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July 24, 2017


R. William Liddle

Emeritus Professor of Political Science Home Address:

The Ohio State University 4347 Castleton Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210 Columbus, OH 43220
Tel: (614) 292-1681 Tel: 614 457-4390
Fax: (614) 292-2407
Cell: (614) 975-2231

Date of Birth: January 18, 1938


Yale University, 1959-67. Ph.D., 1967. M.A., 1961.

University of Chicago, 1964-65. Carnegie Fellow at the Committee for the Comparative Study of
New States.

Yale University, 1955-59. BA, magna cum laude, 1959.


Ohio State University: Professor Emeritus, 2011-present; Professor, 1978-2011; Associate Professor,
1970-78; Assistant Professor, 1966-70; Instructor, 1965-66.

Pusat Latihan Penelitian Ilmu-Ilmu Sosial (Social Science Research Training Center), Aceh,
Indonesia, 1985-87. Fulbright Lecturer in graduate-level social science research training program.

Indonesian Studies Summer Institute, Athens, Ohio, Summer 1983. Lecturer on Indonesian Politics.

Ohio University, Visiting Professor, Fall 1980, Winter 1978, Winter and Spring 1976.

University of Singapore, 1968-69. Fulbright-Hays Lecturer.

Courses taught: introduction to political science, introduction to comparative politics, government

and politics of the developing world, traditional political systems and political development,
community politics in the developing world, Southeast Asian politics, Indonesian politics, comparing
India and Indonesia, theories of political development and change, national integration, alternatives
to modernization, theories and methods of comparative politics, research seminar on developing
world politics, research seminar in comparative politics, the political economy of Albert Hirschman,
introduction to development studies, leadership and agency, politics in Muslim-majority countries,
honors seminar in comparative politics.

Innovations: development of the basic comparative politics course as a theoretical and

methodological introduction to the field for undergraduate majors; introduction and development of
courses in developing world politics and political development theory for undergraduates and
graduate students; creation of an introductory course in development studies for the Undergraduate
International Studies Program; introduction and development of an honors seminar in comparative
politics, introduction and development of a graduate seminar and undergraduate course in political
leadership and agency; introduction of a Study Abroad course in Indonesian development studies, in
association with Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Honors seminar in comparative
politics selected by the OSU Honors Program for a 2004-2006 course development award.


Language skills: fluency in Indonesian, reading knowledge of Dutch, French.

Major grants: Mershon Center, Ohio State University, research award 2017-2018 (with Paul Beck,
Richard Gunther), 2009-2010; Smith Richardson Foundation (with Thomas Pepinsky and Saiful
Mujani) research award, 2007-2008; Korea Research Foundation (with Yong Cheol Kim and Salim
Said) research award, 2003-2004; National Science Foundation research award, 1999-2000; Ford
Foundation (Jakarta) conference grant, 1998; Asia Foundation conference grant, 1990; Social
Science Research Council conference grant, 1985; Visiting Research Fellowship, Department of
Political and Social Change, Australian National University, 1980; Fulbright award for research at the
Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, Singapore, 1976-77; Ford Foundation Southeast Asia
Fellowship, 1971: Foreign Area Training Fellowship, 1962-64.

Recent Awards and Honors

Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher, Department of Political Science, Ohio State University, 2010.

Recipient of Franklin L. Burdette/Pi Sigma Alpha Award for best paper presented at the American
Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, September 2009 (with Thomas Pepinsky and
Saiful Mujani).

Nominated for Outstanding Teaching Award, Arts and Sciences Colleges Student Council, Ohio
State University, 2009.

A book of essays, Dari Columbus Untuk Indonesia: 70 Tahun Prof Bill Liddle Dari Murid dan
Sahabat [From Columbus for Indonesia: 70 Years of Prof Bill Liddle from Students and Friends],
Jakarta: Gramedia, Freedom Institute and Nalar Publishers, 2008.

Outstanding International Faculty Member, Ohio State University Office of Academic Affairs, 1996.

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, Foreign Service Institute, United States Department of State, 1995.

Academic Publications

Books and Monographs:

Voting Behavior in Indonesia since Democratization: Critical Democrats, Cambridge: Cambridge

University Press (with Saiful Mujani and Kuskridho Ambardi), 2017.

Piety and Public Opinion: Understanding Islam and Political Behavior, Oxford: Oxford University
Press (with Thomas Pepinsky and Saiful Mujani), 2017.

Memperbaiki Mutu Demokrasi di Indonesia: Sebuah Perdebatan [Improving the Quality of

Democracy in Indonesia: a Debate], Jakarta: Yayasan Wakaf Paramadina, 2012, pp. i-ix, 1-171
(Contains an original essay plus critical comments and a response by the author).

Kuasa Rakyat [People Power], Jakarta: Mizan, 2012, pp. i-xvi, 1-555 (with Saiful Mujani and
Kuskridho Ambardi) (The first individual-level study of Indonesian voting behavior based on surveys
conducted from 1999 to the present).

Political Entrepreneurs and Development Strategies: Southeast Asian Cases and Comparisons,
Adelaide: Centre of Asian Studies, Flinders University, 1991, pp. 37 (22nd Annual Asian Studies

Politics and Culture in Indonesia, Ann Arbor: Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social
Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1988, pp. 55. An article length revised version has
been published as "The National Political Culture and the New Order," Prisma 46 (1989), pp. 4-20.

Cultural and Class Politics in New Order Indonesia, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian
Studies, 1977, pp. 21.

Ethnicity, Party, and National Integration: An Indonesian Case Study, New Haven and London:
Yale University Press, 1970, pp. xv, 238.

Edited Books:

Revolusi dari Luar: Demokratisasi di Indonesia [Revolution from Outside: Democratization in

Indonesia], Jakarta: Nalar and Freedom Institute, 2005, pp. xxii, 258. A collection of newspaper
columns and magazine articles originally written in Indonesian, plus translations of two scholarly
articles on contemporary Indonesian politics. Introduction by Hamid Basyaib.

Crafting Indonesian Democracy, Jakarta: Mizan, 2001, pp ix, 304. Edited papers from a 1998 Ford
Foundation conference on Structural Reform in Indonesian Democratization. “Introduction: Crafting
Indonesian Democracy,” pp. 1-9 by the editor. Also published by Mizan in Indonesian as Menjauhi
Demokrasi Kaum Penjahat [Avoiding Bad Guy Democracy].

Islam, Politik, dan Modernisasi [Islam, Politics, and Modernization], Jakarta: Sinar Harapan, 1997,
pp. xix, 308. (In Indonesian.) Translations of three scholarly articles on Indonesian Islam, plus a
collection of newspaper columns and magazine articles originally written in Indonesian. Contains a
new preface by the editor and an introduction by Taufik Abdullah.

Leadership and Culture in Indonesian Politics, Sydney: Allen and Unwin, in association with the
Asian Studies Association of Australia, 1996, pp. v, 314. A collection of articles, most originally
published between 1985 and 1993, with a new introduction by the editor.

Pemilu-Pemilu Orde Baru: Pasang Surut Kekuasaan Politik [New Order Elections: The Rise and
Fall of Political Authority], Jakarta: LP3ES, 1992, pp. viii, 158. (In Indonesian.) A collection of
articles on Indonesian elections and democracy, most of which were previously published in English.

Partisipasi dan Partai Politik: Indonesia Pada Awal Orde Baru [Participation and the Political
Parties: Indonesia at the Beginning of the New Order], Jakarta: PT Grafiti, 1992, pp. viii, 220. (In
Indonesian.) A collection of articles previously published in English, with a new introduction, "Kata
Pengantar: Menuju Demokrasi di Indonesia" [Introduction: Toward Democracy in Indonesia].

Political Participation in Modern Indonesia, New Haven: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies,
1973. Chapters authored: "Introduction," pp. 1-11, and "Modernizing Indonesian Politics," pp. 177-

Articles/book chapters:

“Parties, Elections, Voters, and Democracy,” in Richard Gunther, Paul Beck, Alejandro Moreno, and
Pedro Magalhaes, eds. Voting in New and Old Democracies, Routledge, 2015 (by Robert Mattes,
with Saiful Mujani, R. William Liddle, Tianjian Shi, and Yun-Han Chu).

“Indonesia’s Democratic Performance: A Popular Assessment,” Japanese Journal of Political

Science, 16:2 (June 2015), pp. 210-226 (with Saiful Mujani).

“Political Science Scholarship on Indonesia: Revived but Constrained,” in Eric Tagliacozzo, ed.
Producing Indonesia: The State of the Field of Indonesian Studies, Ithaca: Cornell Southeast Asia
Program Publications, 2014, pp 253-266.

“Improving the Quality of Democracy in Indonesia: Toward a Theory of Action,” Indonesia 96,
October 2013, pp. 59-80. Also published as a chapter in a book, Thomas Pepinsky and Michele
Ford, eds, Beyond Oligarchy. Ithaca: Cornell University Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2014,
pp. 57-77.

“Generational Change, Political Institutions, and Regime Support in East Asia,” Taiwan Journal of
Democracy, 9:1 (July 2013), pp. 173-196 (with Saiful Mujani).

“Indonesian Democracy: From Transition to Consolidation,” in Alfred Stepan and Mirjam Kunkler,
eds., Democracy and Islam in Indonesia. New York: Columbia University Press, 2013, pp. 24-50
(with Saiful Mujani).

“Testing Islam’s Political Advantage: Evidence from Indonesia,” American Journal of Political
Science, 56:3 (July 2012) (with Thomas Pepinsky and Saiful Mujani), pp. 584-600.

“Indonesia: Personalities, Parties, and Voters,” Journal of Democracy, 21:2 (April 2010) (with Saiful
Mujani), pp. 35-49. A longer version with complete tables has been published as “Voters and the
New Indonesian Democracy,” in Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner, eds., Problems of
Indonesian Democracy: Elections, Institutions, and Society, 2010, pp. 75-99. Singapore: ISEAS
Publishers (with Saiful Mujani).

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Mujani), pp. 575-590.

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edition, New York: McGraw-Hill Primis, 2007 (first edition 1996). 69 printed pages.

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Studies, 40:7 (July 2007) (with Saiful Mujani), pp. 832-857.

“Islamic Liberalism: Cause or Consequence of the Conservative Turn?” Inside Indonesia 89

(January-March 2007), p. 37.

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and Indonesia,” Pacific Affairs 79:2 (Summer 2006) (with Yong-Cheol Kim and Salim Said), pp.

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2005), pp. 119-126 (with Saiful Mujani).

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15:1 (January 2004), pp. 109-123 (with Saiful Mujani).

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Mencari Autentisitas Dalam Kegalauan: Refleksi Ahmad Syafii Maarif [Seeking Authenticity in
Confusion: Reflections of Ahmad Syafii Maarif], Jakarta, Pusat Studi Agama dan Peradaban
Muhammadiyah, 2004, pp. xv-xx (In Indonesian).

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Other Publications:

“Lapangan Pertarungan” [Field of Fight], Kompas 16 February 2017.

“Naluri Tribal Trump” [Trump’s Tribal Instinct], Kompas 12 January 2017.

“Orang Kuat yang Mengerikan” [A Frightening Strong Man], Kompas 15 October 2016.

“Perang Budaya” [Culture War], Kompas 17 September 2016.

“Pembusukan Politik Amerika” [Blighting/Making Rotten American Politics], Kompas 27 August


“Capres Rasis” [A Racist Presidential Candidate], Kompas 27 July 2016.

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Recent Academic Presentations and Papers

“Political Tolerance and the Problem of Indonesia’s Democratic Consolidation.” Paper Presented
at the Election and Participation in Southeast Asia Conference, Electoral Study Center, National
Chengchi University, Taipei, June 11, 2017.

Presentation, “What Difference Do Presidents Make, and Why?” Understanding Indonesia

Conference, Harvard Kennedy School, November 21, 2015.

Presentation, “Determinants of the Vote: the 2014 Indonesian National Legislative Election,”
Comparative National Elections Project, Mexico City, July 2015 (with Saiful Mujani).

Keynote Address, “The Rise of Critical Democrats: Reflections on Fifteen Years of Indonesian
Democracy,” Indonesia Focus 6th Annual Conference, ASIRPA (Asian Society for International
Relations and Public Affairs) and Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and
Human Ecology, Ohio State University, November 2014. Also presented at Yale Indonesia Forum
Spring Dialogue, April 2014.

Presentation, “Explaining Indonesia’s 2014 Presidential Election,” USINDO and International

Republican Institute, Washington DC, July 2014 (with Saiful Mujani).

Keynote Address, “Alternative Modernities,” 2nd annual Southeast Asia Research Group conference,
Cornell University, May 2014.

Presentation, “Political Parties and Presidential Candidate Prospects in Indonesia 2014,” Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC, April 2014 (with Saiful Mujani).

Presentation, “Coalition-Building for the Indonesian Presidential Elections,” Managing Risk in

ASEAN, American-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, New York, April 2014.

Presentation, “The Electability of Political Parties and Candidates: the 2014 Indonesian Elections,”
United States-Indonesia Society (USINDO), Washington DC December 2013.

Paper, “Marx or Machiavelli? Improving the Quality of Democracy in Indonesia and America,”
presented at a conference on Beyond Oligarchy, University of Sydney, December 2012.

Paper, “The Impact of China’s Rise: A Popular Assessment,” presented at an Asianbarometer

conference, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2012. With Saiful Mujani.

Paper, “Democratic Support Among Youth in Some East Asian Countries,” presented at a
conference in Taipei, Taiwan, September 2012. With Saiful Mujani.

Lecture, “Indonesia’s Democracy: From Transition to Consolidation,” presented at Flinders

University, Adelaide, Australian National University, Canberra, and the University of Sydney, Sydney,
Australia, August 2012.

Paper, “Indonesia’s Democratic Performance: a Popular Assessment,” prepared for delivery at a
conference on Hybrid Regimes in Eastern Europe and East Asia: Fragile Linkages between
Parties, Political Leaders and Citizens, School of International and Political Studies, Australian
National University, August 15-16, 2012. With Saiful Mujani.

Paper, “Generational Gaps, Political Institutions, and Regime Support in East Asia,” prepared for
delivery at the Asianbarometer conference, Taiwan in Comparative Perspective, Stanford University,
May 25-26, 2012. With Saiful Mujani.

Paper, “Voters and the New Indonesian Democracy,” presented at 27 th Annual Indonesia Update,
Australian National University, Canberra, October 2009. Also presented at the Lowy Institute,
Sydney, Australia, October, 2009, and at the University of Michigan, Center for Southeast Asian
Studies, November 2009. 47 m pages. With Saiful Mujani.

Paper, “Testing Islam’s Political Advantage: Evidence from Indonesia,” presented at American
Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, September 2009. With Thomas Pepinsky
and Saiful Mujani. Listed in October 2009 on Social Science Research Network's Top Ten
download list. An earlier version presented at Midwest Political Science Association Annual
Meeting, April 2009.

Paper, “Voters, Parties, Elections and Democracy,” Comparative National Elections Project
Conference in Ipanema, Brazil, July 2009, 20 ms pages. With Robert Mattes, Saiful Mujani and

Presentation, “Swing Voters and the 2009 Indonesian Elections,” Comparative Politics Research
Workshop, Department of Political Science, Ohio State University, May 2009. Earlier version
presented at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, January 2009. With Saiful

Paper, “Indonesia’s Democracy: From Transition to Consolidation,” for a conference on Indonesian

Islam and Democracy, chaired by Alfred Stepan and Mirjam Kunkler, Columbia University, April
2009, 31 ms pages. With Saiful Mujani.

Paper, “Evaluating Soeharto’s New Order: 1966-1998,” International Seminar on 100 Years of
National Awakening, 80 Years of National Youth Pledge and 10 Years of Indonesian Reform; A
Retrospection and Projection, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Charles University in
Prague, June 2008.

Current Research and Writing

“Political Tolerance and the Problem of Indonesia’s Democratic Consolidation,” manuscript (26 pp),
with Saiful Mujani, June 2017.

Democratic Presidential Leadership in Indonesia, book project.

Comparative National Elections Project, joint electoral research in international project with Saiful
Mujani and others, under the leadership of Richard Gunther, Ohio State University.

Departmental and University Service

University service on the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction (CCI), Colleges of Arts
and Sciences; Study Abroad Committee, Colleges of Arts and Sciences; Curriculum Committee,
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Professional Leave Committee, College of Social and
Behavioral Sciences; Fulbright Review Committee, Center for International Studies; Presidential
Fellowship Selection Committee, Graduate School; and Arts and Sciences Honors Committee. Chair,
Arts and Sciences Honors Committee, 2007-2008. Member, Provost’s Committee to Evaluate the
Associate Provost for International Affairs, 2005-2006. Member, Council on Academic Affairs, 1997-
1999. Elected Member, University Senate, 1996-1999. Member, Legislative Affairs Committee,
University Senate, 1996-1999. Member, Advisory Committee to University Center for International
Studies, 1992. Member, Provost's committees to evaluate area studies programs and to create an
undergraduate honors program in public affairs, 1988-1989. Adviser to Permias, association of
Indonesian students at Ohio State, 1970-2014.

Departmental service on the Colloquium, Fellowship and Admissions, Student Awards,

Undergraduate Studies, Minority Affairs, Graduate Studies, Comparative Politics and Political
Theory Search Committees. Associate Chair for Teaching, 2007-2011. Director of Undergraduate
Studies, 2005-. Comparative Politics Field Coordinator, 1994-99. Ph.D. Coordinator and First Year
Student Advisor, 1992-94, 1983-85, 1970-76.

Professional Activities


Member, American Political Science Association, 1962-present.

Association for Asian Studies, 1965- present.

Member, Harry J. Benda Prize Selection Committee, Association for Asian Studies, 1983-85.
Chairman, 1983.

Assistant Editor for Southeast Asia, Journal of Asian Studies, 1981-83.

Member, Nominating Committee, Association for Asian Studies, 1981.

Elected member and chairman, Southeast Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies, 1978-1981.

Member, Committee to Establish a Harry J. Benda Prize in Southeast Asia Studies, Association for
Asian Studies, 1974-76.

Indonesia Studies Committee, Association for Asian Studies, organizer and acting chairman, 1973-
74; elected chairman, 1974-76.
Elected member, Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA), Association
for Asian Studies, 1972-74.

Conference/Meeting Participation

Professional papers presented at annual meetings of the Association for Asian Studies 2008, 2005,
2004, 2000, 1997, 1996, 1992, 1983, 1979, 1975, 1974, 1972, 1970. Panel organizer and chair,
2009, 2004, 1996, 1992, 1990, 1988, 1983, 1971. Panel organizer, 1989. Discussant, 2011, 1998,
1989, 1980, 1978. Roundtable participant, 2007, 1996, 1991. Panel chair and discussant, 2014,
1999. Panel chair, 2012.

Professional papers presented at annual meetings of the American Political Science Association 2009,
2000, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1979, 1978, 1962. Panel chair, 1991. Panel organizer, 2000.

Professional papers presented at annual meetings of the International Political Science Association
2000, 1997.

Professional papers presented at annual meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association 2009.
Discussant 1998.

Organizer, Conference on Consolidating Indonesian Democracy, Mershon Center, Ohio State, May

Organizer, Conference on Structural Reform and Indonesian Democratization, Jakarta, August 1998.
Sponsored by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) and the Ford Foundation.

Paper presented at Joint Sessions of Workshops of the European Consortium for Political Research,
Bordeaux, France, March 1995.

Discussant, Workshops on Political Authority and Legitimacy in Southeast Asia, East-West Center,
Honolulu, Hawaii, August 1992, and Chiangmai, Thailand, February 1993.

Organizer and Co-chair, Conference on the Politics of Economic Development in Indonesia, Bali,
Indonesia, 1990. Sponsored by the Asia Foundation.

Co-chair, Conference on the National Political Economy of Rural Development in Southeast Asia,
Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1985. Sponsored by the Social Science Research Council.

Chair, panel on Current Research on Indonesian Society. Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, St.
Louis, 1984.

Paper presented at annual meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, 1984.

Papers presented at annual Indonesia Studies Conferences 1983, 1982, 1981, 1979. Conference co-
organizer and co-chairman (Indonesian Political Economy) 1979. Panel organizer and chairman,
1982, 1981.
Chair, Panel on Politics and Economics, Symposium on North Sumatra, University of Hamburg,
Germany, 1981.

Papers presented at annual meetings of the Canadian Conference on Southeast Asian Studies, 1978,

Chairman, National Organizing Committee, first annual Conference on Indonesian Studies, Madison,
Wisconsin, July 1973.


Member, Panel of Experts, Indonesia-U.S. Council on Religion and Pluralism, 2016-

Member, SEAREG (Southeast Asia Research Group) Advisory Board, 2016-

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, TRaNS: Trans-Regional and –National Studies of Southeast
Asia, 2011-.

Member, Board of Directors, Lembaga Survei Indonesia (Indonesia Survey Institute), 2004-.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Asian Survey, 1998-2015.

Member, Research Council, International Forum for Democratic Studies, 1994-.

Adjunct Professor, Southeast Asian Studies Program, Ohio University, 1978-.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Asian Ethnicity, 1997-2009.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Asian Journal of Political Science, 1993-6.

Manuscript reviewer for American Political Science Review, Comparative Political Studies,
Comparative Politics, Political Behavior, Journal of Asian Studies, Political Science Quarterly,
Political Research Quarterly, Pacific Affairs, Asian Survey, American Journal of Political Science,
Party Politics, Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies,
International Studies Quarterly, International Security, Journal of Asia- Pacific Economic
Literature, Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, Crossroads, Studies in Comparative
International Development, Journal of East Asian Studies, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
(Singapore), Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, Cornell University Press,
Oxford University Press, Ohio University Press, Routledge Publishers, Stanford University Press,
Westview Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Hawaii/East West Center Press.

Proposal reviewer for National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, United
States Information Agency, Luce Foundation, Smith Richardson Foundation, Woodrow Wilson
Center, National Democratic Institute, United States Institute of Peace.

Promotion and tenure reviewer: University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins
University, University of California-Los Angeles, Stanford University, Northwestern University,
University of Wisconsin, Northern Illinois University, University of Toronto, Australian National
University, Flinders University, Cornell University, University of Florida, McGill University.

Ph.D. committee member/external examiner: University of North Carolina, George Washington

University, University of Wisconsin, Princeton University, Australian National University, Flinders
University, Melbourne University, Charles Darwin University, Sydney University, Deakin University
Jyvaskyla University.

Reviewer for Fulbright doctoral and post-doctoral Southeast Asia research grant programs, U.S.
Department of Education, 1981-present.

External Examiner in Political Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, 1975-78.

Panelist, International Program for Population Analysis, Interdisciplinary Communications Program

of the Smithsonian Institution, 1973-77.

Recent Consulting and Non-Academic Presentations

Lecturer, Southeast Asia Area Studies basic and advanced courses, Foreign Service Institute,
Department of State, 1978-present. Named Distinguished Visiting Lecturer of the Foreign Service
Institute, 1995.

Presentation, “The First Two Years of the Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla Administration: a National Public
Evaluation,” Executive Analytic Exchange on the Republic of Indonesia, Bureau of Intelligence and
Research, U. S. Department of State, Washington, DC, November 2016 (with Saiful Mujani).

Member, Council, GLG, 2016-.

Assessment of USAID’s Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance programming in Indonesia, for
TetraTech ARD, October 2012.

Presentation, “Indonesia: Political and Economic Prospects,” Western Michigan University; Grand
Rapids, Michigan, World Affairs Council; Great Decisions Study Group, Friendship Village of
Columbus, March 2012; University of Louisville, October 2012.

Presentation, “Successes and Challenges of Indonesian Reform,” World Bank, Washington, DC,
February 2011.

Evaluation of USAID’s assistance to Indonesian political parties for the University of Pittsburgh,

“Indonesia’s Forthcoming Presidential Election,” United States-Indonesia Society, May 2009.

Presentation, “Muslim Indonesia’s Secular Democracy,” Centre for Developing Area Studies, McGill
University, Montreal, Canada, October 2008.

Presentation, “Islamic Politics in Indonesia,” Islamic Realities Course, Centra Technology Inc,
Washington DC, April 2008 and April 2007.

Assessment of USAID’s Democracy and Governance program in Indonesia for Democracy

International, Indonesia and Washington DC. April 2008.

Presentation, “Indonesia,” National Intelligence Council, Study Group on Asia, Center for Strategic
and International Studies, Washington DC, February 2008.