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December 2002, Volume 7 – Issue 12 “Great fortunes are made through Fellowship, Knowledge and an Abundance of Opportunities”

Set Your Business Apart from all the Rest: Shoot for the
Cream and not the Coffee!
Just the other day, I was listening to a radio station with a “classic rock” format when a
series of callers telephoned the station solely to criticize rap music – the music style of
choice among many of today’s younger generation. The consensus of the 40-something Michael Newman
New Chairman
listeners was that rap music was nothing but an insult to the ears – a music style that Highlander Club
delights in highlighting various problems – most notably, bad parents, drugs, and gangs.
Now, I don’t know how true that is, since I’m unfamiliar with rap lyrics, but, in a nutshell, those uptight
listeners were implying that “all these topics have already been milked to death, and rappers should move
forward and get on with their lives!” “Instead,” they were saying, “These new artists, should quit whining
and do something different!”
That got me thinking. Hasn’t everything been done already? What new inventions do we really need? We al-
ready have every convenience you can think of, as well as technologies we don’t really need or understand. But,
with every gadget known to man out there on the shelves, are we supposed to throw in the towel if we do have an
idea for a new product or an improved version of an older one? Of course not. However, if we do have a unique
product or service that we believe in, we have to be better at marketing it than our competitors by taking a dif-
ferent approach. Basically, we need to learn how to smash our competition!
Not everyone is a natural born salesperson, which is too bad, since most of us have to suffer with trying to beat
our competitors right down to the wire. It’s not easy to beat the competition, and it takes careful planning. Thus,
it is safe to say that the first rule of thumb is that salesmanship has and always will be a very important skill. If fun-
damental sales skills don’t come to you naturally, then sign up for a course on sales techniques or browse through
your local library where there is sure to be a section on Sales Tips and Techniques. Losing a customer because
of poor salesmanship is a reality none of us wish to face. It’s true that you always have to sell your talents, human
qualities, ambitions, and personality to your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and contacts. Relationships
aren’t a “one time buy.” You must strive to keep the deal alive.
To smash your competition you must put customer service at the top of your list. For instance, if you are sell-
ing a product on-line, you should always e-mail your visitors with a few words of thanks. If you are selling on-line,
it’s your computer that is electronic. Not you. Beware however, that, if you are sending the same letter to different
addresses, you should hit the BCC button before you hit the send button. BCC stands for blind carbon copy.
The recipients of your mail won’t know that your letter is being sent to anyone else but them. It’s no different
if a prospect spends some of his/her valuable time visiting your physical store – he/she still deserves a thank you
(most notably, in the form of a coupon offering him/her a 10% or 15% savings on his/her next purchase).
Make sure he/she knows that you hope he/she will do business with you again.
Do you think all business people are willing to give the same personal care and attention that you are willing to
give? In this high-speed, high-tech world, customer service has most definitely fallen by the wayside. A simple thank
you letter or discount coupon will give you that strong competitive advantage. Show your clients that you are hu-
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man and that there really is a person behind the product. from you before. Send them information about new
Another way to smash the competition is to scour products or services and special events. Remind them
the Internet in search of any and all web sites related that you are there. Doing so can provide you with a
to your product or service. When that happens, e-mail constant revenue stream. First, collect names and ad-
the webmaster saying that you have a great money- dresses from the order forms you receive. Then add
making opportunity that will benefit both of you. Ask the contact information of those requesting more in-
him/her to mention your name and address on the formation from you. If you have a store, ask people to
web site, and tell him/her that you will do the same. join your mailing list, reminding them of the benefits
Better still, add a link to your site that takes visitors to of doing so. Get all the contact information you can:
the other site, and the webmaster, in return, should add e-mail address, phone number, fax number, etc. Put to-
a link to his/her web site that takes visitors to you. This day’s technology to work for you. But be sure to save this
is known as an “associate program.” mailing list. Make extra copies. Update it frequently.
Keep a mailing list of customers who have bought Store a copy of it in a safe place, such as a safe deposit
box. Your mailing list is one of the best ways to reach
both potential and satisfied customers.
It is also important to remember that undercutting
Michael Newman Chairman your prices will have serious ramifications to everyone
Nina Walters Executive Director in your field, including yourself. Lowering your price
will only push the profitability bar down right across
your industry. Rather than dropping your price, why
Pam Clavir Editor not price your product competitively and add a bonus
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the opinions of Highlander Club only. That said, we believe you won’t have to do any additional work. The maga-
you’ll discover vital money secrets and wealth angles not zine handles everything from there. Plus, if you have a
available anywhere else.
The Executive Staff, Research Department and the web site, you can promise to cite the name of the maga-
Editors of Highlander Club are proud of the reputation zine on it, which would bring free advertising.
we’ve built since our inception in 1991. Simply, we believe
the advice presented to you in our published resources and It’s true that a little effort can go a really long way
seminars is the best and most useful available to you, the and put you miles ahead of the competition. To cre-
global entrepreneur.
ate some excellent free advertising for your business,
head to your nearest library and then to one of those

super large bookstores. Once there, you will peruse hired may even waive the fee you offered him/her.
the magazine section and gather up all the publica- This is something the two of you will have to work out.
tions you can that contain content that would match Any journalism student would jump at the chance to
your business. If you carve canoes for example, you interview an entrepreneur and then submit a story to
would look for nature-type magazines geared toward a newspaper or magazine. Very often, students don’t
campers, hikers, hunters, and the like. Observe how care about getting paid; rather, they benefit more by
the stories are written in terms of style and length, being given a by-line (which looks great on a résumé).
and then jot down the publisher’s name, address and Don’t forget about contacting your local newspaper
phone number as indicated on the inside cover. Then, editor who is hungry for news with a local slant. Even if
compose a one-page press release describing what you the newspaper is on the small side, you could instantly
do and where and how you can be contacted for inter- receive celebrity status in your very own hometown.
views. Before you know it, the press, always hungry for
new material, will be calling you to arrange an interview.
When that happens, make sure you tell him/her that The Perfect Business: Is there
you want your web site and phone number (and/or
store location) listed in the article. Usually, the writer Really Such a Thing?
and publisher will oblige.
Along the same lines, you can also try submitting a The perfect business sells to the world, rather than to
well-written article to any of the publications you have a single neighborhood or even to a single city or state.
selected. That will definitely help you drum up some in- In other words, it has an unlimited global market. How
valuable publicity. Before you do that, however, you may many times have you seen a retail store that has been
wish to phone up the editor and request the publication’s doing well for years – then, another bigger and better
Writer’s Guideline booklet. This will help you compose retail store moves nearby, and it’s kaput for the first
something very close to what that magazine demands (in store? Likely, you’ve seen it happen more than once.
terms of length, style, first person, third person, etc.). If
you can send a photo with your story, chances are good The perfect business offers a product with an “inelas-
you will be paid for submitting that photo (provided the tic” demand. Inelastic refers to a product that people
magazine uses it). Avoid writing on the back of the pic- need or desire – almost regardless of price.
ture. If writing articles is not your strong point, a small
marketing firm would be happy to take on the job of The perfect business sells a product that cannot be
publicizing you and your business. It won’t take it long easily substituted or copied. This means that the prod-
to whip up an impressive press release. It’ll even fax or uct is an original or at least it’s something that can be
mail it out to various TV and radio stations and to any copyrighted or patented.
talk show hosts that could devote a section of their pro-
gram to you and your business. Before you know it, you The perfect business has minimal labor requirements
could be on the rubber chicken circuit speaking about (the fewer personnel, the better). Today’s example
your product on Oprah, Sally, Jenny Jones, and all the of this is the “virtual corporation,” which may consist
rest. Don’t forget to give yourself a plug as often as pos- of an office with three executives, where literally all
sible by mentioning your web site and e-mail address. manufacturing and services are farmed out to other
There are many writers out there anxious for story companies.
material who, for a small fee, will write the story and
submit it with him/herself as the writer. This is not a The perfect business enjoys low overhead. It does not
bad route to go, since a story praising you would ap- need an expensive location; it does not need large
pear much more credible if written by someone other amounts of electricity, advertising, legal advice, high-
than yourself. Don’t you agree? Plus, if the magazine priced employees, large inventory, etc.
pays your writer directly (and many publications hap-
pily pay for freelance submissions), the writer you The perfect business does not require big cash outlays

or major investments in equipment. In other words, it trying to convince your friend to go to a concert, don’t
does not tie up your capital. apply pressure. Offer to give something but never
force it. Tempt it. You tempt people by appealing to
The perfect business enjoys cash billings. In other their emotions. You don’t bully them with force… or
words, it does not tie up your capital with lengthy or bore them with reasons.
complex credit terms.
Rule #2: People buy things for emotional, not
The perfect business is relatively free of all kinds of rational, reasons.
government and industry regulations and strictures If people acted rationally, you couldn’t sell chocolate
(and if you’re in your own business now, you most defi- cake. There’s no logical reason to buy it. It’s not nu-
nitely know what I mean with this one). tritious. It makes you fat. It can stain your clothes. It
screws up your metabolism. And, it’s a luxury item that
The perfect business is portable or easily moveable. we don’t really need, which makes it seem like a colos-
This means that you can take your business (and sal waste of money.
yourself) anywhere you want – Nevada, Florida, Texas, So why is chocolate cake a billion-dollar industry?
Washington, S. Dakota (none of which have state Because it feels so good to eat it! To be a great salesper-
income taxes) or hey, maybe even Monte Carlo or son, you have to appeal to your prospect’s emotions. To
Switzerland or the south of France. do that, you need to know what those emotions are.
With that being said, let’s start with the Seven
Here’s a crucial one that’s often overlooked: The Deadly Sins!
perfect business satisfies your intellectual (and often
emotional) needs. There’s nothing like being fascinat- Fear! Greed! Vanity! Lust! Pride! Envy! Laziness!
ed with what you’re doing. When that happens, you’re
not working - you’re enjoying yourself. These emotions are very powerful. And, although they
seem “negative,” they are actually positive from a busi-
The perfect business leaves you with free time. In nessperson’s vantage point. Once a business owner
other words, it doesn’t require your labor and atten- understands his/her customers’ emotions, they will
tion 12, 16, or 18 hours a day. become a very important part of the sales game.
It’s important that you understand the basic con-
Super-important: The perfect business is one in which cept: Sell to the heart, not the head.
your income is not limited by your personal output. In Like it or not, the first thing to beware of is that peo-
the perfect business, you can sell to 10,000 customers ple are more inclined to buy something they want in-
as easily as you sell to one (publishing is an example). stead of something they need. So, when you write copy
to advertise your business, you have to write it so that
it appeals to your potential customers’ desires, senses,
Three Fundamental Rules of needs, fears, and weaknesses. In other words, appeal
to their emotions and not to their logic. When people
Selling make impulse purchases, they are buying on emotion
1. People don’t like the idea of being sold. and not on underlying principle. It’s easier to sell to
2. People buy things for emotional, not rational rea- people through emotional appeal than it is through
sons. logic. If people desire profit, tell them how your prod-
3. Once sold, people need to satisfy their emotional uct will actually save them money. If they want to lose
decisions with logic. weight, promise them a new fat-melting lifestyle. If they
desire security, promise them financial advice that will
Rule #1: People don’t like to be sold. protect them until they die. You get the idea.
People like to get things, but they don’t like to be When you are writing your ad, keep in mind the
forced into buying things. So remember this: Whether tried, tested, and true formula for ad writing, the AIDA
your selling a used car, writing a sales letter, or simply formula.

“A” stands for attention. Your best chance at grabbing herself as rugged and able to overcome any obstacle.
your readers’ attention is by using action words. Verbs Maybe there’s a five-star hotel trying to target the pros-
add a lot of pizzazz to just about any written material, pect who wants the vehicle they drive to enhance his
be it headlines, advertisements, or articles. They create or her image. A beautiful woman in the background is
movement and a sense of importance. telling a male viewer that if he drives that car, then he’ll
end up being a ladies’ man.
“I” stands for interest. Be sure to maintain your read- Next, you see an interior shot to make you believe how
ers’ interest by supplying realistic facts about the kinds luxurious your life will become by driving this car. You get
of things your product or service offers. For example, if to listen to the state-of-the-art sound system (the music
you are writing a newsletter specifically for high school depends on the emotion required). Then, there may
teachers, then don’t advertise your newsletter as being, be a shot of the car driving alongside the ocean. Put it
“Perfect for all teachers.” When an elementary school together and you have an effective 20-second movie that’s
teacher subscribes to the newsletter, he/she won’t be designed entirely to appeal to emotion.
too impressed to see that the newsletter has nothing to But car commercials don’t stop there. They usually
do with them. You’ll just be creating more hassle for give you numerous bits and pieces of information such
yourself by being deceitful. as engine size, statistics on fuel economy, speed, extra
features, interior space, and more. All this data isn’t
“D” stands for desire. This category means that you meant to sell the car per se, but to make the prospect
must let a buyer know how he or she will benefit from feel good about the decision they’ve already made.
doing business with you. If there were no benefit to the And, in the final analysis, this is almost as important
consumers, why would they even remotely consider as the emotional appeal. Though the “information”
spending their hard-earned money on whatever it is doesn’t sell the car, it does justify the sale.
you are promoting? The trick is to make them desire it, Learn these fundamentals of selling and you will be
and desire it greatly. So (looking at the newsletter exam- much more powerful in terms of throwing a line to
ple), if subscribers can learn how to better inspire their and hooking in a wealth of new customers.
students, mark tests faster, and create assignments with
greater ease, tell them. You want them to believe that they
need your information, and they need to want your One of the Most Important Rules
information badly enough to pay for it.
for Running a Small Business
Finally, “A” stands for action. You must now inspire It’s critical that you understand the point I’m about to
your prospect to take action, which means buying make. If you do, neither your business nor your life will
from you, or at the very least, contacting you for ever be the same…
more information. How do you inspire people to
take action? Obviously, you need to let your potential The point is this: Your Business Is Not Your Life
customer know how to contact you. Do you have an
800-telephone number he/she can call? If you do, be Your business and your life are two totally separate enti-
sure to include it in your ad. An 800 number stimu- ties. At its best, your business is something apart from
lates someone into taking action because he/she has you, rather than a part of you, with its own rules and
to pick up the phone to contact you. its own purposes. An organism, you might say, that will
live or die according to how well it performs its sole
Rule #3: Once sold, people need to satisfy their function: To find and keep customers. Once you rec-
emotional decisions with logic. ognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your
Think about TV commercials for cars. How do they business, but the primary purpose of your business is to
work? First, you see a stirring image of the car itself serve your life, you can then go to work on your business,
- beautiful, stylish, and brand-spanking new. The back- rather than in it, with a full understanding of why it is ab-
ground says something too: There’s a mountainous solutely necessary to do so. This is where you can put the
landscape for the prospect who wants to see him or model of what I call the “Franchise Prototype” to work

for you. The Franchise Prototype lets you put other 4. Your Business’ Work Must Be Documented.
people in a position to run your business… so you can Documentation says, “This is how we do it here.” It’s
get back to the business of living. Here’s how to do it. an affirmation of order. An Operations Manual - the
repository of the documentation - is best described as a
The Six Secrets of the “Franchise Prototype” company’s How-To-Do-It Guide. It designates the pur-
Pretend that the business you own (or want to own) is pose of work, specifies the steps needed to be taken
the prototype, or will be the prototype, for 5,000 more while doing that work, and summarizes the standards
just like it. Not almost like it, but just like it. Perfect rep- associated with both the process and the result. Your
licates. Clones. In other words, pretend that you are prototype would not be a model without one.
going to franchise your business. The key to working on
your business, and not in it, is to pretend that you are go- 5. Your Business Must Provide a Uniformly Predictable
ing to step away from your business and let other people Service to the Customer. In my first psychology class, I
run it. They need to know what your expectations are... recall the professor talking about the “Burnt Child” syn-
and how to operate the business exactly the way you drome. This is where a child is alternatively punished and
want it operated. Furthermore, now that you know what rewarded for the same kind of behavior. This form of be-
the game is - the franchise game - understand that there havior in a parent can be disastrous to the child; he never
are rules to follow if you are going to win: knows what to expect or how to act. It can also be disas-
trous to the customer. The “Burnt Child” has no choice
1. Your Business Must Offer Consistent Value Beyond but to stay with the parent. But the “Burnt Customer” can
the Expected. Value is what people perceive it to be, easily go someplace else. And he or she will. Do what you
and nothing more. It can be an unexpected gift sent to do the same way, each and every time.
your customer in the mail, a word of recognition for a
job well done, and it’s also the reasonable price of your 6. Your Business Should Use a Uniform Color, Dress,
products, or the dedication you show in the process of and Facilities Code. Marketing studies tell us that all
explaining them to a customer who needs more help consumers are moved to act by the colors and shapes
than usual. The point is, value is essential to your busi- they find in the marketplace. Believe it or not, the
ness, and the satisfaction you get from it as it grows. colors and shapes of your model can make or break
your business! In one test, it was shown that a triangle
2. Your Business Must Be Able to Operate with the produced far fewer sales than a circle, and a crest out-
Lowest Possible Level of Skill. Yes, I said lowest level of produced both a triangle and a circle by a significant
skill. If your model depends on highly skilled people, it’s margin. Imagine, sales increased or lost by the choice
going to be impossible to replicate. Such people are at of a seemingly meaningless shape!
a premium in the marketplace. They’re also expensive. Your prototype must be packaged as carefully as any
That’s not to say that people are unimportant. On the box of cereal. The model must be thought of as a pack-
contrary, people bring systems to life. Great businesses age for your one and only product - your business!
are not built by extraordinary people, but by ordinary
people doing extraordinary things. For this to happen,
a system - a way of doing things - is absolutely essential. Four Easy, Free Ways to Make
3. Your Business Must Be a Place of Impeccable Even More Money with Your
Order. In a world of chaos, most people crave order. Product or Service
Alvin Toffler wrote, “Individuals need life structure. A
life lacking in comprehensive structure is an aimless The easiest way to make more money with your busi-
wreck. Structure provides the relatively fixed points of ness is to get more customers. The easiest and least
reference.” A business that looks orderly says to your expensive way to get more customers is right beneath
customer that you know what you’re doing. A business your nose, and you may not even know it!
that looks orderly says to your customer that he/she It’s called “referrals.”
can trust the results delivered. You see, it’s much simpler and cheaper to develop

repeat sales from satisfied customers than it is to find would be asking the customer questions regarding the
new ones. possible location of the cabinets. At the start of the sell-
Referral marketing is no secret. Many businesses ing and buying process, the customer would probably
do it, including magazines, on-line services, and mail- use such words as “might.” For example, the customer
order companies. In fact, it can be quite effective for might say, “Yes, I might be able to put them along
you and quite damaging for your competition. MCI’s the back office wall.” As the customer starts to move
“Friends & Family” promotion offered extra long-dis- through the transference process, then this word
tance phone discounts to those who successfully signed “might” may change to the word “could.” For example,
up their friends and family. It created such a surge in the customer may say, “Yes, perhaps the cabinets could
MCI’s market share that it took AT&T and Sprint years fit on the back wall of the office.” As he/she gets even
to recover. You can do the same… here’s how: closer to transferring ownership to him/herself, then
Keep in mind that referrals can also be a double- you may hear words such as “would” and “will.” For
edged sword. Those who sing your praises can easily example, the customer could say, “Yes, the cabinets
wail your failures too. It’s estimated that one person’s would fit on the back wall of our office or... yes, the
bad experience with a company will be told to approxi- cabinets will fit on the back wall of our office.”
mately 22 people.
The Language Changes
Know – and Act Accordingly Once transference has taken place in somebody’s
Throughout the course of our business lives, we mind, then words such as “might,” “perhaps,” “may-
have conversations with customers. And, during be,” and any other non-specific words will disappear
those conversations, there are a number of indica- from their language. These words will be replaced by
tions that the customer has finally made the right “yes,” “definitely,” “will,” “can,” and similar positive,
decision – he/she is going to reach into his/her wal- ownership-type words. Perhaps the clearest indication
let and buy your product! that transference has taken place is when the words “a”
The point at which the customer finally decides and “ the” change to “my” or “mine.” When there is a
to buy is called “transference.” In other words, the change from the neutral position to possessive, then
customer has transferred ownership of the product it’s obvious that transference has taken place.
or service from you to them. If you listen carefully to
the language people use during the selling and buying The Three-Stage Process
process, you will clearly hear when someone has been We can think of this process, the process of transfer-
through the transference process. ence, as running through three stages. To start with,
If you can identify when this is happening, you’ll the “customer” may act negatively. Then, they may shift
know when to stop talking about features and benefits into the neutral stage, and finally move into the posi-
- and when to ask for the money. I’ll show you how the tive stage. As the customer moves through the positive
language takes on new words, how the tonality chang- stage, you may also hear trigger words that indicate
es, and even how body language gestures are altered. that transference has taken place, such as talk about
You’ll soon be a better salesperson -and you’ll make your product or service in conjunction with things the
more money, much faster! customer already owns or uses. You may also hear the
customer refer to the use of your product or service,
How Transference Works and name the end-user. Listen carefully to the lan-
Let me give you a couple of examples. Let’s say that guage used by the “customer.” Whether that customer
you and I are in the office equipment business, and we is your internal customer, in other words a colleague
are having a conversation with a prospective customer, or other member of staff, or an external customer, you
talking about his/her potential purchase of a series of will clearly hear when transference has taken place.
filing cabinets for the administration department in The purpose of understanding when transference has
the office in which he/she works. taken place is so that you can change the language you
While we are discussing the size, the color, and use in response to the customer’s change in language.
number of drawers of the filing cabinets desired, we There is little point continuing to talk about the

features, benefits, and advantages of the “filing cabi- • You’re right when you say that
nets” or any other product service or action once the
customer has transferred ownership in his/her mind.
This is the time to close the sale or request that the ac- Now’s the Time to Get an 800
tion takes place.
In life, one of the biggest sales and purchases you Phone Number
will ever make is your home. Very often, when we are To increase your business, think about obtaining
selling our home, we can hear the process of trans- an 800 number. If a 900 number is what you had in
ference taking place. The potential purchaser starts mind, you likely won’t be able to list it on a free ad
to use expressions regarding his/her ownership web site, as many of those free sites stipulate that
of the house and in particular may refer to which 900 numbers are not allowed. With an 800 number,
members of the family will occupy which rooms. I however, you can leave a voice message describing
have certainly had the experience of the potential your product or service and how it can benefit the
purchaser telling his children which rooms they customer.
would occupy. Obviously, this is not a good negotiat-
ing tactic from the purchaser’s point of view, since You Have Reached An Automated Voice Service …
the owner can hear how much the potential buyers Make sure the voice on your message is audible. An
want the property. That gives the buyer less room effective voice is a voice that takes no effort to un-
for negotiation and the owner the power to demand derstand, so speak loudly and clearly, while sound-
more money – and not a penny less! ing friendly and professional. There are numerous
When we listen actively to the people who connect companies (listed in the yellow pages) that special-
with us, they will tell everything we ever wanted to know. ize in telephone voice messaging where professional
announcers are used to read the script. Professional
Speak Like a Successful Salesperson writers will write your telephone script, and, usually,
• What a great idea you are given the choice of either a continuous loop
• That’s an excellent idea cassette tape (the message plays over and over again
• You are absolutely right non-stop) or a compact disc. Also, check with your
• That is a very good point phone company when ordering your 800 service to
• I’ve heard that before from many people learn its rates for professional voice messages (sup-
• Many of my clients have said that exact same thing plied by its own cast of writers and announcers).
• Many people feel exactly as you feel
• I’m glad you brought that up
• That’s a very good point Avoid a Tax Audit
• A point well taken
• I’m on your side Worried that the taxman is going to come rapping at
• I agree with you your door? To avoid a tax audit, you are encouraged
• That is a good way of looking at it to hire a professional accountant to fill out your tax
• I can’t argue with you there return. If the IRS discovers something questionable,
• That is very true, however… it will be your accountant who is going to have to
• Very true face the music. You, the innocent taxpayer, will be
• Now there’s an interesting idea off the hook, more or less. Just remember to pro-
• That’s an interesting point vide accurate accounting details to your accoun-
• I see what you’re saying tant. The money you pay your accountant is usually
• I couldn’t agree more tax-deductible, so you’ve got nothing to lose and
• That makes sense everything to gain. You’ll feel better and sleep bet-
• I feel the same as you do ter, which makes having an accountant a worthwhile
• I couldn’t have said it better myself investment. After all, an accountant may keep the
• I see we’re on the same wavelength auditor away - from you! n