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Make your own Bible.

 Select and collect
all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of 
triumph out of Shakespeare, Seneca, Moses, John and Paul.—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Door to
pushed by Warner throughout…With lots 

Door 83 of fascinating tiger lore, some terrific stalk­
and­slash sequences and the charismatic 
Graham at its center, this novel will please 
Fall 2002
all who enjoy swift tales of courage and
derring­do. It’ll make a fine movie, too. (June release).
1(interviewed) by Alia Varsano, “Exclusive 
Interview: Ken Atchity, CEO, Atchity 
Entertainment International, Inc. (AEI), Beverly 
Hills.” Entertainment 2003: The Fifth Annual 
Eric Alter’s THE
CHAPLAIN is a finalist in the Legal Symposium on the World of Music, Film & Televison. The Eden Roc Renaissance 
Jack Warner’s Shikar, which AEI is  Resort & Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, April 4, 
corepping and producing for Richard Curtis  2003.
Agency received an outstanding review in  375. (panel, chair) “Staying at the Top: The 
April 7 Publishers Weekly: “With blurbs  Futureof Music, Film, Television, the Arts and 
from Janet Dailey, David Morrell, Dan  the World of Entertainment.” Entertainment 
Simmons and Stephen Coonts, among  2003: The Fifth Annual Legal Symposium on 
others, this sharp action thriller from a  the World of Music, Film & Televison. The 
retired journalist looks to get some well­ Eden Roc Renaissance Resort & Hotel, Miami 
deserved media attention….Based…on the  Beach, Florida, April 4, 2003. Never confuse
effort with results.—Joe Giampaolo 4/7/03,
legendary but entirely real tiger hunter 
Col. Jim Corbett, [Col. Jim] Graham 
dominates eery page he’s on with his quiet,  English people are always complaining when
cool yet compassionate demeanor, his  we’re having functions.—“Bend it Like
superb hunting skills and his deep respect 
for nature and animals—the latter theme 

Nothing happens until something happens then
everything happens.—Cajun proverb ­­­­­Original Message­­­­­
From: lenny []
Name three words that made you a successful Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 4:32 PM
screenwriter: Luck. Persistence. Courage. But To: Johnson, Patrick; Laird, Gary; Aguillard, Daniel; 
what I really mean by courage is not anything Bailey, Crystal; Kennedy, Frank
self-aggrandizing, rather it’s simply the wiliness
Subject: Fw: Bits of Wisdom 
to put yourself out there knowing that you can fail.
Thre is this great quote, Samuel Becket I think.
“Fail. Fail Again. Fail Better.” That is a great
working template for being a writer, you have to Bits of Wisdom
have the courage to put your creative ass on the
line, knowing that there is a very good chance you
are going to fail. And what do you do when you
fail? You rewrite. And what do you do when you *************************
fail again? You rewrite some more. But in the end, Love is grand;
if you persevere and keep at it, hopefully, you will
have failed better.—interview with Scott Myers, divorce is a hundred grand.
Dallas Screenwriters Newsletter
Luck I am in shape.
KJA: You’re just waiting for me to make a Round is a shape.
mistake, then you’ll kill me. *************************
KM: That is exactly right.—Burnside Kitchen, Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy
3/31/03 beautician.
I would buy two copies of this book, one to read, Never be afraid to try something new.
one to rub over my body.—M. Kuciak 4/02/03 Remember, amateurs built the ark,
professionals built the Titanic.
No is a vitamin best taken daily.—Josh Schechter ***************************
(via Steve Weiss) Conscience is what hurts when everything
else feels good.
KJA: You like to be in the loop, and you keep me ***************************
in the loop. Talk is cheap because supply exceeds
KM: What loop? -3/31/03 Burnside demand.
True or false: All is fair in love or war? Even if you are on the right track,
True. you'll get run over if you just sit there.
Great answer. ***************************
Great question.—“How to Lose a Guy in Ten Politicians and diapers have one thing in
Days” common. They should both be changed
regularly and for the same reason.
KM: You can’t find that clothing anywhere else. ***************************
KJA: Thank God. An optimist thinks this is the best possible
--4/5/03, South Beach world.
A pessimist fears this is true.
There will always be death and taxes;

however, death doesn't get worse every you knew every step that you were going to take
year. the story (or when you tackled that concept
*************************** knowing it had a greater truth and message
In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday. than you could grasp at that moment (i.e., you
*************************** felt like you were in over your head, but keeping
I am a nutritional overachiever. your eyes and ears open to see the journey it
*************************** would tae you). The question isn’t referenced in
I plan on living forever. So far, so good. terms of plot, but rather the “muse” or creative
*************************** force that every great story must have. Did you
have it, or did it have you?
A day without sunshine is like night. I hate to sound rather loopy and
*************************** “California-esque” about this, but I believe there
It's frustrating when you know all the is a rather spiritual relationship between the writer
answers, but nobody bothers to ask you the and the story. It’s the writer’s task to do as much
questions. plot and character research as possible, but, no
*************************** matter how much info you have and how
The real art of conversation is not only to confident you feel you know the story, you really
say the right thing at the right time, aren’t going to know it until you write it. You
but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at always have to be open to the possibilities that
the tempting moment. arise every day when you sit down to write. You
*************************** have to listen, to stop, and see that the story can
Brain cells come and brain cells go, change on you. In the best possible worlds, the
but fat cells live forever. characters start doing things and saying things that
*************************** are out of your control. And that can be
Age doesn't always bring wisdom. frightening, but finally, at the end of the day, it’s
Sometimes it comes alone. that remarkable experience of witnessing your
*************************** characters and your stories come to life which
Life not only begins at forty, makes writing worthwhile.—interview with Scott
it also begins to show. Myers, Dallas Screenwriters Newsletter
We met cute.—Andrea Simon 4/02/03, Mandarin,

Respect t& loyalty speech

Creativity intergrity enterprise

What would you say is the single equation that

gives a good road map for writing the
successful script?



Sometimes the concept of a story is more

powerful than the screenwriter. Do you feel
your best writing was when you had a detailed
and historical knowledge of that concept (i.e.,