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Philippine National IT Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation Inc.


month day year
Baguio IT Passport (AM Exam only) Attached 3 pcs
Bohol Fundamentals of IT Engineers (FE) Exam 2x2 or passport size
Cebu FE Exam - Regular (Both AM & PM) Photos
Davao FE Exam- AM Removal
Dumaguete FE Exam- PM Removal
La Union Applied IT Engineer (AP) Exam
Metro Manila
Batangas Malvar
Batangas Alangilan/Nasugbu (please underline)

First Name Age Date of Birth
month day year
Middle Name
Surname Gender
Female Male

Home Address ( include City & Postal Code)

Home Phone Email Address Cellphone

Currently Scholl Enrolled Course & Year
If employed, indicate the last School Attended

Company Name

Company Address (include City & Postal Code)

Work Phone Facsimile

*Please see second page and fill up the following information. PhilNITS purposes only:
Q1. Type of Industry working in Q6. (For students) Current School

Q2. (For workers) Work Engaged in Q7. Motivation to this examination Paid ( ) OR #:
Q3. (For workers) Work Experience Q8. Materials used for preparation Examinee #
Q4. (For workers) Graduated School Q9. How did you know this By: _____________________
Q5. (For workers) Clients' Nationality Examination (choose one)

MANILA OFFICE: Rm 304, FMSG Bldg. #9 Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City Tel. Nos. (02) 2341573 or (02) 45119889 Website:
CEBU OFFICE: Room 312-D, WDC Building, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Telefax No. (032) 254-0577
DAVAO OFFICE: DTI Region XI, 5th Floor, Mintrade Bldg., Sales cor. Monteverde St., Davao City Telefax: (082) 227-9448
Pick appropriate answer and fill in the blanks on the first page.

Q1. What type of industry are you working in? (Choose one) Q.5 (For workers) What is the nationality of your client company which you have a deal with most?
a. Student Or what is the nationality of your supervisor/colleague whom you are working with closely in your
b. Information processing service (data entry service, database service, BPO, etc.) company for foreign business? (Choose one)
c. Software service (custom software service, package software service, system integrator, etc.) a. Japan e. ASEAN i. None of the above
d. Manufacturing and supplying computer and peripheral b. Korea f. United States
e. Telecommunication c. China g. EU
f. Internet based service d. India h. Domestic business only
g. Whole sale/Retail trade/Eating and drinking service
h. Finance/Securities/Insurance industry Q6. (For students) What is your current school?
i. Service business (other than IT related service) a. Graduate school e. None
g. High school
of the above
j. Entertainment (game, animation, movie, etc.) b. University f. Elementary school/Junior high school
k. National Government c. Junior college
l. Local Government d. Technical college/Vocational school
m. Education
n. None of the above Q7. What is your motivation for your application to this examination? (Choose one)
a. Instructed by organization, immediate superior, teacher, etc.
Q2. (For workers) What kind of work are you engaging in? (Choose one) b. To try your ability f. To get promotion
a. System planning and design c. To work for Japanese companies g. To get bonus
b. Project management d. To work in IT industry h. None of the above
c. Program development e. To take advantage in hiring
d. Database technical support
e. Network and System management Q8. What kind of materials did you use to prepare for the exam? (Choose one)
f. Embedded system development a. IT Exam Preparation Book (Distributed at the seminar, school, or the Exam implementing body)
g. Mobile application development b. IT Exam Preparation Book (Purchase)
h. Information security technical support c. Past questions of this Exam
i. System audit d. IT related learning materials (reference book, technical book, etc.)
j. Web design, website creation e. Other exam’s textbook
k. Game creation, animation, computer graphic design, image processing f. None of the above
l. Other business related to IT
m. Consultant Q9. How did you know this Examination? (Choose one)
n. Education, training a. Seminar
o. None of the above b. Information from friends or colleagues
c. Advice from teachers or supervisors
Q3. (For workers) How long is your work experience? d. Website of the Exam implementing body
a. No experience f. From 7 to less than 9 years e. Search site, such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
b. Less than 1 year g. From 9 to less than 14 years f. Advertisement
c. From 1 to less than 3 years h. From 14 years to less than 19years g. None of the above
d. From 3 to less than 5 years i. Over 19 years
e From 5 to less than 7 years

Q4. (For workers) What is your last graduated school?

a. Graduate school e. High school
b. University f. Elementary school/Junior high school
c. Junior college g. None of the above
d. Technical college/Vocational school