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Story Mapper Role Sheet

Name: Holly Nelson

Group Members: Marianna and Kaycee
Book/Text: The Daily 5 This Photo by Unknown Author is

How to pick Good-Fit Books

I select a book
Word-Work Foundation Purpose: Why do I want to read it?
Lessons: Interest: Is it interesting to me?
1. Set up and clean up Listen-to-reading
Comprehend: Do I understand it? Foundatin Lessons:
Know: Do I know most of the words? 1. Set up the technology
2. Choose Materials to use
3. Choose a successful spot 2. Listen and Follow Along
3. Manage Fair and
Equitable Use with a
Limited Number of Devices

Choosing a Chapter
successful spot
to read 5 Read-To-Someone foundation
1. Check for understanding
3 ways to read a book: 3. Voice Level
1. Read the pictures Foundation lessons to be added for 4. How Partners Read
2. Read the words Work on Writing center: 5. How to get started
3. Retell the story 1. Underline Words You don't know 6. Coaching or time?
how to spell 7. How to choose a partner
Teach in a minilesson
2. Set up a notebook
3. Choose what to write about
CHAPTER 6 Foundation lesson breakdown

Read to self Choose a

successful spot
Sit on chairs or Sit at least an Leave room for If possible, Pick a place
on the floor, as arm’s length the teacher to turn our that is
long as you can away from other confer with us bodies so our comfortable
sit “eekk” classmates voices will so we can
go away build stamina
from other
Ways to read
a book
Read the Read the words Retell the story
I pick good fit
I select a book Purpose: Interest: Comprehend: Know:
and look it Why might I Does it interest Do I Do I know
over, inside want to read it? me? understand most of the
and out what I am words?
Work on Underline
Writing words you
don’t know
how to spell
and move on
Set up a
Use a Preferably a Students can Add pictures,
notebook you spiral or decorate and magazine
can manage composition customize their clippings,
and teach notebook notebook and drawings
children how
to manage
Choose what
to write about
Think-about Use first or last Model how to
strategy couple of pages Break down
to document ideas into
ideas and topics smaller ideas
Read-to- EEKK
Acronym for Model how to sit
elbow, elbow, eekk
knee, knee
Voice level
Model The loudest
appropriate voice is the one
level for
voices in the that regulates the
classroom noise level
Check for
Introduced Summarizing by If not
and modeled restating the who understood,
on the first and what of reread and
day of school what you just discuss
read or heard
How partners
Same book:
I read, you Students
read alternate reading
paragraphs or
Choral read Partners read the
same section at
the same time
I read, you Same alternating
read reading of pages,
but each child
attends to their
partner’s book as
well as their own
while checking
How to get
Good Let’s make a Rock, paper, Youngest Alphabetical
manners deal scissors first order

Coaching or
Teaching Students act as Students need
students not coaches to know when
to quickly their partner
offer a word wants help, and
when their when they
partner pauses want to figure
out the word
on their own
How to
choose a
Remind 1. Raise Model polite
students that your behaviors
their partners hand
can’t always 2. Walk to a
be their classmate
closest friend whose
hand is
3. Make
4. Ask
5. Respond
Listen to Set up and
reading clean up the
Teach Take time to
procedures to explicitly teach
set up and and model these
clean up procedures
Listen and
follow along
children to
follow along
with their
eyes and
fingers as
they listen to
a story
fairness and
equitable use
A limited Teach students Create a
number of that when they waiting list
devices means are finished,
students must quickly pass on
share the device to the
next person who
needs it
Word Set up and
WORK clean up
Take time to Show where Model how to
introduce materials are correctly
each material stored gather, use, and
available to store materials
Choose a
Students need
to be taught
how to find a
spot where
they can be
successful and
on task
materials and
words to use
Teach Teach students Work with
students not to think about students to
all materials which materials figure out
will be used will really help which words
by all students them they need to