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FHL In vam, ‘7s “are, as In the example. 11 yo/ony thirteen. 2 He Russian. 3 They .. ou Sisters 4 She vnsmnsne from Greece. 5 Ben and Paul nse English 6 You 18 years old Sarah sunsssne My best friend. & We friends, 9 Laura and ANM ssn: tWFINS. 10 He Portuguese. n 2 pink pencil case, from London Underline the correct form of the verb to be, We Isn’t/aren't best friends, 1s/Are they from France? “Is this your ruler?” "Yes, Ws/is.” They're/'s in my class. 2. Complete the sentences with i, a or ore Dear Juenita, How 1) . you? |2) school, The t28¢herS 8). ‘Solence teacher 4) my fevourite My bes! friends 5) “Helen anc Ann. They 6). yom England. They 7) 0 1 the same class as ma. My favourite school Subjects 8) on n.-an History and Art ‘What about you? Please write soon. Love, Sarah tine. LIke my new very nice and the 5 Put the words in order to make sentence 1. are/Australiajweitrom We are fram Aus 2 friendsfarerbestimysthey 3. ajare/studentéyour He's from Scotland, He isn't/aren't from England. She are/is a teacher “Ave you thirteen?" “Yes, | is/am.” You is/are good at History. FIM In with: ove, 5 ‘te, “m aren't or isnt, A: How old your sisters? B: Mary twelve and Linds a: he good at football? B: No, he He wen good at tennis A: Where you from? Be Vee fFOM Brad. Fae Brain Az What time sense it? B: tt ‘avo o'clock, Ar sense they from Australis? B: No, they we They Germany, A: Who, she? B: She Katie, She my friend, 4. cldishe/twelvetyearsfs, 3 fromlis/Portugal/he? Look at the pictures and the notes. ‘Then complete the exchanges, as in the example. Lucy 13, | Musie, China Alison 14, nglish, italy =e 1 Luoy, Where ore you from, Michee!? Michael: | 0 from America 2 Lucy: som Alison ftom Amica? Michael; No, $h® ann « S18 from tal. 3 Michael: un YOU fteen, Alison? Alison: No,| Una fourtoen, 4 Alison: joutiteen, Luoy? Lucy: Ye5,1 5 Alison: What. - your favcutie ‘school subject, Luay? Lucy: Ta Mi 6 Mecha! ‘Alison's favourite school subject Science? LUCY: NO, Hoes sem ENQiSA 7 Match the questions to the answers. [1] Are you goad at History? [2[] Is today Saturday? [31] Are they from Scotland? [41] 1s Martin your brother? [5] Is she a student at my school? a Yes, she is, b No, he isn’t © Yes, lam. No, it isn't. No, they aren't. look at the pletures. Ask and answer, as in the exampl 1 At san apple? Bt No, # jon’ Ia banana, 2b they nulers? & cut pencils. Boe ew @ student? 8 " a teacher. 4m your uncle? 8 my dad. Write the questions for the answers, as in the example. 1A: Are you French: 8: No, I'm not French, I'm Spanish. 2! AS ca Nenenmieaes emanral B: Yes, | am. I'm in year 8. 3 wrenemranassaeoanntth B: Yes, they are. They are from Greece. 4 2 Yes, 1am. My brother is fourteen, too.