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Untuk soal nomor 121-180, pilihlah satu di antara alternatif jawaban yang disediakan, yang Anda anggap merupakan
jawaban yang paling tepat dengan memperhatikan setiap petunjuk yang ada. Jika dibutuhkan Anda dapat menggunakan
bagian yang kosong pada naskah soal ini sebagai buram.


(NOMOR 121 s.d. 180)


Select the correct answer from the four choices given!

121. …, Wassily Kandinsky is known for his colorful 127. It's … when you want to say something in another
abstract paintings. language, but you don't know the word.
A. A bold innovator A. frustrating
B. Is a bold innovator B. frustrated
C. Was a bold innovator C. frustrate
D. That a bold innovator D. frustrates

122. Gracia has just realized that she is sitting on … 128. Laid in the dining room …, imported from Ireland.
A. a uncomfortable woolly armchair A. is a wonderful wooden floor
B. an uncomfortable woolly armchair B. a wonderful wooden floor is
C. an armchair woolly uncomfortable C. a wooden wonderful floor is
D. an uncomfortable armchair woolly D. is a wooden wonderful floor

123. Hardly … my eyes when he called me at night. 129. Bill recommends that John … that job, the well-
A. had I closed known fancy job.
B. I had closed A. not accept
C. have I closed B. don’t accept
D. I have closed C. doesn’t accept
D. isn’t accepting

124. The headmistress had … a long speech that 130. By the time our long conversation was over, Ethan
everyone stopped paying attention to her. … of standing.
A. so A. is tired
B. such as B. tired
C. such C. will have been tired
D. too D. had been tired

125. Mike will clean the toilet as soon as his sister … the 131. … she doesn’t care about chemistry and physics is
kitchen. Alfred’s big problem.
A. tidies up A. Which
B. tidy up B. That
C. tied up C. Whether
D. has tied up D. If

126. They would have swum in the sea if there … so 132. My sister goes to college on Tuesday and Thursday.
many sharks there. She works on … days of the week.
A. had not been being A. another
B. had not been B. others
C. were not C. the other
D. was not D. other

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133. A group of words that are put together to mean 141. They used to just …, but you were never home, so
something … a sentence. they stopped doing that.
A. are called A. dropped by
B. is called B. dropping by
C. were called C. drop by
D. has called D. was dropped by

134. I fancied that I saw something … in the corner. 142. If that milk is left too long, it may turn ...
A. moving A. be sour
B. is move B. sour
C. be moved C. on sour
D. moves D. off sour

135. Do you have any idea how … so quickly? 143. My uncle is going to have the pond …
A. he has managed to get in shape A. drained
B. has he managed to get in shape B. dry
C. is he managed to get in shape C. to dry
D. he is manage to get in shape D. drying

136. No other girl is as … as Sheila. 144. I’m fed up with George’s … at my accent.
A. taller A. laughing
B. tallest B. laugh
C. taller than C. laughed
D. tall D. was laughing

137. … none in the class, the Professor became angry. 145. Nobody cares about him recently, …?
A. Find A. do they
B. Found B. does it
C. Was found C. does nobody
D. Finding D. don’t they

138. … having lived in Norway for ten years, he never 146. They have asked that you … at once if matters do
got used to the cold. not proceed according to plan.
A. Although A. be notified
B. As B. are notified
C. Despite C. had notified
D. Even though D. notified

139. We spoke quietly … wake the children. 147. … here for such a long time, I didn't want to move
A. so as not to another town.
B. so as to not A. Having lived
C. so not B. Had been lived
D. in order not C. Has lived
D. Have lived

140. No sooner had she eaten the shrimp, than she … 148. Melany really enjoys … the neighbors with loud
allergic. music.
A. become A. bother
B. had become B. bothering
C. became C. bothered
D. becoming D. be bothered

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149. My best friend got me … her parents to give her 150. The salesman expected that he would present his
permission to watch the concert at the town product at the meeting, that there would be time
square. for him to show his slide presentation, and …
A. to convince A. that prospective buyers would ask him
B. convincing questions
C. convince B. that prospective buyers ask him questions
D. convinces C. that prospective buyers will ask him questions
D. that prospective buyers asking him questions

Choose the one word or phrase which would not be appropriate in standard written English!

151. Meteorologists can program their computers to scan for a specific set of weather criteria, such as falling
barometric pressure, increase cloud cover, and rising humidity.

152. The piano is a stringed musical instrument in which the strings are strike by felt-covered hammers controlled
by a keyboard.

153. Onyx is a mineral that can be recognized its regular and straight parallel bands of white, black, or brown.

154. The mountains, especially the Rocky Mountains, formerly constituted a seriously barrier to east-west trade in
British Columbia.

155. A gene is a biological unit of information who directs the activity of a cell or organism during its lifetime.

156. In 1860, more as 90 percent of the people of Indiana lived rural areas, with only a few cities having a population
exceeding 10,000.

157. The great Potato Famine in Ireland in the 1840’s caused an unprecedented numbers of people from Ireland to
immigrate to the United States.

158. Despite their common heritage, background, and homogeneity, the original United States consisted of 13
distinct political entities, each commanding considerable loyal from its citizenry.

159. Philosophy tries to discover the nature of true and knowledge and to find what basic value and importance in
life is.

160. The large collection of the Williams College Museum of Art includes ancient and medieval art, but much
exhibits are modern or contemporary.

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Read the passage carefully and select the one correct answer from the four choices (A, B, C, or, D)!

Reading 1 for questions 161 – 167

Line Every year about two million people visit Mount Rushmore, were the faces of four U.S presidents
were carved in granite by sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son, the late Lincoln Borglum. The creation of
the Mount Rushmore monument Line took 14 years – from 1927 to 1941 – and nearly a million dollars.
These were times when money was difficult to come by and many people were jobless. To move more
5 than 400,000 tons of rock, Borglum hired laid-off workers from the closed-down mines in the Black Hills
area. He taught these men to dynamite, drill, carve, and finish the granite as they were hanging in midair
in his specially devised chairs, which had many safety features. Borglum was proud of the fact that
noworkers were killed or several injured during the years of blasting and carving. During the carving, many
changes in the original design had to be made to keep the carved heads free of large fissures that were
10 uncovered. However, not all the cracks could be avoided, so Borlgum concocted a mixture of granite
dust, white lead, and linseed oil to fill them. Every winter, water from melting snows gets into the fissures
and expand as it freezes, making the fissures bigger. Consequently, every autumn maintenance work is
done to refill the cracks. The repairers swing out in space over a 500-foot drop and fix the monument
with the same mixture that Borglum used to preserve this national monument for future generations.

161. This passage is mainly about … 165. The word “devised” in line 7 is closest in meaning
A. the visitors to the Mount Rushmore to …
monument A. designed
B. the faces at the Mount Rushmore monument B. described
C. the sculptor of the Mount Rushmore C. scaffolded
monument D. elevated
D. the creation of the Mount Rushmore

162. According to the passage, Borglum’s son … 166. It can be inferred from the passage that …
A. is dead A. the heads are not as originally planned
B. was a president B. the workers made mistakes when blasting
C. did maintenance work C. the cracks caused serious injuries
D. spent a million dollars D. the designs had large fissures in them

163. The word ‘these’ in line 4 refers to … 167. Today, Mount Rushmore needs to be …
A. faces A. protected from air pollution
B. dollars B. polished for tourists
C. times C. restored during the winter
D. workers D. repaired periodically

164. The men who Borglum hired were …

A. trained sculptors
B. laid-off stone masons
C. black Hills volunteers
D. unemployed miners

Reading 2 for questions 168 – 174

Line The Alaska pipeline starts at the frozen edge of the Arctic Ocean. It stretches southward across the
largest and northernmost state in the United States, ending at a remote ice-free seaport village nearly
800 miles from where it begins. It is massive in size and extremely complicated to operate. The steel pipe
crosses windswept plains and endless miles of delicate tundra that tops the frozen ground. It weaves
5 through crooked canyons, climbs sheer mountains, plunges over rocky crags, makes its way through thick
forests, and passes over or under hundreds of rivers and streams. The pipe is 4 feet in diameter, and up
to 2 million barrels or 84 million gallons of crude oil can be pumped through it daily.

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Resting on H-shaped steel racks called "bents," long sections of the pipeline follow a zigzag course
high above the frozen earth. Other long sections drop out of sight beneath spongy or rocky ground and
10 return to the surface later on. The pattern of the pipeline's up-and-down route is determined by the often
harsh demands of the arctic and subarctic climate, the tortuous lay of the land, and the varied
compositions of soil, rock, or permafrost permanently frozen ground. A little more than half of the
pipeline is elevated above the ground. The remainder is buried anywhere from 3 to 12 feet, depending
largely upon the type of terrain and the properties of the soil.
15 One of the largest in the world, the pipeline cost approximately $8 billion and is by far the biggest
and most expensive construction project ever undertaken by private industry. In fact, no single business
could raise that much money, so 8 major oil companies formed a consortium in order to share the costs.
Each company controlled oil rights to particular shares of land in the oil fields and paid into the pipeline-
construction fund according to the size of its holdings. Today, despite enormous problems of climate,
20 supply shortages, equipment breakdowns, labor disagreements, treacherous terrain, a certain amount of
mismanagement, and even theft, the Alaska pipeline has been completed and is operating.

168. The passage primarily discusses the pipeline's … 172. The author mentions all of the following as
A. operating important in determining the pipeline's route,
B. employees except the …
C. costs consumers A. local vegetation
D. construction B. lay of the land itself
C. Climate
D. kind of soil and rock

169. The word "it" in line 3 refers to … 173. How many companies shared the costs of
A. pipeline constructing the pipeline?
B. ocean A. 3
C. state B. 4
D. village C. 8
D. 12

170. According to the passage, 84 million gallons of oil 174. Which of the following determined what
can travel through the pipeline each … percentage of the construction costs each member
A. day of the consortium would pay?
B. week A. How much oil field land each company owned
C. month B. How long each company had owned land in the
D. year oil fields
C. How many people worked for each company
D. How many oil wells were located on the
company's land
171. The phrase "Resting on" in line 8 is closest in
meaning to …
A. Consisting of
B. Supported by
C. Passing under
D. Protected with

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Reading 3 for questions 175 – 180

Line Forces other than damaging winds are also at work inside tornadoes. Sometimes, as the writhing,
twisting funnel passes over a house, the walls and ceiling burst apart as if a bomb had gone off inside.
This explosion is caused by the low air pressure at the center of a tornado.
The pressure at the center of a tornado is usually 13 pounds per square inch. However, inside the
5 house the air pressure is normal, about 15 pounds per square inch. The difference of 2 pounds per square
inch between the inside and outside pressure may not seem like much. But suppose a tornado funnel
passes over a small building that measures 20 by 10 by 10 feet. On each square inch of the building, there
is 2 pounds of pressure from the inside that is not balanced by air pressure outside the building. On the
ceiling, that adds up to an unbalanced pressure of 57, 600 pounds. The pressure on the four walls adds
10 up to 172,800 pounds.
If windows are open in the building, some of the inside air will rush out through them. This will
balance the pressure inside and outside the building. But if the windows are shut tightly, the enormous
inside pressure may cause the building to burst.
Unfortunately, heavy rain and hail often occur in thunderstorms that later produce tornadoes. So
15 people frequently shut all windows to protect their property. This may cause far worse damage later. For
the same reason, tornado cellars must have an air vent. Otherwise, the cellar door might be blown out
when a tornado passes over it.

175. Which of the following is the main topic of the 178 According to the passage, what is the difference
passage? per square inch between the air pressure inside a
A. How tornadoes can be prevented building and the air pressure inside a tornado?
B. Where tornadoes are formed A. 2 pounds
C. When tornadoes usually occur B. 10 pounds
D. Why tornadoes cause so much damage C. 13 pounds
D. 15 pounds

176. In line 2, the word "funnel" refers to which of the 179 According to the passage, the pressure on a
following? building during a tornado can be relieved by …
A. A bomb A. closing the cellar
B. A house B. using a fan for ventilation
C. A tornado C. opening the windows
D. An explosion D. strengthening the roof and walls

177. According to the passage, tornadoes can destroy 180 According to the passage, people close their
buildings because the … windows to prevent damage caused by …
A. force of a tornado increases the air pressure A. tornadoes
in a building B. uprooted trees
B. air pressure at the center of a tornado is over C. thunderstorms
172,000 pounds D. bursting structures
C. weight of a tornado can crush a building's roof
when it passes overhead
D. air pressure inside a tornado is less than the
air pressure inside a building

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