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Awakened : terbangun  Blaming Giving sugestion Making Requst

spare my life : menyelamatkan hidupku  It was your fault Asking Suggestion Giving Suggestion we use: can, could,will, would, would you
repay : membayar kembali  You are the one to blame Do you have any ideas You should + V1 mind + ing to make polite requests.
bound : terikat for me? (Kau seharusnya +
 Serves you right (Apa kau punya ide Kata kerja
strops : kulit pengasah untukku?) You had better + V1
recognizing : mengakui Someone who accused of blamed Do you have any (Kau lebih baik + Making requests Responding to requests
usually declines it. The following suggestions for me? Kata kerja)
roar : raungan (Apa kau punya saran You ought to + V1 Can you open the door Yes, of course./Of
gnawed : menggerogoti are the responses used untukku?) (Kau seharusnya + please? course./Yes,
exclaiming : berseru  It's not true Do you have any Kata Kerja)
advice for me? I advise you to + V1 Could you open the door certainly./Certainly./Sure
ridiculed : diejek  It wasn't me
(Apa kau punya nasihat (saya sarankan kau please?
repayment : pembayaran kembali  You are wrong, I didn't do untukku?) untuk + kata kerja)
Will you open the door
favour : mendukung it Would you mind giving I suggest you to +
me your suggestion? V1 please?
suitable : cocok  I am not the one to blame (Apakah kau mau (saya sarankan kau
efective : efektiv memberikan saran?) untuk + kata kerja)
Would you open the door
valuable : berharga Can you tell me what I I recommend you to please?
should do? + V1
adaptable : beradaptasi  Admiting Mistake (Bisakah kau katakana (saya anjurkan kau
Would you mind opening No, I’d be happy to.
beneficial : bermanfaat When we did something wrong, apa yang harus aku untuk + kata kerja) the door?
excluded : dikecualikan it's better for us to admit or No, certainly not.
What should I do?
desalinated : menghilangkan garam confess our mistake. We can (Aku seharusnya
melakukan apa?)
willing : rela use the following expressions.
underestimated : diremehkan  I have to admit that ...
notice board : papan pengumuman Complaining
 I was the one to blame
out of order : rusak  have a complaint to make...
 I admit I was wrong
wet : basah  Sorry to bother you but...
 I havd made a mistake
 I'm sorry to say this but...
we can also use the expressions of  I'm afraid I've got a complaint
 Accusing
apology, for example, I am sorry, about...
 It must have been you who did
forgive me!. To respond it, we can  I'm afraid there is a slight
it (pastilah Kamu yang telah
use : problem with...
 Okay, just don't do it again  Excuse me but there is a
 I think you're the only person
 It's alright problem about...
who could have done it (saya
kira hanya kamulah satu-  I want to complain about...
satunya orang yang bisa  I'm angry about...
 You must be doing something
 You must be the doer