at them. To the see them is yield has that their parents
were the King and the Reyna of the city, these it forgave and it was crowned as
King. The King ruled the city with justice, everyone respected the animals and
birds. He ruled only three years and died, the next ruler was a very wicked man.

A giant had a very big garden with soft, green grass, beautiful flowers, singing
birds perched on branches. The giant went to visit his friend the ogre, for a period
of seven years was at his friend's House. During his absence children returning
from school spent the afternoon in the garden of the giant.

The giant returned to his castle is upset and boto to them children of their garden
and it encircled with high wall, and said here not is fun, only I, and put a sign "is
prohibits the input low them penalties legal corresponding", was a giant selfish.
Children no longer had where play, trying to play on the streets, but as they were
dusty and filled with stones it was difficult to have fun. Children remembered the
beautiful thing was to play in the garden and walked along the fence of the

When arrived the spring the country is filled of beautiful flowers, but the garden
of, the giant selfish remained in winter, in house of the giant had wind, snow, hail,
them birds not sang, the giant selfish protruded your head by the window and
said because delay both the spring. One morning the selfish giant, lying on his
bed, heard beautiful music, thought that they were the musicians of the King who
passed through there, was actually a bird, was time which had not heard any bird
in your garden, at last spring said, jumping from his bed, look your head out the
window and saw the children playing climbing into the branches, and the birds
they sang, the children had entered through a hole in the fence of the garden. All
was beautiful the winter had disappeared, but in a corner of the garden remained
the winter, had a child very small that cried because not could climb is in the
branches, and as much as tried to not could because was very small.

The selfish giant said is what selfish I've been!, now my garden will be for children,
road to the children but they saw him fled, only the tiny child not fled because he
did not see him come, have watery eyes. The selfish giant took the young child
and put it on the tree, and the tree bloomed, the birds came and child extended
her arms and rodeo of giant neck, the other kids to see this, returned and all
played in the garden of the selfish giant, but now the selfish giant was not bad.
Children played throughout the afternoon and the evening went to say goodbye
to the giant, he asked about the child who he had climbed the tree, we do not
know answered children, tell him to come said the giant, have never seen him
respond the children giant missed the little child because it was his first friend,
giant aged and not already playing with children I used to spend evenings sitting
on his couch, watching them play. The giant died and went to heaven and who
received him was the child who helped to climb on the tree. The children found
his body under the tree, covered of flowers white.