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Repair Limitations of Maintenance TRG Format . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .E
Service Dealers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B
How to Use the Segmented Repair Times .H
Types of Cab Configurations . . . . . . . . . . B
List of All Available TRG’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . I
Medium-Duty Cab Type Classifications . . .C
Claim Example . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .J
What the Published Labor Times Include . D

Time Requirement Guides (TRG) are used as removed in the process of repair are to be
a basis for warranty allowance for service reinstalled as-is unless the user authorizes
operations performed on Caterpillar engines the additional expense. The intent is to
and generators. The guides list allowable repair/replace the warranted parts and restore
labor hours for various normal warranty the rest of the component to its operating
repairs. The intent of Time Requirement condition just prior to the warrantable failure.
Guides is to provide reasonable and It is not the intent to restore the product to
obtainable times. like-new condition.

The times are based on removal and Reporting Errors or Improvements

installation procedures commonly used by
dealers, using Caterpillar-recommended tools Caterpillar Engine Division encourages
and service equipment, performed by a dealers to communicate possible repair time
qualified technician who has done the job at errors, comments, suggestions, or questions
least once before. regarding any Time Requirement Guide
(TRG) by contacting the TRG Coordinator:
Definition of Warranty Repair
Caterpillar Inc.
Restore to operating condition by repairing/ Attention: TRG Coordinator
replacing only the defective failed parts, Engine Division – Customer Services
consequently damaged parts, and gaskets, P.O. Box 610
etc. necessary to remove/repair/install the Mossville, Illinois 61552-0610
defective parts according to the terms of the Phone: (309) 578-8840
appropriate warranty statement. Other parts Fax: (309) 578-2027

Repair Limitations for Maintenance-Service Dealers

Many of the repair times listed in this TRG are ! Flywheel Housing
not authorized for Maintenance-Service ! Ring Gear
dealers. Maintenance- Service dealers are ! Exhaust Manifold
authorized to perform warranty on peripheral
parts or components and other engine repairs
! Front & Rear Crankshaft Seals
that do not require internal engine ! Vibration Damper
disassembly. Specifically excluded are repairs ! Fan Drive
that involve removal of the cylinder head, oil ! Belts
pan, camshaft, injectors, rocker mechanism, ! Oil & Fuel Filter Bases
hydraulic system, or any repairs/adjustment to ! Valve Adjustment
the electronic engine control system. Medium
The turbocharger, turbocharger cartridge, or
Duty On-Highway engine components that a
complete engine can be exchanged as a
Maintenance-Service dealer can perform
complete component by Maintenance-Service
warranty on, include:
! Air Compressor
! Alternator/Starter NOTICE
! Fuel Transfer Pump If an emergency situation arises where a
! Water Pump non-authorized repair must be performed,
! Oil Cooler the Maintenance-Service dealer should
! Aftercooler contact his Caterpillar distributor TEPS
Program Manager for approval prior to the
! Valve Cover
! Thermostat
! Flywheel

Cab Type Definitions

The labor repair times in this TRG are cylinder from within the engine compartment.
referenced by the type of cab configuration for Some medium conventional truck models
engine access. For Warranty Claims, the two- have a removable doghouse (engine
digit cab type must be entered on the claim enclosure) inside the cab; however, engine
under Related Equipment along with the OEM access of the rear cylinder can typically be
make and model. The OEM make and model obtained without removing the doghouse,
must also be documented on the Service when so equipped.
Report. The following is a description of each Bus (BU) – bus models with the engine
cab type;
mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Engine
Short Conventional (SC) – truck models with access is provided by opening a rear access
engine access provided by tilting a hood- panel.
fender unit. At least two engine cylinders are Cab Over Engine (CO) – truck models with
positioned behind the cab firewall. A
engine access provided by tilting the complete
removable doghouse (engine enclosure) is
provided inside the cab for access to the top
of the rear cylinders. Special (SP) – truck models which do not
have TRG times, Claim as “Actual
Medium Hood Conventional (MC) – truck
Reasonable Time
models with engine access provided by tilting
a hood-fender unit. The rear engine cylinder is
positioned under or behind the cab firewall. NOTICE
Adequate space above the valve cover is The use of set-back front axles does not
provided for access to the top of the rear determine the type of conventional cab
and typically does not increase engine
repair times.

Medium-Duty Cab Type Classifications

OEM Model Cab Type
Blue Bird CV200 SC
TC2000-RE BU
All American RE BU
All American FE SP
Chevrolet/ GMC C-Series (Top Kick) SC
B7T042 Commercial Bus Chassis SC
T-Series CO
Tiltmaster W6/W7 Cab –Fwd CO
Ford F-750 Superduty MC
Freightliner FL-50 MC
FL-60 MC
FL-70 MC
FL-80 MC
FS-65 Bus Chassis SC
Kenworth T300 MC
Peterbilt 330 MC
320 CO
Sterling Louisville L/LT8500 (101”BBC) SC
Louisville L/LT8500 SC
Louisville L/LT7500 SC
Thomas Built Conventional SC
Saf-T-Liner ER BU
Saf-T-Liner MVP -ER BU
Saf-T-Liner MVP-EF SP
Transit Liner MVP-ER BU
Transit Liner MVP-EF SP
CL 960 BU

Note: EF and FE are bus applications with front mounted engines, and ER and RE are bus
applications with rear mounted engines.

What the Published Labor Times Include

The times published in this guide are adjusted Allowance for Mechanic’s Personal
times based on time studies performed in Time
dealer service shops using dealer mechanics.
During a time study only the “Actual Work An additional 7% of the Actual Work Time is
Time” is recorded. These times are then included for personal time, such as trips to the
adjusted by adding 30% to the Actual Work rest room and coffee breaks.
Time for the following allowances:
Allowance for Variations
! Allowance for mechanic’s personal time.
! Allowance for variations. An additional 14% of the Actual Work Time is
! Allowance for parts and tool procurement. included for variations which include the
Actual Work Time
! Repair jobs made more difficult due to
The Actual Work Time from the time studies high hours or poor condition of product.
include: ! Minor installation difficulties.
! Removing broken bolts or studs and
! Wrench turning. sharpening scrapers and drill bits.
! Installing gaskets. ! Cleaning work area before and after
! Inspecting parts for reusability. repair.
! Removing new parts from packaging. ! Consultations with shop foreman.
! Necessary adjustments and lubrication of ! Writing service or SIMS reports.
components. ! Packaging and tagging warranty parts.
! Getting tools out of tool box. ! Punching on and off job.
! Putting tools back in tool box. ! Locating, opening, and closing tool box.
! Mopping up oil and water spills in work ! Referring to Service Publications.
area. ! Adherence to shop safety procedures.
! Looking up torque specifications.
! Re-crating exchange components. Allowance for Parts and Tool
! Removing gasket material and washing Procurement
dirt from parts.
An additional 9% of the actual work time is
NOTICE included for ordering parts and locating
Glass beading pistons is considered special tooling, supplies, and lifting equipment
reconditioning, not cleaning. outside the work area.

TRG Format
The various repair times contained in TRG’s components which are part of or directly
are listed by a coding system called Service associated with the Cylinder Head Assembly.
Management Control System (SMCS). The
SMCS Codes provide company and dealer Job Codes
uniformity in describing job operations.
The Job (JOB) Code is a three-digit numeric
An SMCS Code is divided into two, three, or code that identifies the type of repair
four separate codes. All SMCS Codes have at operation performed on the component.
least two separate codes which are :
Typical Job Codes:
! Component Code
! Job Code 010 = Remove & Install
020 = Recondition
In addition, some SMCS Codes will have one 038 = Diagnostic Test
or both of the following:
The Component Code is followed by a dash
! Modifier Code, and/or (-) and the three digit Job Code.
! Quantity Code

Example SMCS Code:

1107-010-RT-H 1107-010

Component Codes
Comp. Code Job Code
The Component (COMP) Code is a four-digit (Valve Cover) (R&I)
number that identifies the name of the
component or part. The Component Code is
the first four digits of the SMCS Code.

Examples of major categories: Example 1: SMCS Code for R&I Valve Cover

1000 = Engine Modifier Codes

1050= Air Induction& Exhaust System
1100 = Cylinder Head Assembly Modifier Codes are a two-digit code used to
1150 = Front & Rear Covers further explain or describe either the
Component Code or the Job Code. This two-
The Component Codes in numerical order digit code is generally alphabetic and the
following each of the major category codes second digit is numeric.
identify parts and components used within the
major structures or systems. Typical Modifier Codes:

Example: FR = Front
P1 = PAR
1100 = Cylinder Head Assembly HG = Housing
1101 = Cylinder Head Casting
1102 = Rocker Shaft Assembly Not all SMCS Codes have a Modifier Code. If
1105 = Valve the SMCS Code has a Modifier Code, the
1107 = Valve Cover Modifier Code will directly follow the Job Code
with a dash between the Job Code and
In the above example, all Component Codes Modifier Code.
from 1101 through 1149 are parts and/or

If no Modifier Code is used, put a dash (-), two

blank spaces, and anther dash (-) between
1107-010-RI the Job Code and the Quantity Code. (Refer
to Example 4)

Comp.Code Job Code Mod. Code 1107-O10-__-S

(Valve Cover) (R&I) (Right)
Comp. Code Qty. Code
(Valve Cover) (Set)

Job Code No Mod.

(R&I) Code
Example 2: SMCS Code for R&I Right Valve
Example 4: SMCS Code for R&I Set of Valve
Quantity Codes Covers
Quantity (QTY) Codes are single-digit
alphabetic codes used to define component NOTICE
quantities. Not all SMCS Codes have a When entering SMCS codes in the On-Line
Quantity Code. Service Claim System, the dashes (-)
between the individual codes are not used.
Typical Quantity Codes:

F = First One
A = Each Additional Booklet of All SMCS Codes
S = Set All
A booklet of all SMCS Codes for Engine
If the SMCS Code has both a Modifier Code Division Products (Form SEBD3437) is
and a Quantity Code, then the Quantity Code included in the TRG Binder Manual and the
follows the Modifier Code with a dash (-) Service Warranty Guide. This booklet lists the
between the Modifier and Quantity Codes. Component Codes, Job Codes, Modifier
____________________________________ Codes, and Quantity Codes that are available.
The SMCS Code Booklet should be used
1107-010-RI-F when developing an SMCS Code for a repair
segment that is not included in the TRG.

Comp. Code Qty. Code

(Valve Cover) (First One)

Job Code Mod. Code

(R&I) (Right)

Example 3: SMCS Code for R&I One Valve
Cover On Right Side
TRG Times Listed by SMCS Code NOTE Section
All repair segments included in segmented A NOTE section, when applicable, may be
TRG’s are listed by the SMCS Code, in included at the beginning of each repair
numerical order of the Component Code. In segment in the TRG. The NOTE section is
addition, within each Component Code the designed to help dealer personnel by:
various repair segments for a particular code
are listed in numerical order of the Job Code.
• Clarifying or further defining the repair
At the top of each page is the name of the
• Stating when a particular repair time
major category for those Component Codes
should be used.
listed on that page. This major category
represents a major structure or system of the • Reminding dealers of additional codes
engine installation. that can be claimed.

If the Component Code is not known, the The NOTE section, when applicable, is
Alphabetical Index of part names can be used located directly below the code description at
for locating a specific repair segment in the the beginning of a published repair segment.
TRG. An example of a NOTE is shown in the
following illustration.


STANDARD TIMES (HRS) 7.6 7.6 7.2 8.2

Illustration: Shows NOTE Section and notation for Not Applicable “N/A”

Standard Time Includes The repair steps listed under each sub-
heading are listed in the approximate order of
The repair steps listed under “Standard Time repair or grouped with associated
Include” are divided under the following parts/operations within each sub-heading.
possible sub-headings: This makes it easy to follow what a particular
repair segment includes. It is especially
• Separate and Connect helpful for repair segments that involve a
• Remove and Install number of various components, since all
• Disassemble and Assemble steps associated with a particular component
are listed together under each sub-heading.
• Remove
• Install
Some vehicle model configurations may not
• Miscellaneous
require certain repair steps that are listed
under the “Standard Time Includes”. To
Any combination from one to all five of these
indicate which repair steps listed are not
sub-headings may be listed for a particular
included for a certain cab/model configuration,
repair segment.
an “N/A” (not applicable) will appear to the
right of that step in the column(s) under the
appropriate cab/model configuration. See
illustration above.

How to Use Segmented Repair Times

Component Repair Times do not R&I Engine
Include: If required, add Code 1000-010.

The following list of tasks are not part of other Glass Bead Pistons
component repair times listed in this TRG. If required, add Code 1214-020.
These tasks, when applicable, are separate
repair segments that must be listed separately R&I Fuel Injector Sleeves
when establishing the total labor hours that If required, add Code 1713-010.
can be claimed for a particular warranty
repair. 500 Job Codes

Troubleshooting/Diagnose TRG times are published for standard

If required, add Code 1000-035, using applications. A 500 job code for "Labor
“actual reasonable time”. Exceeding TRG" can be used for those
applications where additional time is required.
Diagnostic Test/Checks The following is a list of items which may be
If required, add appropriate Component considered for additional time:
Code in conjunction with either Job Code 038
or 082. • Additional components had to be
removed to access the engine.
Road Test • Difficulty of Access due to non-removable
If required, add Code 1000-030-OX. components.
• No TRG exists for the application (i.e.
Chassis Dyno Quality Test 3176 in Bus chassis)
If required, add Code 1000-031-CS
In situations where dealers are requesting
Chassis Dyno Par Test additional labor that exceeds the published
If required, add Code 1000-031-P1. TRG time for a particular repair segment,
dealers must submit two labor lines for each
Weld or Machine Part
labor segment requiring additional time. The
If required add appropriate code, using
first of the two labor lines should contain the
“actual reasonable time”.
exact SMCS Code and labor hours from the
High Pressure Wash Engine (Prior to TRG. The second line should contain the
Repair) same Component Code as the TRG time
If required, add either Code 1000-074 for segment, but with a Job Code of 500. (See
major repairs, or Code 1000-074-MN for example below) This allows dealers to enter
minor repairs. the additional time for Cat Warranty
Technician review without the On-Line
Raise and Lower Cab (for COE Trucks) Service Claim System reducing the labor time
If required, add Code 7301-009. back to the published TRG time. In such
cases, dealers must explain in the Claim Story
Maneuvering Inoperative Truck (Into Shop) the reason for the additional time.
If required, add Code 7006-552.
1100-010 R&I Cylinder Head 16.2
Install Drive Shaft (Truck Towed) 1100-500 Cylinder Head Labor
If required, add Code 3252-012. Exceeding TRG 1.5

R&I Power Take-Off Units Explanation in Service Report: Could not use
If required, add appropriate code using overhead hoist because truck had a non-
“actual reasonable time”. Code 1165-010. removable car hauler rack. Required two men
and forklift with a boom to R&I cylinder head.

List Of All Available Time Requirement Guides

The following is a list of all Time Requirement Guides (TRG) available for On-Highway Vehicle
Engines, Stationary Industrial Generator Set Engines, SR4 Generators, and Marine Engines.

These TRG’s are available through the Caterpillar Literature Distribution System.

Heavy-Duty On-Highway Vehicle Engines

Description Form Number
Time Requirement Guide CD-ROM (includes 3406E/C15/C16,3406B/3406C YERQ1200
C-10/C-12, 3176, 3306, 3126B, 3116/3126HEUI, & 3116MUITruck Engines.)
3406A Segmented Repair Times SEBF7510
3406A Combined Repair Times SEBF7509

Medium-Duty On-Highway Vehicle Engines

Description Form Number
3208 Segmented Repair Times (Buses Only) SEBF7505-01
3208 Segmented Repair Times (Trucks Only) SEBF7523-01
3208 Combined Repair Times (Buses Only) SEBF7504-03

Stationary Industrial, Generator Set, and Marine Engines

Description Form Number
Complete TRG Manual for Stationary Industrial, Generator Set and Marine SEBF7600
Engines (includes binder, tabs, stick-on binder label, and all TRG booklets and
3054/3056 Stationary Industrial and Generator Set Diesel Engine LEGX2491
3114/3116 Industrial (Out of Frame) SEBF7622
3406B Stationary Industrial and Generator Set Diesel Engine SEBF7616
3412 Stationary Industrial and Generator Set Diesel Engine SEBF7516
3500 Stationary Industrial and Generator Set Diesel Engine SEBF7619
3606/3608/3612/3616 Marine, Stationary Industrial, & Genset Diesel Engines LEGM3281-01
G3500 Stationary Industrial and Generator Set Gas Engine LEBQ8491
SR4 Generators SEBF7621

Claim Example
Developing the Total Claimable Labor Breakdown from the Service
Labor Time Report
SMCS Code Description Hours
Since segmented repair times are broken
into individual tasks or repair segments, we 1100-074 Wash Engine 0.5
must review how these individual segments 7006-552 Maneuver Stalled 0.6
are used to establish the total allowable Truck
warranty repair time. 1100-038 Diagnose 1.0
The following example illustrates taking the 1100-010 R&I Cylinder 13.8
information in the Service Report and listing Head
the various repair segments to determine the 1100-001-CD-E Repair Cylinder 0.8
total labor hours allowed for a warranty Head
repair. For clarity, the labor breakdown 1101-063 Mill Cylinder 1.1
should be listed in the approximate order that Head
the work was performed, as illustrated in the 1103-010- -E R&I Valve Seats 0.2
following labor breakdown chart. (Two)
1100-030 Test After Repair 1.0
Total Labor 19.0
Cab Type: (SC) GMC C-Series Hours

Service Report: Found leak at head gasket

(Water in oil). Steam cleaned engine and
removed cylinder head. Found pitting on
cylinder head deck surface and pitting on two
valve seats. Had cylinder head casting
milled, reinstalled and performed test after