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Dikus Building,
Loiyangalani Town,
Marsabit-Moyale Road
For professionalism and Excellence P.O. Box 360, Marsabit



Sehalta Investments Limitedis an established business enterprise with a great potential and
strategies to compete with giants in the sector. It is a private company limited by shares and legally
registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, 2015, Laws of Kenya, Registration Certificate
Number PVT-27U5LMM. We have our roots North Eastern part of Kenya and have slowly ventured
in the whole country and we have also penetrated Eastern Africa market, and thereby, warmly
welcome the establishment of Eastern Africa Community, that has created inter-countries trade

As our main line of involvement is in General Supplies of Products and Services, ranging from office
supplies to marketing, ICT business solutions, computers and accessories, uniforms, curtains,
carpets, sport items, foot wears and other protective gears, office furniture and fittings, tents and
chairs, designs and printed materials, cleaning materials and detergents, mineral water, building and
construction, road works, consumables such as mineral water supplies, business consultancy, general
research and projects managements, within Kenya, and beyond, we ensure that our products and
services are highly reliable and of the recommended qualities.

Therefore, as a company, we provide comprehensive solutions in fields of business management,

human resource management, projects administration, ICT Business solutions and office
Our company slogan explains it all, that, we are there “…professionalism and excellence”, and
therefore, we intend to being trailblazers in all our fields of operation.

At the heart of our business activity, is our passion for innovation and excellence. We, therefore,
ensure quality of the highest standard at each stage of operation, ranging from idea conception,
design, development, proto-typing, and production to sales and after-sale services.

In appreciation of the need to enhance our capacity, at Sehalta Investments Limited, we have
already strategized to partners, networks and ascribe membership with other establishments.


To be the best and friendly providers of quality products and services that embraces the radically
changing relationship betweenbusiness and customer in all our fields of operation.

This will be effected through employing the latest and continuous developments in technology to
providesolutions, so as to ensure a positive impact on the bottom line and hence, delivervalue to our
esteemed clients, thereby, contributing towards creating a sound economy across the divide.

To empower our products and services to have leverage over the competition in the larger market.
This is borne out of appreciating that, quality products and services is about professionalism,
appearance andperformanceso as toattract and communicate effectively.

Our company targets to expand and establish bilateral markets in the whole region, in Kenya and
beyond, as we continue to raise our standards as:
 Leaders in innovation, customer driven firm and,
 Friendly quality service provider.

This will in turn give our clients the opportunity to perform their corefunctions and duties with
ease, resulting in higher productivity, efficiencyand hence, economic and organizational growth.


As a modern business outfit, Sehalta Investments Limitedaims at cultivating rich value-oriented
system, focused on meeting deadlines, delivering quality goods & services and ensuringcustomer
satisfaction. We therefore, set out our values as:

 Integrity and Excellence

Business by definition is a risky endeavor, hence, it is important for you to establish business
relationships with partners you can trust and rely on. We pride ourselves in being that partner.

 Customer orientation, satisfaction and enlightenment

Our customers are the sole reason the firm exists. Consequently, customer satisfaction drives all our
activities as they form the backbone of the company. The old axiom, that, “The Customer is King
and is Always Right” continually reminds us that, customer satisfaction is our priority.
As Customer Service is based on feedback, we will continually contact our customers to ensure they
are satisfied, even long after delivery. Any compliments will be noted while complaints and
suggestions will be promptly acted upon.
 Dedication and Professionalism
Success in all spheres of life requires commitment. It is because of this, that, Sehalta Investments
Limited will continually instill a work ethic in its entire staff and place emphasis on continuous
training to ensure its customers get nothing but the best.

 Innovativeness and networking

Our products and services will be innovatively designed to easily adapt in the fast changing modern
technological world. We also intend to partner, collaborate and network with other major business
enterprises, organizations and institutions, both local and foreign, in the quest to providing to our
clientsnothing but the best.

Sehalta Investments Limited has a simple organizational structure (organograph) as shown below:

Managing Director

Personal Assistant

Administration & Accountant Projects

Purchasing Manager Manager

Purchasing Assistant Structures, Quantity

Survey & Design

Electrical Supervisor

Civil Works


COMPANY NAME : Sehalta Investments Limited

POST OFFICE ADDRESS : P.O. Box 360, Marsabit

PHYSICAL ADDRESS : Dikus Building, Loiyangalani Town, Marsabit-Moyale Road

TELEPHONE CONTACTS : +254-723372410


BANKERS: : KCB, Maralal


1. Mr. Sereina Lealmusia, Managing Director

2. Mr. Dennis Ltasarwa Orbora, Director

Full Name Robert Muturi Chege
Date Born 8th May 1959
Marital Status Married with four children
Religion Christian (Protestant)
Postal Address Box 7196 - 00200 Nairobi
Languages spoken English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu
Telephone 0722 371674


Education Period School Attended Grade attained
University 1979-1984 University of Nairobi Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
Higher 1977-1978 Kagumo High School, East African Advanced Certificate of Education
Education Nyeri District (EAACE) A Level
3 principal passes
Secondary 1973-1976 Kagumo High School, East African Certificate of Education (EACE)
Education Nyeri District O-Level - passed with a 1st Division of 15
Primary 1966-1972 Kagumo Primary Certificate of Primary Education -passed with 3
Education School, Nyeri District ‘A’ s


Training Period Institution Qualifications attained
Operating Systems, Programming, Jan 1988 Computer Consultants Various Certificates
Languages, Computer Packages, to Ltd
Systems Analysis and Design, Dec 1989
Networks and Communication.
Training Jan 1989 Computer Consultants Trainer of Trainers
Ltd Certificate
Computer Hardware Maintenance Jun - Dec Kenya Polytechnic, Computer Hardware
and Servicing 1995 Nairobi Maintenance and Servicing

Employer Period Job Title
Sehalta Investments Limited July 2017 – to date ICT Manager
Power Digital Systems Ltd Jan 2013 – May 2017 ICT Director
Sunland Consultants Ltd Mar 1998-Dec 2012 Systems Director
Employer Period Job Title
Astis Computer Services Jan 1996-Dec 1997 ICT Executive
Management Science for Health Mar 1995 Sep 1995 MIS Support and Training Specialist
(MSH)-Boston Ma. USA/ FPMD(K)
Computer Consultants Limited Jan 1994 Feb 1995 Manager – Training
Computer Consultants Limited Jan 1992 - Dec 1993 Training & Marketing Executive
Computer Consultants Limited Jan 1990- Dec 1991 Training Coordinator,
Computer Consultants Limited Jun 1989- Dec 1989 Trainer
Computer Consultants Limited Jan 1988- May 1989 Analyst / Programmer
Teachers Service Commission Oct 1984 - Jul 1987 Mathematics Teacher
Machakos Girls’ High. School


Organisation Project Undertaken
Numerous Organisations Through Sunland Consultants Ltd, trained various ICT courses.
Suntra Nominees Ltd Through Sunland Consultants Ltd, supplied and installed a computer
Investment Fund Management System.
Afya Sacco Society Ltd Through Sunland Consultants Ltd, supplied and installed a computer
share register system. Also now used by Runka Services Sacco Ltd.
Ministry of Trade Through Sunland Consultants Ltd, supplied and installed a computer
Certificates of Origin System.
Commission For Higher Supplied and installed a computer payroll system
Suntra Investment Bank Ltd Carried out comprehensive audit review on year 2000 compliance of both
the computers and the software
Premier Agencies Developed and supplied Equipment Service Maintenance Computer
Software System
Nairobi X-ray Centre Developed and supplied Clinic computer software for management of
medical treatment. Also used by Diagnostics Imaging Clinic.
Menelik Chest Clinic Supplied and installed Clinic computer software for management of
medical treatment. Also used by other hospitals in Kenya
Kenya Breweries Ltd. Developed, Installed and continue to support a Fleet Management System
used to manage the Distribution Department’s Forklift and Trucks. Pemco
Agencies Ltd runs the Distribution Department and hence the Fleet
Sokonet E.A. Ltd. Developed a highly dynamic data based online marketing and advertising

Surname: Other Names: Sex:
Postal Address Telephone contacts: Email Address:
P. O. Box 102506 – 00101, Nairobi 0723-791891 / 0735-083718
Nationality: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Identity Card No.:
Kenyan October 06, 1986 KiambuCounty, Ruiru District, 24586238
Gatong’ora Ward, Mitikenda Village
Age: 30years Height: 5.9 fts Marital Status: Single Weight:70 kg

Language Speaking Reading Writing
English X X X
Kiswahili X X X
Other – Mother Tongue (Kikuyu) X X X

Institution Qualifications / Certificates Year
Compliance Institute of Professional Studies Advanced Diploma, Projects Management April 2009 –
(CIPS) April 2011
Compliance Institute of Professional Studies Diploma, Information Technology Jan 2007 –
(CIPS) Dec 2007
Muongoiya High School, Kiambu Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2001 – 2004
Kwihota Primary School, Ruiru Kenya Certificate of Primary Education 1992 – 2000
Others: - Introduction to Insurance Feb – May
Kangason Insurance Agency - Principles and Practice of Insurance 2006
Between 2011 – 2014 – Attended several trainings as follows: -
Kenyatta University/ Ministry of Devolution Certificate in Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion &
& Planning/ LeuphanaUniversity of Leadership.
Luneburg, Germany/ UNICEF.
USAID – Yes Youth Can program Governance and leadership training.
Mercycorps – Yes Youth Can program Entrepreneurship Training.
Enablis&Inoorero University Business Plan Writing Training
YADEN East Africa Strategic Plan preparation training
Mercycorps& USAID ToT workshop on youth matters
SME Resource Centre Certificate in Entrepreneurship training course
Ministry of Youth Affairs Entrepreneurship & leadership trainings

Organization Position held From To month/ Key Responsibilities
month/ year year
Sehalta Investments Ltd Operations August 2017 To date  The company is involved in general supplies and customized
software development.
Power Digital Systems Projects August 2015 April 2017  The company involved in projects management consultancy
Manager and customized ICT systems design and development.
Grandlens Merchants Limited Operations July 2014 August  General administration and management
Manager 2015  Deputizing the Managing Director
 Enhancing team-work and internal working relations among
the partners and clients
 Market research and analysis
 Project In-charge of a Government’s contract/ tender in
Huduma Kenya staff uniform procurement in 23 Counties.
Private Businesses August 2013 August  Fields of ICT,Projects Management and Business Advisory
2014 services.
 Private Secretary and Assistant to the Chief Executive
Officer, Plantation Services Limited – an Agribusiness
consultancy firm contracted by GoK, World Bank and
European Union, among others donor agencies as a service
Triorient Investments Limited Operations August 2012 August  General administration and management
Involved in general research, business & Manager 2013  Enhancing team-work and internal working relations among
development consultancy, projects the partners and clients
management, general supplies, marketing,  Market research and analysis
ICT solutions and support services.
National Union of Water & Sewerage General July 2011 July 2012  Assisting the National General Secretary as the Personal
Employees (NUWASE) Relations Assistant.
The organisation is a national Trade Manager  Representing the National General Secretary on official
Union responsible for industrial relations appointments
between the company managements and  Drafting and preparations of reports, applications and acting

employees in water and sewerage sector on correspondences
in Kenya.  Budgets preparations
 Assisting the Industrial Relations Coordinator on matters of
labour relations such as Collective Bargaining Agreement
(CBA) negotiations
 Member of the Recruitment Team that was charged with
duties such as initial visits and negotiations with Water &
Sewerage companies management seeking Recognition
 In-charge of IT department
 Enhancing team-work and internal working relations
JEMKI Investments. Manager Jan 2008 June 2011  Assisting in opening CDSC accounts, processing shares
The business enterprise is involved in purchase and sell orders, processing transfer of CDS/ share
Shares/Stocks Agency for Afrika accounts and processing IPO applications.
Investments Bank Ltd – AIB Capital Ltd -  Managing of day-to-day activities, reports analyzing, and
members of Nairobi Securities Exchange - approvals.
, bureau services (such as printings,  Market research and analysis
photocopying, design and projects  Preparing project/business proposals, budgets and cash flows.
proposals writing).  Data Entry & Management
 Customer service and enhancing team work and internal
working relations
 Computer tutor.
KANGASON INSURANCE AGENCY Sales Rep. / Feb 2006 Nov 2007  Managing & coordinating marketing team
Marketer /  Sales & Marketing of insurance policies.
Marketing  Preparation of daily and monthly reports
Team leader  Handling customer queries and follow-ups.
 Opening client’s new files.
 Book/ Records keeping.

I am committed, hardworking and Team Player, who is able to co-ordinate multiple projects, willing,
eager and quick to learn and share knowledge with colleagues at work. This is gained through wide
experience in organizational management, ICT, customer relations/ service, administration, industrial
relations, projects management, sales & marketing. I can work within the expected deadlines with
little or no supervision, maintaining high standards, integrity, honesty and patience.


Up to now, I have gained invaluable knowledge, skills, experience and competence in planning,
marketing and service delivery in the general management and ICT sectors; and also, gained
tremendous insight in research matters and report writing. I look forward to apply this repository of
knowledge, skills, experience and competence in socio-economic and other fields that would offer me
an opportunity. This will enable me make quality impact towards achieving the goals and objectives
set, attaining the best standards, and therefore, participate effectively in the creation of a sustainable
healthy wealthy nation.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) matters, Research, Socializing, Community
development programs, and Reading

Elisha VitoloNakali James MunyambuNyagah
Chairman, Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer
Triorient Investments Ltd Plantation Services Limited
Cell: 0722 688932 Cell: 0728 271311