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Vocabulary worksheet:
1&2 Units 1 & 2

Unit 1 Unit 2
1 Find apps in the word search to match the 1 Choose the correct options to complete the
definitions. text.
1 take a picture
2 find a café in the area Every morning, I (1) make / clean my bed and (2) tidy /
3 do maths homework make my room. After school, I usually (3) load / take
4 send a text out the rubbish and my brother (4) sorts / lays the
5 check my emails recycling. At home, everybody helps. Before dinner, my
6 watch a music video sister (5) clears / lays the table. After dinner, I (6) sort /
7 play at the next level clear the table and my brother (7) makes / does the
8 write down information washing-up. Well, he doesn’t really wash up, he (8) takes
9 remember a birthday
out / loads the dishwasher. At the weekend, I sometimes
10 go online
11 find south (9) clean / do the washing with my mum. I think I do
12 buy new apps here everything. Well, almost everything. I never (10) load / do
the ironing. Dad usually (11) makes / cleans the floor
t h j s t o r e m c f p and vacuums the carpet.
c o c b r o w s e r w k
2 Look at the chart and complete the activities.
o v k v i d e o s g e g
never ✗ rarely ✓ sometimes ✓✓ always ✓✓✓
m x l c k w p c s f c d
✗ ✓ ✓✓ ✓✓✓
p m l a h e v a a c u x
a a m l e b d l g d y t
s i a c l j u e e f a d
s l p u e g j n s n s n
f k s l o a k d d n n y
j a d a h m h a d o z i
j w i t h e b r p t e m
u j p o b s c a m e r a Amy
g j d r f n u a w s l d

2 Rearrange the letters to make computer parts.

Then match them to their uses (a–h).
1 reniprt 1 I rarely w v online.
2 BSU trpo 2 I sometimes c c  .
3 kepsraes 3 Jake never h o with
4 bwaecm friends.
5 dekorbya 4 Jake always g to a
6 cenrse class.
7 oenpcmhori 5 Amy rarely d j  .
8 seedhahonp 6 I always p my i  .
7 Amy never v e  .
a show images 8 Jake rarely p his i  .
b type an email 9 Amy always u s
c increase volume n sites.
d make a paper copy 10 Jake sometimes r m  .
e listen to music on the train
f see friends in another country
g record your voice
h connect a camera to the computer

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