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John Joe Rimuel P.

Robles Practical Research

Stem 11-15 Prof. Sarah Jean Cabanig

Barangay Bagong Silang, Sta. Cruz,

Marinduque: A Barangay History

The history of Santa Cruz, Marinduque dates back to

the beginning of Christianization in the island of
Year 1970 when Spanish missionaries landed in the
province and discovered an image of the Holy Cross in one
of the towns of Marinduque. Immediately, they named this
town as Santa Cruz. They sub-divided this municipality into
5 zones, cincozonas is Spanish namely: PrimeraZona,
SegundaZona, TerceraZona, CuartaZona, and QuantoZona.
When the Americans came, they changed the names
of the zones of Spanish Ordinals to English ordinals,
namely: First Zone, Second Zone, Third Zone, Fourth Zone,
and Fifth Zone.
This Political separation continues and strongly known to the people from the beginning
until the end of ruling to each barangay from the Japanese Regime until December 31, 1972, the
five zones of the town of Santa Cruz was renamed under Presidential Degree No. 86 of Ferdinand
E. Marcos.
The purpose of P.D. 86 is to have the constituents to join the officials to have right identity
in April 1973 during General Assembly and agreed to have each zones a new name.
The 1st zone became Maharlika, 2nd zone became Bagong Silang, 3rd zone was Banahaw,
4th zone as Pag-asa and 5th became Lapu-Lapu.
Since then, 2nd zone was called Barangay Bagong Silang. The progress of the people has
been corroborated undeniably. Most of the residents in this barangay to be able to a reputable good
criterion of living. Just of a percentage of the residents at present could be seen that having their
own jobs and business. Some are well educated, employed and were on the modern standard of
living, with real properties owned by them with its residential and have own furniture, appliances
and other equipment for their destitution and perjury in daily living.