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We’re so ecstatic that we took the Nopalea

Wellness Challenge and are now living pain-free!
Asthma & Joint Pain &
Painful Arthritis Organ Functions
Raji C. Edward B.

C Reactive Type 2
Protein & Diabetes
Allergies Sandy Z.
Paige C.

Insomnia, Eye, Skin &

Inflammation Muscle
& Eczema Problems
Joyce P. Beth T.

Hip & Lower Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain & Headaches
Cindy A. Bill A.

Nopalea - A natural
anti-inflammatory wellness
drink containing rare anti- Read
oxidants called Betalains
their powerful
that help your body reduce Painful Rare Arthritis Plantar Fasciitis Wellness Stories
pain and inflammation! Brian O. Kandy M.
Inside on page 10
10 Essentials
for health and wellness
Kick off 2010 with the Nopalea™
Wellness Challenge
by Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder of TriVita, Inc.
Good health is a gift to be treasured and
nurtured every day. TriVita joyfully shares Happy New Year!
these keys to helping you experience
wellness : the 10 Essentials of physical,
We are so excited about the wellness experiences people are having with
emotional and spiritual health. Nopalea that we have made it our goal to offer the Nopalea Wellness
Challenge to one million people. The experiences people are having are
Physical just astonishing. Like Melody C. in North Carolina – she had a terrible
1. Breathe Deeply accident and suffered with much pain due to a severe neck and back injury.
Let your lungs fill deep down, hold, then It was so severe that she had to give up two of her passions in life: barrel
exhale toxins and stress. racing with her prized horse and long trail rides with her son. But then a long-time friend introduced her
to Nopalea, and within three weeks she was experiencing significantly less pain. Now, several months
2. Drink Water
Nature’s best beverage not only quenches later, she is back to riding horses with her son and loving it. This is just one example of the relief people
thirst, but also enhances energy. are experiencing from the symptoms caused by chronic inflammation.
3. Sleep Peacefully Not only have we heard from people experiencing the benefits of Nopalea, but we have also heard about
Every body needs the rest and repair dogs, horses, birds and other pets benefiting from the product. One of the most remarkable testimonies
that comes with a regular sleep routine. came from Cody R., a good friend and Affiliate Member with TriVita (I get all my friends and anyone
4. Eat Nutritiously who will listen involved with TriVita!). Cody has a nine-year-old dog that had major hip problems and
Feed both body and mind with could no longer jump into the family SUV. They had actually built a ramp for the 100-pound dog to
healthy, nourishing food for life. walk up. After just weeks on Nopalea, the dog was back to jumping in the vehicle. Like Cody says,
5. Enjoy Activity “I doubt if dogs exaggerate their experience!”
Let an active lifestyle move you to
improved health and wellness in all ways.

Emotional “We are inviting you to experience the power of Nopalea by taking
6. Give and Receive Love the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and proving its powerful
Offer and accept the greatest gift, and
you can enhance your immune system.
anti-inflammatory benefits.”
7. Be Forgiving
When you let go of old grudges, your
The impact of lowered inflammation has become so profound that we now have veterinarians using
hands are open to accept feelings of peace.
the product in their practices. We also have chiropractors and medical doctors recommending Nopalea
8. Practice Gratitude to their patients to help lower inflammation. This is so exciting to me personally, as I want everyone
A thankful heart releases stress, making to experience greater wellness. Living in an inflamed world with toxins in the food, air and water, it is
room for greater happiness and health. nearly impossible to escape the escalation of inflammation as we age.
9. Develop Acceptance
If you can’t change it, accept it and move We are inviting you to experience the power of Nopalea by taking the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and
on. Worry will shrink, serenity will grow. proving its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. We have reduced the price of a case of Nopalea so you
can give it a fair chance to give you a wellness experience and enhance the quality of your life. This
Spiritual could mean living with less pain, breathing problems, poor skin conditions or other inflammatory issues.
10. Develop a Relationship with God And, we offer our 60-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose – but everything to gain
Nurture the spiritual aspect of your life once Nopalea starts working for you.
to achieve complete well-being.
Taking the Nopalea Wellness Challenge is easy – here is all we ask:
1. Commit to drinking 3-6 ounces of Nopalea every day.
2. Fill out a Nopalea Wellness Challenge Form to see how inflammation may be affecting
your health.
3. Read The Silent Killer Health Alert (included with your Nopalea order) on the serious
effects of chronic inflammation and how it can lead to disease if left unchecked.
4. Follow up with a TriVita Wellness Consultant to share your results.

By taking these steps, you can identify your symptoms before you start the Challenge and track your
progress as you go through your case of Nopalea. It is not just a “feel-good” product; it can actually help
you experience incredible, specific results.
Article from Michael Ellison continued on page 21...
We took the
Nopalea Wellness Challenge,

now we’re living
pain-free. EDITOR’S NOTE

hen thinking about what to
write for this January note, I read
through the different articles featured
this month. One that stood out to me was Dr. Judy’s
article on page 22 about living life with no regrets. It
4 Could Nopalea™ doesn’t matter what year it is, there are always those
Help You Be Pain-Free? who can’t wait to say goodbye to the past year.
Take the Nopalea Wellness
Challenge and find out. Life is interesting the way it works. Born and raised
in Texas, I would never have imagined that I would
6 The Dynamic Duo: wind up calling Arizona my home. I remember
Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea the day in June of 1993 when the moving van
Combine these two products for a drove my daughters and me away from a home that
was all they had ever known. Seeing their little
tremendous wellness experience.
handprints in the concrete walkway next to the
flowers I planted each year was heartbreaking as
8 Smart Weight Loss Swaps I said goodbye to a lifetime of memories. The fear
These easy-to-implement tips of starting over after experiencing a divorce was
will help reduce calories and devastating for all of us. Not only was there fear
control your weight. of beginning life again in another state, but being
forced to start a career outside of the one I knew
10 Nopalea Wellness best – being a mom – was extremely challenging.
Challenge Success Stories Start your New Year off right by taking
The Nopalea Wellness Challenge. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that I was
They took the Challenge... and
soon to be transformed into a stronger woman, not
the results have been fantastic. 4-5, 10-11, 14-15
only in my faith in God, but in my own ability to
succeed in a world I only observed from the outside
13 Maintain Your Winter 16 10 Healthy Foods for many years. Having a career at TriVita these past
Supply of Vitamin D For Your Pantry 10+ years has not only taught me so much about
What you can do to ensure These easy-to-find, my health and wellness journey, but has unleashed
you get the right amount. inexpensive foods are talents, strengths and life purposes that might have
“musts” for any kitchen. otherwise been buried.

Make family If you’re struggling with a world of hurt left over

25 From Unrelenting Pain from 2009, I encourage you to go into the year with
time a priority. to Everlasting Hope a healthy anticipation and begin again in 2010! If
12 Nopalea has dramatically eased you’re hurting with physical pain, I also encourage
Kimberly’s post-cancer pain. you to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and
just see what happens. You too could join the ranks
30 It’s Easier Than of those featured this month who have shared their
Ever to Become an life-changing results. You don’t have anything to
Affiliate Member lose – except maybe the pain!
Share your product experience
Here’s to a life with no regrets. Happy New Year!
and earn great rewards.

The information in this VitaJournal may contain

errors or inaccuracies. We reserve the right
to change prices, selections, update information
and limit quantities without prior notice. Pam Knox, Editor of Publications
January 2010 l 3
Could Nopalea help your
Take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and find out!
Nopalea, as you probably know, is the exciting ingredients in Nopalea is Betalains,
astonishing wellness drink that has helped so a rare and potent class of natural antioxidants.
many get relief from the damaging effects of They’re found in only a few of the world’s
chronic inflammation. If you haven’t tried it plants, including the Nopal cactus. The Nopal
yet, consider these important questions: fruit, from which Nopalea is made, contains
one of the highest amounts of Betalains in all
• Do you deal with pain on a constant basis? of nature.
• Does anyone in your family or group
of friends complain of chronic pain? That’s why taking a Nopalea Loading Dose
can help put out the “fire” of inflammation in
• Do you, or anyone you know, have allergy our bodies. Here’s how the Challenge works:
or asthma-related breathing problems?
• Take 3-6 ounces of Nopalea every day,
• Are you concerned about premature aging? until your bottle
is empty.
• Are daily toxins wreaking havoc on
your body? • Fill out the Nopalea Wellness

Challenge form, which will
ill 2010 be the year you be included in your order,
These symptoms can all be linked to chronic
free yourself of constant inflammation – precisely the problem that to track your progress during
pain, aches and soreness? Nopalea was developed to help address. the Challenge.
Will the New Year give you new • Read The Secret Killer
release from the symptoms of the perfect time to experience
wellness yourself
® Health Alert, which will be
allergy or asthma-related breathing If you haven’t yet tried Nopalea for yourself, included in your shipment.
problems? Of course you’d like the now is the perfect time. The Nopalea Wellness • Follow up with a TriVita Wellness
answer to be “yes!” And that’s Challenge was created to show the power of Consultant to share your results.
why you should take the Nopalea ™ Nopalea in helping the body reduce chronic
Wellness Challenge right away. inflammation quickly. One of the most Experience wellness for yourself!

Nopalea, a breakthrough in wellness drinks
SPECIALPack Try this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blend of rare

Nopalea 4 antioxidants called Betalains and other healthful nutrients.

9 #30710
only $119.9 A daily dose of Nopalea can help your body:
Offer good thro
Member $39.9

• Lessen inflammation • Promote optimal health

which causes pain right down to your cells

• Cleanse itself • Protect against

4 bot tle pack
of daily toxins premature aging
Drink it and thrive! Member $139
Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116. Now $119.99
body be pain-free?
That’s it! In these four easy steps, you could
make 2010 the year you finally deal with the
you care for, just review these questions, and
see if you recognize your own health issues, This January, start
harmful effects of chronic inflammation –
and maybe help others, as well, when you
or those of family or friends:
the New Year off right.
share your experience. does this sound like you?
Give yourself the
Called The Secret Killer for a reason
When you start your Challenge,
• Do you suffer from chronic (constant
or regular) pain anywhere in your body?
benefits of Nopalea
be sure to read The Secret Killer
Health Alert. You may be
Has it been going on for weeks, months
or even years?
that have helped
stunned to learn what a major
role inflammation plays in our • Do you routinely get low on energy
so many others,
health. You’ll find out about
chronic inflammation – what
during any part of the day? and take the Nopalea
happens when our bodies get “stuck”
in defense mode against injury or infection –
• Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Wellness Challenge.
and how this kind of inflammation is on the • Do you have allergy or asthma-related
increase. The Secret Killer details the sad results: breathing problems?
chronic pain, discomfort and poor health that
may lead to serious disease. • Do you fear your’e not doing enough to
protect your body against all the toxins SUCCESS STORIES
So many people just like you have had great in today’s world (air, food, water, etc.)?
success with the Nopalea Wellness Challenge The diagnosis was
already. To read their personal stories, see pages
10-11, and 14-15. You’ll be inspired to start
If you answered “yes” to any of these
questions, you need to take the Nopalea
“writing” your own story. Wellness Challenge and see what a
difference it can make in the quality of your
tErmInAl CAnCEr
take the Challenge and save now! life. These are the kinds of questions you’ll Kimberly was given only weeks to
Here’s more reason to take the Challenge find on your Nopalea Challenge form, which live, but she wasn’t going to give
now: you can save even more by purchasing will help you or someone you care for to up without a fight. Kimberly went
the Nopalea 4-pack at special savings through pinpoint the areas in which you could most
through excruciating chemotherapy
January 31, 2010 only! See back cover page benefit from relief. Then, as you take your
for details. Nopalea Loading Dose, you can track your and cancer surgery, where she had one
progress on the form. leg amputated. Kimberly was officially
If you’re not sure whether Nopalea could cancer-free, but she had another tough
improve the quality of your life or of those battle to face – unrelenting post-surgery
pain. Nothing seemed to work, including
very powerful pain medications, until
Share your story, get great rewards! NOPALEA ™
one caring person gave Kimberly a
What’s your amazing Nopalea story? Share it and enjoy even more benefi ts: a $25 TriVita Nopalea Gift of Health that let her
Gift Card, PLUS an exclusive Nopalea t-shirt – a $14.99 value! Just email your Nopalea finally enjoy life again.
story to, or call 1-800-693-4083. Please include your Member ID, your
address and daytime phone number (along with email address, if you have one).

read Kimberly’s dramatic story

When you submit a letter or email, you are also giving TriVita full rights to it, including the right to publish it in FRONT GiftCar BACK on page 25.
future publications and to edit it as needed.

1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 5

B-12 Update

Scott Conard, M.D.

Founder, TienaHealth

Scott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,

an organization of medical doctors in primary
care practice who emphasize healthy lifestyles
to maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considered
a national expert on disease prevention.
TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.

A New Year of brainpower and wellness:

Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea
Why these products together are “must-haves”
by Dr. Scott Conard

ou may have made a New
TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 helps make this good
Year’s resolution or two to When you take these two fat available to our bodies so it can do its good
achieve greater wellness. work. However, the fat still needs to get to all
remarkable products together, the
Maybe you’ll increase your the places in our brain and body where it’s
activity level, or eat more fruits results can be astonishing. needed. Transporting the fat is done by an
amino acid called taurine, and this is where
and vegetables, or work on your
Nopalea plays such a key role.
emotional health, as outlined in the
10 Essentials (page 2). These are I recommend Sublingual B-12 with Nopalea for We don’t get taurine in our diet; our bodies
all great ideas, and I’d like to add a range of inflammatory brain disorders, and have to manufacture it, and the process can be
for inflammatory artery disorders such as high interrupted by nutrient deficiencies, emotional
another suggestion for enhancing blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. stress or toxins. Nopalea has an abundance of
your health: take TriVita Sublingual
When you take these two remarkable products taurine, so it helps the good, essential fat we
B-12 and Nopalea™ together. together, the results can be astonishing. Just need to get to all the places where it can do us
take a look at the personal stories on the next the most good.
This could be the most important step you page to see how B-12 and Nopalea together are
take in helping you stay as alert, sharp and helping people like you. In brief, in order to have optimum fat
fully-functioning as possible. Of course, we’ve metabolism you need to take B-12 and Nopalea
known for a long time how important it is to Why Sublingual b-12 and together, every day. I encourage you to make
nourish your brain with B-12. This powerhouse nopalea work so well together and keep your resolutions for greater wellness in
vitamin helps fight brain erosion, dementia, There’s a “fat” story at work when we talk about 2010 and beyond. And I also encourage you to
moodiness, fatigue and forgetfulness, while B-12 and Nopalea. As TriVita Chief Science consider Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea together
improving sustained mental energy, stamina Officer Brazos Minshew recently explained, as “must-haves” to reach your goal.
and concentration. What’s very new and our brains are two-thirds fat. The “good” fat we
exciting is how you can benefit with both need to repair nerves and produce energy can These statements have not been evaluated by the Food
B-12 and Nopalea, the new anti-inflammatory be insufficient in our diets, or be blocked by and Drug Administration. This product is not intended
wellness drink from TriVita. toxins in our environment. to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
“We swear by Nopalea and
Sublingual B-12: they work!”
“My husband John is retired and works the
seasonal potato harvest for a nearby farmer. The
past few years he had a terrible time with dust
allergies caused by the harvest. He took over-the-
counter medicine and found some relief, but still
struggled with head congestion, sneezing and just
feeling lousy. We have been taking Sublingual B-12
for years and thought we would also give Nopalea
a try this year. IT WORKED! He feels so much better
and even has more energy for the long days of the
harvest. I couldn’t wait to order a case of Nopalea
and get started on it myself. Sublingual B-12 gives
us the extra energy we need and we believe that it
has helped keep us healthy, especially in the cold
and flu season. If I forget and miss my tablet in the
morning, about midday I start to feel sluggish and
it dawns on me why. We swear by Nopalea and
B-12 and will continue taking them. Thank you so

For maximum sustained

much for these great TriVita products.”
lINDa W. – BaNgor, Me

“Nopalea and Sublingual B-12:

we would not be without them.” mental energy take
TriVita Super
“My husband and I have been taking Sublingual
B-12 for six years, and adding Nopalea has made
a believer out of him. Since he started taking
Nopalea, the pain in his hand, shoulders and his
knees has gone away. He has been taking Nopalea
for a few months and wouldn’t be without it.
He takes a B-12 and three ounces of Nopalea
daily along with his other TriVita supplements:
Sublingual B-12
OmegaPrime, Daily Men, Bone Growth Factor Faster-acting, longer-lasting and more potent
and Joint Complex. He said he noticed that
there was no pain when he parked his car and than ever before with three times the Vitamin B-12 SPEC IA
TriVita Super
reached for his jacket on the back seat, plus his
shoulders, which had been painful, did NOT hurt.
TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve: 12
He also noticed that his knees didn’t hurt when
walking or bending. He’s very pleased with the • Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness
Sublingual B-
improvements in his health. Plus, we both love $28.99
the taste. Nopalea and Sublingual B-12 – we would
• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life Non-Member
not be without them.” • Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration Membe23r0 $ 22.99
DeaNNa M. – PhoeNIX, aZ Redeem with
• Sharper memory with less forgetfulness
“Every day that I take Nopalea the LINGUA
swelling stays away.” ER
Plus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brain and nerves

the essential nutrients they need to help replenish brain



“I have arthritis, and any reduction in pain is a


major help to me. I also have swelling in my neck fuel and help repair damaged nerves. And all this is yours

due to a car accident in 2003. I started taking


FR with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.

Nopalea as soon as it arrived. The swelling in my
neck went down, and every day that I take Nopalea
the swelling stays away. If I don’t take Nopalea, the
Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid
Dr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of
swelling returns. When I started taking Nopalea, I
patients feel better every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize
was already taking Sublingual B-12, and began to Laureate), Dr. Libby developed this unique, sublingual delivery system for
notice that I was losing weight. Now I feel so much his own patients. It was known to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but
better. I’ve been telling my family and friends without the shots’ added pain and expense.
Alfred Libby, M.D.
about TriVita products. God bless you, and thanks
for helping me to feel better.”
PattI t. – huDsoN, MI Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116
See article on page 9 to find out more about the or visit us at
inflammation/obesity connection.
Lose the Weight You
Want – in 3 Easy Steps!
weight loss swaps
Buy one bottl
e of
STEP 1: Leanology
get second bo
Fat burning capsules for 50% OFF

“losing the bulge” Of fer good thr


Use these easy tips to reduce


Leanology Weight®

Loss Capsules (180 ct.) calories and control your weight

pply the following weight loss
Non-Member $74.99
suggestions to your daily diet to
Member $59.99 eat more sensibly and lose pounds!*
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breakfast desserts
STEP 2: Swap 3 slices of french toast Swap Ice cream sundae:
with syrup (800) 2 scoops ice cream w/
Tasty chews for snack replacement syrup, whipped cream,
For 2 x 6” buckwheat
and appetite control pancakes with 1 Tbsp. nuts, cherry (1065)
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of syrup (325) For Strawberries romanoff,
Appetite Control Save 475 calories 4 oz serving (115)
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Delicious shakes for low calorie
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meal substitution (once a week = 13,520 (4 x weekly = 39,520
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bag ws
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• 1 bottle of Weight Loss Capsules Salad add-ons Swap Foods labeled “low-fat”
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Appetite Control Chews calorie dressing (5) which contain 0.5g fat
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Leanology 3-Step Value Pack

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Member $139.99 Annual Weight Loss 4.75 pounds Annual Weight Loss 2.3 pounds
Redeem with 1400 VitaPoints
SAVE $34.97! * Suggestions from the Anne Collins Weight Management Program
Is inflammation
the cause
of obesity?
Research points to a connection
that’s gaining awareness

f we could reduce inflammation, on a high-fat diet. With that
could we also reduce the problem master switch turned on, the
mice gained weight.
of excess weight? There is growing
evidence of a connection between Next, the scientists used genetic engi-
the two conditions – and mounting neering to flip that master switch off in the
excitement over the possibility of hypothalamus of other mice. Those mice were
“significantly protected” from becoming obese,
easing both. even on a high-fat diet, the researchers wrote. of a study in the journal Cell Metabolism, that
can be summed up in four words: “Inflammation
For several years, medical science has turned
It’s important to note that inflammation alone is the key.” The research found that obesity, in
its eye toward inflammation as the main issue
isn’t a bad thing: it’s a vital tool for the body to animals or people, leads to increased fat in the
behind a number of health problems, from
fight off infection. It’s when the body’s defense liver, called “steatosis.” Steatosis, in turn, leads
joint pain to allergies, high blood pressure to
switch gets stuck in the “on” position that we to liver inflammation and insulin resistance,
ulcers, and even cancer and heart attacks. As
have chronic inflammation. The researchers which can result in diabetes.
early as 2004, TIME magazine called chronic
concluded that finding out how to control that
inflammation “The Secret Killer.” Continuing
switch in the hypothalamus might open the
research suggests that obesity might be added
door to fighting obesity and related diseases.
Problem: inflammation
to the list of conditions caused, at least in part, A solution: nopalea™
by inflammation. As research continues into the relationship
Obesity as “chronic low-level
between inflammation and excess weight,
the brain, inflammation More connections between obesity and inflam-
there is a way to help your body reduce
and excess weight mation were found by Dutch researchers writing
inflammation: Nopalea. This breakthrough
Researchers recently found that weight wellness drink is helping people across North
in the journal PPAR Research. The article, which
could be lowered or managed by reducing America enjoy optimal wellness,
looks at the complex relationship between fat
inflammation in a certain part of the brain. because with daily use it helps
storage, insulin resistance and secreted proteins,
Just over a year ago, a study published in the your body:
comes to a provocative conclusion.
journal Cell indicated that inflammation • reduce inflammation
could be a key factor in obesity.
After studying the affect of obesity on tissue • detoxify
in body parts including the liver, the scientists
Obesity is known to increase inflammation • Achieve optimal
said that their findings “feed a growing recogni-
throughout the body. But could the inflamma- cellular health
tion that obesity represents a state of chronic
tion be a cause, not an effect, of the obesity? • Protect against
low-level inflammation.”
A study based at the University of Wisconsin, premature aging
Madison and the University of California,
Adding diabetes to the story Now, the Nopalea Wellness
San Diego zeroed in on two areas:
Because our bodies are so complex, some of the Challenge can help you
1. The hypothalamus, a brain region that research into obesity and inflammation takes an see for yourself what all
regulates the body’s energy balance. extra step to understand. In the case of diabetes, the excitement is about (see
for example, a connection between body fat and pages 4-5 for details). Find
2. A “master switch” of inflammation diabetes has pointed a finger at inflammation out what others are learning
that’s usually turned off. as the root problem. through the Challenge:
Nopalea can help you feel
In lab tests on mice, that “master switch” of Researchers at the University of California, San better, feel healthier and thrive.
inflammation turned on in the brains of mice Diego, School of Medicine published findings
1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 9
Paige C. – belleair bluffs, fl raji C. – Phoenix, AZ

We’re So Ecstatic We Took

“…Within five days of starting the “I was thrilled when Nopalea helped
Nopalea Challenge, I noticed that my improve my asthma symptoms.”
range of motion was improving.”
Read these fantastic “I am in my late 40s and am trying to do the
“I have a few health issues, but recently I took a
misstep to avoid an obstacle on the floor and it
success stories – and right things now to take better care of my
health. I had a very stiff neck that caused a
totally aggravated my spine. I have a herniated
disk, my left side is sciatic and I’ve developed
submit one of your own lot of pain and affected my range of motion.
I had some tests done which showed that
arthritis. That whole mess sits there kind of

dormant until I sit up, twist or step wrong and
there was a lot of inflammation in my neck. then it puts me in even more pain.
hese are just a few I wanted to make big changes in my life
because over the past few years, people in This time around, pain pills didn’t even work.
of the inspiring my life began getting sick and coming down I was given a bottle of Nopalea and was told
with degenerative diseases. to follow the guidelines for the Nopalea Wellness
testimonials from Challenge. This super drink is so good for me
So, I was already in a mode to improve my health
Members who have taken and take better care of my body. I began drinking
and I enjoy it as much as fresh orange juice.
the Nopalea™ Wellness Nopalea and within five days of starting the
Nopalea Challenge, I noticed that my range of I particularly wanted Nopalea to stop the inflamma-
Challenge. Could you feel motion was improving. I was very happy and tion I my spine, along with poor circulation in my
better, too? The New Year is quite impressed. legs which caused swelling and water retention. I
also have asthma, which of course is inflammatory.
the perfect time to find out. I also suffer from seasonal allergies, which cause
puffiness around my eyes and my face. After a I have noticed that the swelling in my spine has
So, take the Challenge and short time on Nopalea, people commented on how gone down. Now I am able to sit up and walk more
healthy my skin looked. This delicious drink helped erect. However, I needed to take a larger dose of
make a major difference in with my allergy symptoms and the puffiness Nopalea to really get rid of that visible knot on the
your own life. went away. lower part of my spine. Being asthmatic and having
to take lots of pills and asthma shots and using
I had blood work done as part of my regular inhalers is no fun, so I was thrilled when Nopalea
physical and, as usual, I always get a C-Reactive helped improve my asthma symptoms.
What is the Nopalea Welless Challenge? Protein test. Last time it was 1.3, but since
Nopalea it has gone down to just barely over Three days after I drank the whole bottle, I also
• Take 3-6 ounces of chilled Nopalea everyday
zero – one full point. Other lab results showed noticed that my attitude was better. Instead of
• Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form additional decrease in the inflammation in feeling down, with Nopalea I feel awesome and
• Read The Secret Killer Health Alert my body, which is just fantastic. I am a firm it has definitely improved my mental health.
believer that we need to keep inflammation
• Share your Nopalea experience! down in our bodies. By drinking Nopalea, I I was so grateful about what Nopalea had done
See pages 4-5 for more details. know I am reducing inflammation. I am worth for me that I decided to encourage other people
spending money on my body to feel good and to try it. God created an amazing plant and the
be healthy.” fruit of that plant has really improved my life.
* You should not stop taking any medication PaIge c. – BelleaIr BluFFs, Fl
without first consulting your healthcare provider.
brian O. – n. hollywood, CA beth t. – Colbert, WA Kandy m. – Cookeville, tn

the Nopalea Wellness Challenge

There are a lot of benefits for taking Nopalea, “I have been taking Nopalea for
and I hope anyone who reads this will take the almost two weeks and can tell
time and get a bottle for themselves and write the difference.” “Lab results showed an
their own testimonial after taking the Nopalea
“Before I took the Nopalea Wellness Challenge, additional decrease in the
Wellness Challenge.”
raJI c. – PhoeNIX, aZ
I was feeling pretty hopeless. I suffer from a inflammation in my body,
rare form of soft tissue arthritis. It hit fast and
hard – going from nothing to extreme. This which is just fantastic.”
“I also noticed a significant reduction arthritis attacked the iris in my eyes. I looked – Paige C.
in my aches and pains.” like I had been beaten up – my eyes were red
“My wellness journey started about a year ago and bloodshot and you could only see the pupil
when my brother told me that he was suffering area. I jumped from specialist to specialist and “I was thrilled when
from ankylosing spondylitis (A.S.), a rare form started taking steroid drops and steroid shots
of arthritis. He said it can be hereditary and into my eyeball to stop it, as this disease can Nopalea helped improve
suggested that I get tested for it. blind you if left unchecked. I also suffered from my asthma symptoms.”
skin and muscle problems. I could not get up in
I was suffering from some of the same – Raji C.
the morning and my back hurt. The shots were
symptoms as my brother. I am only 27 years extremely expensive – about $1,100 a month
old and was not prepared to be disabled in
any way. My doctor confirmed that I had the
just for two shots. These shots are only effective “I noticed that the painful
for a few days and then the pain comes back.
same disease as my brother. This is a very plantar fasciitis had resolved
strange condition that can attack any organ of Once I began the Challenge, Nopalea quickly
your body at any time. It can go from simple improved my condition. By the second day I and I was finding it much
aches and pains, soreness and stiffness on was already feeling dramatically better. I am easier to sleep.”
up to major eye problems and can lead to currently taking the full suggested loading dose
something called ‘bamboo spine,’ where your of three to six ounces per day. I may increase – Kandy M.
spine actually fuses together. the amount even more. Thanks to Nopalea I’ve
started losing the 30 pounds I gained from the
Luckily I crossed paths with a mutual friend steroids. I have been taking Nopalea for almost
“I have been taking Nopalea
who suffers from A.S. After hearing that two weeks and can really tell a big difference.” for almost two weeks and can
he is living pain-free and energized thanks
Beth t. – colBert, Wa really tell a big difference.”
to Nopalea, I decided to take the Nopalea
Wellness Challenge myself. I took three – Beth T.
“It is amazing how fast Nopalea
ounces of Nopalea both in the morning and worked for me.”
evening, and in four short days I was already
feeling better and more energized. After only “One month prior to taking the Nopalea Wellness
one bottle, I was interacting more with my Challenge, I began working out at the local fitness
daughter and feeling more refreshed after center, which includes 2-3 personal training
sleep. I also noticed a significant reduction in sessions a week. Almost immediately an old
my aches and pains.” plantar fasciitis problem in my foot resurfaced.
It was also difficult to sleep due to the circulating
BrIaN o. – North hollyWooD, ca
lactic acid from the vigorous workout sessions.
Continued on pages 14-15...
January 2010 l 11
Making Time
for Family
Turn off distractions and enjoy some quality family time

etween after-school activities, make time for meals teens who are exposed to high levels of sexual
long work hours and other Everyone has to eat, but how often do you sit content on TV are twice as likely to experience
down as a family? Between soccer practices a pregnancy before the age of 20, compared to
demands of our hectic life- and long work days, family mealtime can be those who have lower levels of exposure, while
styles, family time can take a backseat. neglected. But neglecting this important part another study showed that TV watching – and
of family life can result in negative outcomes even just having a TV on somewhere in the
This year, make quality family time for your children. house – is associated with increased aggression
in small children. Although TV isn’t the only
your top goal. Time goes by fast... soon culprit in these problems, it is one that you can
According to a report by the National Center
enough, youngsters will be leaving the on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at easily take action on.
nest and making their own way in Columbia University, teens who eat fewer than
the world. Help prepare them while three family meals a week – compared to those Above all, television takes away from quality
who eat five or more family dinners – are: family time. One study showed that even just
strengthening family bonds by making having a TV on in the background can reduce
quality family time a priority. • Twice as likely to use tobacco or marijuana parent-child interactions by 20 percent. Do your
family a favor: turn off the tube.
• More than one and a half times likelier
to use alcohol You may also want to limit the time they spend
on electronic devices and on the Internet.
• Twice as likely to expect to try drugs in
Nothing – not texting, not social networking
the future
sites – can replace face-to-face interaction.
• One and a half times likelier to report
getting grades of C or lower in school. family time ideas
Depending on the structure of your family,
Engage your children and truly make dinner- pick and choose from these family time tips:
time family time. Ask them specific questions
about their days, discuss current events, plan • Schedule a weekly game night –
your next family vacation, and so on. Designate one night per week as game
night. Games will help sharpen young
Turn off distractions such as televisions, minds (and older ones!), plus it’s a great
phones and other electronic devices. Make opportunity to model teamwork and
it a rule that no phone calls are made or good sportsmanship.
answered and that everyone stays at the • limit extracurricular activities –
table until dinner is over. Saying “no” to yet another commitment
isn’t going to stunt Johnny’s development.
television: turn it off! Quality, not quantity is the key here.
What’s one way to squander precious family Also, make sure your child is genuinely
time? Watching television. When kids stay interested in the activity.
glued to the television, important family
time is wasted. Plus, television has • tell bedtime stories – Help younger
been linked to such health kids wind down for bed with a 10-minute
problems as higher blood story time. Plus, once they get hooked
pressure and obesity – on a story, they’ll be eager for bed the
in children! And then next night!
there’s the content
to consider... This year, make quality family time a priority.
If timing is an issue, schedule family time the
A study by the Rand way you would a doctor’s appointment. It will
Corporation showed that be well worth it!

Don’t let winter rob you of
your essential Vitamin D
By Dr. Tammy Pon

ractically every day purpose is to shuttle calcium and other minerals
another benefit of to the bones.
Vitamin D is revealed.
Vitamin D is created when our Vitamin d – a messenger doctors who recommend Vitamin D explain
skin is exposed to sunshine. Information is carried by a number of messengers that winter cold and flu outbreaks are directly
It is also present in our diet, inside your body, including proteins and fats. related to Vitamin D deficiency.
mainly in cold-water fish and Vitamin D can also act like a messenger, telling
dark green vegetables. the cells how much work to do. If you take supplements to ensure you’re
tammy Pon, m.d. getting enough Vitamin D, make sure they’re
A recent newspaper headline read, “Vitamin D Think of this like building a house. Proteins the type that your body can really use. It’s best
Linked to Parkinson’s disease.” At first glance, it give specific instructions in the same way to take supplements formulated for maximum
may not be clear if Vitamin D is a culprit or an a carpenter may decide how best to connect absorption, such as TriVita’s VitaCal-Mag D

“illness-fighter.” Well, in fact, just as Vitamin D walls and windows and doors. Fats may serve or TriVita Bone Growth Factor. This way,
helps build bones, Vitamin D plays a role in as the building materials for the entire house. you can help ensure that you’re getting the
building our brains – it is an “illness-fighter.” Vitamin D serves as the general contractor to full benefits of Vitamin D to meet the serious
determine how much building should be done challenges of daily life.
Vitamin d and Parkinson’s at any specific time.
Previous studies have shown that the part Tammy Pon, M.D, a functional medicine physician, received
of the brain affected most by Parkinson’s, the We certainly need proteins and protein her medical degree from the University of Texas in Houston.
substantia nigra, has high levels of the Vitamin complexes of Vitamin B-12 to create the She completed specialty training in Healthy Aging.
D receptor, which suggests Vitamin D may be structures making up our brain. We also need
important for normal functions of these cells. the fats found in such products as OmegaPrime
dId yOu KnOW?

If we look at other Vitamin D research, low to serve as raw materials and general information
Growing evidence links low Vitamin D levels to stroke,
levels of Vitamin D have been found to be on brain repair. We need Vitamin D to tell us
congestive heart failure and common heart disease risk
associated with: how much brain to build when we are young
factors such as hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity
and how much repair work to do as we age.
and diabetes. Patients with Vitamin D levels below 15 ng/ml
• Many neurological diseases such as
double their chances of heart attack or stroke within the
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Why winter is the time for next fi ve years. Researchers strongly recommend screening
• Autoimmune disorders such as
more Vitamin d for and treating low Vitamin D levels, especially in patients
We get Vitamin D from sunlight, foods
multiple sclerosis who are at risk for heart disease or diabetes.
and supplements. Because we are exposed
• Metabolic disorders such as diabetes. to less sunshine in the winter than in the
Make sure you get an adequate supply of Vitamin D.
summer, we need to be more vigilant about
Call a Wellness Consultant at 1-800-991-7116 to fi nd
Vitamin D is formed when sunlight strikes the supplementing with Vitamin D and exposing
out more about VitaCal-Mag D and Bone Growth Factor.
skin and interacts with cholesterol. Its main our skin to sunshine whenever practical. Most

Help avoid fractures from weakened INCREASE
bones with TriVita Bone Growth Factor
• Clinically proven to rebuild bone
• Physician-approved formula
• Highly-absorbable calcium TriVita Bone
Grow th Facto

Simply put: Female study participants gained an average of 6% bone mass after
taking TriVita Bone Growth Factor for three to six months. If you are concerned about $43.99
bone loss or have a family history of bone fragility, get TriVita Bone Growth Factor!
Membe35r0 $ 34.99
Try it today! Redeem with

Call 1-800-991-7116 or visit us at

bill A. – richland, Or Cindy A. – richland, Or

We’re So Ecstatic We Took

Within a few days of beginning the Challenge, “Within a short time of starting
I noticed that the painful plantar fasciitis had Nopalea, the pains started to lessen.”
resolved and I was finding it much easier
“I deal with a variety of aches and pains,
“I’ve had amazing results to sleep. I didn’t have to use any of the old
especially in my neck. I also have had pain in
remedies; I just took my daily Nopalea and
with Nopalea.” the problem resolved. It is amazing how fast
my hip and lower back, extreme arthritis in my
wrists and a recurring pain on the right side of
– Bill A. Nopalea worked for me.
my abdomen. Within a short time of starting
It’s such a great product that my husband Nopalea, the pains started to lessen. I have had
has even started taking it.” only one day in six weeks where the abdominal
KaNDy M. – cooKeVIlle, tN pain returned. My neck and wrists are virtually
“Nopalea has been such pain-free.
a blessing to us and we “I started drinking Nopalea as soon This has been a life-altering experience for both my
as it arrived on a Tuesday... Wednesday
want to share it with night the leg cramps went away.”
husband (see Bill’s story to the left) and me. It is so
good to have my husband back. Just two months
everyone we know who “I’ve had amazing results with Nopalea. I ago he could barely walk from the house to the
is dealing with pain.” suffered with chronic back problems for years, truck. He recently went pheasant hunting for six
but was able to live with this pain with exercise hours and on a cattle drive in rugged terrain for
– Cindy A. and behavior modification. However, a little eight hours. It has been such a blessing to us and
over a year ago my pain got worse and lasted we want to share it with everyone we know who is
longer. Having always been physically active, dealing with pain.”
I started to get depressed. I also had to wear cINDy a. – rIchlaND, or
“The inflammation in my a back brace and take pain pills just to get
brain and skin is gone, and through the day. After a doctor’s exam and the “My doctor and family are thrilled, and
usual nerve tests and x-rays, I was told that I had I am so glad I gave Nopalea a chance.”
my neck, hip and hand pains five herniated discs and two disintegrated discs.
I also had leg cramps and severe headaches to “I was first introduced to Nopalea in March of 2009
are dramatically down.” add to my misery. when I attended the launch in Phoenix. It sounded
– Joyce P. like a wonderful product, but I was hesitant because
When I first heard about Nopalea, I figured that I I am type 2 diabetic. Luckily, I’ve been very fortunate
had nothing to lose, so I started drinking Nopalea that I have never had to do insulin shots. I have been
as soon as it arrived on a Tuesday. Starting on on and off medication over the years and it’s been a
“The doctors were surprised Wednesday, the leg cramps went away. By constant battle to normalize my blood sugar levels.
Thursday, the headaches were gone and the pains My diabetic condition wasn’t getting any better and
by my improved liver and in my back, hip, leg and shoulder were noticeably I also had pain in my knuckles due to mild arthritis.
reduced. On Saturday my wife and I walked around
kidney functions.” all day and I did not wear my back brace or take Finally, after reading many success stories in your
– Edward B. any pills.* Thanks to Nopalea, I continue to find monthly catalog and VitaJournal from people with
more areas which are noticeably improving.” diabetes who had positive results with Nopalea, I
* You should not stop taking any medication BIll a. – rIchlaND, or decided to give it a try. Before I went on Nopalea, I
without first consulting your healthcare provider. had very extensive blood tests to create a baseline.

Sandy Z. – bath, Oh joyce P. – Clearwater, fl Edward b. – Palatine, Il

the Nopalea Wellness Challenge

The day after blood was drawn, I started on the I quickly noticed changes in my sleeping, mental
Nopalea Wellness Challenge. Shortly afterwards, clarity and focus. The blues went away and
I noticed that the pain in my knuckles had been my joint pains became bearable. Then I began
reduced by 70%. My doctor ordered another round drinking a bottle of Nopalea a week and the
of blood work and I was amazed to see that my A1C results multiplied. I slept better and was able NOPALEA ™

(glucose) levels dropped from 7.9 down to 6.4, which to nap when needed. The inflammation in my
represents a 30 point drop in blood sugar levels. brain and skin is gone, and my neck, hip and
My doctor and family are thrilled, and I am so glad I hand pains are dramatically down. I can now
gave Nopalea a chance. do vigorous cardio exercise and weight lifting,
which was impossible before Nopalea. This $25
I am more active, more energetic and feel like a new is such a great product that you just cannot
woman since being on Nopalea. I’m also starting to d
GiftCar BACK
help but share it with people... that is why I am
see my blood pressure go down. I’ve even broken sharing it with you!” FRONT
out my treadmill and I get on it for 1/2 an hour
Joyce P. – clearWater, Fl
every morning and every evening. I look forward to
continuing Nopalea and seeing what happens
with my health.“
“Nine days later, I suddenly noticed
there was no familiar pain.”
Share your story,
saNDy Z. – Bath, oh
“I am a 61-year-old professional karate teacher
with over 40 years of experience. While training
get great rewards!
“This is such a great product that
you just cannot help but share it over a year ago, I sustained an injury to my hip What’s your amazing Nopalea story? Share
with people.” and then my knee, which threatened to end my it and enjoy even more benefi ts: a $25
karate career altogether. To complicate matters,
“I have been an insomniac for 20 years and I also suffered a heart attack. TriVita Gift Card, PLUS an exclusive Nopalea
survived on strong sedatives, which no longer t-shirt – a $14.99 value! Just email your
worked. Extreme stress and lack of sleep caused I started taking Nopalea and to be honest, I was
inflammation in my brain and an extreme case a bit skeptical. About nine days later, I suddenly
Nopalea story to, or
of eczema, which caused me to lose most of noticed there was no familiar pain. That little call 1-800-693-4083. Please include your
my hair. Here’s what I did to start improving moment of hope made all the difference in the Member ID, your address and daytime
my health. world. I had a blood test one month after taking
phone number (along with email address,
Nopalea, and the doctors were surprised by my
I changed my diet, drank more water and took improved liver and kidney functions. if you have one).
more vitamins. But it wasn’t until I started taking
Nopalea that I began to notice really significant I have gone from not being able to kick at all, When you submit a letter or email, you are also giving
changes taking place in my body. to leading a two-hour charity kick-a-thon. My TriVita full rights to it, including the right to publish it
students and their parents always compliment me in future publications and to edit it as needed.
The juice of the Sonoran Nopal cactus fruit on the sudden turnaround, and I am very pleased
contains the full spectrum of 24 rare Betalains to tell them about the reason for that change.”
which are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is
eDWarD B. – PalatINe, Il
the root cause of all degenerative diseases,
including most of my health problems. For more details on The Nopalea Wellness
Challenge, see pages 4-5.

January 2010 l 15
10 H
Healthy Foods to
Keep on Hand!
by Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Counselor
ippocrates, the father of modern medicine,
said “let food be thy medicine and medicine
be thy food.” Many of the foods below are Cider Roasted Vegetables
easy-to-find, easy-to-eat, inexpensive and delicious.
Beginning this first month in 2010, stock these 10 Ingredients
foods in your kitchen consistently to reap myriad • 1 sweet or red onion, cut into wedges • 1 1/2 cups broccoli floret
• 2 carrots, sliced • 1 cup cauliflower florets
Christa Orecchio health benefits. These products are largely available
• 6 baby gold, purple or red • 1 yellow squash, cut into
in health food stores nationwide. potatoes, cut up (may use yams half moons
or sweet potatoes) • A few green beans, whole, trimmed
1. Coconut oil: Although it looks like Crisco, it has a much different interaction • 1 1/2 cups butternut squash • 1-2 portobello mushrooms
in the body. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats around. It is a medium-chain or pumpkin, peeled, cubed sliced or cut up
fatty acid, which means that it’s the good fat, which helps us burn the bad fat. • 1/2 cabbage sliced (green or purple) • 1-2 cloves of minced garlic
2. Grapeseed oil: A great oil to use for high heat because it has a high smoke DIRECTIONS
point, which means that it will not turn rancid like olive oil and other commonly Toss the vegetables in a large roasting pan. Season the veggies with sea salt and
used oils can at high temperatures. fresh ground pepper. Make your sauce.
3. Avocados: This creamy fruit can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood
pressure because it is a great source of potassium. It also contains Vitamin E, which
is an antioxidant essential for protection against many diseases. Eat avocados by
making homemade guacamole, add slices to a sandwich in place of cheese, or use
Cider Roasting Sauce
as a creamy treat on top of a salad.
4 Eggs: A complete protein that is highly absorbable by the body. They are very
4. • 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil • 1 cup natural apple cider
high in phosphorus, choline and other B vitamins; also high in Vitamins A and D, • 3 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar • 1 Tbsp. agave nectar or honey
making them one of nature’s perfect foods. Eat them regularly, but not more than
five per week.
Stir to blend. Pour the sauce over the veggies, toss well to coat. Sprinkle with
5. Kale: A nutrition powerhouse in and of itself. Kale is loaded with vitamins, warming spices, if you like: curry, nutmeg, a touch of cinnamon, some thyme.
minerals and fiber, containing more of the most well absorbed form of calcium Roast for 30 to 45 minutes at 375 degrees F, or until the veggies are tender.
than any other food.
6. Sea salt: The best way to get your essential trace minerals, which iodized salt
is devoid of. Trace minerals aid our digestion and support our nervous system. Curried Kale w/Caramelized Shallots & Agave
Celtic or Himalayan sea salts match the exact mineral profile of our blood, which
makes them the best choice. Ingredients
• 3 shallots, thinly sliced • ½ bunch kale (about 4 oz)
7. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Far and away the healthiest vinegar to use for all stems removed and chopped
• 1 Tbsp. coconut oil
your salad dressings. ACV is alkalizing, which means it has the ability to neutralize into large pieces
acidity and shift the pH back to balance. This is a very helpful and healing addition • 1 Tbsp. curry powder
• 1 Tbsp. agave nectar • 2 Tbsp. Tamari (wheat-free soy sauce)
to the diet of those who regularly experience heartburn or acid reflux.
• 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice • 2 Tbsp. water
8. Goat’s milk yogurt and cheese: Goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s
milk. Goat products digest within 20 minutes, vs. 8 hours to digest cow’s milk. DIRECTIONS
Heat oil over medium heat, add shallots and sauté until dark brown and
9. Almonds: One of the most nutritious of all nuts, almonds are low in saturated caramelized, about 20 minutes. Stir in curry powder, agave and lemon juice. Add
fat and high in many protective nutrients, namely magnesium, which nourishes kale, soy sauce and water. Cover and steam for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally
the nervous system. until kale is still chewy but tender. Do not overcook.
10 Walnuts: Not only high in protein and B vitamins, walnuts are high in Omega-3
fatty acids, which is our brain’s preferred source of fuel.  For more recipes, please visit page 21.
Happy new year of health!
Set a strong foundation to build on in 2010

f I had known I was going to to sort it all out. What’s important is to follow abuse is affecting you and/or your family, ask your
the basics: eat a healthy diet by choosing a healthcare professional or clergy member for help
live this long, I would have
variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fats, in locating local resources.
taken better care of myself.” added sugars and salt. Eat in moderation.
Whoever voiced those painful/funny take premium triVita supplements
words (Mark Twain, Mickey Mantle Eating right makes you feel good, and it’s impor- Make sure your body gets all the vitamins and
tant for reducing your risk for serious diseases. minerals it needs by taking only the best quality
and George Burns have been credited), In fact, experts say that healthier eating could supplements: TriVita products. Scientifically-
we all get the idea: taking care of reduce cancer deaths in the United States by as validated formulas, the best ingredients and
ourselves today will pay off tomorrow. much as 35 percent! stringent quality control all combine to give you
this assurance: you can trust TriVita products to
How will you “experience wellness ” this year to
Get tested help you build a strong foundation for your health.
get on the right track for all the tomorrows to Do you know your cholesterol numbers or what
come? Here are five smart ways to build a strong your blood pressure is? Do certain diseases and Now, you can give yourself the wellness benefits
foundation for your long-term health. Why not conditions run in your family? Did you know of Wellavoh, the new daily multi-nutrient com-
use this first month of the New Year to get going? that your genes and personal habits could be plex for complete nutrition. Wellavoh’s exclusive
putting your health at risk? formulas (one especially for men, one for women)
Get moving provide superior health support for day and night.
As you know, regular physical activity is Visit your doctor to discuss your family medical Its 22 different vitamins and minerals are scien-
important for your overall health and well-being. history and the tests and screenings that are tifically formulated to give your body powerful
Include activities that you enjoy and can easily recommended for you. Learn how you can protect support for optimal health in these key areas:
fit into your daily routine, such as walking your against disease and improve your quality of life.
dog, working in your garden or riding your bike. • Cardiovascular health • Skin health
reduce risk • Immune function • Bone health
Being active for 30-60 minutes on most days can When faced with choices that may affect
help you build strength and fitness, relax and your health and the lives of those you love, • Cognitive health • Hormonal health
reduce stress, gain more energy, and improve your it’s important to remember that there are • Digestive health • Reproductive health
sleep. These benefits all add up to decreasing your programs and organizations to help you
risk of heart disease and other conditions. make healthy decisions. Wellavoh provides four blends of powerful
nutrients, plus six essential nutrient classes. So
Eat smart Of course, you know that cigarette smoking even when you eat a healthy and balanced diet
Every day you see and hear messages from can cause cancer in smokers and in those who (and especially if you don’t), be sure to give your
advertisers who want you to buy their food breathe in the air around them. Using nicotine, body all the nutrients it needs every single day
products. Some products are healthy, but others alcohol and other drugs has consequences for with Wellavoh.
may be lacking in nutrients. Sometimes it’s hard you and those who care about you. If substance

Wellavoh is not your ordinary multi-vitamin
It’s a unique multi-nutrient complex that supports wellness, strength and vitality
Feed your body the nutrients it may lack from an average diet: Scientifically
formulated for
take Sonoran Bloom Wellavoh, the complete multi-nutrient MEN
complex. Wellavoh’s customized men’s and women’s
formulas give you 22 different vitamins and minerals.
Women #307
• The mEn’S fOrmulA supports optimal prostate, Men #30750
cholesterol and blood sugar health. Non-Member
Member $49.9
• The WOmEn’S fOrmulA supports optimal bone, 9
Redeem with 50
0 VitaPoints
formulated for
skin, hormone and breast health. WOMEN

Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116 or visit us at For a full list of ingredients visit
Research Desk
New findings in health and wellness

Want a healthier retirement? It may require getting a job

College Park, Maryland

Retirees who go back to work after retiring may reduce their risk of major disease and functional limitations,
according to research in the October 2009 Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Using data from the national Health and Retirement Study, researchers analyzed information from 12,189 retirees
between the ages of 51 and 61. They found that those who worked part-time or at temp jobs after retirement were
less likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke, psychiatric
problems and arthritis.

Retirees who worked at least part-time were also less likely to show a decline in their ability to perform daily living
tasks. And those who worked post-retirement jobs in their original career field had better mental health than those
who worked in a different field.

Insecticide use could increase risk of autoimmune diseases

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Insecticides may increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus in post-menopausal women, according to research
presented at the American College of Rheumatology’s Annual Scientific Meeting in October 2009.

Using data from the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, researchers identified 76,861 women between
50 and 79 years old and studied their reported personal and commercial use of pesticides and if they had lived or
worked on a farm.

They discovered that women who reported more insecticide use had a higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis
and/or lupus, regardless of whether they had been in a farm environment.

“Although suggestive, we need to start thinking about what chemicals or other factors related to insecticide use
could explain these findings,” said lead investigator Christine G. Parks, PhD, epidemiologist, National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md. “Our results also provide support for
the idea that environmental factors may increase susceptibility or trigger the development of autoimmune diseases
in some individuals.”

Friends, family, social networks & obesity

Boston, Massachusetts
If your friends or loved ones become obese, you may experience an increase in girth too, according to a recent
study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of
California, San Diego found that when a person gains weight, it increases the chances that their friends and family
members will gain weight as well. If a person becomes obese, the risk of their spouse becoming obese increases 37%;
siblings have a 40% increase in risk of obesity and friends have a 57% increase in risk.

Analyzing 32 years’ worth of data from the Framingham Heart Study, researchers observed 12,067 people, among
whom 38,611 social and family ties were discovered. Interestingly, gender played a prominent role in the study results:
in same-sex friendships, the risk of obesity increased to 7%; brothers experienced a 44% increase in risk and sisters
experienced a 67% increase. Friends and siblings of the opposite sex showed no increased risk.

Researchers hypothesize that by being around obese individuals, a person’s view of appropriate body size changes. 

Drink Up!
Water is crucial in maintaining good health

J ust how important is water

to our survival?
Water makes up more than two-thirds of the
through the urine, stool, sweat and mucus. How
well you detoxify depends largely on the quantity
and quality of the water you drink.
• Cabbage
• Cauliflower
• Oranges
• Asparagus
• Carrots
• Watermelon

weight of our bodies, and without it, we would how much water should you • Apples • Cantaloupe
die in a few days. The human brain is made up drink every day? • Bananas • Blueberries
of 95% water, blood is 82% and lungs 90%. You Start by drinking plenty of water every day.
To calculate your daily water needs, use the • Grapefruit • Grapes
can live for weeks without food, but only a few
days without water. Many of us routinely feel the simple formula below: • Tomatoes
effects of too little water. Mild dehydration is one
of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. ÷2 =
your weight Ounces of water FASCINATING FACTS
Age-related changes make older adults more in pounds per day
vulnerable to shifts in water balance that can
result in over-hydration or, more frequently, Example: A 150-pound person would need to drink
dehydration. And because seniors often have a about 75 ounces of water per day. 150 ÷ 2 = 75 11. Approximately 75% of Americans are
reduced sense of thirst, dehydration is one of the ounces (a little over 9 cups of water) chronically dehydrated. This same statistic
most frequent causes of hospitalization after age 65. applies to half the world population.
22. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism
If our bodies are mostly water, it makes sense that how do you know if you’re not is so weak that it is mistaken for hunger.
water definitely plays an important role in how drinking enough water?
long and how well we live. Water is something Dehydration can be extremely serious and life 33. Even mild dehydration can slow down a
threatening and may require medical care. person’s metabolism by as much as 3%.
we take very seriously at TriVita and that’s why
Essential #2 in our 10 Essentials for Health and Symptoms may include: 44. One glass of water shut down midnight
Wellness emphatically states: hunger pangs for almost 100% of dieters
• Dry mouth in a University of Washington study.
Drink water – nature’s best • Limited tear production 55. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of
beverage not only quenches • Thirst and weakness daytime fatigue.
thirst, but also enhances energy • Decreased or unusually dark urine 66. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10
glasses of water can significantly ease back
• Sunken eyes or parched, cracked lips and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
metabolism depends on water
Metabolism describes the way you convert food • Dizziness, drowsiness, nausea or feeling
77. Just a small 2% drop in body water can
into energy. Most foods contain enough water for faint trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble
the plant or animal to live; however, there is not • Irritability or confusion with basic math and difficulty focusing on
enough water in most foods to metabolize them. the computer screen or on a printed page.
You can do your part by eating foods high in • Fever, low blood pressure or increased pulse
88. Drinking five glasses of water daily
water, including most fruits and vegetables. (See decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%,
chart at right.) Eat water-rich fruits plus it can cut the risk of breast cancer
and vegetables every day by 79% and bladder cancer by 50%.
detoxification The recommendation is five servings per day for
children, seven for women and nine for men. 99. Dehydration has been identified as a
Detoxification depends on water. It begins at possible trigger to acute gout attacks.
the cellular level and ends when waste has Some fruits and vegetables high in water content
Drinking a half-gallon of water a day
been detoxified and eliminated. An amazing you can easily include in your diet include: may also keep gout attacks away,
three quarters of all the toxins in your body are according to researchers at Boston
eliminated in the water vapor from your lungs as • Broccoli • Spinach University School of Medicine.
you breathe. The remaining toxins are eliminated • Cucumber • Bell peppers

1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 19



about re-formulated Leanology shakes

They are packed with nutrients from the Sonoran Desert
for an even better weight loss experience
By Brazos Minshew, Chief Science Officer

besity is one of with weight loss. They offer high density of satisfy our need for protein; and foods that
the most serious nutrients coupled with low calories for our contain the fats we need for energy. The
health threats we Leanology nutritional shakes. Nopal cactus leaves of the nopal cactus are nutrient dense
face. Combating obesity leaves in the diet of the Sonoran Desert and satisfy our “volume” cravings. The pods
is a priority for most Natives are one important reason why these of the mesquite tree are sweet, loaded with
people in North America people are so remarkably healthy! fiber and protein-rich. The seeds of the
because two-thirds of us sage plant are loaded with beneficial fats –
are overweight or obese. Protein especially Omega-3 fats.
brazos minshew
In simplest terms, weight Although the peoples of the Sonoran Desert
gain occurs when the number of calories we eat lean, grass-fed game in season, their Sonoran Desert natives also live a very active
consume exceeds the number of calories we primary sources of protein are plant-based. life. They work and play within the harshest
burn off during our daily activity. In order Key among these are the pods from the desert in the world. Most of us here in North
to lose weight, we can either limit calories mesquite tree. The mesquite produces a seed America get less than 25 minutes of activity per
or increase our level of activity (or do a little that is so hard it is inedible. The pod that day while the natives average around 2 ½ hours
of both). However, our typical diet does not carries the seed is edible and delicious! The daily! The foods of the Sonoran are nutrient-
provide the nutrients that are necessary to aid mesquite tree is a cousin to the carob tree. So, packed and they fuel enthusiasm. They make
in weight loss. Fortunately for us, the peoples of the pods have a naturally sweet, chocolate-like you want to get up off the couch and get active
the Sonoran Desert have gifts to help us meet flavor. The pods are high in fiber (necessary doing the things you love.
our weight loss goals. for weight loss) and high in protein while
being very low in calories. The natives pulver- Enjoy the new Leanology shakes and accept the
Natives in the Sonoran Desert are thin and ize the mesquite pods into a fine powder and gifts of the Sonoran Desert: a lean body, a long
energetic throughout their entire lives. They use it in many ways, often simply blending it life and robust vitality!
have one of the lowest rates of obesity, diabetes with water and enjoying the natural sweetness.
and general disability of all Native peoples. See page 8 for more information about Leanology.
And they also enjoy one of the greatest life- healthy fats
spans and health-spans of any culture. Almost every cell in the human body is
surrounded by fat. Rather than being “bad,”
With that in mind, I have re-formulated fats are necessary for life, health and energy.
Leanology nutritional shakes with the gifts

of the Sonoran Desert.

Omega-3 fats are especially important for
both heart and brain health, and to balance Formulation
healthy hormones. Salmon and walnuts are
fruits and vegetables two excellent sources of Omega-3 fats. But the
All healthy diets include protein, fats, undisputed champion of Omega-3 is the sage
vegetables and fruits. The main fruit of the seed from the Sonoran Desert! The seed itself Sonoran Desert
Sonoran people is the Nopal cactus superfruit. is one-quarter Omega-3 by weight – more than Reformulation
The most common green vegetable they eat are any other food. So, a little goes a long way.
nopalitos – the leaf of the nopal cactus. The Sage seeds give the natives of the Sonoran · Chia seed
nopal leaf has many fascinating characteristics. the health and energy they need for vibrant, · Mesquite
According to several studies, including one low-illness life.
· Nopal cactus
from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Univer-
sity of Perugia, Italy, the Nopal leaf has been Calories in, calories out 30 SERVINGS
shown to help reduce “bad” cholesterol and You can’t lose weight if you are always hungry.
increase “good” cholesterol. These leaves help Three things stop hunger: high-volume foods
balance your blood sugar and effectively assist with abundant nutrients; hearty foods that

you can make a
lAStInG dIffErEnCE Article from Michael Ellison continued from page 2...

I am sure James Robison won’t mind that I share his story with
you. James and Betty have a wonderful mission of helping people
worldwide experience wellness by offering food, shelter and
clothing to aid the poor; they also offer spiritual wellness by
helping people experience a relationship with God. They teach and
put into practice our 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness every
day. We have worked and traveled with them for over 25 years in
their far-reaching mission outreach. Every now and then James and
I will play golf together and he always wears a brace on his left arm
to protect an injured tendon. I introduced James to Nopalea, and
Your contribution will touch countless lives after a couple of months we went and played golf and he did not
wear his brace for the first time in over 15 years. He looked at me,
TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partnered smiled, shrugged and said, “What can I say, it must be Nopalea.”
to provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:
Why not start your year off with another step to enhance your
• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not have health? If you have only taken an ounce a day you may not
access to pure, fresh water have experienced the more immediate benefits that come from a
larger quantity. Some people only take it off and on and may not
• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas experience measurable results. It may sound like a miracle drink

• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life

• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by giving “You too can experience greater
the gift of life
Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create new
wellness in 2010!”
wells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,
we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!

Want to make a difference? when we talk about the experiences people are having from it, but
Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to take it is not. You have to give it the opportunity to demonstrate its
your tax-deductible donation along with your order. ability to put the fire of inflammation out by starting out with the
Nopalea loading dose we are suggesting. If your house was on fire,
would you want your fire department to show up with garden hoses
you can mail your donation to:
to attach to water spouts, or a 4-inch fire hose to attach to a fire
House of Giving
16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop hydrant? Of course we all know the answer. I am only saying this
Ste. 950 because I know that’s how people have approached this product.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Some have wanted to stretch it out so they water it down, some
think it is too sweet so they only take a little, but some love the
taste and drink 3-6 ounces or more a day.

Those who have taken the Challenge with this Nopalea loading
Christa’s recipes continued from page 16... dose are those who are experiencing incredible results, and you can
read about a few of them on pages 10-11 and 14-15. We want you
Bitter Greens with Walnuts to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge to kick off the New Year
so you too can experience greater wellness in 2010! Learn more
InGrEdIEntS about the Challenge on pages 4-5.
• 1/2 cup walnut pieces • 1 Tbsp. grapeseed oil
• 1 bunch dandelion greens • 4 cloves garlic May you have a Blessed and Healthy New Year!
• 1 bunch mustard greens • Sea salt to taste
• 1 bunch collard greens
Toast the walnuts in a 350 degree F oven for 5-10 minutes, until they release a fragrant
odor. Wash the greens and remove any coarse stems (especially from collards and mustard We value your feedback.
greens). Bring three inches of salted water to boil, add the greens and boil for fi ve minutes Please send your comments to:
uncovered. Drain the greens, lay on a fl at surface to cool, and then chop. Heat the oil in a or mail to Editor,
large sauté pan, add garlic and cook for one minute, stirring so the garlic does not burn. c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. Greenway Hayden
Add greens, walnuts and salt to taste. Cook until greens are heated through. Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 21

Live Your
Life Without
and Move on
by Dr. Judy

s I sit down be made right, definitely forgive yourself,
to write this and let it go.
We all make mistakes and have
article, my 3 Be Grateful – The most valuable
life is changing in a regrets. That’s what makes us human.
lessons learned in life often come
big way. I am leaving from the mistakes we make. Embrace
the city of Scottsdale them, and feel gratitude for getting
where I have lived Let go of the regrets past the incident.
Judy Ellison, Ph.D. for the past 28 years You may be having regrets for things that
happened in 2009. Life isn’t just about good 4 Don’t repeat the same mistake –
and the house I have times. We all make mistakes and have regrets. If you are faced with similar difficulties
lived in for 14 of those years. It’s That’s what makes us human. Don’t beat your- over and over again, this is an indica-
hard for me to leave the familiar and self up for things that happened. Don’t live your tion that you have not learned the
go to the unknown: A new city and life through a rearview mirror. lessons these situations are trying to
a new house void of the memories teach. New opportunity will come about
There is a way to release ourselves, and only after you take responsibility for
that makes a house a home. All others, from the pain and suffering of regret. your actions and change your current
three of my children lived in this Let go. Let go of blaming yourself and others and future behavior.
house and left the safety of the nest by choosing to forgive and move on.
to go out on their own. They did it! As you face 2010, you have the opportunity
Why am I clinging? Here are four steps to get you started to begin again and create on the white space
of your life. The past is the past but you have
I was sharing with a friend about how hard 1 Acknowledge your mistakes – the chance here to make things the way you
it is for me to move and let go of the memo- Taking personal ownership that your want them to be.
ries that had taken place in this house. (Not past actions resulted in bringing about
that they were all good; I have had my your current reality is the first step to The best is yet to come in this brand new year!
regrets.) He said, “Judy, life is like a mural moving past regrets and into a Just believe it and make it happen. 
that we keep adding to with every change brighter future.
that takes place. You don’t lose the memo-
ries, you just add to them. Consider the 2 Choose to forgive – If your past
move and the new year ‘white space’ to actions or words have harmed another
create whatever you really want on your person, an apology may be in order.
mural.” For some reason this thought really Sometimes it isn’t feasible to apologize Judy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author and motivational
struck a chord with me. I had “white space,” as it may only make matters worse to speaker. She has inspired people around the world to reach
a fresh space on which to create the open up wounds. If you feel badly about within and find their passionate purpose to live a more
meaningful life.
continuing mural of my life. a past action you’ve taken that cannot
your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20

In the New Year,

strengthen your faith
by Chaplain Gene Henderson

“For the gifts and Once you’ve written down your purpose, what had been aware, the opportunity was
the calling of God action steps can you take to achieve it? Maybe presented and I was ready to move forward.
your life purpose is to help others less fortunate.
are irrevocable.” That’s pretty general, but the specific steps might Each year, I renew my faith that establishing
– Romans 11:29 look like this: that retreat is one of my God callings. What’s
yours? Maybe you think your purpose has

hroughout this 1. Donate time to the local soup kitchen passed by: you’re “too old,” or “don’t have the
issue of the once a week. money,” or whatever excuse comes up. Put the
VitaJournal, you excuses aside and take the Faith Challenge:
Gene henderson 2. Take clothes and household items
can feel the excitement
to the homeless shelter.
about the Nopalea ™
Dream again. Write down your purpose. Be
Wellness Challenge. You can feel the excite- 3. Be a volunteer at a hospital or hospice. specific. Take the steps that will get you there.
ment in our TriVita headquarters, too, and This is the time to renew your faith that God
all the “buzz” got me thinking: why not have My own “Faith Challenge” is with me all the has a plan for you. Maybe you haven’t seen it yet;
a “Faith Challenge?” time. My wife and I feel that our purpose is to maybe it hasn’t come to fruition yet. Know that
establish a retreat center for weary pastors to be whatever the plan, God’s working on it for you.
Spiritual health is essential to overall health, renewed, restored and recharged. Every day, an As we read in Romans 11:29, once God reveals
of course, so there’s no better time than this index card on my mirror reminds me of this His purpose for you, He doesn’t take it back.
first month of 2010 to challenge ourselves: purpose, and it adds two important words: “Be
let’s re-examine the foundation of our faith, aware.” You might ask, “Be aware of what?” and Has it been a while since you thought about
and challenge ourselves to make it the rock that’s the issue. What does God have going on your purpose? Is your faith rooted in bygone
on which we build our relationship to God. around you to be aware of? dreams? Renew that faith now; shore up that
I’m not talking about a New Year’s resolution foundation, and let God’s plan be present in
A plan fell through, yet I was thrilled your everyday life. It doesn’t matter who you are,
A few years ago a close friend came to me or where: faith transcends all personalities and
with news of a retreat center in Arizona that backgrounds. It’s the belief in that thing that
Put the excuses aside and take was available. It had changed hands, and the you can’t touch, that thing that isn’t there.
new owners wanted to sell. But the price was
the Faith Challenge. too high and the deal didn’t happen. I wasn’t This New Year, I wish you the power of God’s
disappointed; I got very excited, because I will made manifest in your life through faith.

here, but a re-commitment to following His

will for our life purpose. What we need to
bring forward into 2010 and beyond is our
fundamental faith in the wisdom of what God
has called us to do. What is it that God has
called you to do, and are you going towards
that calling? This is the time to sit down and
write it down.

Write down your purpose

It’s so easy for us all to get absorbed in minor
day-to-day tasks and events that we lose our What is it that God has called
focus on why we’re here. So today, I urge you
to write down your purpose. We know that you to do, and are you going
writing things down helps make them “real” towards that calling? This is
for us, so take a note card or piece of paper the time to sit down and
and write it down: what is it that God has
promised you would do in your lifetime? write it down.

1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 23

Real Stories
from real people
See what Members like you have to say about TriVita products! ®

“Super Sublingual B-12 is absolutely one of my favorites.” “I lost 22 pounds and I have kept it off almost one year.”
“I want to thank TriVita for their Super Sublingual “I love Leanology capsules – they work great for me! I lost 22 pounds and
B-12 product. It has helped me greatly ever since I have kept it off for almost one year. It has been great. Normally when I go on
started taking it and I always notice how much better a diet, the weight comes back on in three months. I also have the Leanology
I feel. shake as a meal replacement three to four times a week. This helps when I am
in a rush and need a quick, tasty, healthy meal.
Super Sublingual B-12 has given me energy,
focus and improved my memory and kept me in I am happy to say that I have gone down at least two sizes in my clothing. I have
good health. more energy and a lot of people have really noticed and made great comments!
What’s really great is that I lost this weight nine months ago, so when I say that
Because I have regularly taken high quality TriVita products over the I’ve kept it off, I really have!
years and practiced the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness, I have
enjoyed a healthy lifestyle in my senior years without medications and I know there are things that I eat which would normally trigger my body to
few doctor visits. gain a few pounds, but with Leanology capsules I do not gain the weight and
I really do feel great! They are so easy to take and they help with cravings. I feel
Super Sublingual B-12 is absolutely one of my favorites and I always very comfortable recommending Leanology as a really excellent product for
have some handy in my purse to share with others so that they can also weight reduction.”
experience wellness.” Mary Kay P. – east yorK, oN
DelFINa F. – rochester, MI

“The Leanology System inspired me “My energy was back!” a friend that I felt like I was at the end of my rope.
to change the way I was eating.” “I have a mitro-valve condition in She suggested that I try Adaptogen 10 Plus. At
“I had gone up to slightly over 300 pounds, my heart, so I have my blood tested first I was skeptical, but shortly after I started taking
then I got down to 200 within 8 months, often. During one blood test, the Adaptogen I noticed I was feeling less edgy and
but I was sick and anemic and did not doctor found that I had anemia, distressed. It is an awesome product and I have
take a healthy approach to weight loss. which made me tired. A lady in our never gotten such quick results.”
I began to put the weight back on and church suggested Sublingual B-12, cyNthIa h. – QueeN creeK, aZ
obesity damaged my intestines and I so I started taking it. At my next blood test, the
developed severe diverticulitis. anemia didn’t show up at all, and my energy was
back! I mentioned the B-12 to my daughter. She “My cholesterol level hasn’t
So, I decided to order the Leanology has a 21-year-old girl with dyslexia and attention been this low since high school.”
System Well, I lost just over 20 pounds
System. deficit disorder. Now my granddaughter is taking “I am a 30-something stay-at-home
in 30 days! I used the capsules, the shakes the B-12 and can hardly live without it. The mom of 2 very active girls. I heard
and the chews. I began to eat a good, Sublingual B-12 really perks her up; she even drives about all the wonderful things fish
healthy lunch – usually a salad with 100 miles each way to college 3 times a week.” oils can do for you, so I decided to
protein and three Leanology capsules. lorraINe W. – aVoN ParK, Fl try TriVita’s OmegaPrime. After
about two months of taking the
I usually make one Leanology shake per day. The OmegaPrime, I was due for my yearly exam. My
Leanology System inspired me to change the way I “I noticed I was feeling less edgy cholesterol has been borderline high for years.
was eating – especially with fresh fruit, veggies and and distressed.” Both my parents have high cholesterol, so I am
lean meats. Using Leanology gave me the power to “I am a 29-year-old woman who was first diagnosed always very concerned about mine. I was pleasantly
change my thoughts about eating and get in the with depression and generalized anxiety disorder surprised to find that my cholesterol level had gone
zone to make a lifestyle change. The capsules were when I was 19. I started taking anti-depressants and down and the only thing I did differently was take
especially helpful with cravings and burning off then stopped taking them and continued to live the OmegaPrime. Thanks for a quality product.”
excess fat. with my symptoms for several years. I saw a new JaN D. – MattheWs, Nc
psychotherapist who prescribed several anxiety and
depression medications, which didn’t really help. *You should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any diet, exercise
I am thrilled to report that my waist size is now 36, or supplementation program, before taking any medication or if you suspect
and I was at size 42-44 before I started Leanology.” After a horrible detox from the drugs I was still left you might have a heart problem. You should not stop taking any medication
JohN W. – sPoKaNe, Wa with depression and anxiety. Two weeks ago I told without first consulting your healthcare provider.

Member Spotlight

from unrelenting pain

to everlasting hope
Sonoran Bloom Nopalea has dramatically eased
Kimberly’s post-cancer pain

imberly’s heartrending six hours for the surgery. She lost her
right leg and half of her pelvis, but
story makes the occasional
thankfully the surgeons saved her left
inconveniences of life seem leg. Finally, Kimberly
very trivial in comparison. When was cancer-free. Doctors
she spoke at TriVita’s 2009 Galaxy were doubtful she could Kimberly with M
of Stars event, many attendees ever have children, yet at the 2009 Gala ael Ellison
once again Kimberly xy of Stars
were moved to tears by Kimberly’s proved the naysayers
inspirational saga of survival. wrong and she has
since delivered 2 “I am so excited about
This Mesa, Arizona resident was diagnosed with beautiful children, a Nopalea... This is a great
bone cancer in 1996. Unfortunately, the cancer 7-year-old girl and product that really works!”
was very advanced and doctors gave her little 10-month-old boy.
hope. “The doctor told me I had one month – Kimberly
to live at the most,” Kimberly remembers. “He the painful Kimberly and family
added that I should probably start planning aftermath
my own funeral.” This was devastating news – Unfortunately,
because Kimberly was planning to get married Kimberly’s troubles were only beginning after with her later in the week and Kimberly was
in one month. She went ahead with the the cancer surgery, because she now had to pleased to report that after only a few days
marriage – and her husband, David, has strongly deal with unrelenting pain. “I’ve battled pain the Nopalea was helping. “I kept taking it
supported her through many very difficult times. for many years and it has really taken a toll on and realized that the pain in my left hip and
my life,” she says. “I had to be on heavy duty spine and the phantom pain from my lost leg
Kimberly’s torturous pain medications just to get through the day. dramatically improved,” she says. “Better yet,
chemotherapy and surgery Sometimes they didn’t work at all. The pain after my doctor saw how great I was doing he
Always the fighter, Kimberly refused to give got so bad that I couldn’t leave the house, or agreed to greatly reduce the pain medication
up and die. She met with other specialists and even leave my bedroom. I’d hide in the closet that I had done nothing but increase in the
underwent a radical chemotherapy treatment with my pillow because I was screaming in past 13 years.”*
that had excruciating side effects. By this time, pain and praying to God to ease my incredible
the fast-growing cancer had spread into her hip, suffering.” “I am so excited about Nopalea,” Kimberly
spine and lungs. Yet the chemotherapy shrank continues. “I just want to keep taking it
the tumors enough to make surgery a possibility. nopalea’s life-changing effect and tell other people about it so they can
However, there were major risks involved and Kimberly was resigned to a lifetime of experience what I have – a major decrease
many doctors refused to do it. “I prayed to the suffering when she was approached by Don, in pain. This is a great product that really
Lord that if there’s anything else, show it to me, a fellow churchgoer and TriVita® Affiliate works!” Nopalea has given Kimberly hope
I need it now,” Kimberly recalls. “I checked out Member, as she was getting into her car. He that after many years filled with pain and
every possible type of alternative medicine and helped her children get situated and asked anguish she can finally enjoy life and her
there was nothing they could do for me.” what had happened to her. “I told him my wonderful family.
cancer story and resulting pain and he said
She finally found a hospital that was willing ‘I think I know something that might be * Results may vary. Do not stop taking any medication
to perform the surgery, yet Kimberly was able to help you. Would you be willing to try without first consulting your healthcare provider.
warned that she would have to lose her a product called Nopalea?’ I told him I’d try
right leg and possibly even her left leg. “This anything if it would help with my pain.”
changed everything,” comments Kimberly.
“I went home and prayed to make the right Sure enough, Don followed through and a
decision and decided to go ahead with it.” bottle of Nopalea arrived in the mail several
days later. Both Kimberly and her husband
Originally the doctors thought the surgery were understandably skeptical, because she
would be completed within six hours. Yet, it had tried some of the strongest prescription
took six hours to stop the bleeding and another pain medications available. Don checked in

1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 25

REACH for better flexibility
Stretching can help improve your freedom of movement and range of motion

egular stretching can lengthen Improved flexibility can also mean an easier for a count of eight. Repeat this stretch
your muscles and increase time picking something off the floor or reaching on opposite side, using right hand to
for something on a high shelf. Just be sure to stretch left arm and shoulder.
your range of motion: in follow these stretching do’s and don’ts:
other words, it can help improve your • triceps stretch
flexibility. And flexibility can help: do: Stand up straight, with knees slightly bent.
Place feet hip distance apart. Make sure
• Consult your healthcare provider before toes are pointing forward. Keep shoulders
• Reduce the risk of injury beginning a stretching program, especially even. Bend right arm at elbow joint, lift
if you have had hip replacement surgery arm next to your head. Position right
• Increase balance fingers so they touch the shoulder blade
• Warm up before stretching to reduce your area. Place left arm across top of head, and
• Improve coordination risk of injury place left hand on the right elbow to gently
support the arm during this stretch. Hold
• Promote circulation • Try to stretch for 20 minutes at least 3 stretch for a count of eight. Repeat this
times per week stretch on the opposite side, using right
hand to stretch left triceps.
• Improve posture • Stretch all muscle groups including those
in the back, chest, shoulders, neck, legs • Chest stretch
• Reduce stress and arms Stand up straight, with knees slightly
bent. Place feet hip distance apart.
don’t: Make sure toes are pointing forward.
Keep shoulders even. Place arms
• Stretch to the point of pain; you behind your back. Clasp your hands
may feel discomfort but pain is a together, extending your arms behind
warning sign your back and hold this position. Hold
stretch for a count of eight.
• Stretch before warming up
• quadriceps stretch
• Bounce while you stretch; this Stand facing a wall, about one foot
can lead to injury away from it. Keep yourself up by
putting your right hand against the
• Twist your spine or overextend wall. Raise your left leg behind you
your neck and grab your foot with your left hand.
Pull your heel slightly up toward your
• Hold your breath while stretching bottom, stretching the muscles in the
front of your left thigh for 20 seconds.
• Jerk into position; move slowly Keep your thighs close together to keep
your knee aligned and stretch effective.
ready to get started? Repeat the stretch with your right leg.
Try these stretching exercises from the U.S.
Department of Health & Human Services • hamstring stretch
Office on Women’s Health (both women and Lie down with your back flat on the
men can perform these stretches): floor, with both of your knees bent.
Place your feet flat on the floor, about
• Cross shoulder stretch six inches apart. Bend your right knee
Stand up straight, with knees slightly up to your chest and hold onto your
bent. Place feet hip distance apart. Make right thigh with both hands placed
sure toes are pointing forward. Keep behind your knee. Slowly straighten
shoulders even. Bend right arm at elbow your right leg, feeling slight stretching in
joint, extend arm across chest. Place left the back of your leg. Hold the stretch for
hand on the right elbow to gently support 20 seconds, and then repeat with your
the arm during this stretch. Hold stretch left leg.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
A purposeful life celebrates a life of purpose

may help you

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a United
States holiday that marks the birthdate
of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This

live longer
holiday is observed on the third Monday
of January each year around the time of
King’s birthday.

Today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is

observed in a wide variety of ways and
Even modest goals can enhance your quality of life citizens are encouraged to offer volunteer
service to honor his memory.
and longevity
Dr. King was the chief spokesman for
nonviolent activism in the civil rights

major new study shows that if you important for physical health. Boyle says she movement. His philosophy of nonviolent
have a purpose in life, you’ll live believes that this new study is one of the largest resistance led to his arrest on numerous
longer. It doesn’t matter whether and most comprehensive investigations into the occasions in the 1950s and 1960s. However,
your goals are ambitious or modest. “It can link between life purpose and longevity. his campaigns had many successes,
be anything,” suggests study author Dr. including the end to segregation of city
Patricia Boyle, a neuropsychiatrist at the Rush The findings from this study complement busses in Montgomery, Alabama. He
Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University another recent study where it was discovered spearheaded the August 1963 March on
Medical Center in Chicago. “We found that that retirees older than 65 who volunteered had Washington. In 1964 Dr. King was awarded
people who reported a greater level of purpose less than half the risk of dying during a four- the Nobel Peace Prize and in 1965 he
in life were substantially less likely to die over year follow-up period than peers who did not played a major role in the passage of the
the follow-up period as compared to people volunteer their time. Civil Rights Act. Dr. King’s plans to lead a
with a lower level of purpose.” The follow-up Poor People’s March to Washington were
period averaged three years. So, where is the link between having a thwarted when he was assassinated in
purposeful life and living longer? Boyle believes Memphis on April 4, 1968.
This research study included 1,238 older that having a greater sense of purpose helps
adults who were all dementia-free when the multiple systems of the body function better, Dr. King was the eternal optimist in
study began and averaged 78 years old. The offering protection from various illnesses. spite of the obstacles to fulfilling his
participants were asked to answer questions life’s purposes. “As we struggle to make
about their purpose in life. When comparing Dr. Gary Kennedy, director of geriatric racial and economic justice a reality, let
scores, Boyle discovered that those with a psychiatry at Montefiore Medical Center in us maintain faith in the future,” Dr. King
higher sense of purpose had about half the New York City, agrees with these findings. stated with his usual eloquence. “We
risk of dying during the follow-up period than “I often see the effects of not having a purpose will confront difficulties and frustrating
those with a lower sense of purpose. “What among older patients,” he states. “I see a number moments in the struggle...
this is saying is, if you find purpose in life, of people who have lost that purpose and their but we shall overcome.”
if you find your life is meaningful and if you health declines.”
have goal-directed behavior, you are likely to
live longer,” Dr. Boyle says. Boyle adds that future research efforts will
attempt to find out if people can be inspired “Darkness cannot drive out
Other research studies have found that having to have purpose in life and perhaps be taught darkness; only light can do that.
a purpose in life is important to maintaining to set goals and work toward them. Hate cannot drive out hate; only
psychological wellness and can be equally love can do that.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, 1963

At TriVita, our mission is to inspire

people to experience wellness and to create
wealth for their life purposes. Everything
we do is based on this mission.
1-800-991-7116 January 2010 l 27
A Sonoran
“bloom” of
Word is spreading fast about TriVita products
rooted in the healing plants of the Sonoran Desert

hen Dave Morris walks the key ingredients in this breakthrough drink is boiled, it yields a liquid that can wash away
is the Nopal cactus, known for its vivid red fruit germs from minor cuts.
into an auditorium to
and prickly “pads.” In days gone by, the Nopal
lead a seminar on desert was a chief food source, full of fiber, calcium desert willow. Many kinds of pain meet
plants, he sometimes wonders, “Will and Vitamin C. Today, of course, we also know their match in this graceful tree. Flowers, leaves
anyone be here?” Lately, he finds the that it’s loaded with Betalains, a rare and potent and bark have been used in hot poultices, to
class of antioxidants that help the body reduce treat athlete’s foot, and as a remedy for scrapes
room is packed, as more and more inflammation and detoxify. and scratches.
people turn to ancient remedies in
the quest for health. more surprises from the Sonoran Cottonwood tree. The inner bark of this
What other ancient secrets might the Sonoran willow produces salicyn, an aspirin substitute.
Dave is happy to share his knowledge. As an release to the world at large? Dave details some “Put it on your temples when you have a
ethnobotanist (a scientist of how plants and of the surprising abundance thriving in TriVita’s headache; it’ll do the trick,” says Dave.
people interact), he knows a great deal about own backyard.
the plants of the Sonoran Desert, which Clearly, the Sonoran Desert is not an arid
spreads throughout the southwestern U.S. Agave. Tea brewed from the fleshy leaves wasteland, but a lush oasis of help and healing.
and Mexico. And by being one of the first to of this long-living succulent is thought to In days to come, TriVita will continue to offer
share his insights with TriVita leaders, Dave relieve arthritis pain. The heart of the plant healthful innovations like Nopalea that spring
played a role in the company’s development is nutritious food. from this desert bounty.
of Sonoran Bloom, the product line rooted
in the healing plants of the desert. The anti- Creosote. This abundant desert shrub has a
inflammatory wellness drink Nopalea is™
long list of healing uses: steam from the boiled
the first product in the new line that will leaves was used to ease congestion, and leaf and
continue to tap the Sonoran’s secrets. flower tea was a remedy for the common cold.

“ a drugstore and a Palo verde. This legume, or bean plant tree,
grocery store” bears edible beans. And, the bark was used as a
“The Sonoran Desert is like a drugstore and germ-killer.
a grocery store,” says Dave, a Choctaw Native
American who works with Pueblo Grande jojoba. Want an appetite suppressant?
Museum in Phoenix ( Remedy for burns? Skin treatment for sunburn?
html). Lush and “full of plants that can be used All these and many more uses are made of
for healing and for food,” he says, the desert the oil and seeds of this shrub that can live
has nurtured the native Sonoran people for to 200 years.
thousands of years.
mesquite. This hardy tree, called the “tree of
Now, the desert is reaching out through Nopalea life” by native peoples, has many uses. Its pods
to reach people all over North America. One of are used for jelly and flour, and when the bark dave morris, Ethnobotanist

Discover the

Enjoying wellness
amazing effects
of Adaptogen
10 Plus ®


Improve your health by rejuvenating your cells
By Brazos Minshew, Chief Science Officer

here may be a healthy, functioning body. Still, the basic
unit of life is the cell and the basic “conductor”
trillions of cells
– orchestrating the function of the cell –
in the human is the DNA.
body. Each cell is like a
tiny factory... and they In order for our DNA to accomplish the task
of building healthy cells, we must provide

brazos minshew
all have a function and
a product to produce.
the necessary nutrients every day. If we are
missing even a single nutrient at the critical Adaptogen 10 Plus
Our DNA orchestrates moment it is needed, our cells will not be able
the production of tiny proteins that to carry out their work of creating healthy Your Everyday Stress Solution
proteins. Incomplete proteins are produced,
are made into enzymes, hormones and cells become toxic and these become the TriVita’s powerful, stress relieving formula:
other products of the cell. focus for inflammation and disease.
• Helps counteract damage caused
Under extreme circumstances the cell will toxic dnA by various types of stress: mental,
alter its production of basic, life-sustaining It is important to know that your DNA never physical, emotional, environmental
proteins and produce whatever is necessary produces disease. Instead, it produces proteins • Contains all 10 adaptogens that
to meet a crisis. For example, when we are with the raw materials it has at that moment
under stress, our adrenal glands produce large have been proven to help the body
and in response to information it receives. That
amounts of adrenaline. information comes in the form of nutrients and “adapt” to stress
toxins from both inside and outside our body. • Fights free radical damage and
Under stress, these same cells change function Healthy application of the 10 Essentials for helps boost your immune system
– they stop producing the things that build us Health and Wellness and daily healthy aging
up (anabolism) and start producing things that nutrients send positive (anabolic) messages to Adaptogen 10 Plus’ unique three-part
tear us down (catabolism). Your body does this your DNA. Trauma, toxins, deficiencies and stress formula includes:
because the message of stress is that it must send negative (catabolic) messages to your DNA.
sacrifice healthy function – healthy aging – for • Adaptogens – herbal extracts chosen
a time to produce energy needed to ensure Trauma, toxins, deficiencies and stress damage specifically for their natural ability to
our safety. This is an acceptable trade if we your DNA and cause it to produce toxic help the body cope with stress
are using the energy to get out of oncoming proteins. These proteins become the source of
traffic! It is a poor way to deal with chronic, • Antioxidants – immune boosters that
inflammation and disease. Nopalea helps your

daily stress. body neutralize its inner toxins and reduce its help fight the damage caused by stress
inflammation. (See page 4 for more information). • Aloe Vera – helps improve digestion
The DNA is sensitive to signals of stress because A special antioxidant polyphenol called ECGC and nutrient absorption
it is designed to help us survive. Adaptogens carry found in green tea and concentrated in Energy
information that helps the health of our DNA, Now! takes the lead in antioxidant DNA repair.

even under extreme stress. TriVita’s Adaptogen us

CoEnzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) adds fuel to the repair
10 Plus (see ad on this page), provides not only
process and works in concert with ECGC. Call a
the necessary adaptogens to cope with the stress, Wellness Consultant at 1-800-991-7116 to find out fla
but also antioxidants to counter the damage and more about these supplements. 10 Plus

boost your immune system.

We can improve our health by building healthy $62.99
building healthy cells Non-Member
Healthy cells make healthy tissues which in
cells at any age. We are literally one choice away
Membe50r0 $Vi4 9.99
from improving healthy cellular function: the taPoints
turn are collected together as organs. Organs choice to live the 10 Essentials. See page 2 for a Redeem with
work within systems (for example, your digestive complete summary of TriVita’s 10 Essentials for
or immune system). Systems combine to form Health and Wellness. Try it today!
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f you’ve already had a positive experience Start sharing today
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triVita’s healthcare Professionals

brazos minshew is TriVita’s Chief Science Officer,

in charge of formulating the best new supplements
10 foundational Values possible. He is dedicated to bringing greater health
and wellness to TriVita Members. He combines an
extensive background in medical science, naturopa-
1. Physician-Approved formulas thy and alternative treatments to create lifestyle and
Our medical board uses their extensive health and nutrition knowledge to approve
proprietary TriVita supplements based on the latest scientific research and the health
nutritional solutions to prevalent health challenges.
and wellness concerns of our Members.

2. unique delivery Systems

Unlike other supplements that can be difficult to absorb, TriVita supplements are
developed for maximum absorption and effect. Scott Conard, m.d. is the founder of TienaHealth,
an organization of medical doctors in primary
3. Controlled laboratory Studies
Signature products from TriVita undergo medical studies and trials at accredited care practice who emphasize healthy lifestyles
universities and medical centers to ensure their effectiveness. to maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considered
a national expert on disease prevention.
4. Purest natural Ingredients TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.
TriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrients available to create effective,
body-friendly formulas without mood altering stimulants or harmful chemicals.

5. Pharmaceutical-Grade quality
We voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMP). medical Advisory board
6. third-Party testing and Certification In addition to our dedicated healthcare
In addition to our own quality control, we commission third-party testing and research
professionals, TriVita created a Medical
to guarantee that our products are full potency and meet all regulatory standards.
Advisory Board to assist our efforts in staying
7. quality-Controlled Packaging and Production abreast of current scientific developments and provide
Safety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing; we inspect each product input on the latest, most effective testing methods.
at least 10 times and use two safety seals per package on all ingestible products to
guarantee safety, freshness and product potency.
Samuel N. Grief, M.D., CCFP, FCFP
8. dedicated to Product Innovation
TriVita’s commitment to science is a driving force behind our superior quality products, Currently the Medical Director at the University
from formulation to production. Led by our Chief Science Officer and renowned of Illinois, Dr. Grief received his medical degree
nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmost care into creating products that deliver from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec,
positive and lifelong wellness experiences for our Members.
and is a CME Instructor.
9. medical Advisory board
TriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physicians provide us with the latest
information on scientific developments and testing methods. Tammy Pon, M.D.
10. Complete Customer Satisfaction Guarantee A functional medicine physician, Dr. Pon received
We promise to provide the best customer experience possible and offer a 60-Day her medical degree from the University of Texas
Money Back Guarantee on all of our products.
in Houston. She completed specialty training
in Healthy Aging.
Our natural products are food based. If you have any food based allergies, please read the labels. Statements or claims
in this publication have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

to Order Call toll-free 1-800-991-7116

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VITA Editor of Publications • Pam Knox Production manager • Roger Barger Senior Graphic designer • David Knox
Production Coordinator • Aimee Silver Graphic designers • Carly Miner; Cheryl Earl feature Writers • Cheryl Romano;
Dana Maxwell; Greg Cayten; Heather Giedt; Steve Solomon Contributing Writers • Brazos Minshew, Chief Science Officer;
Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist; Gene Henderson, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs; Judy Ellison, Ph.D.;
Scott Conard, M.D. Editorial Assistant • Ginny Schoonaert Publication Specialist • Kelly Hickman

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