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Name: Francis Kevin Mamaril Grade: 12th

Academic/Personal Goal: Graduate High School

Grade Point Average (GPA) HS: 3.5 CSU: 3.5 UC: 3.5

SAT Reasoning: Reading 450, Math 510, Writing 450, Date Taken: November 3, 2017

SAT Subject: 1. Subject: ____________________ Score _________ Date Taken __________

2. Subject: ____________________ Score _________ Date Taken __________

ACT: Math ______ English ______ Reading ______ Science ______ Writing _____ Date Taken

List Honors Courses Taken: List Advanced Placement (AP) List Current Class
Courses Taken:
● H English 9 A & B ● AP English Language ● Tutor SH
● H English 10 A & B ● AP Calculus ● Government
● H Modern World History ● AP United States History ● H English
● H _________________ ● AP Environmental Science ● Journalism
● H _________________ ● AP Literature ● H Statistics
● H _________________ ● AP ____________________ ● AP Environmental Science

Have you taken any College Courses? If so, list here:

● ________________________ ● ________________________ ●

(Academic and non-academic. List in order of importance.)
1. Title of Award: Honor Roll Date received (mo./yr.): N/A
Description: Honor Roll since 9th Grade I think.

2. Title of Award: Presidential Active Award Date received (mo./yr.): Last Year Ms. Park’s Class
Description: Got the reward for being active in our community and being active physically
showing good sportsmanship

(Clubs, sports, internships, etc.) (Highlight your responsibilities in the description section.)

Year Joined Role

● Track and Field ● 2015 + 2016 ● Member
● ●
● CyberPatriot
2015 One original member

● National Honors Society ● 2016 - 2018 ● Member (plan to be the

treasurer or secretary)

● ●
● 2015 - 2017 Member

● ●

2017 - 2018 Member
American Red Cross


What three qualities best describe you and why?

Curiosity: I am always intrigued by any sciences or maths I don't understand and have the patience to try
and understand the basis of the topic.
Persistence: Whatever it is i’m doing even if its studying or eating I never get tired until or unless I finish
whatever I need to do at hand.

Are you from a historically disadvantaged background (i.e. low income for several years, first-generation
college student, inner-city or migrant family, etc.)? If so, explain how.
I’m not really sure about this topic because I don't really know much about my background.

What obstacles have you faced in your pursuit of academic excellence, and how did you overcome those
obstacles? Do you think they affect your performance in college?
1 obstacle that I have faced time and time again is lack of motivation. I still face these issues but I find a
way depending on the challenge a way to accomplish it regardless of what it is in order to graduate.

What accomplishment, talent, experience etc. are you most proud of and why?
One accomplishment that for other people probably will look like nothing to me it's something I am very
proud of. And it’s the fact that during my highschool career even though I didn’t have a goal throughout
my entire time or motivation I ended up with a 3.5.

How have you exhibited leadership? (Be specific)

Although I haven't exhibited any leadership classes much often there are instances where I do the deeds.
One example is doing a project for my Science class which I lead my group to create a hot air balloon
only using paper mache. The result was better than expected because out of 8 groups even though ours
burned up it was the only one to fly.

What are your strengths?

1 of my handful of strengths is my sense of resourcefulness. No matter what subject or topic whether I
dont have the work I always get it done in time for the class. This also shows outside of class when we
plan vacations or travels I pitch in to fill the money gap we need.

What are you trying to improve about yourself?

At this point it's not about me trying to improve myself because to me there is really no reason but 1 thing
I wish I can gain is motivation or a goal in the future.

List your hobbies.

Physical Sports
Working Out (Sometimes)
Reading Graphic Novels
Eating etc.

*Use the additional lines to continue answering any of the above questions, or to give information about
yourself that is not present anywhere else that is relevant or anything else you would like someone writing
a recommendation to know about you? (Hardships you have overcome; accomplishments you’re
particularly proud of, etc.)

Family/Background Information

Highest level of education completed:

Father: Bachelor of Business Administration Mother: Bachelor of Science in Nursing