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March 1, 2018

Tony Camp, Principal

Trevor G. Browne High School
7402 W. Catalina Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85033
Phoenix, AZ 8033

Dear Mr. Camp:

Please consider me for the Social Studies teacher position at Trevor G. Browne High School. I believe
my commitment to education, my experience in the classroom, and ability to adapt make me a qualified
I strive to create learning environments which motivate and inspire students, while providing them with
the disciplined educational approach needed to establish a firm foundation for lifelong learning. I use frequent
and varied assessment practices to ascertain each student's level of development and monitor progress towards
appropriate goals. My teaching philosophy reflects in my role as a teacher because I believe every student has
the same equal chance at a successful academic career with the right guidance.
As a 11th grade student teacher at Maryvale High School, I successfully developed and implemented
new unique lesson plans with the help of technology, primary resources, and my colleagues. Everyday, I want
my students to experience history in a new way. I constantly look at creative ways in delivering content
through inquiry, discussions, or hands-on activities.
I am always finding ways to be involved on campus as well. Currently I am planning to create a “E-
Sports” club to attract the students who take gaming to a whole new level. The community for online gaming is
increasing and being able to bring that to Trevor’s campus will hopefully spark interest in some students.
I would like to schedule an appointment with you to learn more about your vision for Trevor G. Browne
High School and to tell you a bit more about my background. I may be reached (623) 202-1699 or

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez
(623) 202-1699

Compassionate undergraduate studying Secondary Education in History with exceptional planning, communication, and
organizational skills seeking a teaching position with Phoenix Union High School District

Bachelor of Secondary Education in History May 2018
Arizona State University, Glendale, AZ
Member of Mary Lou Fulton


11th grade, Maryvale High School, Phoenix, AZ
• Assumed full responsibility of teacher
• Created, prepared, and implemented lesson plans for all academic areas based on district curriculum and AZ
state standards
• Constantly modify and adapt to my student’s and school’s needs

11th grade U.S. history, Trevor G. Browne High School, Phoenix, AZ Fall 2017
10th grade World History, Trevor G. Browne High School, Phoenix, AZ Spring 2017
12th grade Government, Maryvale High School, Phoenix, AZ Fall 2016
• Assisted teacher in daily tasks including small and large group instruction, lesson planning and academic
• Created, prepared and implemented engaging lesson plans based on district curriculum and Arizona state
standards and incorporated technology
• Connected with multiple staff members on campus to expand my pedagogy

Server, Long Horn Steak House, Phoenix, AZ May 2016-December 2018
• Worked alongside multiple teammates everyday
• Interacted with guest and tend to their needs
• Constantly communicating, listening, and adapting to every new environment

Suzanne Vogt, Mentor Teacher
Phone: (480) 330-1522
Kristin Schmidt, General Manager at Long Horn Steak House
Phone: (623) 245-9640
Catherine Pirrone, Instructor at Mary Lou Fulton
Phone: (623) 561-0823