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Call For Papers

Asia-Pacific Protection & Testing Conference 2018

October 31 - November 1, 2018

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City

Electric Power System in the 21st Century

We are facing a profound transformation of our power industry, largely driven by advances in technology; changing customer needs and increased expectations; changes in the
national policies; regulation of electricity services; etc.. Terms like Renewables, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), IEC 61850, MicroGrids, etc. are no longer buzz words but already
happening around us everyday at a very fast pace.

These revolutionary changes create new possibilities, but also challenges for the power utilities and their implementation partners around the world. On one side, the new
technologies allow us to modernize and upgrade existing and aged substations and build new substations with focus on performance and cost optimization. On the other side,
however, a lack of understanding of the new technologies also bears risks. It is important for everyone involved in this process to know and understand these new technologies and
its associated changes.
Call For Papers
Upgrade your PAC systems for a stable & reliable grid
in the 21st century

Suggested topics

System testing for the more reliable protection systems

• Latest developments on protection testing
• Concept of system simulation (in the laboratory and in the field)
• Incremental, travelling wave and time domain protection testing
• New possibilities of testing power related protection
• Synchrophasor measurements and Wide Area Protection (WAP)
• Automatic Distribution Restoration (ADR) schemes and their acceptance testing
• Efficient on-site maintenance for distribution networks

IEC 61850 implementation and maintenance testing

• Future development of the IEC 61850 standard
• Cases studies of implementing IEC 61850 systems
• Maintenance testing with IEC 61850
• Automation and control testing in IEC 61850 substations
• Time synchronization and Precision Time Protocol

Other topics

• Experience sharing on new protection schemes

• Reliability and redundancy of protection systems
• Advanced functions in protection IEDs
• Protection and Control for MicroGrids

Important Dates
Topic and abstract (150 words) submission: 16 March 2018
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 30 March 2018
Full paper based on the author’s original work: 27 July 2018
Powerpoint corresponding to the submitted paper: 28 September 2018

Ho Chi Minh City