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Technical Data

A Division of Lubrizol

Recommended High Temperature

Rev. 716

System Components & Suppliers

Pipe Flange Gaskets Positive Displacement
Flanged Installation Flexible graphite Viking Internal Gear Universal Seal
To 1-1/2” diameter (Grafoil , Garlock
or equal).
ASTM A-106 Grade B schedule 40 Pump Seals
seamless carbon steel pipe Expanded/filled PTFE below Tungsten carbide vs silicon carbide
450°F/232°C (Goretex , Garlock TM TM face type mechanical seals are
Greater than 2” or equal) recommended
ASTM A-53 Grade B schedule 40
seamless carbon steel pipe Bolts O-Rings/Seals
ASTM A-193 Grade B7 To 250°F/121°C
Threaded Installation Nitrile rubber
To 1” diameter Nuts
ASTM A-106 Grade B schedule 80 ASTM A-194 Grade 2H To 400°F/204˚C:
carbon steel pipe Fluoroelastomer (VitonTM or equal)
Thread Sealant
From 1” to 2” Deacon 770 P or L or Above 400°F/204˚C:
ASTM A-106 Grade B schedule 40 LA-CO Slic-tite Paste Perfluoroelastomer (ChemrazTM,
carbon steel pipe ZalakTM, KalrezTM or equal).
Greater than 2” Control valves Insulation
Threaded installations are not Globe valves provide metal to Closed cell (Pittsburgh Corning
recommended metal sealing foamed glass) is recommended for all
Flanges Isolation Valves
To 4” pipe diameter Gate valves provide 100% shut off, Mineral fiber, fiber glass or calcium
ASTM A-181 1/16” raised face 300 0 pressure drop when open silicate can be installed on straight
lb rating pipe runs or other locations where
Pumps the potential for leaks is low. The
Greater than 4” Centrifugal material should not be used with
ASTM A-181 1/16” raised face Dean (RA2000/3000 series), 2’ of a potential leak point. Flanges
150 lb rating MP (HTO series) should not be insulated.

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