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Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray.

anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise... If
they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore
March 2018
confess your sins to each other and pray for each
other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a 11 Praise God for bringing Sofie and Hannah from Germany to help
righteous person is powerful and effective. with The Rock and Drop-In ministries and for starting a new
James 5:13,15-16 Wednesday evening Drop-In and Rock program! PRAYER CALENDAR

1 Pray that the youth will encounter Jesus at our Youth 12 Two of our Work Force youth are junior volunteers. Please pray 22 Pray that the Masterworks yearend recital shares the love
Alpha program each week. Pray also that the Masterworks that this opportunity would help them grow in maturity, confi- of Christ and that they impact their audience, and also
SHINE competition goes well on Saturday. dence, and in their relationship with Christ. that the dancers feel encouraged about the yearend.

2 Please pray that the Lord would lead us to businesses who 13 Pray that God would send passionate staff for Camp Cedarwood 23 Pray for our Annual Meeting and the important decisions
have the ability and desire to help sponsor our upcoming and that God would work in the hearts of future campers ahead
to be made April 9th.
Radiothon. of time.

3 Please pray that St. Pierre staff find more personal minis-
14 24 Pray for “Beth”, a girl who is transferring high schools this
Pray for the ASIST training happening in Stonewall today and
month from a very small school. Pray for her transition
try financial partners in 2018. tomorrow.
and that she would feel settled and make friends.

4 Pray for energy and boldness for The Edge volunteers and
15 Pray for “J” and his mom as they adjust to life after their 25 Pray for spiritual, emotional, and biological health and
Grandma/Mom recently passed away. “J” was living with his
for the many hurting youth that come to The Edge. strength for Turning Point clients.
Grandma as his mom wasn’t in a position to care for him.

5 Pray for tonight’s volunteer training on Indigenous Cul- 16 Please pray for success as we try to recruit and appoint someone 26 Pray for Geoff and two young Edge leaders traveling to
ture. to help us with Human Resources. This is our most needed staff
addition to help YFC move forward. Lebanon in April to serve alongside YFC Lebanon.

6 Please pray for commitment and encouragement for our 17 Please pray that St. Pierre YFC would have enough staff/ 27 Pray for wisdom for the volunteers who are in a disciple-
Soccer and Ball Hockey teams, that they will find excite- volunteers to adequately meet the needs of the over 150 youth
who are part of their programs on a regular basis. ship program with YFC youth.
ment and team spirit.

7 Pray for full and quick recovery for Mark as he anticipates

18 Pray for more youth to attend the Drop-In and The Rock, and 28 Pray for continued protection for Masterworks dancers
and teachers, for next year’s plans, and for Kim Hilde-
building The Rig Fitness program. that they will be reached for Christ.
brand’s pregnancy!

8 Pray for “Serena” to have patience with her family as she

19 Please pray for the Edge staff as they intentionally explore differ- 29 Pray for our Soccer Coordinator Kyle as he engages his
ent methods of prayer with the youth in the next few months, team of Muslim youth on a variety of topics such as the
feels a lot of stress and responsibility at home. that they would be drawn closer to God through this. Deity of Christ, etc. Pray that God will reveal His truth.

9 Recently the topic of suicide has been coming up a lot with 20 Pray for our volunteer Athletics coaches as they share about and 30 Pray for the review process and appointments of our
our youth. Please pray for wisdom on how to address this demonstrate the love of Jesus to the youth each week, and for
issue with them both individually and as a group. wisdom as they plan the spring and summer programs. Board Executive who will serve for the next three years.

10 Pray that we would find all the needed sponsors for our
21 31 Pray for “E” (13 years old) after he was recently jumped,
Pray that Camp Cedarwood will have a productive camp planning robbed and punched in the head while running errands
June Golf Tournament. phase. to the corner store, that he will feel safe again.