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Amy Rivas

Teaching Philosophy

Who and what inspires me

to be an educator?
My family
My mother, Noemi Rivas
Noemi Rivas
My mother is a strong, hard-working, Mr. Williams and Ms. Adams
family woman, who inspires me day to
day. From working two jobs to raising Being a young parent
four children without guidance, she
truly is a remarkable woman.
My experience being a para-educator at
She is a great example of making
something of herself, out of nothing.
Bethesda Elementary School
She is an inspirational educator who
would go out of her way to help low- My desire to keep learning
income families even though she did
not have much, at the time.
My desire to teach and shape young minds
I learned humility and true love from
her and am proud to call her,
My desire to make a difference!
My Mother.

Michael Williams was not my
teacher but my mentor in Walter
Johnson High School. I like to describe
him and Ms. Adams, as my Working closely with special education
cheerleaders on the sideline. They
were rooting for me and really wanted
professionals, taught me the need and importance for
me to succeed. more special education teachers.
Their motivational personal talks would
encourage me to do more. They My experience of being a parent and trying to
believed I could , when I was ready to
give up. understand the “system” from a parent’s point of view on
During my time in High School I
considered myself as the typical Latina, a 504 plan has given me an advantage on understanding
and was accepting my stereotypical
future of finishing up High School and
parents of my prospective students.
starting a family.
They motivated and opened a door I I have also found that my background on being
didn’t think existed for me, College.
hispanic has benefited me to relate to students who come
from different backgrounds with a language or culture
barrier. I’ve seen how students gravitate to teachers who
can relate to them or show a personal interest in them.
Growing up, I couldn’t learn as fast as others and
needed extra help from teachers. If it weren’t for the
interest and time from my teachers, I wouldn’t have
graduated high school. I have seen first hand how valuable
educators are.
Amy Kines Being a para-educator in Montgomery County, has
brings her passion for teaching
and learning to every endeavor. given me the experience on educating students from
With over two decades of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Helping them
experience as an educator,
Amy has worked as a classroom through their behavior challenges or disability allowed me
teacher, a staff development to gain perspective on how an educator can impact a
teacher, an instructional
specialist, and now as president
students learning and future.
of Ready Aim Teach!
Goals & Outcomes
When I was in Elementary School, I struggled
academically and socially. I was put in speech and
special education classes because my teachers were
very concerned about me falling behind. I
transferred once and in my other school I did not
receive any support. I started as a english learner
and become a student with an I.E.P starting in
grade four.
With my experience, my goal is to teach and
help students who are english learners, to not be
misunderstood. I would like to educate myself to
help these learners the best I can in a general
education classroom and help them excel. I would
like to also help them bring down the language
barrier and minimize their limitations, giving them
a fair chance to succeed academically and socially,
in the classroom.
I have seen and experienced many times that
having a language barrier can prevent a student
from taking chances. I would like to guide students
to break that habit and get out of their comfort
zone. As an educator and future E.S.O.L teacher, I
can do this by being more than a teacher and more
as a guidance, to help them feel comfortable in the
school. I also find that parent involvement is a
priority in order to see a students success. That is
also my goal and I would like to achieve this by
making myself more resourceful and available as an
educator to help families into the english language
I anticipate a successful outcome in achieving
my goal as I have experienced first hand the ups
and downs. Having a special education and latino
background, encourages me to do more and
successfully bring out the best in students.
Teaching Practices
In the classroom, I would focus on teaching my
students where and how they can find useful academic and Mission of MSP:
social resources. This will be given electronically, manually, •To increase the
and socially. I would also focus on giving the same copy and academic achievement of
minority students (African-
format to their parents, when they come for Back- to School American and Hispanic) and the
night or Open- House. If needed, I would also mail all the number of minority students in
Honors and Advanced Placement
information to them. classes

Also, I would like to inculcate to my students the •To develop positive and
effective relationships between
purpose of an assignment. I can do this by modifying the staff and students
assignment with the goal of it being more collaborative and
social. Depending on each individuals interest, I would strive
to integrate different subjects in an assignment to not only
make it more engaging but to show my student how things
can be done in different ways and it is acceptable to be and
do the assignment differently. The purpose will be to mold
them in becoming risk takers and this lifelong skill will help
them in their academic school year.

Pedagogical Theories:
Cooperative Learning: “
If we want students to
hear, we talk. If we want
THEORY OF MIND, FLIPPED students to learn, they
- Rob Jutras, Kagan

LEARNING (MAYER) “Work smarter, not
- Mr. Wiggins

“My role as your father, is to prepare you for life, not shelter you from it”
- My Loving Father