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Equipment for GMAW

The basic design of an industrial, GMAW system includes four • Constant voltage fixed power sources with a selection of wire
principle components: drives and accessories for three-phase input power. They
1. Power source. range from 250 – 655 amps of welding output. For example,
see Figure 19.
2. Wire drive and accessories (drive rolls, guide tubes,reel
stand, etc.).
3. GMAW gun and cable assembly designed to deliver the
shielding gas and the electrode to the arc.
4. Shielding gas apparatus and accessories.
Shielding Gas

Wire Drive


Power Source Shielding Gas

Welding Gun

FIGURE 17: Basic GMAW System

FIGURE 19: CV-400 with LN-10 GMAW System
There is a very wide range of GMAW components available from
• Multiprocess power sources capable of the full range of gas
The Lincoln Electric Company. Each system’s design provides
metal arc modes of transfer with additional process
optimum arc performance for the mode of metal transfer
capabilities. These range from single-phase 300 amps to
selected. The selection includes:
three-phase 655 amp systems. For example, see Figure 20.
• Combination power sources and wire drives, which range in
current capacity from 135 – 350 amp. The lower output range
power source/wire feeder combinations are intended for limited
sheet metal applications. For example, see Figure 18.

FIGURE 20: PowerWave™ 355M with Power Feed 10M

GMAW System
FIGURE 18: Power MIG 350MP System