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Super Lube® is a RUKO cutting paste

patented, multi-purpose ensure excellent
separation and cooling.
synthetic lubricant,
containing SYNCOLON® guarantee a high
(PTFE) particles held in surface quality and
suspension. Super Lube® ensure longer tool life
lasts longer and also concerning hard
and brittle
outperforms conventional
material. 50 grams
petroleum-based Rs.550 Ea
greases. 85g tube
Rs.750 Ea

Contralube 770 - Zinc 182 Grey Primer

Protection for all your Anti-rust coat for all
power and signal ferrous surfaces, car
connections. It will bodies, boats, farm and
protect your equipment factory equipment,
from moisture, furniture, gates etc.
corrosion, oxidation, One coat covers 35 sq.
dust vibration etc. It ft. Size: 250 ml
doesn’t affect the flow Rs.750.00 Ea
or quality of signal.
Rs.1250 Ea

Stuarts Micrometer - Peek Polish - Cleans,

Locates high spots on polishes, restores, and
bearings, valves, gears protects 38 surfaces...
and other close-to- brass, copper,
tolerance components. stainless steel, silver,
The film remains “wet” gold, chrome,
and “transferable” and fibreglass, ceramics,
in condition for months. glass, etc. Removes
38g tin. Rs.650 Ea oxidation, heat
corrosion, scale... 50g
Rs.450 Ea; 100g
Rs.750 Ea and
1 ltr tin Rs.2750 Ea

Fluid Film Aerosol Can, Petroleum Jelly -

repacked in India. Soothes and protects
Offers powerful by rehydrating and
corrosion protection for repairing damaged
all metals and superior skin. Ideal for treating
lubrication for all cuts and burns.175
moving parts. Has grams. Rs.450 Ea
been used for over 55
years in the highly
corrosive marine
environment of ships
and offshore drilling
rigs. 400 ml can
Rs.550 Ea

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Caution Sticker - High Brady Barricading

Voltage, Brady Tape Y/B Stripes. 3" x
75X50mm, Pack of 10. 1000'. Made of
Rs.900 Ea. Other lightweight
indoor and outdoor polyethylene, 1.5 mil
signs also available thickness. Rs.1750 Ea

Scafftag Kit for Max Uncorded Ear

Scaffolds. Includes 10 Plugs. Rated 33 NRR.
holders, 20 Inserts and 200 Pairs per box.
1 pen. Rs.7500 Ea. Rs.1800 Ea. Also
Also available Ladder available Bilsom 303
Tags, Unitag, Safety Large for dispensers.
Harness Tags, Small 200 pairs Rs.1200/bag
Equipment Inspection

SiteSafe™ Galaxy full Scotch-Brite™

face shield has a single Blending Hand Pad
piece clear 7446, 6 in x 9 in, 10
polycarbonate lens
which protects against Pads/Box
medium energy Open, aggressive web
impacts and chemical that is excellent to
splashes, the lens has grain, clean, denib,
an aluminium edge. defuzz and finish.
Rs.750 Ea Resistant to loading.
Medium grade silicon
carbide. Color: Gray.

Non-Sparking Drum
Wrench. manufactured
from cast aluminum
(LM25), hardened &
tempered for increased
strength. Rs.750 Ea

VAT 14.5% extra for all items. Ready Stock, subject to prior sales.
Also available through our authorized channels.


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