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University of Puerto Rico

Mayagüez Campus
College of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

1. General Information:

Alpha-numeric codification: INEL 4115

Course Title: Electrical Measurements Laboratory
Number of credits: 3
Contact Period: One two-hour laboratory per week.
Contact Period: Required in INEL & ICOM
Course coordinator`s name: Academic Affairs Committee

2. Course Description

English: Experiments with electronic components and equipment; measurement

Spanish: Experimentos con componentes y equipo electrónico; técnicas de medición.

3. Pre/Co-Requisites

INEL 3105

4. Course Objectives:

The primary objective is to familiarize students with the physical properties of electronic
components, while
providing practical experience with modern measurement instruments and techniques,
stressing safety in the
workplace. Secondary objectives are to expand the student’s ability to communicate
technical information
through technical reports and to continue developing team-working skills.

5. Instructional Strategies:


6. Minimum or Required Resources Available:

Student Manual

7. Course time frame and thematic outline:

01 Introduction
02 Experiment 01 Resistance, Multimeter, and Ohm’s Law
03 Experiment 02 Kirchhoff’s Laws
04 Experiment 03 Elements in Serie and Parallel, Voltage Division, and Current Division
05 Special Task Practice for analysis and design
06 Experiment 04 Linear Systems and Electric Circuits
07 Experiment 05 Operational Amplifiers 1
08 Partial Exam
09 Experiment 06 Operational Amplifiers 2
10 Experiment 07 Norton and Thevenin Theorems
11 Experiment 08 AC Circuits
12 Experiment 09 RL and RC Circuits
13 Experiment 10 RLC Circuits
14 Experiment 11 Basic Power Measurements
15 Practical Test
Final Exam and Project

8. Grading System:

Quantifiable (letters)

9. Evaluation Strategies:

Short Quizzes 10%

Tests and Project 50%
Reports 40%

10. Bibliography: text book, title, author and year and other supplement materials

Laboratorio de Medidas Eléctricas, John Wiley.

11. According to Law 51

Students will identify themselves with the Institution and the instructor of the course for
purposes of
assessment (exams) accommodations. For more information please call the
Student with Disabilities Office which is part of the Dean of Students office (Chemistry
Building, room 019)
at (787)265-3862 or (787)832-4040 extensions 3250 or 3258.

12. Contribution of Course to meeting the requirements of Criterion 5:

Engineering Topic
Specific goals for the course
# Course Outcomes
ABET Student

1. Apply circuit analysis techniques to understand the physical operation of

an electrical circuit system
2. Be able to set up and safely perform basic electrical laboratory procedures
3. Be able to graphically and verbally represent or describe experimental data sets
4. Be able to analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions based on experimental data
5. Be able to work in teams to complete laboratory work and assignment
6. Be able to interpret and draw electrical schematic diagrams
7. Simulate electrical circuits using commercially available software for circuit analysis

Person (s) who prepared this description and date of preparation: Raúl E. Torres,
Committee Coordinator,
March 07. Revised by: Academic Affairs Committee, May 15, 2008.