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The Process EIT reports to the Director of Operations. Their role is to assist the
Process Engineer and the Assistant Manager of Operations in the day to day running
of the plant. The Process EIT is focused on learning all aspects of the plant
equipment and processes, with the goal to be the subject matter expert in the plant
and to assume all the Process Engineering responsibilities.

� Monitor and improve the performance of a 30,000 MT/yr bio-succinic acid plant.
Unit Operations include areas such as Chemical Loading/Unloading, Fermentation,
Centrifugation, Filtration, Evaporation, Crystallization and Ion Exchange.
� Provide daily instructions to operations on activities that need to be completed
and parameters that need to be followed for running the plant that day.
� Subject matter expert on downstream plant operations and equipment.
� Work closely with the Assistant Manager Operations in ensuring the plant is
running optimally and to the specifications provided by engineering and management.

� Troubleshoot all issues with the plant operation and performance. Provide
corrective actions to Operations.
� Provide regular feedback to Operations staff on how well they are running the
plant and areas where we need to improve. Develop tracking system to auto generate
this information using DCS historian and excel.
� Analyze process samples using laboratory equipment and plant performance data
from the DCS to monitor and troubleshoot processes
� Work with Maintenance department to ensure quick turnarounds of both planned and
unplanned shutdowns following proper LOTO procedures.
� Ensure adherence to production schedule and timelines.
� Continuous Improvement of Plant Uptime, by improving procedures and by
anticipating issues through effective process monitoring and effective instructions
on how to react to abnormal events.
� Work with Engineering to troubleshoot and continuously improve process
� Generation and revision of Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs, for all unit
operation areas to describe running, cleaning and troubleshooting of the plant
� Creating or updating DDS documents to describe how programming should function
for unit operations. Working with instrumentation and DCS tram to implement and
test changes to DDS.
� Executing small projects to test out potential plant improvements, either in the
lab or with a structured test within the plant.
� Foster the culture and follow the principles of 5S in the plant.
� Ensure accurate and up to date record keeping and log entries to aid in
monitoring and troubleshooting production performance.
� Adherence to Health and Safety, Environmental, and Food Grade standards,
policies, and regulations.
� Develop and foster a culture of safety within operations, championing safety
throughout the plant and the company.

Job Qualifications

� A 4-year chemical engineering degree. Previous experience working in industrial

plants an asset.

� Need to be a quick learner that is able to understand complex unit operations.

� Strong organizational skills required

� Strong Excel skills required

� Knowledge of DCS systems