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- lack of reading
- too many influences by West
- no ukhwah Islamiah (ikatan persahabatan dlm Islam)
- our students are being pampered
- IPTA students’ didn’t have a well basis in Islamic knowledge
- No tendency to read.
- Take knowledge lightly
- Too many sms-ing and lalai (games and etc.)
- This world is moving at a rate that it shouldn’t be; too fast. Teenagers nowadays
didn’t have the chance to digest what happen actually and end up with
misunderstanding. What these have to do with knowledge? Teenagers tend to
think that wealth is everything and it can be achieve by any method. They think
that, with or without knowledge, they can still be rich and wealthy.
- Too many influences by the West. Entertainment, technology, ideology and etc.
These will make us forget and sloppy about knowledge. Like what our former
prime minister had said, we are invaded, not physically, but mentally.

- Dakwah is not fully applied in IPTA. They just let it go to certain group or
organization. Dakwah is something that universal and can be done by anyone.
Whether they want it or not. Our IPTA student didn’t get the call (seruan) to
enculture knowledge in life. So, they tend to be careless and eventually forgot
about it.


- modal insan
- tanamkan sifat membaca sejak kecil
- reading campaign
- lessen the amount of reality tv
- lessen the entertainment
- more Islamic Forum
- make a nationwide body for dakwah
- teach them the adab to read
-The Education Ministry has prepared the ‘Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan’ (PPIP)
that involves the plan of making knowledge a desirable culture in the education system
and yes, this plan also applies in IPTA.

-The solution of the problem is by changing our minds immediately and widely.
-The problems of having a knowledge culture is the laziness to read, low exploring
habits, copying culture, want anything that is easy and placing fun and entertainment on
top of everything.
- ‘Modal insan’, a way that had been implied by the government to make our students
more aware of knowledge and appreciate knowledge. The commitment can be seen in
RMK9 where the government had put a portion of this year budget just to make sure this
thing works.
- Student should read more and make Japanese and Taiwanese as their role model.

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