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The Wiseard's Pledge

I who trauell betweene Worlds seeking

Maysterie over the Noble Art of Magicke

DO SOLEMNLY SWEARE to abide by the

THREE RULES inscribed heerein, and


of the name of "WISEARD."

The Rules of Wiseardrie

/ A WISEARD shall not tell a Lie, nor bear

Falshood of any kynde.

/ A WISEARD shall not take up his left Shooe

before his right be on.

/ A WISEARD shall not venter out of doors when

the Tempeste doth rage.

Signed: ~~=====""'=="""=""=="==-=====









-!®>+{ Contents ~

Chapter 1: Magic II

~ What is a Wizard?

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 1:

'"'be Great Sages"

~ The Tools of Wizardry •3

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards z:
"The Locket"

<i) The Casting of Spells .6

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 3: .6
"The Legendary Wand"

<i) An Inventory of Runes ,g

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 4:
"Swift Solutions"

Chapter z: Alchemy
<i) 'What is Alchemyl • Cauldrons and Genies 74
<i) Using Your Cauldron 75
<i) Alchemical Formulae 76

Chapter 3: Equipment 95
<i) Equipping Your Familiars

<i) Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

+ Swords and Daggers 97

r + Axes and Hammers
,. + Spears

+ Claws

+ Horns

+ Suits of Armor

+ Shields


+ Gowns and Robes "5
+ Helmets u8
+ Cloaks "9
+ Fangs
"' ~
+ Medals
+ Badges "'"5
+ Scales

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards s: "9

"Means of Transportation" (Part t)

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 6: >JO

"The Cawtermaster's Store"

Chapter 4: Provisions
A \Vizard's Basic Provisions

+ Basic Provisions •3'

+ Ingredients

+ Materials
+ Treats

+ Various Treats and Their Effects '45
+ Gems and Drops ••6

' ('
'J7t fl.(:~
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 7: •47
"Means of Transportation" (Part :z)

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 8: •48

"The Hootiq~"

Chapter 5: Creatures and Familiars 1 49

~ Familiars and Other Creatures • What is a Familiad •so

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 9:

"Serenades and Familiar Retreats"

~ The Creature Cage ' 5'

<!} Metamorphosis • Glims '53
<!) Familiar Signs •54
<!') Wild Monsters • An Introduction to Creature Genuses •s6
~ A Btsriary of C~atures by Genus

+ Milites Legendary lkasts 1: Guardiam 157

+ Bestiae Legendary &am 1: The Great Stag of 164
the Grove
+ Aquati~ Legendary lkasts 3: Tentacles from the 175
+ Aves Legendary Beam 4: Muter of the Skies 18:1
+ Minima Legendary Beams: King Hickory III 19 :1
+ Automata Legendary Beasu 6: 'The Moving
+ Flora Legendary Beasts 7: 1k Guudian of :z o8
Old Smoky
• Vermet Legendary Beam 8: 1k Great Serpmt :z t 6
of the Desert
+ Nymphae Legendary Beasts 9: 1be Lost Hound
• Dracones Legendary Beam 10: 1be Wonder of %:1:9
the Water
+Arcana Legendary Beam 11: 'The Blood-Red :136
+ Daemonia Legendary Beam u: Lights that Glow in :143
Darkest Night
+ Monui Lqmduy lkasts 13: 'The GKat Ghou :149
+ Nobilia Legendary Beam 14: The Shining Tree :156

T~achings for Aspiring Wizards to:


T~achings for Aspiring Wizards n:

"Ev~ry Creature Has a Weakness"

~ The Wizard Wan: An Illustration

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 1 z:

"The Cat's Cradle"

Chapter 6: Twelve Tales of Wonder 159

<€) The Fmt Tale: The Cowardly Prince and the Lion z6o

<!) The Secood Tale: The Squirrels and the Bramble z6s
<€l Tht Third Tale: The Fa.iry Who Wouldn't Stop Crying : 10
~ The Foonh Tale: The Bear-Man and the Prince"'' Tears %Jl
<!) The Fifth Tale: The Boy Who Would Be God 27 8
<!) The Sixth Tale: My Other Stlf :z8-t-

<!) The Seventh Tale: How the: Little Girl Became ~etn :z87

<!) The Eighth T11.le: The Shepherd-Boy :z9o

<!) The N"mth Tale: The F1ute-Makm 29<1-

<!) The Troth Tale: The Flying Machine %99

<!) Tht Ela-enth Tale: The Trtt and the Stort( JO+
<!) The Twelfth Tale: The Yoong Woman's .Jo-!rnal 308
Chapter 7: Regions of the World Jll
G) Map of the World 3"
G) Regional Map: The Summerlands (North) 3'4
+ City Guide: Ding Dong Dell 3•6
G) Regional Map: The Summerlands (South) 3'8
+ City Guide: AI Mamoon J'O
+ City Guide: Castaway Cove 3"
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 13: 3'3
"The Temple of Trials" • "The Supreme Sage"

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 11-:

"The Shipwreck Shore" • "The Vault of Tean"


Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 15: 3'5

"Stone Culture"

<i) ~ional Map: Autumnia ]'6

+ City Guide: Hamelin 3'8
G) Regional Map: Other Islands JJO
• C ity Guide: Yule JJ'
+ City Guide: The Fairyground 333
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 16: 334
"Hidden Forest Glades"

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards 17: n6

"The Other World"

G) The Lost Continent ll1

The Nazcain Alphabet ns

Words of Wisdom for Newcomen to Wizardry J40
Chapter One


Magicl:e Mirroreth the Soule,

'Tis Heart's Desire's Proofc,
So the Wiseard, ever, as his Goale,
Keeyeth Wisedom, Grace and Truth.

What is a Wizard?

By opening this book and signing the pledge, you h~ indicated that you aspire to become: a
wizard. Before such a process can begin, however, you must fim learn more about what becoming
a wizard entails.

Magic can only be performed by those who possess the necessary magical ability. Observe your
reflection in the stone that's embedded in the cover of this book. If it appears vertically inverted,
or "upside down," then you possess the inherent ability required to perform magic. Needless to
say, it is the least that is expeeted of wizards who have chosen to sign the pledge.

Wizards perform two main forms of magic: "Spells," which involve the drawing of runes with
one's wand, and "Alchemy," which involves the combining of two or more materials to create
something quite different. Spells shall be introdueed in this chapter, while alchemy shall be
diseussed in more detail in the next.

A tertiary school of magic, concerning the use of familiars, will also be touched upon in due
course. Bear in mind, however, that the handling of familiars calls for talenu quite dilferent from
those required for other types of magic. There are some: who are capable of forming familiars
despite not being able to cast a single spell.

Wizards who master spellcrafl:, alchemy, and the use of familiars are called sages. Becoming a
sage is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a wizard. It is a lofty goal indeed, but one
to which you may aspire if you remain pure of heart, and untiring in your studies and t~ining.
Though the path ahead will not be easy, it is one that all who would achieve greatness must tread.

~ The Three Pillars of Wizardry ~

'!> Spells '!> Alchemy '!> Familiars

T eac hings for Aspiring Wi za rd s

- - I --

The Great Sages

The four Great Sages who inhabit our world are wdl·known for their mastery of
the three pillars of wizardry. Tiley are unpa~lleled in their ability to cast spells,


them all. Alas, his memory now survives only in aocient texu.
The Tools of Wizardry
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- - % - -

e=Lo=c=ke=t =-.:l
Joy and gri~f, pain and pleasure••. One's heart comprises all these things and more.
A heart may e~n contain too much of one and not enough of another. Such a heart
becomes unbalanced, with grave consequences for its owner. The Locket is a s~cial
vessel in which virtues-the elements which make up a heart--can be stored. It
is also capable of sensing the presence of people who possess an abundance of a
particular virtue, glowing whenever such a person is nearby.

With the proper training, wizards can learn to take some of a virtue &om a person
who has it in abundance and share it with othen who are in need of it. Naturally,
a person's heart is not something to be toyed with, and great
care must be taken.

Lest there be any doubt, using a person's

heart for one's own ~nds is d~spicabl~
~havior, unbecoming of a wizard.

~ Virtues ~

~re are eight virtues that can be stored in the Locket: courage, kindness, ambition,
belief, rest raint, enthusiasm, love, and confidence. \Vhilst all of these appear to be
wonderful qualities in themsdves, an excess of any of them can cause great distress.
Too much "confidence," for example, leads directly to arrogance.

Of course, the lack of a particular virtue is also a problem. Indeed, a serious

deficiency of a virt~ leads to a person becoming unable to function--a state
known as "brokenheartedness ." It is a wizard's duty to extract virtue from those
who have it in abundance and share it with those who need it most, so as to reuore
balance to their hearts.

Be aware that no one has an inexhaustible supply of virtue on which you can dnw.
Furthermore, only a single morsel of each of the eight virtues can be carried in
the Locket at any one rime. Once a virtue in the Locket has been shared with a
brokenhearted person, you must find another person with an abundance of that virtue
liom whom to draw some more.

A person with an The virtue is then given The heart' s balance

abundance of one virtue to a brokenhearted person is restored, and the
agr«1 to share some of it. who lacks it . brokenhearted subject
returns to his natural state.
The Casting of Spells

Having uad this far, you should have acquired some idea of what is required of wiurds such u
yourself. It is therdorc time for you to draw your fint runes. This is not something to be taken
lighfly, howt\'tt. 'Ibere is a strict sequence that must be foil~, and t~ consequences of breaking
said sequence do not bear thinking about. Great care must be taken when learning to draw runes.

Teachings for Aspiring Wizards

-3 -
The Legendary Wand
"Mornstar" is a legendary wand, believed to have once belonged to the one

mountains. It is claimed that there were once three magic stones set
into the wand, but their whereabouts, along with those of d\C wand
itself, have long since passed &om human knowledge.
~ Drawing Runes ~

Connary to popular belief, castint spells ~ Hold your wand with ~h hands when drawing runes.
does not require the utterance of magic 'The spell will not worK if you fail to adhere to the
words. Instead a wizard must use his specified order of stroks, or start drawing the strokes
wand to draw runes; arane symbols from the wrong position. The black line india.tes the
&om a language which predates even Jim stroke, the rtd line the second.
the Nattaln civiliurion. Though the
<!) 1k aware that knowing the shape of a rune d~s not
language itself is long forgotten, its
neeessarily enable you to aut the associated spell. Some
runes are still being drawn by wizards
spells require a wi:t.ard to fulfill certain conditions prior
to this day.
to casting, while othenmayonlybe cast using specific

Empty your mind and calm

your heart. Put aside all evil
thoughu. Visualize the spell
you wish to c.ast.

Hold your wand upright and,
focusing all your energy llpon
itt tip,drawtherune in the air.

Do not release yourwandunril

the spell has bttn cast . Doing
so may C'allst the rune to be

• Form Familiar pzo ~ Veil Pll

+ Gateway p%1 ~ Magic Lamp PH

+ Healing Touch pzz • Nature's Tongue m

+ Draw Poison PZJ + Q!icken Growth pJ6
.,i! + Healing Hand P•4 . Mimic P37
>- pJ8
. Take Heart P•s . Vacate
~ . Give Heart pz6 • Seek Fortune P39
< +Spring Lock P•7 • Rejuvenate P4o

+ Travel pz8 + Fuse P4'

~ Levitate P•9 + Breach Time P4'

+ Second Self PJO + Ward P43

+ Vanish PJI + Nix P44

+ Chart Chests PJ% . . Secret Ingredient P45

• Loaf of Life pf6 + Thunderstorm P59

~ Bridge P47 . Fireball p6o

. Spirit Medium pf8 . Pulse p6r

. Puppet String P49 ~ Frostbite p6z


+ Insight ~ Arrow of Light p6J


+ Open Mind P5' ~ Unleash p6f

. Burden Pl' ~ Evenstar p6s
~ Fortune's Fool P5l ~ Astra p66

. Shift Shape P54 ~ O!!ake p67

. Shrink P55 ~ Poison Apple p68

. Werecat ps6 . Broom Broom p69

~ Werefish P57 + Ashes of Resurrection P7°

~ Cloudburst pss + Momstar P7 1

Summon a familiar from the depths of your heart.

. . . ;, \, '',\iii
Creatures are formed wherever hfe force 1s ~ ~\\\"~\
found. This spell alloW1 a wizard to form a .'~
creature from the life force within his own ~ "'\
heart-a crearore which then becomes his familiar.
Be at peace with yourself prior to casting this
spdl as the result is invariably self-re\'elatory. A
familiar thus formed is a manifestation of your
heart and soul.
Step out of one world and into another.

The gateways formed by

this spell are the only way
to tnvd ~~n this world
and one of the many other worlds in
existence. Casting Gateway requires
you to focus your thoughts upon the
world to which you wish to tta\'d. It
is also imperath·e to imagine that you
ha\"e already ldl. the world in which oc • . , ._. ." " " " " ' " '

you cast the spell.

Ease the pain of bumps, cuts, and grazes.

The wizard's path is seldom easy, and you

are sure to suffer injuries on your travels
or during battle. Should such misfortune
befall you, be sure to cast this spell. The key to casting
Healing Touch is kindness-its effects are diminished
when performed by cold-hearted wizards.

•Ill'" \\ '"$:
Cure the effects of venoms and toxins.

Nothing perturbs a wizard more than poison,

and with good reason: el'tn small amounts
have b«n known to cause untold distress.
Should you or your companions be affected in such
a manner, be sure to use this magical cure. No
mauer how detply the poison has taken hold, there
is always hope if you are able to draw this rune.
Restore someone who teeters upon the brink of death to health.

'When you or your companions have been grievously

injured and Healing Touch is not enough, be
sure to draw this rune. Healing Hand will
grant a clean bill of health to those who would otherwise
be beyond hope. Its power means that it is not easily
mastered, howt,·er, and it makes great demands on the
caster. Nevertheless, this is a spell that no aspiring
wizard should be without.
Use magic to help share a person's virtues.

As previously explained, the heart is made

up of virtues, emotions, and various other
elements. This spell allows you to take some
virtue from a person who has it an abundance, and store
it in the Locket. Just be sure to ask for permission before
you proceed. Remember: a heart belongs to one person,
and one person alone.
Bring balance to someone's heart by restoring a lost virtue.

This spell allows you to give the virtues

shared using Take Heart to people who
are in need of them. In that it offers
a means to save the brokenhearted1 this is one
of the most important spells a wizard can learn.
Needless to say1 its use necessitates the utmost care
and forethought.
Open doors and chests without a key.

Spring Lock is a spell that forces open otherwise impregnable locks. Be sure
to try it when you eru::ounter a locked door or chest. Note, however, that this
is not a spdl that should be used for personal gain. If rumors
are to be believed, terrible things are wont to happen to wizards whose
greed leads them to spring locks that should
not be sprung.
Traverse continents and oceans in the blink of an eye.

The lcey to instantaneous transportation

is the ability to imagine yourself at your
destination. It is not enough merely to
picture the scenery--all the senses must be engaged.
You have to focus until you can hear the sounds, smell
the aromas, and taste the air of the place in question.
Naturally, this makes it is impossible for a wizard to use
this spell to travel to a location they have never visited.
Float gracefully and glide through the air.

This spell releases a wiurd from gravity's

clutches, allowing him to float weightlessly
through the air. Of course, no human can ever
escape the ground permanenlly, and the time and distance
for which one can Boat are determined by one's magical
abilities. Many wizards have forgotten this, often with
disastrous consequences.
Create a foolproof doppelganger of yourself.

You have no doubt wondered, as many

wizards have, how much better life would
be if you had another self to use as you
saw fit. Master this spell and you n~d wonder
no more. Be aware, howe\'er, that manipulating a
second self is extremely draining, and that even
the most ~rful wizards are incapable of doing
it for \'ery long.
Become invisible and disappear into the shadows.

Using Vanish renders a wizard

invisible to the eye. Furthermore,
it also removes every trace of his
presence and el'en conceals his smell, making
it utterly impossible for anyone to deteet him.
Mastering this spell is considered the first step
towards wizarding excellence.
Uncover troves of hidden treasure.

Use this spell to reveal the locations of

nearby treasure chests, the contents of which
may wdl prove useful during your wizardly
education. 11\ere are certain provisions that can only be
found in these chests, and coming across a real nrity is
by no means unheard of.
Stay safe by concealing yourself from enemies.

This spell creates a thick fog that conceals

the caster's presence &om those nearby.
'Thtre will be times when you have no
choice but to hide &om your enemies, and at such
rimes this spell will prove indispensable. Just bear in
mind that your ,·eil will not hide your blushes should
you be so foolish as to actually bump into an enemy.
Bring light to even the darkest nook.

Th;, •pdl b,;ng>' w"m glow to the d;ng;est , ~\\1\\1\)"il/f/jll/!~

dungeon crevice. Though it burns for only ~~ {~-
a short rime, the magic lamp shines as ~ ~
brightly as the sun itself. Just be sure not to fall into _? ~
the same trap as m:any a foolish wizard before you: ~
the lamp does not overcome the darkness, and it ;:,.-., -
does not protect you hom it . The darkness remains.
It is something to be fearC'd.
Converse freely with both flora and fauna.

Many are the times when men and women wish that
they could converse with the pb.nts and animals
which share their lil·es. Wizards, meanwhile,
know that wishing is an inefficient teehnique, and choose
instead to cast Nature's Tongue. It allows you to glean
from the living world the kind of information that is quite
beyond the reach of the ordinary human.
Give plants and flow ers a great spurt of growth.

\Vizards are often pressed for time
for plants to blossom. Should' and cannot wait
a saplmg to maturi in . you need to bring
Growth is the spell to cast. No~ th the blmk of an eye, ~icken
a manner has :a grave effttt on the at ac.cel~rating growth in such
~ undeu aken lightly. plam s lifespan, and is not to
Perform uncanny impersonations upon demand.

The wizard who casts this spell gains

the ability to speak with any voice
he desires: a man's, a woman's, a
grandparent'~ven a baby's. It is an extremely _
useful piece of magic, to be sure, but one 11n -;
famous for causing untold confusion, conflict, i.l ~~
and--regrettably-a short war. Be careful ~~l'fll .,
when using your newfound \'OCal talents within 11 I
earshot of unsuspecting humans.
Make a hasty exit from a perilous situation.

Fleeing in the face of danger is sometimes the

wisest-and the bravest--coune of action.
This spell allows you to do just that, no matter
how many walls stand between you and freedom. Note that
the sheer intensity of the translocation process makes it
unsuitable for long-distance tra\·el. It will, however, reliably
extricate you from any ca\'e, maze, or gingerbread house
that you happen to blunder into.
Mark your map with the locations of hidden treasure.

This spell makes it easy for wizards

to locate treasure in the vast
expanses that lie outside a city's
walls. Used in conjunction with Chart Chests,
it ensures that no trusure chest remains hidden
for long. Though it is an extremely useful spell,
thou: who reap its benefits are urged to use their
newfound riches wisdy.

Thrn back the clocks and return an object to its former glory.

allows a wizard to return them to

their original pristine state. When drawing
the rune, be sure to focus on the condition
to which you'd like to return the object,
not on how far bade in rime you think you
need to go.
Produce wondrous new items that are greater than the sum of their parts.

\Vhile wizards can rely on their

cauldron for most necessary
provisions, there are some items
that even alchemy cannot produce. Should you
find yourself in need of one, it is worth giving
this spell a try. No item is beyond the reach of
a master of fusion.
Pick a point in time and leap across the continuum.

Though fraught with danger, this is the only

method by which a wizard may take a leap
through time to a moment of their choice.
The spell is overwhelmingly powerful, and can only ~
used once in a wizard's lifetime--once time has ~en
breached, one cannot go back. Of all the spells available
to a wizard, the casting of this one in particular requires
careful consideration.
Raise a magical barrier that deflects magical attacks.

Ward is a simple spell, yet the barrier

it produces is very effective at blocking
magical attacks. If attack is the best
form of defense, then perhaps the opposite is also
true: the moment after an enemy attack has been
suCtttsfully deflttted is often the he!t time to launch
a devastating counter.
Render a rival wizard incapable of casting spells.

Nix nullifies an enemy's magical power, rendering

him unable to cast spells-a wizard's worst
nightmare. Be aware, however, that such a
powerful spell requires its caster to have great magical ability.
Should two wiurds auempt to Nix each other during battle,
it is said that fortune favors the one with the purest heart .
I 1?

Concoct a range of delicious delicacies.

Magically prepared food has a certain

blissful flavor with which dishes cooked in
an ordinary 0\~n simply cannot compete.
However, it has long been a belief amongst the non-
magical that those who regularly eat food prepared
in this way will eventually forfeit their soul. Though
this suggestion is almost certainly baseless, the sages
agrtt that it is better to use this spell in modention .
Produce a fresh loaf of bread to ward off hunger.

Hunger is a traveling wizard's

greatest enemy. It affects one's
physical strength as wdl as one's
mental capacity and decision-making powers-
often leading to life-threatening situations.
Should you find yourself in such a desperate
state, you can always rely on the Loaf of Life.
Just remem~r that this spell is only to be used
in times of genuine crisis--not merdy when
you're feeling pec:kish.
Find a way across even the greatest impasse.

A wizard's progress is frequently

obstructed by rivers, gorges, and
other such inconveniences. This
spell allows you to build a bridge across such
obstacles and proceed with your journey. The
~arch for truth must go on, after all.
Communicate with the spirits
of the departed.
\Vhile there have been several notable cases of
departed souls communicating with magically
attuned men and women, most spirits lack the
ability to talk to the living. With this spell, however, you can
speak to any spirit you come across. Simply bear in mind that
it is most assuredly not a spell to be used for mischief. ~
spirit world is full of evil souls that will gleefully punish such
wayward wizards.
Make stones and statues move like marionettes.

This spell allows you to manipulate any ~ I,

object as if it were a puppet on a string. ~~~ ·:~, /I
From moving boulders out of your way to \ .~. '\ . •. ,.) /
having dolls pull distant lew:rs, its uses are manifold.
Note that Puppet String may only be used to control
inanimate objects. Any attempt to use the spell to dict:ue
the actions of another living being is doomed to fail-and ·"
unwizardly besides.
Reveal the hopes and dreams invested in an object.

Objects that have been in a person's

possession for a long time are said
to ~ imbued with their owner' s
thoughts and ideas. Such objects retain these
thoughts even after the owner's death, revealing
them only to wizards who use this spell. Be
aware that pwple are wont to entrust their most
personal secreiS to their possessions, meaning
the information you glean should not k treated
Peek inside a person's mind and listen to the voices within.

There are a variety of reasons why

humans decide to close their hearts and
conceal their feelings. Should you wish
to learn more about such people, this spell may be
your only recourse. Mercifully, Open Mind does not
wrench open people's hearts. Instead, it brings you
closer to them, attunes you to their feelings, and lets
you listen to their inner dialogue. Naturally, this
can leave you rather in their thrall, so take care
not to become entranced by the innermost thoughts
of the wrong kind of person.

Add extra heft to a particular object or person.

Burden is an incomparably versatile spell that simply

increases the weight of its target. Render a creature
incapable of movement or attack, crush an object
or unsuspecting enemy, or penetrate armor using
supernaturally heavy pins-the possibilities are
endless. And always having a range of options is
the mark of a line wizard.
Trust in fate and hope for the best.

There will be times in your life

when nothing seems to work, and
the obstacles in front of you seem
insurmount:able. It is on such occasions-and only
on such occasions-that Fortune's Fool could be
your savior. Of course, there is no way of knowing
wh:u etkct it will have--indeed, it could even be
harmful--but desperate times call for desperate
Change your appearance to become a perfect copy of another being.

An extremely powerful spell that allows the caster

to adopt all the characteristics of another living
thing, from the mannerisms of a wizard to the
flying ability of a winged beast. Heading out into the field
and studying creatures in their natural habitats will
increase the number of alternative forms you can adopt.
Reduce your body to a fraction of its size.

Though rarely acknowledged, the size

of a wizard's body can sometimes
limit the options that are available
to him. This spell makes the caster small enough
to fit into someone's pocket, allowing one to slip
in and out of mouseholes, and explore the world
of the miniature. Simply drawing the rune again
re~rses the spell's effect-a fact to remember

in the presence of cats.

Become a cat and experience life as a feline.

This spell turns you into a cat, allowing you to convene

freely with fellow felines everywhere. You could just talk
to them using Nature's Tongue, of course, but they are ~ L
more likely to speak from the heart \. ' \ r
when com·ersing with their own kind. \rJ
L.. J \..M..J Lr
In any case, fully immersing yourself
in another mode of life is an invaluable
experience for any wizard.
Become a fish and discover the joys of the life aquatic.

; ·,
This spell turns the caster into a fish,
and grants the ability to converse with
ot~r aquatic creatures. The difficulties of
breathing underwater ha\oe meant that Nature's Tongue
has never been a practicable method of communicating
with fish, making this spell your only rea1 option if you
wish to gain a dttper undentanding of life ben«th the
water's surface. Some claim that fish have a clearer
view of the world than tho~ who dwell on land--but
clarity should not be confused with wisdom.
Cause a fearsome rain to fall upon your foes.

This spell summons a rainstorm to

pound a small, focused area of the
battlefidd. While the great \'olume of
water produced is powerful in itself, the spell can
also be used for practical things such as putting out
fires. It has long been believed that the rain also
prevents wizards from casting spells. Be sure to bring
this to bear on your enemies.
Summon a terrifying tempest that splits the sky in twain.

No wizard should go into battle without

first having mastered this spell. Not only
d~s the fearsome po~r of the storm
cause damage to your enemies, but it can also blow
them away to a safe distance. Care must be taken,
of course, to ensure that no innocent bystanden are
caught up in the chaos.
Conjure up a blazing orb of flame.

Fireball blasts an enemy with a magical ball of flame,

and is especially damaging to aquatic creatures.
Away from the battldield, it can be used to ~
light lamps, and is useful whenever a spark is required.
It goes without saying that all wizards should be careful
when <kaling with open flames.
Unleash a wave of pure energy upon your enemies.

This spell allows the caster to unleash a

powerful shoclcwa\oe that will flatten anything
in its path. Though a weapon lint and
foremost, Pulse is surprisingly \'enarile, and can be
used to give distant objects a nudge, and for any
number of other purposes besides. Note that it is
best to calm one's mind before casting this spell. An
excess of an~r produces an unpleasant recoil effect.
Turn a hot-tempered foe into a block of ice.

Aim this spell at a chosen point and the temperature there

will plummet, turning the very air to solid ice. Not only
can Frostbite be used to attack enemies in this way, but
it can also put out fires and &eue moving objects to the
spot. On a related note, sages agrtt that aspiring wizards
should always carry a good supply of water with them, .
since learning how water responds to changes in , ...,,;1:'!S!~i?~~,·il:<' ,_
temperature is the key to understanding many
of the principles of advanced magic.
Pierce your enemies with an arrow of radiant golden light.

This spell, which ptod\tt:es gleaming arrows that soar

through the air, is known for being especially
effective against Nightmares.
Additionally, it is claimed that some ancient sages
would lire such arrows into the night sky as a means
of communicating with distant companions-
further proof that adaptability is the hallmark
of a great wizard.
Summon powerful beasts to do your bidding.

Though powerful beings such as guardians

cannot be kept as familiars in the same
way as other creatures, this does not mean
that their strength cannot be harnessed. This spell
enables you to unleash the power of these mighty
beasts upon your hapless enemies. Not every wizard
is capable of summoning such creatures, of course,
and you must provt' yourself worthy before you
may call upon their aid.
Cause the ground to tremble and bring enemies to their knees.

This spell causes the earth itself to shake,

razing both enemies and buildings to the
ground. Much like Thunderstorm and
Cloudburst, each ~ake is in fact a natural blessing,
and it is necessary to give thanks when drawing
t~ rune. Note that foolish wizards who take
a tumble as a result of their own ~ake are
roundly mocked within the magical community,
so do take care.
Conjure up an apple that drips with deadly venom.

The apple produced by this spell will kill you when

eaten--though it is only a temporary death. It is
not the most popular spell, for understandable
reasons, but young wiurds would still do well to master it.
"If you crave life, brave death!" would seem a questionable
mantra, but there may yet be some shred of truth in it.
Breathe life into a Cloud Sweeper and take to the skies.

Cloud Sweepers are the latest fad in Aying

contraptions. Semi-magical, they require
a little hdp to gt"t off the ground--help in
the form of this absurdly named spell. Simply knowing
this rune won't enable you to fly one1 hO\Ire\'er-that
apparently requires a certain amount of innate ability
and a great deal of training. Be sure that learning
to fly C loud Sweepers does not distract you &om your
wizarding studies .
Let the glorious light from your heart burst forth.

Mornstar is a legendary magic wand

that has been spoken of since ancient
times. Mornstar's power, however, does
not come from the wand itself-it comes from its
owner's heart. Only wi7.ards who have braved great
hardship without surrendering to spite or bitterness
are capable of casting this spell, for its glow is that
of the pure-hearted.
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- 4 -

employment for adventurers in the form of tub. Some of

these taUs are errands for people in n~d, and these often
carry a reward. \Vhile there are tasks that can be undertaken
anywhere in the world, Swift Solutions is the only place you can
volunt~r for "bounty hunts." Be aware, however, that bounty
""" oh~•ld <mlyh< at tempted by those with great confidence in
their ability on the liddofbanle.
'The large swallow above the door malcc:s Swift Solutions a readily recognizable
presence in most towns, so be: sure to drop in should you see one. Completing the
tasks they offer is an excellent way of accc:lerating your development as a wizard.

~ Merit Stamp Cards ~

Regular pat rons of Swift Solutions receive a special loyalty card known as
a "merit stamp card." Completing tasks yields merit stamps, and filling
merit stamp cards earns merit badges which furnish their owner with
special abilities.
The origin of these cards is shrouded in mystery, but one theory suggests
they we re invented by the Icing of a magical kingdom, in an anempt to
promote heroism and chivalry within his lands. There are even rumors
this Icing was a distant ancestor of the Taslcmasten who run branches of
Swift Solutions to this day.
Chapter Two


Bubble, bubble, broyle and blend,

Alchymie, the Wiseard's Friend!

What is Alchemy?

Al~my is one of the main pillars of

wi:z.ardry. To the uninitiated, it appears
to in\'Oive nothing mou than the mixing
of ingrt'dients in a pot. To the aspiring
wizard, however, it is an art unrivalled
in its depth and complexity. With the
necessary knowledge and materials, a
wizard can create items blessed with
near-boundless magical power.

Alchemy can provide you with more

than just simple provisiont--it can be
used toconjureupgrtatswords, shields,
and even objects unknown to this world.
of possible formulae. Note also that true .r
masten take grtat pride in devising their
own formul~mething any aspiring
young wizard would do well to attempt.

Cauldrons and Genies

No alchemy can take place without a cauldron.

Cauldrons can only be opened by wizards, and may
only be used for alchemical purposes. Be sure to treat
your cauldron with the respect it deserves.

Every cauldron has its own resident genie, and it is

the genie who decides whether or not a wizard is
worthy of owning that cauldron.

Should you happen upon a curious pot, be sure to take

a look inside-it may well be a cauldron left over &om
the Age of Sages. If you have difficulty removing the
lid, try saying the magic words.

- The Magic Words

Op<n Says-A-Me
Using your Cauldron

Once you have acquired a cauldron, it will be rim~ for you to take your first tentative steps into
dle realm of alchemy. Though you will no doubt be eager to create your own formulae, it is better
to stick to a proven combination at first. Just remember that some formulae are Jl'IOU demanding
than others, with some requiring ingredients that only grow in far-flung corners of the world.

Note that making tiny adjustments to formulae can product wildly dilferent retuhs, and
experimenting in this manner offers a glimpse at the incredible depth that the world of alchemy
can provide. '!'he image below is around one hundred and fifty ytars old and shows a group of
wizards attempting to create a rain potion. It is said that the cauldron was stirred for thirteen
full days before thepotionwasMallyproduced.

Some claim that there are no limits to what can be created using alchemy, asserting that-with a
sufficiently large cauldron-any wizard can create a castle or palace for themselves. Please note,
howtrtr, that thc:sc claims arc unprortn at the time of going to print.

Sckct a formula. f'Kparc the materials u specified in Carefully following the neps listed in the
the fonnula. Make lute that none formula, place the materials into the cauldron
of the materials have perished or and begin stirrinc-'iddenhins, of counc. It
dricdout. isvital,uthisstage,tovitualiuthcobject
that you au trying to create.
Alchemical Formulae

Swords and Daggers

~~~,-~-lo-P'-.o-n-' s_ S_w_o-rd-
.-,-r 1 /
- --•• :~::: ~1 Sword P99

li) 1 Soldier's Sword li) 1 Sainted Sword

li) :z Iron Diamonds li) :z Stat Pearls
li) :z Lumps 'of Raw Steel li) 3 Meteorite Fragments
•;:-------- - ... .;:,.

~ ~
Lost Sword
li) 1 Tachestone
li) :z Bass Bells
li) 3 Rings-a-bells
m l Primordial Sword
li) 1 Skyfall Sword
li) S Kaleidostones
li) S Clumps of Troll's Tears


li) 1 Flint Dagger

1-------- -···E>
li) 1 Embentone

Sainted Sword P99 Shadowglass Knife ptoo

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Greatsword li) 1 Flint Dagger
li) z Meteorite Fragments ~ 1 Pi«e of Shadowglass
li) 3 Powerstones
Divine Dagger
CO) t
CO) t
Lump of Raw Steel
p•oo 1Watchmaker's Ax
~ 1
~ 1
Iron Ax
p ! O:Z

CO) t Boule of Springwater

..g . . . - - - - - - - ·~--------

r~ rl p•o• ~~~=:~ork Ax


li) 1 let Shard ~ 1 Watchmaker's Ax
CO) :z Meteorite Fragments CO) 1 Drill Screw
li):Gustplumes CO) 1 Sprocket

~ -·· ---------,r,...----- e;.

Planet Splitter p101 Demon's Ax p!O%

Materials: Materials:
<i) 1 Flitwing ') 1 Grand Ax
<!.> s Glowstones <i) :z Pain of Black Wings
<!>s Evil Eyes <i) 3 Tachestones
..,.Alchemical Formulae



••• 9
War God's Ax
.... Royal Spear p105

Materials: Materials:
I!) 1 Demon's Ax i!):.JadeMarbles
li) Kalcidostones -li) z Lumps of Raw Steel
li) S SeroUr of Truth li) z Pieces of Shadowglm
••• €:>

Hammer of Justice
"'-;®·· .,...
P10 S

li) 1 Tower Toppler li) 1 Soldier's Spear

li) :. Iron Diamonds li) z Iron Diamonds
li):. Bass Bells ~ z Bass Bells
~ ••• c;,.

.e • • •
J! Rainbow Lance
Ninnyhammer p103 p105

~ Materials:
~ z Bubble Pipes
~ 1 Tachestone
< li) 3 Gnomebeuds
li) 3 Pieces of Supple Leather
li) :.Jade Marbles
li) 3 Embentones

r •••&-

Meteor Mallet
1 /
Giant's Spear
p1 o6

~ 1 Ninnyhammer ~ 1 Rainbow Lance

~ z Blowpipes ~ :. Ritestones
~ 3 Meteorite Fragments ~ 3 Seeds of Discord

Tainted Claws
') 1 Set of Haunted Claws
I!) z Pieces of Tealwood
li) 3 Banen~n

------ -------------·••E>
Longshank Crucible Claws

p•o6 P••7

Materials: Materials:
li) t Giant ' s Spear li) 1 Set of Stttl Claws

1iJ S Clumps of T roll's Tears li) z Coldstones
li) S Evil Eyes li) z Lumps of Raw Steel

- Cia:-~ --I
<9 ... ----------r
Knucklebone Claws
p•o6 S
,·, ,1,nd Claws
• 1
p t O]

li) 1 Set of Crude Claws ') 1 Set of Woodland Claws
li) 1 Sturdy Shinbone I!) z Pieces of Tealwood
li) :z Bundles of Slumbernot Leaves
••• e;..

Steel Claws Ice ~een Claws p1o8

Materials: Materials:
ii) 1 Set of Bullhorn Claws !!) t Set of Snow Witch Claws
li) 2 Jade Marbles li) z Coldstones
li) z Sprockeu li) 3 Blizzard Blooms
Alchemical Formulae

Bone Mail pm

qi) Materials:
€l1 Bass Bell
€l z Sturdy Shinbon~s

••• 9
Ice Crystal Claws Gale Armor p111

Mat~rials: Mat~rials:
€l1 Set of Ice ~en Claws ') 1 Set of Gal~ Robes
') z Powcruoncs ') 1 Gustplum~
'J3}adeMarblcs ') z Rumblcnuts

··· ~

r ~-~
€l1 Set of Scale Armor
€l z Coldstones

€l z Drill Screws

Star Eater's Claws
€l1 Set of lee Crystal Claws
'J 5 Kaleidoston~s
'J 5 Pairs of Ang~l's Wings
"1 Champion's Armor
') 1 Set of Grunt Armor
'J z Iron Diamonds
'J z Lumps of Raw Stet!
··· ~

~ ···

r •••&-

Suits of Armor

E3 •••
Toughened Armor pn o Armor of Justice p1 u

Mat~rials: Materials:
€l1 Set of Rugged Armor €lt Set of Enigma Armor
€l1 Piece of Supple Leather €l z Blowpipes
'J 3 Powerstones

Shadowglass Shield p114

') 1 Iron Shield
€It jade Marble
li) 3 Pieces of Shadowglass

Brilliant Armor
'J 1 Set of Champion's Armor
ti) 1 Medal of Impunity
'J 3 Blowpipe1
'"'1 Champion's Shield
'Jt Grunt Shield
'J z Iron Diamonds
') z Pieces of Shadowglass
••• Go

~ ···


War God's Armor PIIJ Mystical Shield p 11 ) !!!.
Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Set of Brilliant Armor ') 1 Avenger's Shield
1iJ 5 Clumps of Troll's Tears li) 1 Powerstonc if
1iJ S Scrolls of Truth 1iJ 5 Glowcaps
<Ell ••• ··· ~

<9 ••·
- Shield•

Scale Shield
pn; Goddess's Shield
~ pus

<i) 1 UatherShield ti) t Mystical Shield

li) 1 Sturdy Scale liJ s Glowstones
<i) 1 Angula li) s Pairs of Angel's \Vings

War God's Shield pus Wizard's Robes p117

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Champion's Shield li) 3 Bunches of Old Oak Leaves
li) Kaleidostones li) 3 Ritestones
li) S Scrolls of Truth li) % Seeds of Discord

••• €:>

Pretty- Parasol Ripple Robes pn 8
pu s

~ Materials:
li) :z Blowpipes
li) z Blizzard Blooms
< li) :z Pairs of Black Vlinp
li) 10 Rings-a-bells
li):z Wetstones
li) 3 Bottles of Springwater

Gowns and Robes

~ ···
Champion's Smock P11 7 Goddess's Gown pu S

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Soldier's Tunic s
li) Glowstones
<i) :z Pittes of Tealwood li) 5 Pairs of Angel's Wings
li) 3 Gnomebeards s
li) All-seeing Eyes

Champion's Helm P11 9 Stripy Cloak puo

Materials: Materials:
~ t Soldier's Helmet 1 Snakeskin Cloak
~ :z Iron Diamonds ~ 1Piece of Supple Leather
~ :z Drill Screws

~ ···

''=Y Clmk
~ 1 Sea Breeze Cloak
z Angulas

- - - - - - - -- - ...... ;;·3
Blessed Helm Eagle Eye Cloak ~

P11 9 pu r
Materials: Matenals
li) :1 Coldstones ~ 1 Gustplume
1iJ 3 Rings-a-bells li) 1 Blizzard Bloom if
G) 3 Pieces of Supple Leather li) :1 P1eces of Supple Leather
~----------••• 6>

War God's Helm

~ Pll9
Champion's Cloak p1 21

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Blessed Helm li) t Sted Scale
li) 5 Evil Eyes li) :1 Iron Diamonds
liJ 5 Scrolls of Truth li) :1 Drill Screws
Alchemical Formulae

Tl ~w~

Phantom Mantle

"1 Poisoned Fang

••• &

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Caghoul li) 1 Giant's Tooth
li) :z Tachestones li) 1 Baneflowcr
li) :z Emberstones
••• €:!~-

Soolf. . N«kh<·
li) 1 Soretooth Ring
li) 1 Drakestone
~ :z Baneflowers

••• e,.

Cyclone Cloak Crimson Fang pl%3

!i Materials: Materials:
-B li) 1 Bree-zy Cloak ~:zDrakestones
< li) 1 Fogdrop
li) 1 Blinard Bloom
~ 1
Sturdy Shinbone
:z Embentones

1 ~
Heavenly Mantle pn:z Wyrmfang Ring P1Z3

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Eagle Eye Cloak li) t Dragonstooth Ring
li) 1 Cyclone Cloak '€> 3 Ritestones
'€> 2 Jlairs of Black Wings '€> 3 Drakestones

White Stag's Tooth pa4 Medal of Impunity pu4

Mat~rials: Materials:
~ s Glowstones ~ 1 Star Pearl
~ S Clumps of Troll's Tears .~ 3 All-be-goncs
~ S All-suing Eyes <i) 3 Glowcaps

~ ···

E9 ••·

Medal of Dexterity
I![ :~...
pu.s Barrier Badge
···e- ~-
Materials: Materials:
<i) 1 Soldier's Sword <i) 1 Iron Shield
<i)' Bass Bell <i) z Meteorite Fragments if

<i) t Sprocket <i) :z Sprockets
••• e;;..

~ 1
Medal of Steadfastness pus Berserker's Badge pus

Materials: Materials:
<i) 1 Iron Shield <i) t Bastion Badge
<i) z Bubble Pipes <i) z Pain of Black Wings
<i) z Bass Bells <i) z Bubble Pipes

Alchemical Formulae

Bastion Badge pu6

~ 1 Braggart's Badg~

€ •••
z Powerston~s
~ 10 Bowls

Ironclad Badge
of Fluffy Rice

.r -~.~8

~ 1 Adamant Badge ~tGustplumc

~:z Drakestones ~ z Gnomcbeards
~ 3 Rumblcnuts ~ 1 Angula

••• €:>


-;; Bracer Badge pu6 Ornniseal pn.]

~ Materials:
~ 1 Battler's Badge
~ S Pairs of Angel's Wings
< ~ 1 Grunt Shi~ld
~ z Fogdrops
~S Evil Eyes
~ S AU-seeing Eyes
••• e;.

Hardheaded Badge
Stalwart Scale

··· ~

~ 1 Battler's Badge ~ 1 Sturdy Shinbone

~ 1 Soldier' s Helmet ~I W~tstone
~ :z Tachestones

Shadowglass Scale pn8

~ t Ja<k Marble
~ l Pieces of Shadowglass

~ ····----------~-------p•.-------------------·•• 6>
Deep Blue Scale puS ~ ;) Milk Chocolate
Materials: Materials:
~ 1 Coldstonc ~ 1Bar of Chocolate
~zJadeMarbles €lt Bottle of Creamy Milk
~ z Wetstones <€/t Jar of Bumbler Honey

<8 •••---------,.·,...-------··· ~
Fairy Chocolate P' +' j
~ 1 Bar of Milk Chocolate
~ t
<€) t Rings-a-hell

···e. ;;·3
Salamander Scale Chocolate Bonbons p142 e!.
Materials: Materials:
1€> 1 Drakestonc li) :z Ban of Chocolate
li) z Rumblenuts li) :z Fogdrops if
li) z Emberuones li) :z Jars of Bumbler Honey
••• E»-

Wyrm King's Scale Snowdrop Bonbons

Materials: Materials:
li) 1 Dragonstooth Ring t Handful of Chocolate Bonbons
<i) z Star Pearls 2 Handfuls of Caramels
<i) z Drakes1ones 1 Snowflake
Alchemical Formulae

Frosty Flan p1.p

~ 1 Snowflake
~ :z Jan of Bumbler Honey

••• 9
Princess Chocolate
. .. Fruit Flan

1€) 1 Bar of Fairy Chocolate ~ 1 Frosty Flan

~ 1 Handful of Snowdrop Bonbons ~ :z Bunches of Green Grapes
~ :z Handfuls of Crownberries ~ 1 Bunch of Sour Grapes

••• €:!>-


Creamy Flan p1<j.:Z Fantastic Flan pl.p

~ Materials:
~ 1 Flan
~ 1 Babana Flan
< 1€) :z Dumpty Eggs
~ 1 Jar of Bumbler Honey
~ 1 Fruit Flan
~ :z Big Babanas

··· ~

Babana Flan p1<j.:Z

Carrot Cake
fl .

P1 +J

Materials: Materials:
~ 1 Creamy F1an 1€)1 Cake
~ :z Bunches of Babana.s 1€) 3 Crunchy Carrots
~ 1 Gnomebeard

Carnation Cake
<i)1 Carrot Cake
<i) 2 Dumpty Eggs
<i) t Angula

<e ~r~-e-z_e_C_a_k_e-----,,.,
" r·l::----------
Sour Sundae
<i) 1 Sundae
<i) 3 Bowls of Yogurt

~ 1 Handfuls of Caramels
<O.}t Gustplume

~· ··
Patty Cake

: :.: :ower Sundae
li) 1 Breeu Catt <0) 1 Sour Sundae
<i) 1 Rumblenut ~ 1 Plainswort
li) 1 Powerstone <i) 1 Rings-a-bcll

.a···--- ------,r=---- - -···6>

Hot Cake P•·H Toadstool Sundae
Materials: Materials:
<i) 1 Carnation Cake <i) :1 Sundaes
<0) 1 Drake-stone <i) t Glowcap
<!) 2 Handfuls of Crownberries <i)zBlackTruffies
Alchemical Formulae

Sarsaparilla Sundae Soft Scoop Ice Cream P•H

Materials: Materials:
~ 1 Toadstool Sundae ') 1 Salted Ice Cream
~ :z Bunches of Booster Shoots ~ :z Bunches of Green Grapes
~ :z Snow Radishes ~ 1 Gnomebeard

·;:-----··· ~


Knickerbocker Glory Snow-White Ice Cream , ,..
Materials: Materials:
') 1 Wildflower Sundae ') 1 Soft Scoop Ice Cream
~ 1 Handful of Crownberries ') :z Bowls of Yogurt

~ :z Big Babanas ~ 1 Snowflake

I c-e-Cr-
_ _ __ ,- .-
.. e-

'J1 !~Cream
') 1

""' "'
Bunch of Booster Shoots

--------- -- 1
Ruby Ripple Ice Cream , ,.,.. Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream ,...
Materials: Materials:
') 1 Salted Ice Cream ~ 1 Ruby Ripple I~ Cream
') :z Crunchy Carrots ') 1 Bunch of Sour Gra~s
') 1 Emberstone ') :z Handfuls of Crownberries
Sweetie Pie PI H

~ 3 Crunchy Carrots

~ ···
See-through Pie pt4) Golden Pie PIH

li) t Sweetie Pic
li) : Bowls of Yogurt
') t Bottle of Springwater
~ 1 See-through Pie
li) : Bunches of Babanas
li) : Big Babanas

~ ···


Game Pie PI4S Jumbo Sundrop pi.oj.6 !!!.
Materials: Materials:
' ) 1 Sweetie Pie ') 1 Sundrop
') % Hunks of Tender Bttf <i) 3 Sun Crystals 1f
')1 Rumblenut

··· ~
Jumbo Stardrop p146

') 1 Stardrop

1li) 3 Star Crystals

Pie on the Bone PI4S Jumbo Moondrop pl.oj-6

Materials: Materials:
Game Pie li) 1 Moondrop
<i) 1 Sturdy Shinbone <i) 3 Moon Cryuals
li) 1 Piece of Tealwood

Alchemical Formulae

Jumbo Planetdrop Cheeseburger PIP

Materials: Materials:
~ 1 Planetdrop ~ 1 Sandwich
~3 Planet Crystals ~ 1 Crispy Leuuce
~ 1 Glowshrimp

u ...___________.

~ __:ov~
]., .
r Tonic
P1 P

< ~ : ~~ !f~~~~~f
~ : ~~~~~f ::~~}'~k Leaves
~ z Seeds of Discord

Fishburger Pixie Dew PIJ%

Materials: Materials:
~ z Loaves of White Bread ~ 1 Fogdrop
~ 1 Dumbflounder ~ 3 Bunches of Booster Shoots
~ 1 Crispy Lc-uuce ~ 3 Boules of Springwater
Sprite Dew Sage's Secret PIJJ

Materials: Materials:
<i) t Bottle of Pixie Dew <i)t Tonic
<i) t Bunch of Sour Grapes <i) t Snowflake
<i) 3 Bundles of Slumbernot Leaves <i) 3 Glowcaps

<a~::ong C·o-ffee-
- ,. 33 r··:c----Q--- - _
<i) a Bottles of Iced Cofftt
<i) 1 Boule of Springwater

E9 ••·
Cappuccino p13J Phoenix Breath PIJJ


<i) 1 Cup of Strong Coffe(:
<i) 3 Bottles of Creamy Milk

--------,r,....-----,-·· 8>
<i) 1 Bundle of Slumbernot Leaves
<i) 1 Phoenix Feather
<i) 1 Coldstone
<i) 3 Plainsworts

Espresso All-be-gone
Materials: Materials:
<i) z Cups of Strong Coffee t Bunch of Old OaJ: Leal'es
'J I Fogdrop t Plainswott
<i) 3 Bundles of Slumbernot Lta\"es t Bunch of Booster Shoots
_ _ _o
.ormulae ~
Chapter Three


While other Men shew Meekenesse,

The Wiseard taketh Armes,
To strike at Evill's Weakenesse
And protect Himselfe &om Harme.
f)' ·~
Equipping Your Familiars

-1<!8!>1{ Ingestion of Equipment ~

Famili;m do not use equipment in the same way humans de-they do not wield our weapons,
wear our armor, or sport our jewelry. Instead they swallow such items whole, absorbing their
powt:r and enhancing their own natural abilities. Ingesting a $WOI"d1 for example, will improve a
familiar's offensive capabilities, while ingesting a shield will boost their defense.

Ust you wonder, familiars enclose equipment in transparent bubbles prior to ingesting it, thereby
keeping their innards safe, and the items dean and ready for rctricVlll at a moment's notice. Rest
assured that familiars have no qualms about ingesting an item that has already been swallowed
by another crtature.

-1<!8!>1{ Types and Tastes ~

Three types of equipment are used by familiars:

weapons, armor, and accessories. Each equipment
type is wrapped in a diffcrendy colortd bubble when
swallowe-d--weapons arc enclosed in red
bubbles, armor is endosed in blue
blubbles, and accessories are enclosed
in green bubbles.

A familiar's taste11 will dictate

which equipment they use,
and they will stubbornly
refuse to swallow items

There is no cause to worry,

however. Since familian will
only tolente equipment with which
they arc comfortable, you may rest
assurtd that anything they do ingest
will have a positive effttt of one
sort or another on their abilities.

Soldier's Sword
Swords and A popular ftl(tal blade, issued

to gnmu of the Hamelin
Daggers army. Kttn-('dged and fairly

These basic weapons rely on

sharp blades to slice through
enemies' defenses. Source:
<!)The Cawtermaster's Store (Hamelin)

Wooden Sword Pirate's Cutlass

A simple wooden weapon. /
Unlikely to sever an enemy's
limbs, but delive rs a decent
bonk on the head.

A pirate's weapon of choice.
The sight of its curved
blade strikes fear into every
seafarer's hea.rl. )
<!)The Cawtermauer's Store (Ding Dong Dell) Sourtt:
<!) Trcasurt Chests !!) Treasure Chtm

Well-Worn Sword Burning Blade

An e:z:tremely basic weapon,
common in Ding Dong Dell.
/ A•~•d<h"prod~••i«/r,
of flame as il is swung. Do be '
Its blade is nothing special, sure no1 10 singe your robes.
but it is very easy to wield.

~The Cawtermaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell) Source:
<!)Treasure Chests !!) A Treasure Chesl on Old Smoky

Bone Sword Roc Feather

A sword carved from a An enormous realhtr-shaped
large monster bone. Though sword, comprising numerous
not as sturdy as iu me tal smaller blades. Said 10 cause
COW'Lterp:arts, it is significantly whirlwinds when swung.

Source:: Source:
~The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon) <!) Castaway Cove Ptddler and Elsewhere
Clockwork Cleaver Bluster Blade
where its blade should be.
A bl•d< lomlb<d wl<h; /
magical runes that cause a
Ensure: your slee\'C:S do oot get great wind to blow when it
caught up in the meehanism. is swung.

Source: ~AsaCasinoPriu:
~ A Treasure Chest in Hamelin ~ A Treasure Chest in the Glittering Grotto

Champion's Sword
A modern imitation of a
kgendary blade. Some claim
hands of one who believes it
The favored weapon of a
band of warriors known
for their bloodcurdling war
cri~s. Its sh~~r size makes
to be the real thing. it incr~dibly destructive.

Source: Sourc~:
~Alchemical Cauldron ~ Perdida Peddler

Black Blade Blazing Blade

A•w~dwho" ""~ bJ.<k/
is as black as night. It is said
A magical sword that is
p~rman~ntly ~ngul f~d in
to absorb all the light around flam~s. It sears and sunders
it, darkening its owner's mood n~sh with ~as~.
in the process.

Source: Source:
€> A Treasure Chest on the Tombstone Trail ~Yule Peddler

Hero's Sword Night Blade

Once used by a warrior who
A d><k bi>d< <h" f«d•'

single·handedly repelled an upon its hopes and

::.,:.:;:·::.:·;:::!~ :~~~!
invading army, this sword
is said to exude a fearsome
presence. ~t~mal night... .

Source: Source:
<!.)Unknown ~ Tr~asur~ Chests
Lost Sword Celestial Sword
A ~•pon b<J;<>«f to hm ~
bttn us«! during the Great A ~
to be ~·pon, ·.v ;·~
n ... , by the stars ·
Wizard Wars. Though its themscl~. Its blade bttomes
~lade i~ wuped, it still retains _, sharpercveryti~itisraist'd
Its ancttnt power. to the night sky. ,

Source: Source:
<i)Aichemical Cauldron <i) Unknown

Sainted Sword Primordial Sword

A blade that will only harm Legends tdl of how this sword
those whom its wielder has was thrust into the earth at
des ignated. Thus guided, it the dawn of time, bringing
seeks out weak points and about the birth of all things.
smitn them righteously.

Source: Source:
<i)AichemiClii!Cauldron C!)Alchemica!Cauldron

Radiant Blade Nazcaan Longsword

A sword that gleams in Na:z:caln tradition dictated
the hands of the pure- that only the bravest soldiers
hearted. Creatures of an were ptrmitted to wield this
evil disposition nee before blade. The hero stirs within
its light. all who grasp its hilt .

Soorce: Source:
<i) A Treasure Chest in Nevtrmore C!)Unknown

Skyfall Sword Kitchen Knife

A sharp implement that makes
s,;d to oon.,;n'" o" th"/
fell from the skies above, ~ light work of any eulinary
this blade's glinering sheen cuuing. Reasonably prktd and
is unlike any metal from this always useful tOha\'tonhand.

Source: Source:
<i) Alchemical Cauldron C!) The Cawtermaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell)
Candle Cutter Sacred Dagger
Aknifewithamagia.lflame / '
at intip.TI\e'flameisnever used in weddings and other
extinguisht-d, and the blade is such rituals. lklitvt'd to be
alwa)"rt·(HlOt. holy, so be sure to handle it
with respect.

Source: Source:
f€>Alchemical Cauldron ~Treasure Chests

Flint Dagger Divine Dagger

A stone dagger, created by A ~apon that receives divine

the people of an ancient protection from the sun. The
civiliuation. Now blunt, it is dagger and wielder become
a rather ineffective weapon. one, allowing them to move
mort swifdy than any t~my.

Source: Source:
~The Cawtermuttr's Stou (AI Mamoon) ~ Alchtmical Cauldron

Sickle Witch's Thorn

A cutting tool with a curved Sharptntd to a fint point /
blade. l tsuniqueshapemal:es and dtsigntd to strikt
it useful both on the farm and targtu whtrt they art most
on the battlefield. vulnt rablt, this weapon can
fdl a fot with a singlt blow.

Source: Source:
I€>CastaWllyCovePeddler !€! Tht Cawttrmasttr's Stort (Hamelin)

Shadowglass Knife Woodsman's Knife

Crafttd from an extremely A erudt impltmmt, fashiootd

hard black glass, this knife from an animal's fang. h s
has a jagged edge that causes serrated Ngt eausts agony
great distress to its victims. to its victims.

Sour~: Source:
~ Alchemical Cauldron ~ Treasurt Chtsu
Ice Shard Planet Splitter
Forged from a pie« of kt dut
will nevtt melt, iu cooling The~·""""'"' ....,~
of all, it cleaves through
touch has a calming effect any material with use and
during tht- heat of battle. stril:n with incredibk $pffil.
Its power is not bclitvtd to
be of this world.

Source: Source:
~ Yule Peddler ~ Alchemical Cauldron

Kiss of Death
A dagger that can dispose
of an enemy with a single
blow. Its blade seems to be
magial\yd rawntoatarget's
weak spots.
Though generally \'try ht:avy1 these
are some of the most powerful
Sourct: weapons available to a wi2.:ard.
€l Unknown

Flitwing Woodcutter's Ax
A blade that so swiftly,
11'10\-et A basic ax, gmc:rallyuKd for / '
its approach cannot be heard cuning firtwood but abo of
unti l afte r the weapon has usc on the banlefield.
struck home.

Sourct: Source:
<€> Alchemical Cauldron t€J The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon)

Sorcerer's Soul Iron Ax

Amysteriousdagger,bclieved ~ huwithaheavyironhead.
to have been crafted from Iu thick edge will rarely
cr ystall ixed light by an sue<:Umb to nicks, no maner
ancientsorctrer. how wildly it is swung.

Sou ret: Source:

!!)Unknown ~ Castaway Cove Peddler
Ogre King's Ax Grand Ax
An ~normous axe, believed A huge ax !hat r~uius both
10 have a soul of its own. hands to wield. Though it
Enemies will qui\"tt in fea r seems unrefined, it is a
of a wizard who wields one powe rful weapon, and one
oftht-st. which commands a high price.

Source: Source:
!?>Unknown li) Perdida Peddler

Guardsman's Ax Giant's Ax
An ax issued to
of Hamelin's army. The
grunts~ Legends claim that this ax
onct belonged to a giant who
latest model combines case . usedittofellahundredmen
of wielding wi1h awesome with a single blow.
destructive power-and all ~
a1 avtry uasonable price.
Soun:c: ~ As a Casino Prize
li) The Cawtermast«'s Store (Hamelin) ~ A TrraSIIrc Chest in NevtrmQfe

J Watchmaker's Ax Demon's Ax
] A w<•poo w;<h • bl"'' <h"~
is fine enough to cut cogs for
watches. On the baulefidd,
the ax sinh deeply into
enemy flesh, leaving them
begging for mercy.


Clockwork Ax War God's Ax

An unusual ax with a giant Ths mighty W'C'apon smolden
cog instead of a blade. The with the fiercefighlingspirit
spinning teeth cause untold of its former owner. Its power
damage: when they catch on is beyond imagining.
enemy flesh .

Sourct: Source:
~ Alchemical Cauldron ~Alehemica!Cauldron
Wooden Mallet Tomte Whomper
A simple wooden hammer. ? Carved from a piece of glacial
Though not especially icc, this hammer freezes
powerful, it hu bttn carved anything it striUs. No wizard
from sturdy timber and is \'et}' worthy of his wand would t\'tt
usytou~. usc it to whomp a tomte, of

Soorec: Source:
'€! The Cawtcrmastcr's Store (AI Mamoon) ') Ylllc Peddler

Massive Mallet Ninnyhammer

this hammer requires
' ,,
~ "'
Though it produces a silly ~
noise and a cloud of stan upon
superhuman strcngthtowidd. 1 • ,- impact, a brain-scrambling
blow from this hammer is no ~ ,
" laughing matter.

Sourtt: Source:
€J The Cawtermaster's Store (Fairyground) ~Alchemical Cauldron

Tower Toppler Steam Hammer

An extremely heavy metal A steam-powered hammer
hammer. Though rather capable of crushing bouldc:rs
cumbersome, it is powerful into tiny pebbles. The latest
enough to bring down a tower model boasts se veral aim-
with a single blow. improving features.

Sourtt: Source:
'€l The Cawtcrmaster's Store (Hamelin) ~ A Treasure Chest in the Vault of Tears

Hammer of Justice Meteor Mallet

Thi• h•mm" bdo"g<d <o?
a knight who rle\'Ct forsoolr:
his comrades. It serves as a '
An enormous hammer.
Though its wtight makes it
hard to aim with accuracy,
reminder of the importance of its impact is like that of a
cuing for one's companions. falling meteorite.

Source: Source:
') Alchemical Cauldron ~ Alchemical Cauldron
Soldier's Spear/
A spear issued to Hamelin
Spears grunts. 'The clqarn rngraving1
effect on morale.

Long-handled weapons with sharp

h~ads for piercing enemy defenses.
In skilled hands, they can be deadly. Source:
li) The Cawtermaster's Store (Hamelin)

Sharpened Stick Hoarfrost Harpoon

A sturdy wooden staff, carved Awintryspirithasblessedthe
to a point. It makes for an ice that forms the glittering
excellent tent pole in times tip of this spear, ensuring it
of peace. will never melt.


A wooden spear with a

sharpened stone head.
Surprisingly fragile, it is
easily broken when wielded
li) The Cawtermaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell)

Flint Spear
~ A Treasure Chest in Golden Grove

Lightning Bolt/
A thin spear that crackles
storm is summoned when its
point is held aloft.

Source: Source:
li) The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon) ~Treasure Chests

Pig-Iron Pike / GaleSpear /

A basic meta.! spear that This spear's curved head
requires careful maintenance evoknthe spirit of a gust of
to prevent it from rusting. wind. Forgingitrequimgreat
skill and no little art.

Source: Source:
li) Castaway Cove Peddler li) 'Ihc Cawtermaster's Store (Fairyground)
Champion's Spear
A luge weapon designed for

aids speed and accuracy.

Crystal Spear
properties mean that OM blow
can cauSC" untold damage.
')Alchemical Cauldron

Dryad's Spear /
Fashioned from a fallen
branch, and blessed by a foretl
spirit, this spear brings good
fortune to iu wielder.

Deadeye Spear
Forgtd by a legendary hunter,
this spear never misses its
mark, however evasive the
enemy maybe.
') Treaswc Chtm

Royal Spear v
Once used by the royal family
of a forgotten kingdom, this
toone's battle regalia.
ci) Perdida Peddler

Glorious Lance

Lam:e 11 sa1d to guarantee
VIC!Ofyfor 1\SWICJdtr

~ Alchemical Cauldron

BeeSting I
A cruel spear that releases a
deadly poison upon impact .
The bold pattern is designed
to intimidate the enemy.

Rainbow Lane~
A lance with a prism-shaped
head that sheds light on the
secrets of even the most
enigmatic enemies.

Sourtt: Source:
!i)TreasureChtsts <€> Akhonieal Cauldron
Dragon Lance
A lance whose power is sure

not a weapon to be: taken up

by the fainthearted.
to overcome its wielder. It is . .

Savage weapons crafted from a variety

of common alchemical ingredients,
Source: such as talons and bones.
~ A Treasure Chest in Nevermore

Giant's Spear Crude Claws

This weapon once belonged Curved and extremely sharp ,
to a giant who bestrode the d•w.-p<•f~• fO< wh<O •h< @I
battlefields of old. Foes still

enemy gets too close. . .·
quake at the mere sight of it.

Source: Source:
<!) Alchemical Cauldron ~The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon)
Longshank Knucklebone Claws
The hero to whom Made from carved animal
s~ar first belonged is said bones, these imitation claws
to have us«i it to ck ar an are sharper than the real
entire battlefiddwithasingle thing, and u ceedingly light
mighty swing. to boot.

Source: Source:
t€lA!chemicalCauldron ~ Alchemical Cauldron

Woodland Claws
A claw·shaped weapon made
of wood. Be sure not to let
it sprout leaves-they would
only soften your blows.

1€) The Cawtermaster's Store (Fairygroond)
Gaudy Claws Giant's Fingernails
Golden claws, as wo_rn h~~, Enormous fingernails, pluckt'd ~
a man who uyled hnnsdf from a fallen giant. Most folk - ~
the "Casino King." Such would struggle to pick these
garishntn dot-s not b«ome up,lctaloncwiddthem.
a wiurd.

Soorec: Source:
'!) Treasure Chem ~Treasure Chests

Bullhorn Claws Crucible Claws

Claws intheshapeofanimal ~ Highly durable tempered steel
horns, set far apart. They claws that cover the whole
are_ theoretically_ capable of
gonng two enem1es at once.
~ . , hand, allowing the user to
smash through walls with

Source: Source:
~ Castaway Cove Ptddltt ')Alchemical Cauldron

Steel Claws Haunted Claws

Military-issue metal claws . ~ Contrary to popular opinion,
1bt glint of their finely honed th~se e~rie claws ar~ not
Ngeswillstril:tfearintoe\'ell $ haunted by an evil spirit,
the toughest enemy. and do not harm the wear~r.

Source: Source::
~ Alchemical Cauldron <€> Th~ Cawt~nnastc:r's Store (Hamelin)

Tainted Claws Six Wind Claws

Cruelclawsthatcarvethroogh Curious claws that summon
a victim's flesh, leaving powerful gales when swung.
poison in the wound . The Said to ha~ bttn u~ by a 411ioo.l~f"'
toxintakcseffectinSttands. mountain--dwelling spirit .

Sou ret: Soor~:

t!)Aichemical Cauldron <€> Alchemical Cauldron
Snow Witch Claws Griffin's Talons
Claws hardened by exposure Claws taken from the mighty
to the harsh climate of the griffin, king of ~asts. No
Winter Isks. Some claim - creature alive could suppress
that they contain fragments a cry when faced with such
of tundra ice. weapons.

Source: Source:
~Yule Peddler ')Unknown

Ice ~een Claws Blackwyrm Claws

Ice-cold claws, imbued with Theclawsofafire-breathing
the power of a sorceress from black dragon. Enchanted with
the frozen north. 'They deliver evil spells, they cut though
a piercing chill. enemy ranks with relentless

Source: Source:
') Alchemi~l Cauldron ') A Treasure Chest in Ding Dong Well

Werewolf Claws Cat King's Claws

Gleaming silver claws, takn Crafted using claws
from a legendary wolf. Their OO:jutathed by several kings
power is said to increase of Ding Dong Dell, these
tenfold whenever the: moon ceremonial items have never
is full. seen battle.

Source: Source:
')Unknown €1Unlmown

Ice Crystal Claws Dragon King's Claws

Transparent claws, made of The daws of an ancient ~.
finely polished ice. AlpCCtn.l dragon, believed to have ~
glow seems to emanate from belongt"d to a venerable
inside them. family for ~nerations.

Source: Source:
') Alchemical Cauldron €1 Unknown
Star Eater's Claws
The glowing claws of a
kgendary be:ast, believed
to have feast«! on the uars . .:
thl!msdves. Evil·dispoKd
CJI!atUJeS flee before

Sou rei!: Source:

<i)Alchl!micalCauldron <i) Treasure Chests

Whalefish Tusk
The original owner of this J ·
tusk wu an ancient marine

=:~ :~;: ~~:~;::~~e

into sailon' souls.
Horns retain the life fortt of
thl!ir former owners, making them Source:
formidable weapons. <i) The Cawtermaster's Stort
(Fairyground) (j

Spiral Horn Dragon Tusk

A horn whoK unique spiral An artificial tusk, c a r v e d t !
shape can be both a help from thl! fouil of an ancient
and a hindrance. Be sure to dra~. ~n hl!ld to the ear, ~~~
find a way to UK it to your a roanng wmd can be hl!ard. ·

<i) The Cawtermaster's Store (Ding Dong De-ll) Source:
<i) A Treasure Chest in Ding Dong Well <i)Tteasure Chests

Beetle Horn Lazy Bone

A curious hom with a f o r k « ! / Iu captivating pattern is " '
tip. Its origin has been the known to Knd those who
subject of intense wi::r.ardly :& look upon it to sleep. Be •'
debate. , sure to avert your gau while
wielding. .-"' ,.:.

Sou rei!: Source:

<i) Treasure Chem <i) Perdida Peddler
Icewyrm Tusk Iron Breastplate
This horn's piercing chill~ Armor made from a thick
makes holding it with bare sheet of iron. While
hands impossible. Be sure to reasonably priced, its
wear gloves of leather or fur protection is limited to the
whilewielding. '"

Source: Source:
~ Yule Peddltr ~ Castaway Cove Peddler

White Stag's Antler Rugged Armor

The antler of a le~ndary Armor made from extremely
white stag, said to be a durable animal hide. Donning
representative of the gods. itmakesonefeeltrulyready
ltgrantsstrengthandcourage for battle.
to its bearer.

Source: Source;
~ As a Prize at the Casino ~The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon)

Toughened Armor
Armor made from tough
Suits of leather, treated at a high
Armor temperature for additional
surface strength.

Providing protection for the whole

body, a sturdy suit of armor can
prove invaluable in battle. Source;
~ Alchemical Cauldron

Leather Armor Mirrored Armor

Thoughthisanimalhidcdoes Enchanted so as to ward
not provide much protection, off<~il•piti,,thi•"~' ,,K,~~.
it is very light and allows for isbelievedtoprotectits~ f. :t'~
gn~at ease of mo~ment. wearer from catastrophe.

Source: Source;
<!.)The Cawtermaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell) ~ Treasure Chests
Dress Armor Gale Armor
Though ~xtn vaganlly A spirit has granted this ~
d«orat«i, this golden suit armor prot«tion from the
of armor is surprisingly storm, making il the ideal ~ 1:./J•
resilient. ani re for doing battle in bad

Source: Source:
<i)Unknown <i)AlchemicaiCauldron

Grunt Armor Stout Armor

Cheap yet reluively Heavy armor, made from~~·
comfortable, this iron armor several slabs ~f iron: Thou~ l'•:Q"
0 ..'"} •
has been standard issue in the very tough, LIS weight will ~ • •
Hamelin army for gmerations. greatly impede a wizard's .-, )..>
movement. .•.• •.•
~ <./'-

Source: Source:
<i) 'The Cawtermaster's Store (llimdin) ')Unknown

Scale Armor Royal Armor

Atoughsuitofarmor,made Believed to have once
from hard scales that are been worn by a f a m o u s l y .
ingeniously linked to allow courageous Icing, donning 1 ,
full freedom of movement. this armor causes one's fears
to fade away.

Soorce: Source:
<i) The Cawtermaster's Store (Fairyground) ci)AlchemicalCauldron

Bone Mail Champion's Armor

Armor made from animal This suit of armor has
bones, designtd to absorb survivt'd many a brutal battle,
impact. Far lighter than IJ'Ietal and confen great strength
armor, it permits grrater uponits~uer.

Source: Source:
<i) Alchemical Cauldron ci) Alchemical Cauldron
Inferno Armor Night Armor
Armor dtsignc:d specifically { A j« · b],ok ooi< of "mo• ~w
for doing batt le with fire· //•JN,;,.JJ . that allows the wearer to -
breathing dragons. It is ~~ ., become one with the night, ,
exuemely resilient to both ·~ overcoming all fear of
heat and name. ~ ·.:/ da rkness.

Source: Source:
€>Yule Peddler ~ A Trtasure Chest in the Miauna Marshes

Pure Steel Armor Enigma Armor

The steel used to make this Armor which incorporates
armor hu been specially ,,{~1!. " ,.,: a mysterious foss il. The
relined using a secret method, .] A :... ( eerie glow is not merely
grantingitextrastrength."., · decorative-it also deflects
enemy blows.

Source: Source:
~Treasure Chtsts ~Unknown

Enchanted Armor Boarlord's Armor

The jewels which adorn Ceremonial armor that has
this armor confer magical h«n worn by ~nerations of ,.,
. .. ,,..,.,..,.
prottction,evcnifthewearer Hamdin royals.
is not mag ically inclined.

Source: Source:
€I Perdida Peddler €I A Treasure Chest in Nevermore

Knight's Armor Armor of Justice

Tht- favortdarmorofahero
~~0 belie~d_ ~~a'_'o
mpu y was to mvlte 11.
rear ~r.-·


Sc-tt. Source:
~Ur own ~Alchemical Cauldron
Brilliant Armor
A suit of armor that glows
ever brighter with each blow
it r«eirts. Ju light causes
courage to swell within the

carried in the hand and used to

Source: deflect enemy blows.
<i) Alchemical Cauldron

Celestial Armor Wooden Shield

Majestic armor that shines This simple wooden shield
with the light of a million cannot bt' relied upon to
stan. It is believed to confer provide much protection, but
a formofmagicalprotection. sagesagrttitis benerthan

Saurcc: Source:
<i) A• a Prize in the Casino li) 'The Cawtermaster's Stort (Ding Dong Dell)

War God's Armor Shinbone Shield

Purportedly worn by a warlike A $hield made from large
deity, this nigh impregnable animal bo~s, tied together
armor is capable of denecting with ming. Tiy to ensure that
countless enemy blows with the knots do not eome undone.

Source: Source:
<i) Alchemical Cauldron I€JTteasure Chests

Nazcaan Armor
Only the most steadfast
Na2:calin soldiers were
awarded this armor. Wearing
it is said to kindle one's
Leather Shield
A shield consisting of an
animal hidt st~tched across
a wooden (ram(, 'The thicker
the hide, the stronger the
• / ,• .

pat riotic fervor. shield. ·

Source: Source:
!!)Unknown ~The Cawtennaster's Store (AI Mamoon)
Iron Shield Shadowglass Shield
Comprising several iron A gleaming black shield made
plates, thisshiddisttrtainly from pu re shadowglan. It is
strong.. but its weight ma~es said to have belonged to a
it unsuitable for the wealc of warrior wizard of~.

Source: Source::
!?> Castaway Cove Peddler ~Alchemical Cauldron

Scale Shield Holy Shield

W rought from several hard This glowing white metal
monster scales, this shield shield deflects b lows
excels at deflecting enemy with aplomb and thwarts
blows, and is also completely adversaries' attempts to nix
vr.nerproof. its owner.

Soun:c: li)As a Prize at the Casino
li)Alchcmical Cauldron li) A Trrasure Chest in the Glittering Grano

Shiny Shield Champion's Shield

A shield whose surface always
A shield that was once used '
gleams like a polished mirror. by a great warrior. Iu surface
A special metal is said to be is completely free of ruu,
used to create the effect . despite its age.

Source: Source::
€!Unknown ~Alchemical Cauldron

Grunt Shield Tundra Shield

A shield is$11Cd to grunts of
IU,;,g ],;, h;ddoo '"'" • ~
Hamelin. 'Though one feasibly mass of itt for millennia, ~
could, cowering behind ils this shitld is now ext~mely

girth is not asetmly way for rnistant to wintry weather.
awiurd to behave.

Sourtt: Source:
~The Cawtermaster's Store (1-hmelin) ~ Yule Peddler
Avenger's Shield War God's Shield
This uniquely shaptd shield Said to have once belongtd
has a glossy-smooth finish to a warlike deity, this all·
that ckflecu curses bad: onto surpassing shield is capable
the c~mits who cast them. of swaning metet~ritts bilck
into the heavens.

Soorec: Source:
'€! Perdida Peddler '€l Alchemical Cauldron

Mystical Shield Pretty Parasol

Withthisshield,awil.ardmay Aparasolwitharatherdainty
stand tall againu fearsome design. Dupite its flimsy
foes, safe in the knowledge appurantt, it deflects both
that he shall never be nixed. the sun's rays and enemy
blows with ease.

Sourtt: Source:
€JAlchemia~ICauldron ~Unknown

Goddess's Shield
A shield that enjoys a
degree of divine proteclion.
It also grants the wizard an
invaluable insight into the
thoughts of all ies, aiding
cooperation. Sundry outfits, ranging from simple
travel garments to robes imbued
Sourtt: with great magical power.
'€l Alchemical Cauldron

Shield of the Pure Rustic Garb

Asacrtd shie\dthat r e s i m a l l . A simple outfit woven from
evil. Naturally, itcanonlybe namral fiben grown near Ding
wielded by a wiurd who is Dong Dell. Cheap enough for '.
pure of heart. e~n the Jowliest peasant to
purt:hase. "'
Source: Source:
~ A Treasure Cht-st in Nevermore ~The Cawtermaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell)
Merchant's Garb Soldier's Smock
A !;gh<w<;gh< oo<fi< <h><
allows full freedom of
~· ' As worn by lhmelin gnmts·
in- training. Though it wraps
movcmtnt. Said to bless the tightly around the body, this
~arerwithsp«:tacularsales smock permits g~at frttdom
patter-if you believe such of movement.

Source: Source:
~The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon) li) The Cawtcrmaster's Store (Hamelin)

Hallowed Habit Misty Shroud

Madefromanelegant,lightly A garment woven from fine
shimmering fabric, enemies strands of mist, it allows the
have been known to be wearer to fade from sight,
distracted by this garment' s leaving enemies swinging at
scintillating sheen. thin air.

Source: Source:
li) Treasure CMm ~ A Treasure Chest on the Tombstone Trail

Rubber Robe Magic Cloak

A waterproof garment, Though nowhere near
designed prevent as effective u a suit of
inexperienced swimmers armor, this enchanted cloak.
from drowning. Effective at does confer some magical
rcpellingw:ater·basedattacks. protection upon the wearer.

Source: Source:
li)CastawayCovel'eddler ') Perdida Peddler

Fine Frock Noble Attire

A dress that's covered in Once owned by a proud
countless fine jewels. Its eye- family of aristoc rats, this
catching design is intended ootfit's quality is evident in
to inform onlookcn of the the surpassing fineness of its

Source: Source:
')Treasure Chests ~ Treasure Chests
Champion's Tunic Wizard's Robes
A tunic that allows complete Noble vestments woven using
freedom of movement. an ancient method. Those
In11ilkd with a wanior's who wear such ~~ are
spiril, it ensures that the l:nown to bring miracks in
~aurntvtrloseshcart. their wake.

Source: Source:
~Alchemical Cauldron ') Alchemical Cauldron

Sasquash Pelt
Acoatmadefroma sasquash
pelt. Warm, waterproof, and
indispensable for those who
reside on the Winter Isles.
Mist Robes
The traditional robes of
wizards-in-training. They
SW.'t to inspire the wearer and
thereby teach the importance
of ambition.

Source: Source:
<€> Yule Peddler ci) The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon)

Dead Man's Duds Flame Robes

A sinister-looking outfit. A hcat·rcsistant outfit, worn
Some claim that those who by Mamoonis when crossing
~aritaresusctptiblctothe the desert. It also offers
pernicious influencc1 of evil prot~tion against fire during
spirits. battle.

Source: Source:
~ A Treasure Chest in the Miasma Marshes ci) A Treasure Chest on Old Smoky

Starspun Tunic Gale Robes

A gently glittering robe Light robes, encircled by a
imbutd with a purifying constant bree;~;e that offers
power. Wearing it is said to protection against the
hasten a wizard's recovery elements. Ideal for those who
from injury. wishtotravelthroughstorms.

Sourtt: Source:
')Unknown ci) The Cawtermaster's Store (Fairyground)
Mystic's Robes Sorceress's Robes
Beyond simple protection, this
outfit made from enchanted
mag1cal gems whose power
iron sand grants the' wearer n s;ud to protect the wearer
heightened sensitivity to fromamulmudcofpenls
nearby magnetic fields.

Ripple Robes
Covered in a thin film of
moisture, these robes are Helmets
entirely water·resiuant,
making them perfect for a
rainy day.

one's head--the most important

Soun:t: part of the body.

Robe_of Restoration Wooden Helmet

Apalegreenrobe,belin"edto A hdm carwd from a sturdy
h;noebttnwo\'el1byfairies. It nee trunk. Though heavy
continuestosparldcdimlyon and simply designed, it does
even the darkest of nights. a good job of protecting one's

Source: Source:
€!Unknown ~The Cawtermaster' s Store (Ding Dong Dell)

Goddess's Gown Pointy Hat

A gown that shimmers like a A tall hat that tapers to a . L
restless rainbow. The degree distincti\"e point. It is by some
of craftsmanship required to cfutance tht most popular item -
~avt this garment explains of headwear among wiurdJ.
why it is so seldom ~n.

Source: Source:
~ Alchemical Cauldron ~ Treasure Chests
Soldier's Helmet War God's Helm
This rough iron helmet has A helm for~ by a warlike
long been the first item of deity and decorated with
armor that trainee soldiers trophies tom from btasts that
leamto~ar. he slew. 1k sight of it fills
enemies with unholy <ITt-ad.

Soorec: Source:
'!)The Cawtermaster's Store (Hamdin) !i) Alchemical Cauldron

Champion's Helm Nazcaan Helm

An extremely heavy iron The finest minds in the
helmet. Simply feeling its Nazcain army were granted
grtatweight lends clarity and theuscofthishelm. It allows
dedsivcncsstoone'sactions. the wearer to perceive the
truth with total clarity.

Source: Source:
~AlchemiCli!Cauldron ')Unknown

Blessed Helm
This sacred helm has been the
~ ~~ Clook•
subject of countless prayers,
and is believed to grant good
fortune on the battldidd.

Pop"]" among w;mds, doaks

protect tht: body, and often convey
Source: additional beneficial effects .
~ Alchtmica! Cauldron

Helm of Hamelin
Being awarded this helm is
~ldien the: Hamelin army.
lie ' ;o
Leafy Mantle
Made of fresh green leaves,
this mantle is surprisingly
wum, and highly prized
for its won<krfully calming
Al ._

Sou ret: Sour~:

!!> A Treasure Chest in the Glittering Grotto !!>The Cawtennaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell)
Snakeskin Cloak Diva's Mantle
'Thesnakeskinfromwhichthis This glamorous garment
cloak is made is naturally light gives the wearer a certain
and strong, yet it will swiftly sense of superiority----entirely
hardenandcrackwithoutdue unfounded, of course.

Source: Source:
~ The Cawtermaster's Store (Al Mamoon) ~Unknown

Cloud Cover Breezy Cloak

A pale cloak that's light as This dainty garme nt
a vdl of mist. The wearer billows in the fainlcst of ..,. W ..,.
becomcsablurinhis cnemy's
b"""• "''h;og th' hght ' . ; )
peripheral vision. and producing a wonderful ....._

Source: Source:
~ A Treasure Chest on Old Smoky ~ Alchemical Cauldron

Stripy Cloak Caghoul

This cloak's stark stripes arc _ Alkgedly woven from
rather too striking to wear £ the hairs of a ghost, this

fieldt~yactuallyservc to fl.·.·.
about town, but out in the garment's eerie a~arance
does not endear its wearer to
make one less visibld --. onlookers.

Source: Source:
~ Alchemical Cauldron ~The Cawtermaster's Store (Hamelin)

Sea Breeze Cloak

A mantle imbued with the
awesome power of the ocean.
It allowsthcwearertochannel
the energy of nearby waves.
Green Man's Cloak
A beautiful green cloak,
colored using a herbal dye
thatabo givesitawonderful
· .'

Source: Source:
~ Castaway Cove Peddler ~ A Treasure Chest in the Vault of Tears
Eagle Eye Cloak Necromancer's Mantle
A pure blue cloak with a Despite being bladter than
truly captivating beauty. Even night iiSdf, this cloak
wizards who don't usually supposedly preveniS the
wear blue look good in this wearer from being enveloped
garment. by darkness.

Source: Source:
<i)Aichemica!Cauldron ') Treasure Chests

Champion's Cloak Dusk Mantle

Once worn by an ancient This deep orange cloak puts
warrior, this cloak gives the oncinmindofthesettingsun,
wearer an air of unshakeable warming both body and soul.

Source: Source:
I€)AlchemiCli!Cauldron <i) Perdida Peddler

Phantom Mantle Beast-Hide Cloak

Ad.U<h><'• htt,~h~"'' ~ Cut from the hide of a

.!'1-~ .·.
so as to refract light, p~datory beast, this cloak
rendering its wearer nigh on makes no sound u it Outtcrs .,_ .--; ,

:~~ob::i·s~~a~:,:i~ J \~
invisible. '

Source: Source:
<i) Alchemical Cauldron ~Treasure Chests

Aurora Cloak Cyclone Cloak

A beautiful garment decorated A ncu wtightless blue cloak,
with stan. It unfurls said to ensure fair winds for
in the brenc to display a vista inweuer.
much like the aurora after
which it was named.

Source: Source:
') Yule Peddler ~ Alchemical Cauldron
Heavenly Mantle
Purportedly worn by
messengers of heaven, this
lus1rous garment allows
in wearer to move with
Beast Fangs
a bloodthinly wolf. Dagger·
enemy flesh dfonless ly.
otherworldly grace and

G) Alchemical Cauldron Source:
G) A Treasure Chest in Golden Grove

Nix Gnashers

~~ Fangs Though these white teeth

do not appear especiall y
dangerous, enemies dread
their spirit-sapping abilities.

Decorative iu:ms whose natural

sharpness can intimidate one's foes.

Giant's Tooth Soretooth Ring

] Though this tooth can be used Madt from tttth that sap their
u to attack an enemy dir«tly, victims'vitality,thisringis
it is more commonly used as best worn by wiurds who hal-e
a material for maKing other the courage to engage their
weapons. enemies head on.

Source: Source:
<!)The Cawtcrmaster's Store (Ding Dong Dell) ~Bone Rangers
<f)Trearure Chests ~Treasure Chests

Poisoned Fang Piercing Fangs

'Jbe venomous tooth of a Capable of punching a hole
magical creature. \Viping it in the thickest iron plate,
dean will not stop the flow these sharp fangs will strike
of poisoo, so be sure to handle fear intotvtnthemc»t well·
with care. armoftd enemy.

Source: Source:
G) Alchemical Cauldron €l 'Ihe Cawtermaster's Store (Hamelin)
Skullfang Ring Wolf Fangs

A sinister ring.. made from the Sharp white fangs that are
fanv of a terrifying monster, permanemly cold to the touch.
in whose vise· like jaws many 'The chill they exude causes
a man suffered a slow and enemies to !OK thtir will to
agonizingduth. fight.

Source: Source:
<i) Treasure Chem <i)Yule Peddler

Dragonstooth Ring Crimson Fang

Made from needle·sharp This monster fang has pierced

dragon teeth, this ring countlenveins, tattingei'IOIIgh
allows the wearer to focus blood to turn the enamel a t>1
on an enemy's weak spou, perfect crimson. "ll
improving accuracy. :~·
<i)Megaliths Source:
<i) Treasure Chesu ci)Alchc:micaiCauldron

Soulfang Necklace Wyrmfang Ring
Anccklacethatdrainsenergy A ring carved from the fangt

from the souls of enemies, and of a dragon whose titanic
uses it to strengthen the bond . skdeton now forms a mountain
between wearer and familiar. range.

Soorce: Source:
<i) Alchemical Cauldron ci)Alchc:mica!Cauldron

Devil's Fang Griffin's Teeth

A single black fang, curled A necklace adorned with the

into a ring. Unsettling to teeth that lined the beak
look at, and brutally effective of a griffin, king of beasts.
at breaking down enemy Though not esp«ially large,
defenses. they nevtttheleu inspi~ awe.

Source: Source:
<i) A Treasure Chtst on the- Tombstone Trail ci) A Treasure Chest in Nevtrmore
Fiend's Fang
A sing!~ tooth, beli~\'td to
bring sufftting and calamity to Medals
those who touch it. lk sure to
handk with great car~.

Honorary badg~s that ha\·~ graced

the breast of many a great wizard.
f€> A Tr~asur~ Ch~st in t~ Miasma Marshes

White Stag's Tooth Medal of Valor

A tooth tak.~n from a whit~ A tiny badg~ with a golden
stag that was beli~ved to be gl~am, it s~rves to r~mind the
a r~pr~sentative of th~ gods. wearer that courage is not th~
It is g~n~rally tr~asured as a solcpr~s~rveofthe physically
royalomam~nt. imposing.

Source: Source:
r€)Alch~mica1Cauldron !€> Treasure Chests

Medal of Impunity
This m~dal ' s perman~nt
shine mak~s it unsuitable for
thost who wish to keep a low

Sourc~: Source:
!€>Unknown ~Alchemical Cauldron

Star Eater's Fang Medal of Strength

'Jll(' fang of a monst~r th~~<
A ston~ m~dal, imbu~d
f~d on the stars themselves. . ~ with an otherwot"ldly power.
Nothing can dim iu glow, and ~ Mcrdy touc:hing it s~nds
indetditshinesbright~ruthe strength and vigor coursing
darkn~ss grows. ~.., through one's vc:ins.

Source: Source:
!€>Unknown ~ Castaway Cove Peddl~r
Medal of Dexterity
Forged to honor a celebrated
warrior, this medal's fine Badges
cnfumanship is proof of the
cst~m in which he w:IS held.

~rful accessories that grant aid

during battle-and add a dash of

Source: flair to one's appearance.
~ Alchemical Cauldron

Medal of Agility Brinkman's Badge

A medal blessed by a warlike A badge that provides a
deity, it rouses the wearer's sudden rush of strength

spirits, even during the most in moments of dire need, ~
grudingofbatdcs. inspiring the wearer to fight
unto the very end. ~·
€1 As a Priu in the Casino Source:
€J A Treasure Cbest in the Glinering Grotto li)TreasureChests

Medal of Fortitude Berserker's Badge


Decorated with a swirling This badge boosts offensi\'C
whirlpool, this medal
commcmorues those who
capabilities but leaves the
wearer vulnerable. One must
stay true to their beliefs in hopt that attack is indeed the
the midst of chaos. best form of defense.

Source: Source:
<€>TrcasurcChcm li)AkhemicalCauldron

Medal of Steadfastness Avenger's Badge

A medal with an impregnable
surface. The protection it ,,.,,..,,!ti>bl"l"night
grants its wearer is most and has the thrilling aroma of
effecti ve when placed over the forbidden fruit.
the heut .

Sou ret: Source:

!!)Alchemical Cauldron li) A Treasure Chest on the Tombstone
Barrier Badge Braggart's Badge
A badge that creates This jade gr«n badge makes

uansparent barrier around its wearer feel impossibly
i11 wearer. It hu a proud strong. More surpr isingly,
repuation u a defensive it aciUally d~s mal::e one's
accrssory. attach more powerful.

Source: Source:
I?> Alchemical Cauldron ~The Cawtermuter's Store (AI Mamoon)

Bastion Badge Battler's Badge

Whcntheabyssbcckons,this Made from extremely tough
badge allows a wizard to dig materials, this badge gives
inhisheeh, turning potential one's ddensive abilities a
disaster into opportunity. slight boost.

Souru: ~The Cawtermuter's Store (AI Mamoon)
li)Aichemical Cauldron I!> Treasure Chcm

J Ironclad Badge Adamant Badge

A magical badge that grants
protection to its wearer,
greatly increasing defensive
power when guarding.

Ikconucd with a curious
enchanted crest, this badge
grants iu wearer a supreme

C€J The Cawtermaster's Store (AI Mamoon)

Bravado Badge Bracer Badge

This badge gh·es iu wearer A badge decorate-d with a

a ce rtain swagge r, making shield, wom by many wizards
it useful for those who lack asasimpleprotectivecharm.
the belief to cast spells with

Sour~: Sour~:
C€J The Cawtermuter's Store (AI Mamoon) C€J Alchemical Cauldron

Hardheaded Badge Storm Seal
A~d~thatdepicts aniron Dttonted with the image of
helmet. It is said to protect swirling winds, this badge
the wurer's skull, even in protects the wearer from
the absente of traditional norm-based attach.

Source: Source:
<i)Aichemica!Cauldron <i) Alchemical Cauldron

Hot-Blooded Badge Omniseal

When placed over the heart, Amagicalbadgtthatdisplays
thisbadgefillt itswearerwith thtall-seeingeyeofamighty
passion, and also instills a deity. It protects the wearer
burning sense of justice. fromalltypes ofattack.

Source: Source:
<i) Treasure Chtus <i) Alchemical Cauldron

Fire Seal
A glowing badge, embla:z.oned
with the image of a roaring Scales
flame. It is known to protect
the wearer from fire·based
Though formed from all manner
of materials, these scales share a
Source: natural robustness.
<i) Castaway Cove Peddler

Water Seal Sturdy Scale

Ador~ with the image of An txtremely hard scale
a single droplet of water, that's nigh on impossible
this badge grants the wearer to bend or break. It is also
protection from water·based completely waterproof.

Source: Source:
<i) Treasure Chtm ~The Cawtennaster's Store (AI Mamoon)
Stalwart Scale Deep Blue Scale
Made from an especially Dyed a beautiful blue color,
hard scale, this defensive thiseyc-anchingscaleallows
item mcngthens the bond a wizard to command great
betw«n wiurd and familiar. masses of water with ease.

Source: Source:
~ Alchemical Cauldron li) Alchemical Cauldron

Steel Scales Salamander Scale

Made from polished steel and Though it contains an
able to withttand most blows, inextinguishable magic name,
these scales are also highly this scale is not hot to the
rcsist:ilnt to fire . touch. Wearing it greatly
improves one's maste ry of

Source: Source:
li) The Cawtermaster's Store (Hamelin) ~ Alchemical Cauldron

Shining Scales
Thiel:, sturdy sales, taken Gleaming amber scales that
from the hide of a great grant the wearer greater ~
~rpent. Some wiu.rds have control over the forces of
b«n known to use them as a .-,-,"""~""'" light. ' ~ •
form of rudimentary armor.

Source: ~ Perdida Peddler
li) A Treasure Chest in the Vault of Tears ~Treasure Chests

Shadowglass Scale Wyrm King's Scale

Ablackscale,madefromone A protective charm made
of nature's hardest materials. from the scale of a ling
It increases its owner's among dragons. Such scales
command over the powers of are shed but ontt a century,
darkness. and are therefore very rare.

Source: Source:
li) Alchemical Cauldron (!) Alchemical Cauldron
T eachings for Aspiri ng Wi zards
- 5~

Non·wizards have long been forced to rely upon ~'Chicles to Cll rry them to
thei r destinat ions. This section aims to introduce: some of the more common
modes of transportation currently in use. All wizards are advised to read the
information contained herein, for one cannot predict when circumstance--nixing,
dismemberment, or wand loss, to name but thrtt-might necessitate the use
of such infernal contraptions as those here described.

~ Cloud Sweepers ~

Wiurds, of course, do not require magical assistance: to fly through the air.
Indeed, in times gone by, wiu rds would not have countenanced travel by any
means other than broom. Alas, the age has changed, and now young wizards insist
on using half-magiClll, half- mechanical contraptions known as "Cloud Sweepers."

Cloud Sweepers requi re only the merest dash of magic to get them off' the
ground, meaning that inexperienced magic-users- and even non·wizards!-arc
able to ride them with gay abandon.

To gi\'e credit where it is due, enterprising enginecn ha\-e gone so far as to
attach guns to the ITont of their Cloud SWttpers, allowing them to attack enemies
while in mid·air-a recognittd limitation of the traditional wiza rd's broom.
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- 6 -

well- known for their range of weapons and armor as for their
eccentric, crow-obsessed owners. Look closely and you'll see
that even the shops themselves have been made to loolc like

Each Cawtermaster's Store is different, and there are many

items that can only be purchased at a given branch.

'Sintt young wiurds' journeys are invariably punctuated by monstrous encounters,

fr~ent visits to the Cawttrmasttr's Stores to stock up on weapons and ~ipment

\Vhilt there, you may wish to muse upon a question that has puzzled wizards for
generations, namely-are the ~terious Cawtcrmasters actually crows?

~ Rare Weapons and Armor ~

\Vhile the Cawtermasttn' stock lists art extensive, there is a great deal of
t<juipment that cannot be bought at their stores. Some of this equipment
is highly rare, and certain items are wholly unique.
Such items include pistols that allow one to open locks from a distance, and
harps that attack one's enemies when plucked.
Should you be fortunate enough to come across
such rare items, do not be alTaid to use them
on the Jield of battle. A wizard has nothing
to fear from material objects.
Chapter Four


A well-provyded Wiseard can,

In Times of Dyrest Ne-N,
Be Helpe unto his Fellow Man,
His every Wish exceede.
A 'Wizard's Basic Provisions

Basic Provisions Restorative
A herbal elixir that's extrtmely dfecti\'t at easing
&md<y uoeful ;,ems, most eX ,.jUch """' one's aches and pains.
a resta'ative a corm:rive eflect. ~ TrtaMe Chests
~Alchemical Cauldron

White Bread rm Tikka Mahala Curry

Restorative - Restorative
Freshly bak~ whit~ bread. Just the thing for Abeefcurrywhosesecr~tblendofspictsaccounts
hungry wizards. for its great popularity.
Source: Sourte:
~Hootiques ~ The Raj Mahal (AI Mamoon)
~ Sunshines, Baatenders, and Othen
~ Trn.sur~ Ch~m

,. Sandwich Pixie Dew

~ Retorative Restorative
A mouthwatering sandwich, packed with juicy
meat. Sure to put a spring in your step.
~ Castaway Cart Peddler and Elsewhere
~ Sprog Cogs and Othen

~ Treasure Chests ~ Alchemial Cauldron

Sprite Dew
A fillet of fre sh fish, lightly breaded, detp·fried An enchanted liquid that has the powtr to htal
andservedinacrustybun. the deepest of wounds.
Source: Sourte:
'€) Lumberwoods, Sea Naiads, and Wattees ~ Turnkeys and Othtn
~ Thasur~ Ch~su ~ Alchtmical Cauldron ~ Treasure Ch~m
~ Alchemical Cauldron ~ As a Casino Prize


A thick, hand·mad~ beef patty, served in a bun

with crispy lettute and fresh tomato.
n Iced Coffee
ltt·cold milky coffee. Uniquely refreshing and
a great aid to clear thinking.
Source: Sourte:
~ Hootiques ~Hootiq~s
~ Mighty Mites and Others ~ Thrburns, Hi~afowl, and Othen
~ Treasure Chesu ~ Alchtmial Cauldron ~Treasure Chests
1'§11 Strong Coffee Great Sage's Secret
~ Restorariv • Restorative
An invigorating cup of black coffee that restores A miraculous ~icine, created by fairies at the
a ttr~in amount of magical power. lxhes! of a lt~ndary sage.
Source: Soorec:
') Castaway c~ Pt-ddkr and Elsewhere ~ Treasure Chem
'JNajalisksandOthers ~ As a Casino Pritt
') Treasure Chests ') Alchemical Cauldron

I!J Cappuccino Wizard King's Secret

~ Restorative Restorative
Frothy coffee that brings clarity to the mind and
restores one's magical power.
') Yule Peddler ·and Elsewhere
') Gobforsakens and Others
') Treasure Chem ') Alchemi~l Cauldron

Espresso Phoenix Feather

Restorative Reviving
A rich, deep espresso, bitter enough to blow away A feather of the legendary phoenix. It has dle ~
the cobwebs and get the synapsn firing. powtr to restore conscioosnen. n·
Sourtt: Soorec: ""1::1

~ ~~:~Crowhawks, and Others ~-

')Treasure Chests
')Alchemical Cauldron
~ Treasure Chests ~·

Nostrum Phoenix Tear

Restorative • Reviving
A mysterious and curiously pungent serum that A phoenix tear, shed upon the battlefield. Fully
gready restores magical power. restores consciousness and health.
Source: Source:
'J Treasure Chests €!Treasure Chests

Sage's Secret rr'1 Phoenix Breath

Restorative ~ Reviving
A potent tonic, developed by a team of sages to A miraculous vapor, stored in a pooch. Opening
resrore a wi:z.ard's mind and body. it restores vitality to fallen allies.
Source: Soorec:
') Tteuure Chests €!Treasure Chests
')Alchemical Cauldron ~ Alchemical Cauldron
Poison-Be-Gone Curse-Be-Gone
A bitter leaf that cures the rffttts of poison and CrynaiJ ifl( 'Wllttr whose blessed purity lift
pu~s the body of residual toxins. thedttpestofcurses.
Source: Source:
~Hoclliques ~Hootiq~s
!€> Obscuroboroscs, Crowhawks, and Othrn ~ Baabies, Ex-girlfiends, and Othen
~ Treasure Olcsts ~ Treasure Chests

Nix-Be-Gone n Blindness-Be-Gone
Corrective U correcrive
A brush that sweeps away the effects of evil, uK<l A pur that glows brightly through the darkest
inctremonies tocurenixedwi:zards. nights and restores sight to blinded allies.
Source: Source:
€I Hootiques €1 Hootiques
~ Major Byrdes, Lotus Bubbuds, and Others ~ Liekety-Spitoos, Whackrabbots, and Others
<!) Treasure Chests

Confusion-Be-Gone All-Be-Gone
Corrective • Corrective
A strike from this hammer rtstort1 clarity to An antidote to any ailment. Unconsciousnen
a penon's mind and eliminates all confusion. is not an ailment, as any wizard should know.
Source: Source:
<i)Hootiques ~ Madcaps, Ex-girlfitnds, and Othtn
<i) Lesser Spont'd Naiads, Florets, and Othen ~ Treasure Chem
<i) Treasure Chem ~Alchemical Cauldron

fm Sleep-Be-Gone
lL:;IJ Corrective Ingredients
An alarm clock with a unique pitch that's sure
to wake one from the deepest sleep. These staples are used in tJ.: ~
<i) Hootiques c£ provisjoos and treats kr familiars.
<i) Manglerfish, Stabberwod.ies, and Others

Stone-Be-Gone rmJ Bumbler Honey

A po'o'l'der that rt\'trsts d~ effects of petrification,
a Ingredient
Bumblers spend their days haO"tSiing nectar to
helping a patient to move produce this wonderfully aromat ic: foodstuff.
Source: Source:
<i) Hootiques ~Hootiques
<i) Ghon Wisperen, Najapatras, and Othen ~ Worker Bumblen, Soldier Bumblen
<i) Treasure Chesu
Dumpty Egg Crownberries
Ingredient Ingredient
A highly nutritious sphnic:al qg that ' s wesscntial Ripe, mouthwatering benies that are fu lly
ingredient in many staple dishes. <kxrving of their royal name.
Source: Source:
·<!) Hootiques <i) Eldritch Empres~ and Others
') Minor Byrdes, OroboroKs li) Alcht'mical Cauldron

R1 Crispy Lettuce - Babana

a Ingredient
A common garden vegetable whose crispiness adds
~ Ingredient
A brightly colored fruit that grows in bunches on
delight to every bite. large-leaved trees.
Source: Source:
<€>Hootiques ~ Hootiques
€>Hullaballoons, lncies ~ Green Bunchers, Yellow Bunchen, and

Crunchy Carrot Big Babana

Ingredient Ingredient
A slightly sw~t carrot that's jun ptrfttt for The "hng of babanas" turns bright red whtn
c:atingraw. ripe, at which point its flavor is truly blissful.
Sourct: Sourtt:
') Hooti')UtS ~ Gobfonakens and Othtn
li) Little Bighorns, Jabbers, Stabbers ~ Alchemical Cauldron

~ Ingredients
Fluffy Rice

Gleaming white rice, cooked till nuffy and tender.

A popular side dish.
n Creamy Milk
Thick milk of the type that is rarely tasted in
modern cities. A treat for the traveling wizard.
Source: Source:
<i)Hootiques ~ Hootiques
li) Rhinosnores, Ice ~eens, Bone Rangers, ~ Tolcos, Monoliths, Sponge Bubbuds, and
and Others Others

Tender Beef ~ Yogurt

Ingredient tlf!l Ingredient
Soft red meat whose high fat content ensures that Sages agree that this healthy dairy product has
it mchs in the mouth. all sorts of positive effects on the body.
Source: Sourtt:
li) Hootiques ~Hootiques
li) Rhinosaurs, Rhinobores, and Sore Boars ~ Drongos, Airheads, Lightshades, and Othen
aJ Dumbflounder 11!1 Caramels
- Ingredient liilii Ingredient
Anunusuallyexpreni\-e fish, often caught looking Soft nramds that arc no1 too sweet, with a texture
v-ery surprised. that ~nsurts they melt in the mouth.
Sourtt: Source:
') Castaway Co~ Peddler <€> Yul~ Peddler and Eb~where
!i) Tadolescems, Cracl:pou, and Others <€> Balloonatics, Sillymanckn, and M~ssy
') Treasure Chests Pleui~s

Glowshrimp R Snow Radish

Ingredient r:.J Ingredient
Brightly glowing creatures that light up the sea Whiter than pure snow, this staple of winter
bed. Very tender when cooked. cook~ry will grow only in the colde11 climes.
Source: Source:
') Castaway tove Peddler <€> Yule Peddl~r
') Sparkees, Splashers, and Others <€> Strongos, lee Maidens, and Others
') Treasure Chem

Green Grapes
Ingredient Materials
Juicy gr~n fruits that grow in bundlt-s. Their
faintly sweet aroma is uniquely appttiUng. In a auiWoo, th<se m2terials nuy be
Ci)Hootiques <Xl1i»ned to create alllll3Ittr ri items.
Ci) Pusses in Bouts, Cap'n Zomhos, and Others

Sour Grapes Plainswort

Ingredient Alchemy Material
Pale purple fruiu with a bittersweet flavor. They
are, alas, becoming increasingly rare.
Ci) Snowhawb, Steam-Men, and Others
Ci) Naturally Occurring

- Black Truffie Supple Leather

I.:J Ingredtent Alchemy Material
Referred to as "black diamonds," this lu:~ury Tough leather with a smooth finish that is used
foodnuff is renownt'd for its glorious aroma. to ma~ all sorts of daily n~uities.
Source: Source:
<i)Hootiques <€> Purrloinen, Inphants, and Pom Poms
ti) Crashing Boars, Gobfathers, and Others <€> Treasure Chests
Springwater - Emberstone
• Alchemy Material - Alchemy Material
Pure water from the fountain in Golckn Grove. 'Ille fire that appears to burn inside is in fact an
A single gulp can restore a wizard's vitality. optical illusion, caused by the refraction of light.
Source: Sourtt:
'!) Rhioosaurs, Lagoon Naiads, Tttny Boppen, ~ Mites, Mohawb, Eggrolls, and Othen
and Others
~ NOJturally Occurring

Booster Shoots Slumbemot Leaves

Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
Herbs that are used to increase the efficacy of Bushy leavts whose invigorating aroma can arouse
medicinal potions. awizardfromthedeepest slumber. ·
Source: Source:
~ Ruffs, Worker Bumblers, and Others <!) Big Boppers and Sttd Sprites
~Naturally Occurring ~ Naturally Occurring
~ Treasure Chests

Alchemy Material
A highly poiSOllOIIs flowtt.---not to be eaten under
any circumstances.
II Rings-a-hell
Alchemy Matenal
This flower's glowing pollen brings bad: fond
memories to those who p:u upon it.
Source: Soura:
li) Obscuroboroses, Thrburns, and Cap'n ~ Baabies, Trapp« Snappers, and Hippeafowl
Zomboo ~ Naturally Oroming
') Naturally Occurring

II';JI] Glowcap Wetstone

- Alchemy Material • Alchemy Material
A rare crimson mushroom that starts glowing Researchers are still unable to explain why this
intermittently as soon as the sun goes down. strange stone always feels wet to the touch.
Sourtt: Source:
') Rhinosnores, Thurnbelemurs, Napcaps, and €1 Splishers, Snappers, and Others
Othen ~ Naturally Occurring
')Naturally()('c:urring<i)Tteasurt Chests

Shadowglass Sturdy Shinbone

Alchemy Material • Alchemy Material
This smooth black glass has a beautiful sheen, and An extremely hard bone, packed with calcium
can be sharpen~ to a very fine edge. and nigh on unbreakable.
SourCe: Source:
li) Monoliths, Stabberwockies, and Jackpotties C9 Hurlies, Psychophants, and Others
li) Naturally Occurring ~Naturally<ki:urring
li) Treasure 0\em <!:> Treasure Chests
Gnomebeard Drill Screw
Alch~my Material • Alchemy Material
A dainty plant whose soft leaves and fluffy whit~ A new type of screw that can be used without
~rs make it really rather endearing. the netd (Of" preexisting holes.
Sourct: Sourtt:
~ Jadtrabbots, Dinl::eys, and Grumpeafowl ~ lron·Men, 1in· Men, and Others
1€>Naturally0ccurring ~ Naturally Occurring
~ Treasure Chests

m J Angula Bass Bell

lmJ Alchemy Material • Alchemy Material
Though this flower's sharp angles make it look A heavy bell that produces a pitch far deeper than
pointy and hard, it is in fact rather limp. iu small siu would lead one to expect.
Source: Source:
~ Rhinobores and Girlfiends ~ Chloroboroses, Clinketyclmk LX's, and
~Naturally Occurring Others
!€> Treasure Chests ~ Naturally Occurring ~ Treasure Chests

"il l Sprocket
Alchemy Material
fiEI Fogdrop
l5il Alchemy Matenal
An old iron cog, covered in patches of rust. A cu rious flower whose pollen is shrouded in
Source an icy fog.
<i) Clinkctydank mk. :'s, Sprog Cog, and Sourtt:

<i) Treasure Chem
~ Hackrabbou md Web Masten
~ Naturally Occurring

Raw Steel Jade Marble

• Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
Hard, rust· resistant steel that's used in alchemy
to create weapons and armor.
<i)Bighornsand Iron·Men
<i) Naturally Occurring

Rumblenut Gustplume
Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
This unique nut produtts a thunderous rumbling Afeatherthatfluttersinthtslightesthreeze. Used
sound when shaken. to decorate both weapons and armor.
Sourtt: Sour«:
<i) Hyperboan, Actts, and Others ~ Thundtrbyrdts, Prohawks, and Others
<i) Naturally Occurring
Blizzard Bloom a Drakestone
Alchemy Material ~ A• hemy Mater;a!
All attempts to grow this translucent flower in A dngon fossil whose residual heat makes it far
warm climates have failed miser.tbly. too hot to handle with bare hands.
Sou ret: Source:
~ Tadabouu and let Maidens ~ Wayward Suns, Gobspttds, and Others
~ Naturally Oroming

Tealwood Iron Diamond

Alchemy Material • Alchemy Material
Much loved by nobility, this blue wood's subtle A supremely hard metal said to retain the warmth
fragranctisnidtocalmthenerves. of its mohen origin for all etemity.
Source: Source::
~ Auroralynx and Othen ~ Bougie-Woogies, Hachabbots,
~ Naturally Occurring Jabberguppies, and Others
~Treasure Chests

~ Snowflake llrJI Bubble Pipe

lr8 Alchemy Material - Alchemy Material
A single flake of pure white snow. Very smodl Blowing bubbles through this pipe: cleanses evil
but incomparably beautiful. from the body and dears one's mind.
Sourct: Sour«:
~ Bougie-Woogies, Sprout Sprites, and Othen ~ Mumbo Zombos, Stressy Plessies, and
~ Naturally Oro.!rring O.h=

Coldstone Old Oak Leaves

Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
lronore with as ilvergleam. Itssurfacrisalways
cold to the touch.
€1 Whampire Rats, Auroralynx, Strongos, and
<!) Naturally Occurring I!) Treasure Chests

Powerstone Tachestone
Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
A stone inscribed with an a.ncitnt seal. Generally A moustache- shaped stone, used as a repository
used to enhance pietts of equipment. for memories and expc:riencts.
Sourer: Source:
~ Gruffians and Others ~ Pusses in Boats, Bone Brigadiers, and Othen
Ritestone Kaleidostone
Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
A carved stone fragment, imbued with great An ancient fossil, known for its light-refracting
magicalpowt:r. properties and many-hued glow.
Source: Source:
li) Unknown li) Unknown

B Meteorite Fragment Troll's Tears

- Alchemy Matenal • Alchemy Matenal
A mysteriously gleaming stone fragment, bdi~ Small blue stones, rumored to be the hardened
to have fallen from the sky. tears of a troll.
Source: Source:
li) Puues in Boats and Others li)Unknown
li) Naturally Occurring

Seeds of Discord r n J Glowstone

Alchemy Material - Alchemy Material
A my11erioos none whose milky-white glow puts
one in mind of a full moon.
(f) Unknown

Blowpipe Black Wings

Alchemy Material Alchemy Material
A hunting implement that allows one's worries Pitth·blackwingsthat Outtergentlyinthebreeze.
to be chewed up and spat away. Source:
Source: €1Unk.nown
(f) Unknown

Eil Star Pearl ~ Angel 's Wings

a Alchemy Material
A pink pearl who~ many points makt it look
,K.l Alchemy Material
Wings that ta rry light to the dark.tst comers.
like a glittering star. Their heavenly brillia~ is said never to dim.
Source: Source:
li)Unlcnown <i) Unk.nown
, All-Seeing Eye Moon Crystal
Ale, :my Material Al1 <!my Material
This flawless stone seems to gaze back at those A curious crystal, imbued with the power of the
who look upon it. An unsenling sensation ••• moon. It emits a pallid glow.
Source: Source:
!i) Unknown !i) Fluoroboroses, Bougicmen, and Others

m Evi!Eye Planet Crystal

~ Alchemy Material • Alchemy Material
A red jewel, run through with black stripes and A curious crystal, imbued wi th the power of
said by some to be identical to a demon's eye. a planet and surrounded by a distinctive ring.
Source: Source:
')Unknown €> Pusses in Bouts, Grimpa\ers, and Others

Scroll of Truth
Alchemy Material Treats
An ancient scroll said to contain profound
knowledge about the mysteries of life. A selecrim <X e<Uble delig)>b ,.rum a~tt
!i) Unknown to""~ .....,,Xfamilian.

Sun Crystal - Chocolate

Alchemy Material lEJJ Treat
A curious crystal, imbued with the power of the Sweet chocolate that melts in the mouth. Its
sun and slightly warm to the touch. popularity means that it is often sold·out.
Source: Source:
!i) Thunderheads, Wa.yward Suns, and Others €> Hootiques
li) Danglerfish and Boneheads

Star Crystal lilt Milk Chocolate

Alchemy Material ~ Treat
A curious crystal, imbued with the power of the Creamy chocolate with a mild taste that is just
stan. h occasionally glincn in the da rk. the ticket when one needs c~ring up.
Source: Source:
!i) Rhinosaws, Thundc:rbyrdes, and Others li) Fountainheads and Wishing \Vhambats
li)Treasure Chests
li) Alchemical Cauldron
Fairy Chocolate Creamy Flan
Treat Treat
Colorful chocolate whose fresh flavor is a well- A JOft custard treat that slides off the spoon to
known cure for d'le wi:r.arding blues. tantalitt the taste buds.
Sourtt: Source:
ti) Icc ~ns, Zomboatswains, and Grimrays <i) Ydlow Bunchtn and Th-Whits
<!:>TreasureChem <i) Treasure Chests
<f) Akhe'm~l Cauldron <i) Alchemical Cauldron

Chocolate Bonbons 1W1 Babana Flan

Treat ~ Treat
Small candies that make for a perfect snack. One A dessut made with babanas for a rich fruity
of the sweeter chocolate varieties. flavor. Best se rved with a thick. caramel sauce.
Source: Source:
ti) Cogdensers and Others €1 Crashing Boars, Underripe Bunchers
<f) Treasure Chests €1 Treasure Chem
<f) Alchemical Cauldron €!Alchemical Cauldron

Snowdrop Bonbons 1'1!11 Frosty Flan

t i ! I I Treat
Beautifully colored chocolate m~ats that are as Thoogh not actually frozen, this custard has an
small and dainty as fresh flakes of snow. ice cream-lik.e textu re, and is cold to the tooch.
Source: Source:
<f) Stressy .Pkssies and Others ~ Clink.etydank LX's and Others
<f)Treasureeht'm ~ Treasure Chests
<i) Alchemical Cauldron ~ Alchemical Cauldron

Princess Chocolate R FruitF!an

Treat ~ Treat
Chocolate conta ining a luxuriou s blend of berries. A juicy dessen, packed with plump grapes. Its sour
Served at royal palaces the world over. tang makes for a very popular pudding.
Source: Soorce:
<i)Alchemica!Cauldron €1 Snowhawk.s and Others
!!)Treasure Chests
€!Alchemical Cauldron

Flan Fantastic Flan Treat
A wonderfully light and delicate Sd custard, coated This custard glows with the light of a dis~nt star
in a slighdy bitter canund uuce. and bri ngs luck to those who taste it.
Source: Source:
<i) Hootiques ~ Alchemical Cauldron
Cake Hot Cake
Treat Treat
A simple sponge cake, often served with berries
and fresh cream.
ti) Hootiqun
~ Baabarians, Spitoos, and Shrimp;;~len
ti) Trcuurc Chests

Carrot Cake Sundae

Treat Treat
This sweet cake is the ideal way to introduce
skeptical children to the joys of carrots.
ti) Stabbers, Soldier Bumblers, and Flummox
ti) Treasure Chests') Alchemical Cauldron

Carnation Cake Sour Sundae

Treat Treat
Thisaromaticcalceisatrtat forallthest-nscs,
and invariably improves one's mood.
CO) Alchemical Cauldron

Breeze Cake Wildflower Sundae

Treat Treat
A cake that comains a nging gale, filling the
mouth with a spectacular storm of flavor.
ti) Mama S:uquashes and Others

Patty Cake Toadstool Sundae

• ' Treat Treat
A single bite of this nuny cake is surt to put a Though its appearance may turn the stomach,
sprin~ even a Slnn-in any wi:z.ard's step. this sundae's flavor is uuly delightful.
Source: Souree:
<i) Siestar Fish and Others ~ Pompciis, Turban Myths, and Others
ti)Treasure~sts ~€>Treasure Chests
ti) Alchemical Cauldron ~ Alchemical Cauldron
Sarsaparilla Sundae D GamePie
Treat - Treat
This nutritious sundae remains popular with the A meaty pie, pad:ed with juicy ems. A strange
health-conscious, despite its bitter flavor. rombling can ~ heard coming from within.
Source: Source:
~ Mighty Mites, Horrid Florets, and Othen ~ Hurlies and Others
~ Treasure Chcm ~ Treasure Chests
<i)AichemicaiCauldron ~ Akhemical Cauldron

Knickerbocker Glory Pie on the Bone

Treat Treat
A luxurious and perennially popular dessert, known
as the "King of Sundaes."

!~;! Pie Golden Pie

~ ~ Treat Treat
A wdl·proportioned pie, cooked until perftttly Time seems to stand still when one basks in the
goldtn·brown and prized for its crispy mut. golden glow of this baked marvel.
Source: Source:
<i) Hootiques ~ Alchemical Cauldron
<i) Ruffs and Tykes
<i) Treasure Chcsu

!al Sweetie Pie r n iceCream

~:iii Treat - Treat
A pie known for its soft and crumbly pastry. Put Fresh ice cream, much loved for its soft texture
one in the oven and watch your family salivate. and refreshing coolness.
Source: Source:
<i) Florets and Lightshades ~Hootiques
<i)TreasureChesu ~ Taddlywinks, Clubber Cubs, 1\J- Whoos

rn1 See-through Pie Salted Ice Cream

~ Treat Treat
A children's favorite, this pie is filled with clear Being less fattening than most ice cream, this
jelly and has a taste that's truly unique. salty oddity is a hit with overweight winrds.
Sourtt: Source:
<>)Airheads ~ Drone Bumblers, Green Bunchen, and
<i)Trtasure cntsu Others
<i) Alchemical Cauldron ~Treasure Chests~ Alchemical Cauldron
Ruby Ripple Ice Cream fK'1 Snow-White Ice Cream
Treat - Treat
Brightly colored icc cream, believed by credulous Soft itt cream with a pure white gleam. Popular
souls to contain actual gemstones. among th~ who have a twttt tooth.
Source: Source:
') Sparlcecs and Kippers ') Red Nappen and Others
') Treasure Cbests ') Treasure Chests
') Alchemical Cauldron ') Alchemical Cauldron

K"']J Soft Scoop Ice Cream Wi&J Thtti-Frutti Ice Cream

- Treat - Treat
Ittcrtamwith a cloud-like consistency that does A beautiful kaleidoscope of colors that many
not leave one feeling bloated. feel is too pretty to consume. More fool them!
Source: Source:
!i)Dronpand<Others 'JAichemical .Cauldron
') Treasure Chests
')Alchemical Cauldron

-!«<>+{ Various Treats and Their Effects ~

• Chocolate •_ ..::
= •-------
Consuming chocolate steadily improves Consuming sundaes makes a fam iliar
a familia r's offensive capabilities. more resistant to magical attacks.

• Flans •_:__:_P:::
• --------
Consuming nans rapidly impro\-es a Consuming pies greatly impro~s a
familiar's defensive capabilities. familiar's accuracy.

+Cakes •~Ice
_:_ .._.C:::re::a==-------
Consuming cakes imprtn-es a familiar's Consuming ice cream speeds up a
capacity to perform tricks. familiar's movement.
Gems and Drops J
Gems are fed to familiars in t~ same war as othtr treats, but instead of improving
natural attributes, they enable them to lnrn new tricks.

--!®-+{ Gems that Confer Tricks ~

+ Fling Flame Gem + Light Relief Gem

+ Firewall Gem + Darkness lkdons Gem
• Spire of Fire Gem + Dark Cloud Gem
+ Heat Ray Gem + Drowsy Drops Gem
+ Water Bomb Gem + Leech Gem
.~ + Bubble Bath Gem • Roly-Poly Gem
... • Snowball Gem • Pebble Pelt Gem
+ Snowblower Gem • Earsplitter Gem
&. + Thundenpark Gem + Poison Pinch Gem
...0; + Thunderstorm Gem + Blunt Gem
• \Vhlrligig Gem • Slow Poke Gem
j • \Vhirlr \Vhirlies Gem • Soulshield Gem
• Healing Tear Gem + Hocus Focus Gem
+ Healing Rain Gem + Rise and Shine Gem
• Purifring Pulse Gem + Tricksy Nixy Gem

Drops arc items that familiars consume in order to metamorphose. When your

familiar is rudy to metamorphose, feed it a drop just as you would any other treat.
Familiars become moch more powerful when they metamorphose, so be sure to
givt them a drop as soon as you havt the opportunity. Bear in mind, howtvtr, that
familiars must be givtn the appropriate drop for their sign.

+ Common Drops
+ Jumbo Drops
Sundrops, stardrops, moondrops, and J"mbo '"ndro,., uudro,., moondro,.,
planetdrops prompt metamorphosis in and planetdrops prompt further change
familiars of the sun, star, moon, and in metamorphosed fami liars of the
planet signs respectively. corresponding sign.
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- 7~

-l<l8!>+{ Ships ~
Non-wizards rely upon ships to carry them
across the world's oceans. Indeed, many

mechanical wheds--<me on each
side--which enhance maneu\'et'ability,
and allow docking in narrow harbon.

-l<l8i>+{ Flying Boats ~

Mainly used by the fishermen of Castaway Co~, flying
boats ha\'e two wide wingt that allow them to slip along
the surface of the water like flying fish. The sight of
twoflyingboatsskipping alongsideeach other, trailing
a net between them, is truly something to behold.

-l<l8i>+{ Porco Grosso ~

The latest rumors emanating !rom the factories
of Hamelin sunound a battle tank known as the
Porco Grosso. This leaked image--depicting ~~---­
the tank's designers, the Porco twins, standing
next to their cuation--is the only evidentt
of its existence. The Porco Grosso is believro
to be capable of scaling \'ertical walls and
attacking an entiu battalion of enemy troops
with a single volley.
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- 8 -

Run by kind-hearted shopkeepers known as Hootenannies,

Hootiques stock all manner of useful provisions. Should you
want for something restorative, or materials for your cauldron,
yoo would be wi$1': to seek one out.

Hootiques are found in several towns and villages, and traveling

wiurds would do well to visit them whenever the opponuniry
arises. Though every hootique has a slightly different stock list,
they all carry an adequate supply of the: essentials. You are advised to purchase
plenry of bread and cofftt every time you visit-you would not want to run out
in the heat of battle, after all •. .

~ Types of Treasure Chest ~

Treasure chests are to be found in all sorts of locations, llom bustling city
squares to dark and dingy caverns. Ordinary treasure chests are red, but you
will doubtless come across various other colon. Blue chem re<juire a magic
spell to open them, while grttn chests can onJy be opened with a special gun.

Be aware that many treasure chests are rather well

hidden, and that finding them may r~uire some
research. You may be certain, h~r, that
great rewa rds await those: who are willing to
make the d!Ort. A life Ienon if ever there
Chapter Five

and Familiars

Though the World be ryfe with Creatures Fell,

'Gainst which Man must contend,
The Wiseard knoweth all too well,
A Beast may prove a Friend.
Creatures and Familiars

Familiars and Other Creatures

Your journey as a wizard will inevitably bring you into contact wi th all manner of magical
cuatures. \1/hile most will present an obstacle to your progress, others may ytt httome your
familian--stalwart companions that will accompany you on your travels, and aid you in battle.

This chapter introduces many of the most common creatures, and provides dirtttion on how they
may be persuaded to become your familiars.

What is a Familiar?

Creatures are sentient beings that are born from the hearts of living things. There are many
different species in the world, ctrtain of which can usefully be employed by wizards as familiars.
Since familiars are often born liom human heans, many think that all familiars are created in
this Wlly. This is not the case, however. Most creatures can become familiars, irrespective of
theirp~nance .

Anything with a heart-in the senllt of a soul or a spirit--can give rise to a creature, including
animals, plants, sta", and even certain man·mack objects. Note that while creatures not born
of humans au consickud "wild," this does not preclude them from becoming familia". It is
simply a matter of approaching them in the correct manner. ~ most important step in making
a cuature your familiar is giving it a name. Naming creates a bond
between wizard and creature, and ontt you have formed this bond
with a creature, it will willingly take up residence in your cage
and become your familiar.

t€> Creatures are born from the hearts

of living things.

t€> All living things are capabk of

producing creatures.

t€> Serenading and naming creatures

makes them your familiars, allow ing
T eachings for Aspiri ng Wi zards
- 9 -

[ : : : : Serenading

"Serenading" refers to the act of playing music to a creature in a bid to

persuade it to become your familiar. Those in possession of a Spirit Harp
should try ~renad i ng any creature that appears to be rea:pth-e, since
such creatures will invariably agree to ~me familiars
at the conclusion of a suitablt song. Note that some
creatures are more reticent than others, and may
refu~ to listen to your overtures. All creatures
are more receptive to powerful wizards than
to feeble ones, however, so treat thtm to a
taste of your magical po~r and they may
eventually be convinced to take notice.
In practice, this uSU21ly means besting a
creature on tht- banldiel~urther proof,
if any were nttded, that while d~ true
wizard should ever petition for peace, he
should also be versed in the ways of war.

'fhe Familiar Retreat

\Vhile the creature cage provides a convenient way for a wizard to carry
familiars around, iu capacity is unfortunately limited. Should you acqui re
more familiars than the cage will comfortably accommodate, some will
have to be !ell in the care of the Familiar Retreat. The retreat can be
accrssed &om most towns, as wei! as several

is no mere hole in the ground.

It j, magically connected to
another dimension, and has
been known to facilitate some
nther unexpected encounters.
Creatures and Familiars

The Creature Cage

Once a familiar has been acquired, it is impera1i~ 1ha1 it is immediately housed in the creature
cage. Don't worry if it sec:ms to be too big-familiars are capable of shrinking temporarily in
order to fit inside. Tht creature cage offers a stimulating environment in which your familiars
can train and relax. It is also a fine place to lavish affection upon them. Sages agree that showing
w;armth toward one's familiars has a positive effect on their de~lopment, so do not be afraid to

A single glance at the familiars in your cage should make it dear that the various species are all
~ry different. Some are placid and predictable, while others are hot-blooded and apt to bite a
wizard's finger off without w;aming.

Do not give up on your more violent familian, howe~r. With a good upbringing and the right
amount of love, they too will open their hearts and become your loyal companions.

As your familiars gain bat de experience, they will start to Jearn various "tricks." 'There are many
different tricks, and the ones that can be learned will vary from familiar to familiar.

Onc-e a familiar has acquirN a certain amount of battle experience, it may be prompted to
metamorphose into a more ad\'mtt'd cmture---one quite dilferent in both appearance and ability-
via the administering of a speeial drop. 'The more times a familiar undergoes metamorphosis,
the stronger it will ultimately become. 'When a familiar metamorphoses for the first time, it will
assume a second form consistent with all other creatures of its type. When it metamorphoses for
a ser:ond time, however, it will assume one of two dilferent final forms.

\Vhile ~uivtly observing your familiars' development can be amusing enough, attempting to uncover
the secrets of metamorphosis represents a much better use of an ambitious young wizard's time.

-··- -· ·
A pr~f~rred form is
chos~n for th~ familiar.

~~ -·: ~ -·


Enemy creatures will occasionally drop glowing orbs known as "glims" during battle. There are
various types or glim, each one having a diltt'rent e!Kct on the wizard who collects it. Green
glims, ror erampl~, restor~ some vitality, while bl~ glims restore magical power. Do not~,
however, that the effects or the rarest and most powerrul glims will vary according to the wiu.rd
or creature that oollecu them. Be sure to ~ar this in mind during battle.
Creatures and Familiars

Familiar Signs

Every creature is aligned with one of four crksrial sign~n, star, moon, and planet--each
with its own distinct characteristics. Of these, a small minority of creatures are aligned with
special, doubly powtrful signs known as "twin signs." A creature's sign has a notable eflttt on
its performance in battle. Creatures aligned with the sun sign, for example, art eflttrive against
those aligned with the moon sign, but inelttctive against those aligned with the star sign.

While creatures of a given species commonly share a sign, this is not always the ease, as other
factors, such as habitat, also influence alignment. Finally, while a familiar's sign may aflttt
its growth tnd metamorphosis, it is important to remember that battle experience is the most
important factor in any familiar's development .

~ The Eight Signs and Their Efftcts ~

based anacks and are fairly
difficult to put to sleep.

Creatures are proficient at
storm-hued attacks and are
somewhat resistant to poison.
Twin Sun
Creatures are highly proJicient
at fire-based attacks and art
difficult to put to sleep.

Twin Star
Creatures art highly proficient
at storm-based attaeks and ue
resistant to poison.

I[I I~]
Moon Twin Moon
Creatures are proficient at Creatures are highly proficient

~-- water-based attacks and are

fairly difficult to confuse.
\.=o __. at water-based attaeks and are
difficult to confuse.

~ ~
Planet Twin Planet
Creatures develop more quid:ly Creatures develop much more
than those hom under other quickly than those born under
signs. other signs.
--f<8!>i{ How Signs Relate to Each Other ~

The light of the sun will outshine the moon.

The glow of the moon will put stars in shade.

The glamour of the stars will cause ".m to swoon.

\Vhen two combine, their strength's sum is made.

The ontt·ringed planet s~nds apart &om the three,

\Vhile the twice- ringed planet rules as king.

Before it, sun, moon, and stars bc:nd their knee,

Yet it holds no sway o'er its once-ringed sibling.

Creatures and Familiars

Wild Monsters

'Ibt world is home to all sorts of a~·

inspiring monstm, from fire-breathing
dragons to towering giants. A wizard
would do wtll to learn all that he am
about such beings, sinet even a cursory
understanding of their habits can make
all the difference in the event of an
unexpected encounter.

Note, however, that monsters do not

remain the same for long. They are
growing and evolvi ng with every day
that passes, and a tome such as this
one cannot hope to contain exhausth•e
information on all ntant varieties. That
said, having absorbed the information
contained herein, a true wi:urd should
be able to dt:al with a ""' strain without
furthtt netd to consult a textboolc.

An Introduction to Creature Genuses

i;Milites P'57 Ia vermes p:u6

GBestiae p•64 [!]Nymphae p:uz

IJIAquatica P'75 ~Dracones pZ:Z9

Ell) Aves pt8:z ~Arcana pzJ6

iiJMinima PI9Z rmJ Daemonia P2 4l

{i;Automata p:zor ti!]Mortui P•49

~Flora p:zo8 ~~ Nobilia pzs6

A Bestiary of Creatures by Genus

Ptrud warrim who boast groat battlefield experience.
Milit~excel on the b:mlefidd due to their olfensi\oe abilitin, def~i\'t powa-,
and sp«d. Many of them are also adept at using weapons. Note that while
all creatures like sweet things, milites are famous for their Jove of chocolate.

Legendary Beasts
- - I - -


Kind-hearted divine beings that

protect the natural world.
Areas rich in life or naiUral energy, such as
forests and volcanoes, are invariably protected
by guardians. Though they are usually rather
docile, they are wont to become enraged when
their domain is threatentd. Pictured hert is the
Guardian of the Woods, a mighty being known ~"'
for harntuing tht power of the wind in defense ""::... -,
of its forest home. "L:. _~:-
, Little Bighorn
Creatu~s that carry almost twice their body weight in the
fonn of two large horns. Ne\ott obsen-ed without their masks,
even in the most stifling of conditions.

. Affinity: Physical Attacks../

.6. Conunon Sign: Star
• Habitat: Near Old Smoky
+ ltems Dropped: Crunchy Carrots
Sour Sundae
0 Tricks: Poison Pinch, Spire of Fire,
and more

Bighorn Batterhorn Splatterhorn

Exuemdy fond of fighting, Creatures that charm enemies Notable for their strong sense of
individual bighorns have been with their elegant crest of feathen responsibility, these creatures never
hlowntotakeonhordesofenemies before bludgeoning them with the abandon injured companions---or
by themselves. giant horns they carry. show any mercy when taking

e PhysialAttacks../ e Physical Attacks../ e PhysiC21Attacks../

A Moon
"' Sw
• Unknown • Unknown
· Unknown

• Swdropo • Unknown • Unknown
Raw Steel 0 Enlighten, Whirligig. 0 Healing Rain, Brattr,
0 Yoo-hoo, Fling fl~, Thunderstorm, and more PetrifYing Polce, and mott
Smash Hit, and mort
M ilites

Ven.tioos creatures, known to ta~t weahhy humans and
steal their valuables. This is almou always dont for the
thrill alone, and the plunder is soon returned.

e Aflinity: WaterX
.6. Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Near Castaway Cove
+ Items Dropptd: Supple Leather
0 Trid:s: Ray of Light, Drowsy Drops,
See Stars

, .... , ,

IE 00

' . , ~- ' - ' .

Cutpurrse --
Puss in Bouts Puss in Boats
Though these creatures will Known to entice humans into duels, These pirate-mad creatures have
pick a wizard' s pocket without wagering their worldly possessions devc:lopedaswashbucklingfighting
a moment's hesitation, one need upon the outcome. They proudly style, and even dress like their
only tickle their ean to make them wear their winning1 as trophies. seafaring idols.
return what they have stolen.

e Fire../ Water X e Fire../ Water X e water../FireX

A. Sun
· Unknown
.6. Moon
• Unknown • Billy Goat's Bluff •
+ Planctdrops + Grttn Grapes . Tachestones
Phoenix Fnthcn Plantt Crystal$ Meteorites
0 Smoke Bomb, Dark Cloud, 0 Time to Stunt, Pb.sma Ball, 0 Maddening Melody,
Slice 'n' Dice, and more Thundttbolt, and more Ra.zzk Dazzle, Black Blast,


'nlese curious creatures usually stttl~ in mountainous aros,
where they live in large communities. The sticks they carry
are used for hunting, coolcing, and more ~sidts.

e Affinity: None
.A. Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Near Castaway Cove
+ Items Dropped: Confusioo~Be-Gones
0 Tricks: Ray of Light, Sec Sense,
Rolling Stone

00 00

'. '
Gobfather Gobspeed Gobforsaken
These crutures become very Known to target travelers for their Hog-goblins that have become
mached to their knives, and usc weapons and armor, gobspeeds utterly evil. Known to hide in the
the same one for years at a time. adapt the equipment they n eal shadows, waiting for the moment
They don't seem to mind ge tting (or their own personal use. to deal an unsuspeet ing victim a
them bloody, howtver ••• fatal blow.

• No~ e None e Darkness ../ Light X

.A. Star A. Sun "' s~
• Unknown • Billy Goat's Bluff • Nevttm0re
+ Blacl: Truffies + I>rakstones • Cappuccinos
Pixie Dew Sun Crystals Big Babanas
0 War Cry, fling Flame, 0 War Cry, Slice 'n' Dice, 0 Evil Embrace, Demon's Fury,
Petrifying Me, and mort Ray of Life, mel more Blade Blast, and more

." , Mite
Though small, the-se creatures have warriors' hearts and a
fighting spirit that allows them to face up to any e~my

without fear.

: - ~
. Affinity:
.& Common Sign:
• Habitat:
+ ltems Dropped:
Storm ../ Water

0 Tricks: Cut Loose, Sand Blast,
.. .. ..- . Smash Hit, and more

ill ~

' ,

' .. , ..
.' '.
Mighty Mite Dynamite Mermite
Always brimming with life and Not satisfied with having mastered These mites are believed to have
gusto,thc:secrc:aturesa rc:capable the way of the sword, these mites mastered the sword by training
of knocking out an enemy with a arc always searching for new under a waterfall. Some wi:zards
single swingofthtir sword. challenges, in the shape of tougher claim to have sttn them pa rt the
enemies. sea itselfwiththtir blade•..

e Storm.../ Water X e Fire../WatttX e Water../FirtX

A Star A Stu .6. Moon
• Billy Goat's Bluff' • Unknown • Unknown
+ Cbeeseburgen • Unknown • Unknown
Sanaparilb. Sundaes ® Sinh 'n' Bum, "Whirligig, 0 Snowblov.u, Splish Slash,
0 War Cry, Fling Flame, Yoo-hoo, and mDf"t Soulshield, and fT1Clfe
Roly-Poly, and more
, .' . .. ,

~- ,rf/,
Burly Hurly Hurlcules Hurlabaloo
Creatures who take great pride Warriors to the bone, these These hi ghly trained warriors
in their physical prowess. Their crntures think of nothing but simply cannot resist a fight, and
powerful punches are to be: avoided fighting from morning till night. will do whatever it takes to win.
at all costs. It is unimaginable that they would
ever consider fleeing from a battle.

e Fire../WaterX e Fire../WaterX e water../FireX

• Sun A. Sun . M.,
• Billy Goat's Bluff • Unknown • Unknown
+ Sundrops • Unknown + Unknown
Tachestonts 0 'lime to Shine, Firewall, 0 Rockfall, Soulshield,
e Yoo-hoo. Enlight~, Eanplitter, and more
Rolling Stone, and mc:tt

, Hurly
' Extremdy strong creatures who amuse themselves by juggling

Is • Affiru<yo Fire../WaterX
~ A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: Unknown
+ Items Dropped: Sturdy Shinbor\e,
Game Pies
0 'Ihch: Sling Stone, Fling Flamt,
Razzle Dazzle, and mc:tt
A divine being who has protected the Deep Dark Wood since time immemorial. Though
generally peaceful and rather passive, it becomes wild and irrational when angry, pounding
the earth with such fury that all around it are brought to their knees.

. Affinity: Storm../FireX 0 Notable Brings bach arms crashing

• Sign: Unknown Attack: down onto the ground,

• Habitat: The ~ Dark Wood producingagustofwind

+ Items Dropped: Spirit of the Woods that blows enemies off their
A COJTUl"Ql sight in grasslands the wcrld over, bestiae are sane
of Mother Nature's trughest warriors.
lkstiae are swift, powerful creatures that generally live on grassy plains and
other such flatlands. They tend not to usc: weapons, preferring instead to
attack with their teeth, claws, and tailt. Though naturally aggressire, they can
he rendered amenable with cold treats-ice cream bdng a particular favorite.

Legendary Beasts
- - z - -

The Great Stag of the Grove

A roaring red stag that protects

its bountiful forest home.
the spring in Golden Grove. Though
its anden change appearance on a
regular basis, it is the same stag
that has guardt-d the forn;t sintt time
immemorial. Its mighty roar is used both for
summoning the fomt beasts and for attacking enemies direc1ly.
' ,·
Bestiae · I._ ' "', .
.... ,
tli I1J[t]

. '

" . ' --- "

Ruffian Gruflian Scruflian
Generally found in warmer climes, These proud creatures generally Though small in nature, these
these creatures are known for eschew large groups in favor of creatures move very rapidly and
attacking with great speed. They a solitary uistence. Their fiery attack with great ferocity.
do become rather docile when wet, breath is not something any wiurd
howeve r. shoold take lightly.

e Fire../WaterX e Fire.../WaterX e Fire../WaterX

.6. Sun A Star .6. Star
• Old Smoky • NC'Vttl'I'IOI'e • Unknown
• Su""= + Stardrops + Unlmown
Su""""" Powentones 0 Bdly Buster, Poison Pinch,
0 Heat Ray, Sand Blast, 0 Pyro Puff, Yoo--hoo, Fircw.ill, Plauna Ball, and I'I'IOJ"e

Enlighten, and more

, RufF
' C reatures that are usually seen tearing around the Rol!ing
Hills that surround Ding Dong Dell. Though generally rather
frantic, they h«ome utterly indolent at the fintsign of rain.

e Affiru<yo Fire../WaterX
A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: 'The Rolling Hills
+ I1ems Dropped: Pies
Booster Shoots
0 Trid:s: Earsplitter, Fling Flame,
Creatures that enjoy a quiet existence in dense, \"erdant
forests. Once battle has bern joined, however, they do not
hesitate to use their enonnous bodies to crush the enemy•

• Affinity: Water X
.6. Conunon Sign: Sun
• Habitat: The Rolling Hills
• Items Dropped: Tender Beef
0 Tricks: Roly·Poly, Fling Flame

Rhinosnore Rhinobore Rhinosaw

Thesecreatureshabituallyslumber Rhinobores have evolved special These creatures use theirsaw·like
forkmgperiodsduringtheday,and horns that allow them to skewer horns to tear into their enemies
even when they are awake, one or crevice·dwclling prey and rat them when angered. They are widely
more of their limbs is invariably whole. feared intheanirna\kingdom, and
still asleep. rightly so •

e WaterX • Water../ Storm X e water../FirrX

Sun .6. Star .6. Star
• Near Castaway Cove • The Rolling Hills • Miasma Marshes
. FlutryRicc . FluffyRice • Stardrops
Gto.aP' Ang»b• Star Crystals
0 WarCry,Ho!:HuiF, 0 Stalagmitts, Smash Hit, 0 Drowsy Drops, Hrllitosis,
Enlighten, and JT10fe Hocus Focus, and more Black Blast, and JT10fe

Jabber ,
Jabben are born from hearts that ~am for frttdom. They
are generally found deep in forests, playing or hunting as
the mood takes them.

e Aflinity: Storm X
A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Deep Dark Wood
+ Items Dropped: Cronehy Carrots
Iced Coffee
0 Triclcs: Smash Hit, Sand Blast,
Fling flame

_,\t,.-~ - Stabber
Nimble creatures that attack
their enemies with spears. As
their gleeful expressions suggest,
' ' . ·. - .

Though their spears are rather

wonderful objects, it is generally

accepted that t he creatures
' k
. l ,

Creature• whose "spear" is in fact
a fish attached to a stick. Sages
are unable to agree on why they

they ha\>e an insatiable appetite themselves have no idea of their would ch~ to ust such a curious
formischief. value. implement.

e Storm X e Storm X e Water../ Storm X

A Star A Moon .6. Sun
• Teehccti • The Rolling Hills • The \\'inter Isles
+ Crunchy Carrots + Slttp-lk-Gon<. + Su"""""
Carrot Cakes Iron Diamonds
0 Piclc·Me-Up, Hor: Huff, 0 Enlightm, Whirligig, 0 Sharpener, Snowbkrwtt,
Petrifying Poke, and more Slitt 'n' Ditt, and mort Belly Buster, and more

Baatender ,
Known for being extremely ~urotic, ontt baatenckrs have
deemed someone an annoy;tn«, they will not rest until the
subject of their agitation hu bet-n driven away.

e Affinity: FireX
A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: The Rolling Hills
+ Items Dropptd: \Vhite Brtad

0 Tricks: Smash Hit, Poison Pinch,
Bdly Buster

, ,

' '

.' ~ ' ~ Baabie
' ....

Creatures with powerful rear These creatures are known for Blessed with a lightness of foot
legs that allow for very nimble having a curiously sweet aroma which allaw1 them to approach foes
movement. They are famed for and a soporific singing voice. unnoticed, many a watching wiurd
showing no me rcy to those who has bet-n captivated by the graceful
trespass on their territory. movement of these creatures.

e Fire X e Fire.../ Physical Attacks X e Physical Attacks ../ Water X

A Moon A Sun .6. Sun
• Islands South of the • The Rolling Hills • Unknown
Summerlands + ~Be-Gooes + Unknown
+ Cakes Rings-a-Bdls 0 Drowsy Drops, Yoo-hoo,
Plainswom 0 Rock-a-Bye Baby, See Stars, Darkness Beckons, and more
0 Demon's Fury, Pick-M~Up, Htllitosi$, and mott
Wallop, and more
." Sore Boar
Extremely aggressh·e creatures that charge into entm~s
on sight. Observers have confirmed that they rurvivt by
crashing into trees and consuming the fruit that falls off.

Fire X
" • Affinity:
,. .& Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Golden Grove
+ Items Dropped: Tender Beef

Iced Coffee
0 Tricks: Belly Buster, Rolling Stone

.... ,

1!J 0000
. ""
::;.- \\
. . :. ~

' '
' ..
" ....
' .
.. - ..
Crashing Boar Hyperboar Full Boar
Short· temperedcreaturesthatwill The striking appearance of these Full boars constantly simmer
chargctowardanythingthat is not short-tempered creatures makes with rage and spout flames from
to their liking, aiming to smash it themthesubjectofmanyajealous their nose when they eventually
out of their way. look. boil over.

e FireX e water../FireX e Firc../WaterX

.a. M~ A Sun
• The Pig Iron Plain • Billy Goat's Bluff • Unknown
+ Black Truflles + Slttp--Be-Gonn • Unknown
Ra.bana Flans Rumblenuu 0 Heat Ray, Hocus Focus,
Eanpliner, Hot Huff, 0 Enliglum, Bubbk Bath,
Bowlder, and more
Wallop, and more
Psychophant Triumphant Hierophant
The sight of water spraying from The bruising resu lting from Though inherendy wild and il!-
these creatures' trunks is a sure constantly charging into foes has disciplined, these creatures ha\'t
sign that they are agitated, and promptedthesecrcaturutopadthe been taught the value ofedueation
preparing to charge. wom-aff«ted areas with sturdy via repeated encounters with a
large stone.

e wata../FircX e Fire.../StormX e Water../Ph.ysicalAttacksX

• Sun 6. Star • M=
.H ' • No Longer Mine • 'The Giant's Tabletops • Unknown

~ + Sturdy Shinbones + CrnmyMilk + Unknown

Draktstones Carnation Cakes 0 Whirly Wh.irlies, Crosswind,
0 Bubble Bath, 0 Belly Buster, Sharpener, Water Cannon, and matt
Maddening Melody, Eanplitter, and more
Waterspout, and more

, lnphant
' These hill-dwellers are mainly known for their considerable
bulk. The fact that they can squirt water from their trunk
has rome as something of a surprise to many an unsuspecting

e A!fuU<yo Water../FireX
A Common Sign: s••
• Habitat; The Rolling Hills
+ Items Dropped: White Bread
Supple: Leather
® nich: Sling Stooe, Yoo-hoo
Lubber Club Adamantiger Elegantiger
Their fondness for training by the Rigorous training has made these Having pushed themselves to
seaside has given these creatures creatures' muscks as hard as steel the very limit in training, these
a unique aptitude for beach-based and capable of deflttting even the creatures attack so quickly that
combat. most vicious of blows. their unsuspecting victims see
nothing but a blur.

e Storm X e Storm X e Storm X

.a. M~ .a. M~ .a. M~
• 'The Shipwrttk Shore • 'The\Vinterlsks • Unknown
+ Yogun + Planetdrops + Unknown
PlanetCrynals Coldstones 0 Slice 'n' Dice, Pyro Puff,
0 Sand Blan, Rollill8 Stone, 0 Belly Buster, Polar Puff, Hc:.:us Focus, and more
Rockfall, and more Enlighten, and more

Clubber Cub
Clubber cubs arc obsessed with martial am, and dedicate
their whole lives to training for banlc. Some of the more
powerful ones have been seen crushing large boulders with
a single blow.

e Affinity: StormX
A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: The Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropped: Itt Cream
Salted Itt Cream
(!) Tricks: War Cry, Pebble Pth,
Sling Stone

I1J [ij .
. .a\ .
' , ' ,

Dumbelemur Aye-Aye Sir Aye-Aye Catcher

Though these bearded creatures Rendered all the more conspicuous Though their ribbons and flowers
often feign a dumb passivity, they by their bright yellow beards, make them look like pampered pets,
arc in fact extremely tenacious- the rapid movements of these these creatures are famed for their
especially when babanas are creatures are known to b(fuddle capacity to save companions from
involved. theirenemies. catastrophe .

• Noo< • Noo< • Noo<

.6. Star
· Unknown
M~ · M~
-a:! ' • 'The Genie's Steps •
+ Unknown
• Unknown

"' ·""""'·
Star Crystals
0 Stt Sense, Blunt, 'Whirligig.
0 Stt Stan, Thunderbolt,
Yoo-hoo, and more
+ Unknown
0 Ray of Life, Mighty Light,
Upsy·Daisy, and more


Small creatures that are very fond of dancing. Their graceful
movements and constant activity are known to be a source
of encouragement to their companions.

e Affinity: None
A CorrunonSign: Star
• Habitat: Islands North of the Summerlands
+ Items Dropped: Confusioo-lk-Gones

0 Triclcs: Sharpener, Ptbble Pth,

Sasquash Papa Sasquash Mama Sasquash
Extremely mischievous creatures These widely feared beasts are Known for the pouch in which they
who are known to let snow collect believed to hail from the Glitttting carry their young, mama sasqu:uhes
on top of their heads before Grotto. Physically strong, they are are generally kind, but become very
forming it into balls and pelting abo capable of dir«ting bli:~:urds aggressive when they believe their
unsuspecting victims. towards their enemies. child is in peril.

e water../FircX e water../FireX e water../FircX

• Su. • Star .a. M"""
• 'The Winter Isles • 'The Glittering Grotto . 'TheGiittttingGrotto
+ GmnGrapes + Snow Radishes + Sturdy Shinbones
Sun Crystab Pixie Dew Bmu: Caks
0 Snowball, Sling Stone, 0 Howling Bliz:z.ud, Sharpmer, 0 Belly Buster, Ray of Life,
Slow Poke, and more Polar Puff Snowblown-, and more

, Sasquish
' Though they dwdl on only a handful of snow-covered

~ :
islands, these crutures' mighty roars are so loud as to be
audible in distant tropical dimes.

e Affiru<yo Water../FircX
A Common Sign: Moon

• Habitat: The: Winter Isles
+ Items Dropped: Moondrops
Moon Crystals
·- 0 Trid:s: Earsplitter, Sabol:age,
Rolling Stone
----i®>t{ Gladiataur z--

A towering forest guardian who uses its fearsome might to punish those who would sully
its woodland home. The Gladiataur's low roar czn be heard throughout Golden Grove,
summoning other creatures to help repel invaders.

• Affinity: Storm X 0 Notable 1bt great beast swings

.6, Sign: Unkn~ Attack: its sword in a mighty are,
• Habitat: GoldenGrovt causing untold damagt to all

+ Items Dropped: SpiritoftheGiade who stand within reach.

Feamme creatures that lurk in !)., d:ukness of !)., dep<hs.
Aquatica thrive wherever there is plenty of moisture, meaning seu, lakes,
and even humid swamps. Their ability to move freely in water gives them
an advantage over most travelers, so take great care when journeying
through the aforementioned habitats. Creatures of this genus favor pies
over other typts of treat.

Legenda ry Beasts
- 3 -

Tentacles from the Deep

A monster that appears whenever there is a rainbow.

Even the youngest children in Castaway Cove are familiar with the kgend of
this ~~ monster. Supposedly, a rainbow reveals itself to night fishermen out
at sea, and when they paddle out to investigate its
origin, their boat is gripped by giant tentacles
and dragged down to the tkptlu. The Je~nd
goes on to specify that should anyone manage
to escape the tentacles, they will be overcome
instead by dazzling lights which rise from t!K
~a bed. Note that tht: consequent absence of
survivon makes this legtnd difficult to verify.
~ cmtum: hunt in dank, wet places, using t!Kir lantern·
like antennae to lure prey before gobbling tht'm up whok.

. Affinity: Watcr../FireX
.6. Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Ding Dong Well
+ ltems Dropped: Chocolate
0 Tricks: Phantom Fangs, Splish Slash
-· . ...
····~· -- -- --~-
- -. . ~.:.

Strangler/ish Manglerlish Spangler/ish

Having lured their prey with the Though these creatures a Diuinctive creatures who hypnotize
eerie light from their antennae, gleaming jewel for luring prey, their prey by rhythmically swaying
these ocean creatures summon their terrifying appearance often the miped tip of their antenna.
crashing waves to incapacitate scares away potential victims before The spdl is broken as soon as they
them. they can be bitten. hare their teeth, however.

e Water../FircX e water../FireX e water../FircX

.t. M~ .t. M~ .t. M~
• 'The Sea North of Aurumnia • 'The Winter lsi~ • Unknown
+ Sandwiches + Slttp-lk-Gonn • Unknown
Sour Sundaes Cappuccinos 0 Hailstone, Polar Puff,
0 Bubble Rath, Hellitosis, 0 Drowsy Drop5, Snowstorm, Soolshidd, and fT'IOU
Waterspout, and more Brattr, and mort
Cre,atures whose enthusiastic hopping matts thnn $ttm both
charming and approachable. Bt very cauful, howt-vtt-they
have been lt.nown to strike unsuspttting onlooken with their
poisoned tongue.


e Affinity: Water../FireX
A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Ding Dong Well
+ Items Dropped: Ia: Cream
0 Trid:s: Water Bomb, Roly-Poly,

.... ,
. . -.·.·.

Tadolescent Tadabout Tadorable

Usually observed swimming in the Amphibious creatures who can Born only in areas blessed with
ocean at sundown, these frog-like survive in places where water is natural ~auty and dear streams,
creaturesanad: their enemies by scarce. Their nomadic lifestyle is these creatures look pleasant
spining freezing cold water at believed to be part of a quest for enough, but attack with genuine
them. constant self- improvement. viciousness.

e Water../FireX e None e None

A Moon A. Star A. Star
• "The ~a Southeast of the • The Winter Isles • Unknown
Summerlands • Stardrops • Unlcnown
+ Dumbfbmden B!il:urd Blooms 0 Sharpener, Rock-a-Byt Baby,
StrongCofltt 0 War Cry, Yoo-hoo, Watenpout, and more
0 SplishSlash,Hellitosis, Belly Buster, and more
Bubble &ath, and more

Creatures who prefer to li~~e together in quiet, peaceful
societies. So rdaxed arc their lives, indeed, that they are
prone to falling asleep at any given moment •

• Affinity: Watcr.../FireX
• Common Sign: Twin Sun
• Habitat: The Sea South of the Summerlands
+ Items Dropped: Sundrops

0 '!'rich: Splish Slash, \Vhirligig,
Healing Tear

' ~ - oo
-- ' .'
·.! -·
.~ -

Splasher Snapper Sni pper

Usually found floating idly on the These gluttonous creatures have C reatures who use their scissor-
surface of the water, eating and evolved long claws with which shaped tails to give themselves a
sleeping would appear to be the to prize open the shells of daily haircut. Take care not to
only activities that interest these their favorite prey. A necessary disrupt this ritual-they produce
adaptation, given their insatiable crashing waves when enraged.
e Water../FireX e water../FireX e water../FireX
... Moon .a. Moon .ol. Moon
• The Sea North of Aurumnia • The Sea North of the Winter • Unknown
• Glowshrimps hk• • Glowshrimps
Strong Coffee • Dumbflounders Pixie Dew
0 Sabotage, SandBlast, Wetstones 0 Waterspout, l'tllar Puff,
Bubble Rath, and more 0 Snowblower, Whirly \\lhirlies, Bracer, a.nd fnCIU
War Cry, and more
.' Hooray
Aquatica ~
Sea creatwn that use their broad lint to travem the oceans.
'Though they appnr to be nther docil~, they la\'t been known
to jump out of d"ot vr.ner and anack unsuspecting seafarers.

~~ e Affinity' Watcr./Firc:X
,. A. Common Sign:
• Habitat: The Sea South of the Summerlands
+ Items Dropped: Moondrops
Stron~ Coffee
0Tridcs: Belly Buster, Splish Slash,

ill , "

12:!j ~ ~--
- '.
Hip-Hooray Grimray Springray
Noted for their spiky skin, these These ominous-looking blade and Capable of swimming much faster
creatures have ~en known to red sea creatures use their long than their siu would suggttt, these
skewer sailors who Jean too far tails as whips with which to attack creatures art usually within striking
overboard. their enemies. range btfore thei r prey even knows
they're the re.

e Water.../FireX e Darkness../ e water../FireX

.a. M~ A. Sun .a. M~
• The Sea North of d..e • The Sta Northwest of the • Unknown
Summerlands Summerlands + Cappuccinos
• Moondropo + Stardrops Snowflakes
Wetst~ Fairy Cbocolatt: 0 Snowstorm, Slow Pok,
0 ll1 Wind, Bubble Bath, 0 Blat:k Blast, Hocus Focus, Watt:r Cannon, and mort:
Rock-a-Bye Baby, and more Darkness lkckons, and more
. .... ,

t ..
The two forks on these creatures' Though t~secreaturts generate a Creatures that are constantl y
heads unleash electrical blasts, the great deal of dectrical powtr, they charging large banerics with the
power of which Wattccs can then arc unable to control its discharge, electricity they generate, storing it
mwurt using the meters that they and fuq~ntly electrocute allits as up to be unleashed during battle.
always carry. well as enemies.

e Water../StCifm../ e Water .,/ Storm ../ e Wattr ../ Storm ../

.6. Star • Star • Star
• 'The Sea North of d'lt' Winter • 'The Sea Northwest of d'lt' • Unknown
Isks Summc:rlands + Stardrcps
+ Fhhburgm + Confusion·lk-Gones Thundentorm Gems
Cappuccinos Rumblenuts 0 Generator, Thunderbolt,
0 Shon Circuit, Pick-Me-Up, 0 Thundentorm, Brattr, Parp, Lovt-Strud:, and more
Bubble Bath, and more
, Sparkee
' Creatures that usc charged coils to dc:livcr devastating
electrical attacks. They have also been known to berome
overexcited and electrocute themselves with them ••.

A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: 'The Sea Sooth of the Summer!ands
+ Items Dropped: Glowshrimps
Ruby Ripple Itt Cream
® nid:s: Plasma Ball, Sabotage,
~ ~


0~ r

~ Royal Jelly }+-®!--

An enormous gelatinous sea creature whose transparent flesh reveals a hypnotic array of
colorfully flashing innards. Enemies that enter its territory are entranctll by its beauty,
but soon find themselves wrapped in its tentacles, being lifted towards its gaping mouth.

e Affinity: Water ../ Fire X 0 Notabk 'The beast builds up an

• Sign: Unknown Attad:: enormous eltttrical charge
• Habitat: Unknown and thm releases it in a

+ Items Dropped: Spirit of the Storm blast that sends iu prey's

entire body into spasms.
W.nged beasts that soar upoo the six winds.
Most aves use their wings to takt to the skies and pounce on unsuspecting
victims from above, often using their sharp beaks as weapons. Aves will
ut ahnost anything they can peck at, but have been obscrvro to have a
particular fondness for all kinds of ice crum.

Legendary Beasts

Master of the Skies

A charm worn by those who ride upon cloud sweepers.

The image on the right depicts a charm that is very popular
among those who ride Cloud Sweepers . Believed to
represent a legendary creature that onct served
the ~een of Xanadu, this simple yet
anractivt ornament is said to bring
lll("k to all who Hy.
Major Byrde Firebyrde Thunderbyrde
These bird-like creatures are swift Creatures that rain fire upon their These flying beasts swoop down
as the wind itself, and have talons enemies from above. In days of upon their prey with lightning
as sharp u knives. yore, firebyrdes were mistakenly speed and fry them to a crisp with
believed to be relatives of the blasts of electricity.
legendary phoenix.

e None e Fire../WaterX • No...

. . Star

Unknown . 'The Giant's Tabletops • Billy Goat's Bluff
+ Nix-lk-Gooes + Ilump<y Ew + Gustplumes
Gustplumes Ruby Ripple Ice Cream Star Crystals
0 War Cry, Smash Hit, 0 Spire of Fire, Pick-Me-Up, e Thundtntorm,
Sand Blast, and more Petrifying Poke, and more Razzle Ih:ule,
Vlhirly \\lhirlies, and more

Minor Byrde
Creatures who fly by flapping their broad wings. Sharp
of eye and very spttdy, it is rare for prey to escape once
sponro. Byrdes are unique in that they spend their entire

e Affinity: None
A. Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: The Rolling Hills
+ Items Dropped: Dumpty Eggs
0 Trich: \\lhirligig, Poison Pinch,
See Stars

, Crowhawk
Easily identifiable due to their magnificent c~sts, thue
c~aturts are often heard at dawn, crowing together in
large numben. As a result, they are often referud to as
"Desert Alarm Clocks."

. Affinity: Storm X
.6. Conunon Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Shimmtring Sands
+ Items Dropped: Poison-~-Gones
Phoenix Feathen
0 Tricks: Body Blast, Whirligig,
See Stan

Mohawk Prohawk Snowhawk

Once these creatures have sighted Very similar to rnohawks, but much These creatures' crests are cold
their prey, they will chase it until fasterasaresultofspecial training enough to produce Ourries of snow
it collapses from exhaustion. !bey undertalcen at a secluded mountain from thin air, causing significant
are also known to use their sharp damage when directed towards
crest as a weapon during battle. enemies.

e Storm X e Storm ../ Water X e water../FireX

· Unknown
.6. Sun A Sun
• T~hccti • Billy Goat's Bluff •
+ Emhn1tone + Gustplumes • Sour Grapes
Wildflower Sundae Cappuccinos Fruit Flam
0 Sabotage, Sand Blast, 0 Siict 'n' Dice, Blunt, 0 Snowball, Pick-Me-Up,
Crosswind, and more Slash 'n' Burn, and more Splish Slash, and more
Wham bat
Though these creatures tend to k~p to the dark carts that
they inhabit, they are able to sense when their companions
are in danger and will fly to their rescue wherever they are.

e Affinity: Storm../
A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Near Castawty Cove
+ Items Dropped: Blindness-Be-Gones
0 Triclcs: Evil Embrace, Spite,
Dark Cloud

If} · ~·
' , ' ,

.:_ ~
' .' '.
Wishing Whambat Whampire Bat Captain Whamtastic
These creatures will invariably fly Often believed to be selfish Creatures who will fly to the aid
to the aid of a comrade in crisis, creatures due to their insistence ofanyonewhocries"help."Their
flapping their wings to create a on doing things their own way, propensity to protect the weak and
mighty wind that drives away the they are in fact rather kindhearted rej«tevilmakes thematrueally
aggressor. and generous. of justice.


A Star
. Teehecti
Milk Chocolate
Rolling Stone, Sabotage,
.6. Star

Mia:ma Marshe5
Pixie Dew
Short Circuit, Lttch,
e Light../ Darkntn X
.6. Star
• Unknown
• Unknown
0 Time to Shine,
R.u::r.le Da::r.::r..le, Wind Tunnel,
Whirligig, and more Slow Poke, and matt

Sleepeafowl .' ,
Curious creatures whose plum~ forms a face when contttly
aligned. Tiley tend to ~~ in t~ for a suitably wed: victim
before using their wings to blow sand in its eyrs.

• ~
e Aflinity: Storm../

Common Sign:
+ Items Dropped:
The Rolling Hills
Booster Shoots
. <(ffj"'
1 0 Tricks: Drowsy Drops, Blunt
~ ~

rn ·y ~
... "


Hippeafowl Grumpeafowl Wimpeafowl
The expression on the face formed These creatures' large red wings These sensitive souls will cry at
by these creatures' wings changes produce searing fl ames when the slightest provocation. Do not
as their feathers are shed, meaning flapped . It has been noted that think that this makes them easy
some recklen pluckers have ended grumpeafowl can run faster than targets, howtver-their tears arc
up looking rathe r alarming. they can fly when enraged. accompanied by violent storms.

e Storm../ e Fire../WatttX e Water../FireX

.6, Sw .6, Sun .6. Moon
• Islands South of the • 1be Shipwrt"Ck Shot-t • 'The Winter Isles
Sununcrlands • Slttp-Bt-Gonts • Blindness-Bt-Gones
• Iced Coffee Gnomtbtards Rumblenun
Rings-a-Bells 0 Spirt of Fire, Yoo-hoo, 0 Whirly Whirlies, Watenpout,
0 Sand Blast, Thundmpark, Hocu$ Focus, and more Slow Poke, and more
Crosswind, and more
!D ' p
J ~~

\) , Drongo
Creatutts not~ for the single decorative plume that adorns
tht'ir he;~.d . Though they do not enjoy fighting, they are

capable of unleashing powerful electrical attacks when

-4'~ ~
e Afiinity:
.& Conunon Sign:
. !hb;,., Unknown
... + Items Dropped: Yogun
. Soil Scoop Ice Cream
0 Tricks: Healing Tear, Thunderspark,
See Sense, and more

.. ,

.. t
~ J

Strongo Fluorongo Electrongo
Caring creatures who are often Boasting the avian equivalent of a This placid creature hu a loping
seen tending to thei r companions' goatee beard and bushy eyebrows, gait that is unerly at odds with the
wounds. fluorongo could be mistaken for fierce power of the lightning bolts
wizards when banishing enemies it fires at enemies.
with a flash from the tip of their
e Water../ e Light../FirtX e Storm../WaterX
·~ ·~ .• Unknown
•'Thr Sea North of the •Unkno-Nn
Winter Isles + Unknown + Unknown
+ Snow Radishes 0 Twinkle 'I\vinl:Je, 0 Thunderbolt, Wat~r Bomb,
Coldstones Short Circuit, Rise and Shine:, Wat~npout, and mar~
0 Thundenpark, Healthy Glow, and mor~
Bubbl~ Bath, and more

, .... , ,

00 ~ I!]
. "

" ' ..
Paladin Partridge
Bushido Bantam
Cr~atures whose heroic appearance Ostentatious crutures who wish Loyal creatures, known for their
gives courage to those who fight to become kgendary heroes and calm and rational decision-making.
alongside them. Rumor has it that can often ~ Sttn rashly risking They train rigorously every day,
their eyts burn bright red within their lives for othen during battle. and show resp«t toward even their
their helmets. most bine r rivals.

• No« • ugh• ../ • No<><

A. Star 6. Star A. Star

j ' • Unknown
+ Unknown
• Unknown
• Unknown
• Unknown
+ Unknown
0 &ahhy Glow, Plasma Ball, 0 Enlighten, Mighty Ligtn, 0 Sh~ner, Slice 'n' Dice,
5« Stan, and more Ray of Life, and ll'IClK Thunderbolt, and more

, Fightingale
' These creatures are easily embarrassed and blush whenevcr
anyone looks at them. They hide their shame by wearing
a tough homemade helmet that coven their entire head.

e Affinity: None
A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: Unlmown
+ Items Dropped: Unknown
0 'Ihch: Yoo-hoo, Sand Blast,
' p
Aves J -_::

.··.:. _:wa:
Sharp-Hooter Hooting-Star
The heart-shaped outline of these Never seen without their top The pattern on hooting-stars'
creatures' faces means that they hat and glasses, sharp-hooters' breast plumage looks like a giant
are often drawn by children as chivalrous natu~ means they are face, and is genuinely terrifying
symbols ofpeact. unable to stand idly by when there when glimpsed at night .
is a damsel in distress.

e Storm../ e Storm .../ Darkness .../ e Storm ../ lJght .../

.II. M~ .a. M~ .II. M~
• Islands South of the • Unlmown • Unknown
Summerlands • Unlmown + Unknown
+ Jc:cCrnm 0 Rod-a-Bye Baby, 0 Wind Thnnel, Slow Poke,
O..xl>wgm Lease of Life, Ill Wind, 1-kahhy Glow, and ITIOfe
Rise and Shine,
\Vhirly Whirlies, and more


though rumor has it that their narrow eyes see the truth in
all things, even when closed.

. Affini ty: Storm../

A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Near Castaway Covt
+ Items Dropped: Sleep-Ik-Gones
Creamy F1ans
® Tricks: Ray of Life, Rauk Dank,
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- - 1 0 --

a::=: Nightmares

The Worst Dreams You've Ever Had ..•

As briefly mentioned in the introdoction to the Locket, people become
brokenhearted when the virtues that make up their heart are lost or stolen.
While: most brokenhearted people: can be returned to normal by restoring the:
virtue that is missing &om their heart, some can be possessed by nightmares--a
predicament that is rather more difficult to resolve.

Nightmares are mysterious presences that consist entirely of evil. They seep
into the cracks that form in brol:c:n hearts, further disrupting their lnlance.
Those who are possessed by nigl11mares lose sight of themselves completely
and become totally dilttrent people. Since Nightmares do not generally alter
a penon's appearance, however, their friends and family may not even realize
that the victim has been possessed.
To return the victims of possession to their old selves, one must firn drive away
the Only then can the missing virtue be restored to the ir heart.
T eachings for Aspiri ng Wizards
- - I I --

Knowledge is Power
Each creature has its own strengths and ~aknc:ssc:s, much like each wizard.
Unlike wiu.rds, however, such attributes are largely dctermin«< by a creature's
genus and spei:ies. Ulk, for uample, have: bc:c:n found to be: highly susceptible
to poison, many wiu.rds having obsc:n-c:d their pronounct:d ~action to both
natural and manmade: toxins.

Automata, on the other hand, are generally resistant to poison but suffer badly
when subjected to c:lc:ctrical anacks, which disrupt their inner workings and
prevent them from operating corttetly.

Elemental traits of this kind can vary widely within a genus, and even between
metamorphically linked species. This is due to the fact that some creatures
knowingly ncrifice their affinity with one: element in order to increase their affinity
with another during metamorphosis. One nttd only compare a Fire Ogrrr and a
Water Ogrrr to comprehend the developmental consequencc:s of such a choice.
C reature anributes are therefore extremely varied. Remembering a creatu re's
st rengths and ~aknc:ssc:s, and adjusting one's planofanack accordingly is no
mean feat, but the Wizard' s Companion is here to help. This volume contains
extensive information on various enemies' most important characteristia, so be:
su~ to consult it prior to battle. Such knowl«<ge may save: your life.

Finally, it should go without saying that no single anack, spell, or strategy will
provc:equallyeffectivc:againstc:veryenc:my. 'Illc:rearenoshortcuu inwiu.rdry.
Only through study and training can one hope to bc:comc: a sage.
lleware those """"" s!ze makes them appear harmless ...
Minima are very small creatuus whose adorable appearance has lured many
an unwary traveler to his doom. They are very fond of freshly baked pies,
;md have never been known to turn one down as a trnt.

Legendary Beasts

King Hickory III

The mouse king who stood up to the cats.

No rivalry in the natural kingdom is as great as the one that exists between
mice and cats. Though the cats' superior size and strength have always given
them the upper hand, one mouse king's flttt fttt and quick wits caused untold
torment to his fc:line foes. His favorite trick be~ known as "cat fishing."
and involvt'd dangling his tail out of a mousehole to amact a
eat's attention before quickly withdrawing it, just
as his hapless vicrimcn.shedheadli.nt into
the wall, unable to squcne through the
tiny opening.

Flummox Floret Horrid Floret Florid Floret

These creatures are rarely Vicious creatures that will gladly 1bough these colorful creaturet are
encountered, preferring to live attack anyone who approaches usually full of cheer, they aren't
hermetic existences in coastal them. The stubby leaves on their afraidtousetheirnecdle·likedaws
rtgions. They are known to cause headsareassharpasknivtsand when they get angry.
confusion in their enemies. contain a potent toxin.

e watcrX e waterX e waterX

.6. Sun • Star .6. Star
• The Shipwrttk Shore
+ Sleep-Be-Coots

• Unknown
+ Unknown
CarrotCak" Sanaparilla Sundaes 0 Slitt 'n' Ditt, Petrifying Puff,
0 5« Stan, VJhirligig, 0 Poison Pinch, Dark Cloud, Smoke Bomb, and more
Crosswind, and JT10I"e Phantom Fangs, and ~

, Floret
' These creatures are belie~ to have sprung from the hearts
of sun-kissed plants, and have the invaluable ability to send
their enemies to skep•

• Affinity: WaterX
A Common Sign: TWin Sun
• Habitat: 1be Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropped: Confusion·Be·Gones
Sweetie Pies
0 Thcb: Drowsy Drops, Sand Blast,
Plasma Ball

, Rabbot
Thtse creatures are bcliel'ed to be born from plumbcn'
spannen and are known to throw their tools at any enemy
that irritates them .

• Affinity: Storm X
.6. Conunon Sign: Sun
] • Habitat: Ding Dong Well

] + ltems Dropped: Poison-:&-Gones

1 -·
Tricks: Ray of Ligtu, Poison Pinch,
Razzle Dazzle, and more
~ ~


~ - oo - lio- r
- i -o - _n
.' ' . .' - , .' '
Jackrabbot Whackrabbot Hackrabbot
These creaturt:s ue very fond Their hammers are always at the Though these creatures look utterly
of wrenches, and are never seen ready, and are swung at anything terrifying, they are mostly jutt very
without one. Indeed, they even that is deemed to be "sticking out." lonely, and ue believed to spend
take a wrench with them to bed. their days searching for a friend.

e Storm X e stormX e Storm X

.6. Sun A Sun
• The Pig Iron Plain • The Shipwr«k Short • Billy Goat's Bluff
. Sundropo + Blindness-lk-Gonrs • Iron Diamonds

Smash Hit, Fling Fhmt, 0
Dark Cloud ~ms
Dark Cloud, 5ef: Sense, 0
Slitt 'n' Ditt, Splish Slash,
Hdlitosis, and more Stalagmins, and more Pid:·Me·Up, and mctt
Equipped with both shield and spear, t~st c~aturcs attad:
anyone who da res approach their foren horne. Though their
spear is short, its head is very sharp, and is to bt: avoided
at all costs.

e Affinity: Storm X
A. Common Sign: Sun

Habitat: Golden Grove
Items Dropped: Pies

0 Trid:s:
Smash Hit, Sand Blast,
Ray of Light, and more

' f.

Spike Tyke Psych Tyke Pike Tyke

Though they are very proud of how Crned creatures who lure Though these crutures are very
well they know the forest, spike disoriented travelers ever deeper fond of fishing, it is believed that
tykes arc unerly lost as soon as into the woods. They are believed the £ish they carry with them it for
they step oouide it. tobewillingtoprotect the leaf on companionthip, not contumption.
top of their heads with their lives.

e Storm X • Non< e Water../ Storm X

• s~ A Sun .6. Sun
. Tttheeri • The Rolling Hills • Islands near Autumnia
+ Planctdrops + Poison-Be-Gones • Nix·lk-Gones
Sturdy Shinbones CbttsebuJgen Jade Marbles
0 Smoke Bomb, Sabotage, 0 Belly Buster, \\lhirligig, 0 Bubble Bath, S)tsta Sigh,
Petrifying Poke, and more Wind Tunnel, and more Ray of Life, and more

Turbandit ,
'These curious creatures, bdinrtd to bt born from W wands
of wiurds who perish in the lkscrt, launch fi~balls at their
foes without the slightest warning.

e Affinity: Firt../WaterX
• Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: The Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropped: Creamy Milk
0 Tricks: Fling Flame, Rise and Shine,

'¥}- ~
- ~-
' . .' ' .'
- ru a-· ' .
Turburn Turban Myth Turban Legend
Generally found on windswept These denizens of the Shipwreck Usually found dwelling in icy
plateaus, far away from human Shore are able to command flames ca\'erns, these creatures can control
habitation, these creatures use with a grace that is truly something the weather with ease. Many a
scarves to hide their faces and to behold. hapless traveler has met a snowy
conceal their thoughts. end at their hands.

e Fire../WaterX e Fire../ Water X • Water../ Fire X

.a. s~ A Sun ...
• 'TheGenir'sSteps • 1k Shipwreck Shore • 'The Glittering Grotto
+ IctdCo&e • Planetdrops • Bass Bells
Toadstool Su~s
""""""= Star Crystals
0 Hot Huff, Plasma &II, 0 Fimr.lll, Wmd Thnnel, 0 Snowstorm, Soulshield,
Whirligig, and more Hocus Focus, and ~ Shower Curtain, and matt

, Idler
Fundamentally lazy creatures. Even their periodic bursu of
energy do not last very long.

• Affinity: Storm X
.& Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Unknown
+ ltems Dropped: Unknown
0 Tricks: War Cry, Rise and Shine,
Sec Stan

:~ : .: ~ :
OOIIl Wild Idler
strangers with their clubs.
Despite this violent habit, they
All-Seeing Idler
Creatures who have, through their
experiences, achieved a form of
enlightenment that enables them
Evil Idler
Evil creatures, well versed in all
the darken ms. No righHhinking
wizard would ever trust an evil
are invariably u~t when people to dramatically boost their strength idler, u they may be relied upon
refuse to befriend them. when necessary. for nothing but duplicity.

e Storm X • Light ..,/ Storm X • Darlmen ../ Storm X

.a. M~ A Sun .6. Sun
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
• Unlmown + Unknown + Unknown
0 Rolling Stone, Thundenpark, 0 Tim( to Shint, Whirligig, 0 Black Blast, Spite, Enlightm;
Thtmdentorm, and more Wind Tunnel, and more and more
.' ,

Deep Fry
Old Smoky is infested with these
troublesome creatures, who are
unattountably attached to the
.' _· .
Aggressive cruture1 with a

permant'nt ill-natured grin. The

fire on top of thdr head burns
Flash Fry
Flash fries' iron masks allow
them to withstand the hottest and
brightest of flames, while aho
burning rod.s they insist on brighter as they get angrier. keeping their identity a secret
carrying everywhere. from prying eyes.

e Firt../WaterX e Fire.../WaterX e Firc../WaterX

.II. Sw • Star • Star
• Old Smoky • Near the Miasma Manhn • Unknown
+ White Bread + Cheeseburgers + Unknown
Stardrops Jade Marbles 0 1-kat Ray, Bdly Buster,
0 HotHulf;S«Sense, 0 Spire of Fire, Rockfall, Time to Shine, and more
Firewall, and more Hocus Focus, and ll'lOfe

, Small Fry
' Mischievous little creatures that reside in the foothills of Old
Smoky. They like nothing more than playing with fire, much
to the annoyan~ of those who have to live alongside them.

.A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: Nnr Old Smoky
+ Items Dropped: Curse:- Be-Ganes
® Trich: Fling Flame, Pebble ~It,
Body Blast

Turnkey Master Key Don Key

Surprisingly vain creatures that These creatures are belie~ to be Many of these creatures arc
havt been observed combing their experts in a!! things key-relatt'd, believed to have van fortunes
beard using the teeth of their and appear to spend their lives locked away, though most have
tnaty key. looking for more keys to add to long forgotten which key to use
their collection. toacccu them.

e Storm../ Water X e Storm.../ e Firt../WaterX

.II. M~ .A Moon .II. M=
• Nevermore • Unknown • Unknown
+ Confusion·lk·Gone • Unknown + Unknown
Sprite Dew 0 Bubble Bath, Upsy-Daisy, 0 Slash'n'Bum,
0 Blunt, Darkness Jkekons, Hailstone, and more RuzleDa.nle,Twister,
Fi~ll wdm«<

Creatures that are born from the keys of houses that hold
precious memories. Having a dinkey appear in your house
in considered an extremely auspicious omen.

e Affinity: Storm.../ Water X

A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Unknown
+ Items Dropped: Sandwiches
0 Tncks: Sharprner, Dark Cloud,

Spitooligan Lickety-Spitoo Sniper Spitoo

Making eye-contact with these These creatures collect bladed These creatures arc the most
aggressive beasts usually results weapons as a hobby, and can often accurate blowpipe hunters in the
in having a stone spat at you- beobservedpolishingorsharptning natural world, and arc known to
assuming they don't choke their hoard. douse their dam in a paralyzing
themstlvtson it first.

e Firc../WaterX e Fire.../ e Firc../W:tterX

A Sun 6. Sun A Sun
.§ ' • Unknown • Islands near Autumnia • 'The Giant's Tabletops
.5 + Poison-Be-Gones + Blindness-Be-Gone + CrunchyCarro1s
::E FirN"all Gems Iron Diamond Pi:tic Dew
® Sand Blast, Roly-Poly, 0 Bubble Bath, Pick-Me-Up, 0 Hdlitosis,ShortCircuit,
Firewall, and more Watenpout, and more Smoke Bomb, and more

Ill-tempered creatures who always cury a stock of seeds to
spit at those they find irritating.
e Affinity: Firc../WaterX
A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: The ~ Dark Wood
+ Items Dropped: Cakes
0 Tticlcs: Nut Shell, 5« Stan,
Hot Huff, and mort
Sentient =tures bern !ian tlr prodocts of Man's ingenujty.
Since the creation of thefirst rudimentary tool, human ingenuity has driven
civilization onwards, resulting at length in the complex machines we see
today. That certain of the~ machines should beCi:lme sentient, however,
arose not &om human design, but &om the life found in all things.

Despite their mechanical nature, automata ha\'e appetites just like every other
creature, and are known to be fond of soft treats such as fl.ans .

Legendary Beasts
- 6 -

The Moving Monument

A guardian of many limbs.

This large stone statue is to be found in the Temple
of Trials, an ancient structure that lies to the north
of the Shimmering Sands. Though it appears to be
an ordinary monument, there ue persistent rumors
that it moves around during the night. Indeed, many
wizards-in-training have reported seeing it with its
eyn ablaze in the darkness, gesticulating silently
with its four arms.
Usually found in and aroond abandoned temples, monoliths
are ancient stone tablets brought to life. Extremely srurdy,
they tum aside most blows with ease.

e Affinity: Physia!Attach../
.A. Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Near Casta~y Cove
• Items Dropped: Creamy Milk
0 Tricb: Bra«r, ~trifyingPuff,
Spite, and more

00 Megalith
These lively creatures are full of
curiosity, and simply will not stop
pestering anyone who visits the
Paleoliths can generate an
electrical charge by spinning their
faces at high speed. This circular
Though generally passive and
motionless, out on the battlefield
these creatures scorch their
ruins in which they reside. movement also has the effect of enemies by spouting names (rom
disorienting their enemies. their mouths.

e Physical Attacks../ e Physica!Attad:s../ e Physical Attacks ../

A Star A Moon .6. Sun
• 1bc: Vault of Tun • Unknown • Unknown
• swdrop< • Unknown • Unknown
Dragonstooth Rings 0 Thunderstorm, 0 Blazing Breath, Blun1, Lttdl,
0 Yoo-hoo, Water Bomb, Ra:z:de Du.zk, Upsy-Daisy,
Evil Embrace, and mou

Sprog Cog ,
Cog-shaped creatures that a~ apable of slotting into brol:m
machines, bringing them back to life. 'They art also thought
to drain their enemies' spirit.

e Affinity: Nont
A. Common Sign: Twin Sun
• Habitat: Ttthetti
+ Items Dropped: Sandwiches
0 Triclcs: Sand Blast, Blunt


Hot Cog Supercogductor Cogdenser

Creatures that create havoc Though these creatures would love These creatures have learned to
by inserting themselves into nothing more than to be part of a cool down overheating machines
the mechanisms of brand·new mechanism,theirstrongdectrical by throwing snowballs at them,
machines, often causing them to charge means that no engineer dare and are therefore very useful to
burst into flames. work with them. have around.

e Fire.../WatcrX e Storm../ e water../FireX

.a. M~ A. Star .6. Sun
• Unknown • Unknown • Tile \\'inter Isles
+ Confusion·lk·Gones • Unknown • Slecp--Be·Gones
Moon Crystals 0 Thunderbolt, Pick-Me-Up, Owrolate Boobont
0 Flil18 Flame, Hocus Focus, Short Circuit, and more 0 Bracer, Snowstorm,
fii"('Wall, and more Soulshield,~fT'IOfe

Composed entirely of metal, these cuatures are known for
the distinctive clanging sound they makt when they walk,
which unfailingly alerts enemies to their pustntt.

e Affinity: Physical Attach ../ Storm X

• Common Sign: Twin Star
• Habitat: The Pig Iron Plain
+ Items Dropptd: Confusion-Be-Gones
Drill Screws
0 Tricks: Yoo-hoo, Sling Stone

Iron-Man Steam-Man Beam-Man

The iron-man ' s persistent Extremely strong, steam-powered Brisding with both high-voltage
meehanical din means that other creatures. Once on the charge, they electricity and nervous tension,
creatures tend to keep their are nigh on unstoppable. these crtatures emit cascades of
distance. sparhwhencvertheyaresurprised.

e Physical Attacks ../ Storm X e Physical Attacks ../ Storm X e Physical Attacks ../ Storm X
A Sw A Sun .a. M~
• No Longer Mine . N<=m«< • Unknown
+ Drill Screws + Sow Grapes • Unknown
IUw Steel SunCry1lllls 0 Thundcntorm, Soulshield,
0 Short Circuit, Rolling Stant, 0 Bdly Buster, Roclr.fall,
Crosswind, and more Sh:upenc:r, and mott
• .
0 _0'

to be born from discarded 10)'1, these

metal creatures stomp around in the dead of night, long
after most wiu:rds have gone to bed.

. Affinity: Storm../
.& Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Pig Iron Plain
+ Items Dropped: Sandwiches
0 Tricks: Thunderspark, Set Strrs,
Plasma Ball

· ~·
.: ~: .: ~:
Clinketyclank mk. 1 Clinketyclank LX Clinketyclank DX
These creatures are blessed with a These creatures carry a strong Despite their mechanical
host of functional enhancements, electrical charge that can be connruction, these creatures luve a
including powerful dectric limbs. unleashed upon the ir enemies at beating heart that's full of courage.
a moment's notice. The drills mounted on thei r arms
are their weapons of choice.

e Storm.../ e Storm../ e Storm../

A Sw A Star .6. Star
• Unknown • The Winter Isles • Unknown
+ Sprockets + Bass Bells + Unknown
Drill Screws ff()$ty Flans 0 Ray Gun, Pid:-Me-Up,
0,See~, 0 Wattr Bomb, Wattr Cannon, Slash 'n' Bum, and mou
Thundentorm, and ll'lOU Gtystr, and mort
Big Daddy
Big daddies are very proud of the
metal armor that keeps them safe
The trademark "pipe" in the
mouth of these mechanical
' ~~. '
~ -· -
Baddy-daddies' appetite for

mischief is even greater than

from attack. They are less proud creaturn is actually an exhaust their appetite for food. Nothing
of the fact that it rum euily upon port through which they rdeue mak« them happier than a troubled
corlfact with water. the gases produced by their inner upression on a human face .
e Storm../ Water X e Storm .../ Water X e Firt../StormX
6. Star A Star
• Unknown • Unknown
+ Unknown + Unknown
0 Smoke Bomb, Crosswind, 0 Sharpener, Ray Gun,
Mighty Light, and more Sabotagt, and more

, Fuddy-Daddy
' Though they are always cajoling everyone around them, it
would seem that Cuddy-daddies are just lonely creatu res,

e Affinity: Storm ../ Water X

A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Unlmown
+ Items Dropped: Unlmown
0 'Jhd:s: Yoo-hoo, Razzle D:i.Z'lle,
Plasma Ball

' ~

~ Bashura z--


Th~ final challenge that awaits those who would prove themselves worthy of the title of
"sagt." Though it appears to be made of stone, Bashura comes to life when people approach,
and shows no mercy as it brings iu four mighty arms to bear upon them.

• Affinity: Firc../WatcrX 0 Notabk Slashes wildly and

• Sign: Unkoown Attack: continuously with both

• Habitat: The Tanpk of Trials its swords, causing gmt

+ Items Dropped: Spirit of the Temple damagt to all «~otmics in the

Creatures ban liom -"mt plants.
Flora are creatures born from granes, trees, or liuits-any type of plant
life, in other words. They are t~refore mostly found in forests and other
artas of abundant vegetation. Flora are known to favor treats that are euy
to eat, such as Hans.

Legendary Beasts
- 7 -

The Guardian of Old Smoky

A giant greater than a mountain.

Legend has it that a gargantuan fire·breathing
monster prowls the summit of Old Smoky.
Obtaining accurate information about th is
beast is made difficull by iu inhospitable =f''h""l• •
habitat-ruching the top of Old Smoky
in\"Olves countless perils, and is not for the
faint of hurt.
Limberwood Umberwood Wildwood
Theu:creaturesgiveoffacalming The red leaves of the umbcrwood These creatures have bttn granted
fragrance when their Oowen are glowduringtheevening, instilling the power of a wild, primeval
in bloom, and are a pleasure to be those who look upon them with a forest,and:ueintrinsicallyopposcd
around. No one has ever reported feeling of warm wdl·being. to any formofciviliu.tion.
seeing one lost its temper.

e Storm../FireX e Storm .../ Fire X e Storm../FireX

A. Star A. Star A. Star
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
+ Unknown • Unknown + Unknown
0 Healthy Glow, Sickly Sporn, 0 Belly Buster, Healing Rain, 0 Cronwind, Earsplitter,
Rockfall, and men Stalagmitts, and more Yoo-hoo, and IT\Cite

, Lumberwood
' Despite towtring over most wizards, these creatures are
surprisingly gent!t, and adored by nature lovers the world

e Affiru<yo Stonn../FireX
A. Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: No Longer Mine
+ Items Dmpped: Fishburgrn
Star Crynals
0 Trich: Sling Stooe, Healing Tear

' Pretty little creatures with penonalities to match. Though
they are far from strong themselves, they never huitate
whtn it c~s to helping a friend in need.

~. Affinity: Water.../FireX
, . .6. Conunon Sign: Star
• Habitat: Ding Dong Well
+ Items Dropped: \Vhite Brud
Phoenix Feathers
0 Tricks: Healing Tear, Rise and Shine,
Sec Sense

Sponge Bubbud
: ::-~ :
cru Lotus Bubbud
__ .
Tropical Bubbud
The flowers on which sponge Creatures who owe their fair The pure red petals that surround
bubbuds subsist absorb vitality appearance to the purity of the these creatures captivate those who
from the world around them, and water they drink. Those who look upon them, and serve as proof
are believed to bt the source of the gaze upon them are said to be of the tropical bubbuds' passion.
creatures' healing powers. transported to the spirit realm-
albeit momentarily.
e water../FireX e Water../ Fire X e Water../ Fire X
A Star A. Moon A. Sun
• The Pig Iron Plain • 1be Winter Isles • Unknown
+ Creamy Milk • Ni:z:-Be-Gonts • Unlcnown
Plainsworts Healing Tear Gems 0 Healing Rain, Wease of Life,
0 Soulshidd, Rau!e Dazzle, 0 Upsy-Daisy, Bractt, Twinkle Twinkle, and more
IYalthy Glow, and more Showtr Curtain, and more
Green Buncher
Desert-dwelling creatures, oftrn confustd with ordinary fruit
by hunger-maddened travden. Takt cau not to make this
mistalce--thcy are powerful enemies, and unwilling snacks.

e Affinity: FirtX
• Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropptd: Babltnas
Salted Ice Cream
0 Trich: Stalagmitu, Blunt,
Sand Blast

Yellow Buncher Underripe Buncher Overripe Buncher

Lazy creatures, generally found Creatures that move with Powerful yet kind-hearted
baskingidlyinthesun.Theyhave surprisinggraceandspeed. Tactile creatures whose willingness to
bttn known to bttome extremely winrds should note that underripe take onenemies muchbiggerand
aggrenive when agitated, however, bunchers are extremely averse to stronger than themselves makes
so tread carefully. being touched. them excellent allies.

e FireX e FireX e RreX

.a. sw .A. Moon .oi. M=
• The Shipwreck Shore • The Genit's Stqn • Unknown

Creamy Flans
Belly Buster, ~bble ~~~.

&bana Flans
Htaling Tar, Sharpmer,
• Unknown
0 Rockfall, Maddening Melody,
Bowlder, and more
Bubble Bath, and more Wallop, and more

Napcap .' ,
Born from the nutrient-rich soil found under fruit trtts,
these permanently sleepy creatuus sttm ill-adapt~ to life
above: ground.

e Aflinity:

• Habitat:
A Common Sign: Moon
Golden Grovc:
] + Items Dropped: Sundaes
1 Tricks: Blunt, Sickly Spores,
Razzle Dat.~z.le

~ ~


~ · [E[JJ

; . . . . .:- '
Duncecap Madcap Nightcap
Creatures whose paleness is Creatures whose enthusiasm has These creatures can only sleep
auributed to their sun-averse led some to question their sanity. whi le spraying douds of spores
lifestyle. Thty only emerge ~tbove They are known to squirt spores into the air. Ironically enough,
ground to embark on journeys of into the air when excited. these spores have a sleep-inducing
discovery-journeys that rarely effect on other creatures.
e Storm .../ e Storm .../ e Storm../
A Moon A Moon
• No Longer Mint • Billy Goat's Bluff • Unknown
+ Grttn Gnpn + Blindneu-&-Gones • Unknown
Glowcaps All-Be-Cones 0 Smolce Bomb, Gun Buster,
0 Haling &lin, Mighty Light, 0 Time to Shine, firewall,
Second Wind, and more Tricksy Nixy, znd more


' f

----i®>t{ Moltaan }+<:l8>l-

A fi~ry bl'\ltt, believed to be the guardian of the volcano known as Old Smoky. The mere
sight of its colossal, bla:z:ing body is enough to put enemies to flight. Its still more terriCying
roar, meanwhile, causes the earth to crack open and release the red- hot magma beneath.

. Affinity: Fire../WaterX 0 Notabk The beast sunden the ea.rth,

• Sign: Unkoown Attack: c.ausinga to

• Habitat: Old Smoky rise up and scorch all nearby

+ Items Dropped: Spirit of the flame m<:mies.

Small creatures """' boast surprising strength.
The hearts of some of the humblest organisms that inhabit our world have
given rise to varied creatures that are almost unrecognizable &om their
crawling, slithering progenitors. Though they look rather feeble at lint
glance, vermes are capable of causing a great deal of damage, being variously
blessed with fangs, claws, and stings. They are known to favor treats that
look as spectacular as they t:;ute---sundaes, for uarnple.

Legendary Beasts
- 8 -

The Great Serpent of the Desert

An expanse of quicksand &om which there is no escape .••

Every wizard who travels across the Shimmering Sands has heard the rumors
concerning a hellish swirl of quicband somewhere out in the desert, capable
of suclcing a man into its depths in mere s«onds. All that remains of those
who have been swallowed is a faint, snake-
like trail, known to locals u the "Great
Serpent of the Desert."
Drone Bumbler Soldier Bumbler Q!een Bumbler
Thoughtheywillrousethemselves Soldier bumblers are very adept Shy creatures which spend most of
to defend their territory, these at using thdr unique leaf swords, their time praying in isolation. The
crtatures are mostly to be found striking enemies with dazzling object of their prayers is a topic
idling. 'They are, hcwrever, capable speed and fursome accuracy. of sagtlydebate, but most assume
of flitting about at great speed. they are pleas for protection.

e Storm../ FirtX e Storm .../ Fire X e Storm../ Fi~X

.6. TwinSw A Star • Star
• 'The Genie's Steps • Unknown • Unknown
+ Poison-Be-Cones + Bwnbler Honey + Unknown
Saha:l Ice Cream Curo<c.ln e Ray of Life, Light Relief,
0 Pick-Me-Up, Whirligig, 0 Slice 'n' Dice, S«ond Wind, and more
Ray of Light, and more Petrifying Poke, Super Slash,
and more

Worker Bumbler
Creatures who spend their days transporting nectar. Their
poisoned leaves are used to protect their predous cargo from
any would-be thieves.

. Affinity: Storm../FireX
A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Golden Grov-e
+ Items Dropped: Bumbler Honey

Booster Shoots
Poison Pinch, Smash Hit

' ,
.. -:----- ··
. ~ ..

Trapper Snapper Snaptrap Claptrap

These creatures are known to lurk Cruel creatures that target those Vicious beasts that enjoy nothing
in the undergrowth, waiting for who have become disoriented in more than watching victims squirm
prey to wander by, before trapping the darkness. Their sharp tttth in their vise-like grasp.
them with thei r enormous hands. are just as kttn as the spikes on
their hands.

e Fire X e FireX e fiu:X

· Unlmown
A Star A Sun
• 'Tht Pig Iron Plain • • Billy Goat's Bluff
+ Poison-Be-Ganes
Rifl8'·a·Bells Pi" on the Bone
. Su......
Sour Grape:s
0 Roly-Poly, Poison Pinch, 0 Phantom Fangs, 1-kat Ray, 0 Sabotage, Healthy Glow,
Crosswind, and I1'IOI"e Rise and Shine, and more Light Fantastic, and more

Though usually found lying motionless at the base of a trtt,
these creatures spring to life in the presence of potential
prey, and give chase with great vigor.

e Affinity: Fire X
A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: The IJreql Dark Wood
+ Items Dropped: Sundan
Booster Shoots
® Tricks: Bracer, Rauk Dau.k,
Verme s .


Slarnander Pyromander
12J Petramander
These unsightly creatures dwell Red-faced creatures, equipped with Greencreatureswithadiuinctive
deep within the sludge of the sha rp horns and a tough carapace. tuft of bright red hair. They
Miasma Marshes, jumping out to The fl ames they breathe are are known for being rather ill-

attack hapless travelers when they believed to have- caused many a tempered, and will turn other
leutcxptttit. raging conflagration. c~atures to stone at the slightest

.II. M~
e Fire.../WaterX
.a. M~
e Firt ../Storm.../ Water.../
Physical Attacks X
• Ncar tht Miasma Manhts • Unknown • Star
+ Moondrops • Unknown • Unknown
Moon Crystals 0 Pyro Puff, Phantom Fangs, + Unknown
0 Hoi Huff, Roly-Poly, Wallop, and more 0 Crosswind, Twister,
""'= Petrifying Puff, and more

, Sillymander
' Though the~ creatures try to keep a low profile in the
wetlands they inhabit, thc:ir bright coloring means they are
easily spotted in the undergrowth.

,S • Affiru<yo Storm X Physical Attacks X

• .&. Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: 1be Vault of T~n
+ Items Dropped: Caramels
Sun Crystal
0 Thch: Hellitosis, Sabotage,
Fling Flame

The sptttacular stripes of these snake- like creatures kave
onlooken dumbfounded. Even more impressively, their nem
are also dttorated in the same pattern.

. Affinity: Water X
.6. Conunon Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Rolling Hills
+ ltems Dropped: Dumpty Eggs
Iced Coffee
0 Tricks: Pid:.-Me-Up, Sand Blast,
Body Blast

Chloroboros Obscuroboros Fluoroboros

Creatures that persistently chew The stone figures found near These beautiful c te~ttures are
their tails, despite the fact that obscuroboros lairs are ofte n occasionally seen healing their
their bite is highly venomous. mistaken for statues, but they are wounds in the warmth of the sun.
in fact the petrified remains of
over-curious wi:z.ards.

e WaterX e Darkness ../ light X e Light../DarlmessX

· Billy
M~Goat's Bluff
"' Sw A Sun
• 'The Vault of Tears • 'The Vauil of Tnn •
+ Bass Bells + Poison-Be-Gones + Poison-Be-Gone1
SwCrystals Moon Crystals
0 Hdlitosis, Plasma Ball, 0 PetriJYing Puff, Demon's 0 Healthy Glow, Upsy-Daisy,
Set- Stan, and more Fury, Dukneu Bedons 'TWinkle 'TWinkle, and mort

Incy ." ,
Timid creatures whose lad: of a back~ is usually all too
apparent . When it comes to the crunch, h~ver, they have

~;~·:;~OOw;"";, , : ~- ~
• Habitat: Golden Grovt
+ Items Dropped: Crispy Lettuces
0 Trich: Roly·Poly, Sand,
Pebble Pelt


' ,

., '
Winey Web Master Weaver Diva
Conceited creatures who like These taciturn creatures are Weaverdivasareopinioniltedand
nothingbetterthanbullyingothen. possessed of an iron will, and will domineering, and do not care how
Pleasingly, thdr inflated self- rcarleulyrepelanythingthatdares unpopular this makes them. Their
opinion makes them complacent, to attack them. everyrnoveonthebattlefieldis
and has frequently proved the ir made to garner anention.
e FireX e None • No~
.a. M~ A M~ .a. M~
• Unknown • lslanch near Autumnia • Unknown
+ Sleep-Jk..Gonn + M- • Unknown
Bubble Pipes fog<hopo 0 Healing Rain, Mighty Light,
+ TriclcsyNixy,SeeScnse, + Maddening Mdody, Lease of Life, and more
Bubble Bath, and more Stalagmitts, Slow Poke,

Small creatures \\00 loog fir ~ mere than a quiet life at
one with nature.
Nymphae are ex tremely elusive, and most non-wiurds do not even believe
that they uist. Once one starts to look, however, they can be found in
the most unupect«i of places. Should you chance to meet one, be sure
toolfer it some cake.

Legendary Beasts

The Lost Hound

A legend from the frozen north.

The people of Yule tell the story of a linle boy
!tom the village who disappeared while searching
for his beloved dog. According to the ltgend,
the boy became hopdeuly lost in an icy
cavern, and still rouru its labyrinthine
depths to this day, endlessly seeking

, Lagoon Naiad
These tiny creatures derive thei r healing powen from the
magical stones they carry. TIM: stones themselves are said
to disap~ar when their ownen die •

• Affinity: None
.6. Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Islands South of dlt Summerla.nds
+ Items Dropped: Poison-Be-Gones
0 Trid.s: Healing Tear, See Stars,

· ~·
Sea Naiad
.: ~: .: ~:
Lesser Spotted Naiad Greater Naiad
Sea naiads make their homes in Creatures said to hail from an Creatures whose tiny bodies glow
coastal ca\n,whtretheycanoften unspoiled island paradise blessed with a divine radiance. They are
be found using magical stones to with bountiful crops of juicy fruits known to carry magic stones with
cleanse and purify their bodies. and berries. It is little wonder they the power to heal even the most
art rarely seen in the world of men. grievous wounds.

• Non< e None e None

... s.,. A Sun A Sun
• '"fhco Shipwreck Shore • Unknown • Unknown
+ Fishbu~n • Confusion-Be-Ganes • Unknown
Gustplurnes Cappuccinos 0 Upsy-Daisy,
0 Rise and Shine, Sickly Spores, 0 Light of Life, Rock-a-Bye Baby,
1-Jn.ling Rain, and more Showtt Curtain, Light Rtlirf, Twinkle Twinklr, and more

, .. ,

~ · ~· ·

[!] Fountainhead
". -....
Mischievous creatures who like Fountainheads are very fond It is claimed that these creatures
nothing better than to give nearby of swimming, and do so with a bring storms with them wherever
fishermen a gendc clecuic shock. grace and speed that arc urum~tched they go. Alternatively and more
anywhere in the ~an. plausibly, they may simply prefer
going out on stormy days.

e Storm../ e Storm../ e Stonn .../

• Star
_a ,., •

Islands Northwest of the

'Ibe Sea North of the Winter • Unknown
Summer bods Isles + Pixicl'kw
£ + Poison-Be-Gone1
+ Confusion-Be-Gone,
Mille Chocolate
Sun Crystals
0 Thunderstorm, Short Circuit,
0 Enlighten, Pluma Ball, 0 Thunderbolt, WatcnpoUI, Pick-Mc-Up,andmc:tt
Upsy-Daisy, and more Polar Pulf, and more

, Airhead
' These creatures are noted for the craclcling lightning clouds
attached to their heads. The sparks they produce inwriably
thwart thtir attempts to conceal thtmselves from foes.

Is • Affiru<yo Storm../
~ A Common Sign: Twin Star
• Habitat: Islands South of the Summerlands
+ Items Dropped: Yogurt
See-Throogh Pies
®Trid:s: Thundenparlr:, Whirligig.
Healing Tear
Sprout Sprite Sweetpea Sprite Sugarplum Sprite
flower buds grow from the heads With the buds atop their heads Sugarplum sprites grow fruits on
of thtse creatures as they get older, already in bloom, sweet~a sprites their heads that are said to contain
b«-oming quite a burden in later are always full of joy, drawing their very souls. Indeed, they are
life. Should you sec one looking energy and inspiration from the unable to live without them.
down, il is probably resting iu world around them.
e Light../FireX e ught../FireX e Lighi../FirtX
.II. M~ A Star • S1ar
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
+ Planetdrops • Unknown + Unknown
s~Jlili. 0 Second Wind, Water Cannon, 0 Snowblower, Aurora Curn!is,
0 Bubbk Bath, Rank Danle, Sharpener, and ll'IOI'e Polar Pulf, and mort"
1-kaling Rain, and more

Seed Sprite • ,
Though born from thorny flowers, the disposition of these

creatures is anything but prickly. In battle, they suppon their
companions with all manner of strange powers.

Affinity: Light ../ Fire X .
A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat:
+ Items Dropped:
Islands North o( the Summerb.nds
S!umbem01 l..eavn
® Tricks: Drowsy Drops, \Vai(T Bomb,
~ -· ·
Healing Tar
, ...
-~ -

'Gi]' @




Tokotoko Tokotocold Docotoko
The sweet lullabies of the tol:.otoko Though they look and fed like Do not be fooled by the docotoko's
can send even the warieu of pliant lumps of dough, these gormless appearance. They can
enemies to sleep. A wizard must creatures have been known to perform a dance that brings a
take g~at care when approaching unleash some truly devastating fallen ally back to life-a rare
these Ktmingly hannless creatures. ice·based attacks. and wonderful talent.

• Noo< e Light ../ Darkness X e Dark~ss ../ lJght X

.II. M~ 6. Moon 6. Sun
l • Billy Goat's Bluff • Unknown
• Unknown
• Unknown
+ Unknown
• Moo"""'"
.;; Pixie Dew
0 Rock-a-Bye Baby,
0 Snowblower, Rolling Stone,
Healing Rain, and more
0 UP')'·Daisy, Pick-Me-Up,
Hocus Focus, and more
Splilh Slash, Sabotage,


These artless creatures are born in forests that teem with
life. Their ability to briefly blind their foes goes some way
to make up for their total lack of battlefield nous.

e Affinity: None
A Corrunon Sign: Star
• Habitat: Islands Nor1h of the Summerla.nds
+ Items Dropped: Creamy Mill::
0 Tricl::s: Razzle Dault, Blun1,
Healing Tear, and JT'ICI"e
Jackpotty Crackpot Hotpot
'Thoughgtnerallycalm,jackponies 'Ibeunsteadinessof thesecrcaturts A s a result of a popular myth
havt been known to shoot jets of can be attributed to the wine that which says these creatures bring
water at pusersby whom they ferments in thdr stomachs. They rain with them wherever they go,
consider to be a threat . are often seen sipping it when they hotpou are considered lucky by
think no one is looking. those who farm in arid areas.

e wata../FircX
. ,. ,. , . ,. ,. ,
.II. M~ A Sun A Sun
• The Sta North of the • Unlmown • Unknown
Summerlands + Glowshrimps + Unknown
+ S!~-Ik-Gonts Iron Diamonds 0 Spire of Fire, Hocus Focus,
Shadowglass Fi~JJ, and more
0 Waterspout, Evil Embratt, Leech, and more
Darl::nen Beckons, and more

. ,. Potty
' Th~e creatures are born from lovingly made pieces of

crockery. They attack their enemies by spraying them with
water from their capacious bellies.

: : . Affinity:
A Common Sign:
• Habitat:
'The: Sea Southeast of the

Bass Bells
0 Thch: Splish Slash, Spite,

. ~
"' .
Demon's Fury

:; ; ;
~ Cerboreas }i-®1--

The loyal hound of the Wizard King. Cerboreas is famed both for its mastery of ice magic,
and its preternatural fleetness of foot. Its o~~erwhelming physical power, meanwhile, goes
almost unremarked. Only the most foolhardy of wizards would willingly face sueh a foe.

• Affinity: Water../FircX 0 Notable 1kgreathoundcallsforth

• sign: Unknown Attack: a blizzard that assails every

• Habitat: 'The Glittering Grotto enemy on the battle6dd.

+ Items Dropped: Spirit of the Snow

li=ane crearures ,.ro have ruled over land and sky sinre the
daM1 of time.
The proud creatures of the draconesgenus have endured for millennia as a
result of their extraordinary resilience. They are blessed with sharp fangs, long
talons, and broad wings-all of which can be brought to bear during battle.
Still more impressively, many are equally comfortable on land and in the air.

Should one wish to befriend such a creature, a gift of hard, chewy treats, such
u chocolate, might help to break the itt.

Legendary Beasts
- - 10 --

The Wonder of the Water

The giant beast of the

miasma marshes.

~~~:is~:~~::~~ :~~~a;0d ::::s :h: 1 ·-.~-- _ ~

monstersolargethatitisoRenmistakenfor -- ~i .~
a mass of land. Reports speak of two heads ~-~ ---=....... . ~---=:._
appearing to ri~ from the water, flanking a ~ -:._ -:~
gargantuan "island" that not there a moment ~
before... - . -

Wiurds are reminded not to approach any novel islefs they encounter while
abro<ld upon the manhes. Indeed, they art strongly advised to do the opposite--
and with all possible haste.

, Plessie
' :ka dragons whose fondness for humans often leads them
onto dry land. Though they tend to struggle in hot wc-adl('r,
even we-akened plessies can cause trouble with their water·
based attach.

. Affinity: Water../FirtX
.6. Conunon Sign: Moon
• Habitat: The Stlt North of Autumnia
+ Items Dropped: Curse-Be-Gones
0 Tricks: Splish Slash, Body Blast

Messy Plessie Stressy Plessie Blessy Plessie

Mischievous cre;ltures, full of Though they are generally very Creatures whoK golden aura and
curiosity. It is said that when sweet-natured creatures, stressy pious solmnity has prompted some
they straighten their bach to look plessies become utterly incorrigible to call them the "divine denizens
around, they are searching for the when angered, causing rivers to of the deep."
victim of their next pnctical jol::e. flood with their relendess rage.

e Water../ Fire X e Water../ Fire X e w.ater../FireX

· Unknown
A Sun A Moon
• 1N: \\'inter hln • Unknown •
+ Caramels + Bubble Pipes • Unknown
Gustplumes Snowdrop Bonbons 0 Hot Huff, Rock·a·Brt' Baby,
0 Bubble Rath, Razzle Dazzk, 0 Watenpoot, Twist«, Heat Ray, and mon
Pbantom Fangs, and mort Water Cannon, and mort
Dracones ~
Naja ,
Subterranean creatures that slither around on their smooth
bellies. They are known to attack their prey both by using
their l "ti'IOmOUS fangs and by coiling them5th"« around them.

e Affinity: Storm X
• Common Sign: Twin Sun
• Habitat: Ding Dong Well
+ Items Dropped: Flans
0 Tricks: Hellitosis, Sabotage,
Body Blast

. ·oo·


" -·



, '


Creatures that prefer to build The white pattern on the bacl:s of Thoughvc:ryvain,thesecreatures
their nests in ancient ruins. Their thesereptiliancreaturc:s issaidto arc: actuall y rather reluctant to
petrifying breath is rightly feared be an auspicious symbol. Indeed, show themselves . Those lucky
by tm-eling wizards the world Ol'('t. some belie\'t mahanaja to be: agents enough to lay eyes on their unique
of the gods themselves. patterning are utterly captivated.

e Storm X e Storm X e Storm../

A Moon A Moon
• The Vault of Tean • Unknown • The Vault of Tears
+ StrongCof!tt • Unknown + Moondropo
Cheeseburgen 0 Snowba.\1, Snowblower, Stonc:·Be·Gones
0 Petrifying Putr, Splish Sluh, Soulshidd, and more 0 Wind 'Thnnc:l, Pick-Me-Up,
Crosswind, and more Maddening Melody, and more

Teeny Bopper ,
Small creatures that have evolved grtat climbing abilities,
and are often found sleeping in the branches of tall tr~s .
On the ground, they are wont to kick sand at thost who
disturb them.

e Affinity: Storm X
A. Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: The Deep Dark Wood
+ Items Dropped: \Vhite Brtad
0 Tricks: Sand Blast, Set Stars,

Big Bopper Duck-Billed Bopper Unibopper

These creatures periodically leave Rare creatures with green torsos Wizardswishingtocatchaglimpse
their foren homes in search of and rigid white crests. Only of these rart single· home<! hoppers
water in which to bathe. Should recently discovered, much is still are advised to seek them in
they meet an enemy on the way, unknown about them. freshwater lakes, u they are said
theymikcitwithdizzyingspeed. to be keen swimmers.

e Storm X • Non< e w.ater../FircX

.6. Sun A Star "' Sw
• The Shipwreck Shore • The Giant's Tabletops • Unknown
+ Fishburgers • Unknown
• Slumbemot
s"""""" Lcavn Cbttsebwgers 0 Belly Buster, Evil Ernbratt,
0 Blunt,Hellitosis, 0 Crosswind, lll Wind, and more
Petrifying Puff, and more Maddening Mdody,
Wind Tunnel, and more

These uncommonly strong creatures can lift d\C' heavien of
obj«ts with ease, and are notable for the lengths to which
they will go in order to help their companions •

• Affinity: None
.& Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Genie's Steps
+ Items Dropped: Sturdy Shinbones
Pixie Dew
0 Tricks: Rolling Stone, War Cry,
Sling Stone

Destroceros Demoliceros Catastroceros

Blessed with fists capable of Inbattle,thesesavagecreatures Warlike creatures whose immense
smashingboulden,andanexcessof bring their distinctively shaped physicalstrengthmakes themnigh
animal aggression, these creatures horns to bear upon their foes, on unstoppable. They arc known
can truly be said to belong on the causing them untold pain and to poond their enemies until they
battlefield. suffering. arc nothing but dust.

• None e Fire../WaterX e watcr../FircX

A Star A Star .6. Star
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
0 Eanpliuer, Enlighten, 0 Slash 'n' Bum, Yoo-hoo, 0 Maddening Melody,
Bdly Buster, and more Spirt of Firt, and more
Wind 1\mncl, Healthy Glow,

' ,

1£ Scrapdragon
Though they are able to fly for Though their a~arance makes Much-loved creatures who owe
short periods using their ears as them S«m somewhat evil, nothing their popularity to their charming
wings, Oapdragons are commonly could be further from the truth. appearance. Though they seem to
to be seen fleeing the banldidd Ruffiing a scrapdragon's mane is be sleeping all the time, they are
on foot--tpeed ily, it must be said. a uniquely satisfying experience. in fact mosdy awake and alert .

e Darkness ../ Light X e Darkness ../ • Light , /

• Star • Moon • Sun
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
+ Unknown + Unknown + Unknown
0 Timt to Shine, Spite, 0 Darlmcss Beckons, War Cry, 0 Twinkle 1Winl'.k,
Dark Cloud, and more Black Blast, and more Light Fantastic,
Mighty Light, and more

, Sapdragon
' Sapdragons are notable for their wing-like ears and tiny
fangs . They are generally thought to be gentle souls that
are not especially fond of fighting.

e Affirutyo Light .../ Darlcn~n X

.A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Unlcnown
+ Items Dropped: Unknown
0 'Inc::h: Slice 'n' Dice, Rise and Shine,
Healing Rain

.. ,

l!!l U!J ~:. . . . ~. ., . . . ...::'it:!
Dragette Dragamuffin Bedraggle
Dragettes ha\"e adopted a pastel skin Having finally realized their own These creatures have become so
tone in an attempt to become even strength, these creatures make for reliant on humans that they now
more adorable. Though they look determined fighten. Even other spendmostoftheirtimesleeping.
rnttk, they are in fact extremely memben of t!x- dracones genus Though they possess great power,
spirited and despise losing. are impressed by their steely gaze. theyrarelymakeuseofit .

e Firt../WaterX e Fire.../ e Darkness../

A Sun A Sun • Sun
• Unknown • Unknown • Unknown
• Unknown + Unknown + Unknown
0 Crosswind and mort 0 Pyro Puff, Eanpliner, 0 Siesta Sigh, Wind Thnnd,
Wu Cry, and mort Enlighten, and more

Domesticated creatures who are incapable of fending for

e Affini ty: Fire../WaterX

A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Unknown
+ Items Dropped: Unlmown
0 Ttkb: Phantom Fangs, \Vhirligig,
Hot Huff
Mysterioos creatures aboot ~ ""Y little is krcwn.
No one knows w~re these creatures came from or what type of life force
spawned them. Indeed, one of the few things that is known about them is
their fondness for cake.

Legendary Beasts
- - I I --

The Blood-Red Enigma

A curious creature &om the

Many traveling wizards have reported seeing
a mysterious crimson-colored creature in the
northwestern part of the Summerlands. It is said to
be a homed beast, with a long body and two wide
wings. This picture was drawn by a village boy who
claims to have seen the creature. '!be boy went
on to say that the beast burned his hand when he
A Child's Rt-ndering
attempted to touch it.
of the "lkast"
Arcana i1 ,

Grandsun Wayward Sun Godsun
The flames that surround these These creatures have develo~ a Ignore agitated godsuns at your
creatures indicate their mood. It mastery of water but have lost their peril, since their temperature
is best to avoid them when they affinity for fire in the process. increases when they are left
art blaring brightly and wait for Their pale glow is beautiful in alone. The columns of fire they
the flames to die down. the night sk.y. subsequently unleash can melt
e Firt../W..terX e water../FireX e Firc../WaterX
• Twin Sun · M~ • Sun
• 'ThtGenie'sSteps • Miasma Marshes • Unknown
+ Sundrops • Ilnk<n~ + Unknown
Sun Crystah 0 &at Ray, Hocu, Focus,
0 Spire of Fire, Crosswind, 0 Mighty Light, lllunt, Belly Buster, and more
Light Fantastic, and more

, Sunshine
' C reatures who float like suns in the desert sky, anaclcing
their enemies with lire. They are also known to heat up
the sand around them, making it even more uncomfortably

eAffiru<yo Fire.../WaterX
A Common Sign: Twin Sun
• Habitat: 1be Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropped: White Bread
® Tricks: Hot Huff, Ra:z.z.le Dank

, Porn Porn
The~ creatures, born from forest swamps, arc l:nown to
hick among the trees, waiting for suitable prey to wandtr by•

• Affinity: Physical Attach ../ Fire X

.& Conunon Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Golden Grow:
+ ltems Dropped: Supple Luther
0 Tricks: Hellitosis, \Vhirligig,

Siesta Sigh

' ~ , ~ ·. '

~ .

. ; --'- · ' . ; --~·-· '.

Pond Porn Pompeii Pomagranite
These transparent crtatures lurk Fun-loving creatures who breathe Known for their unsettling smiles,
in pools of clear Wilttr, paddling fire and ash when they laugh. The pomagranites turn creatures that
up to their prey unnoticed before size of the name they produce is an they like into lumps of stone and
skewering them with their sharp indicatorofhowamusedthcyare. take them back to their families
fangs. astrophies.

e Water ../ Physical Attacks ../ e Fire ..,/ Physical Attacks .,/ e Physical Attacks ../ Fire X
Fire X Water X .& Star
A Moon A. Sun • Unknown
• 'The Winter Isles • 'The Sea Northwest of the + Unknown
• Poison·Ik·Gones Summerlands 0 Petrifying Puff, Evil Embratt,
Planet Crystals • Sundrops Darkneu Beckons, and mot"e
0 Sabotage, Water Bomb, Toadstool Sundaes
\Vhirly Whirlits, and mort 0 Breath, Bubble Bath,
Crosswind, and more
Arcana WI
Kipper ." ,
Kippen are notable for their fish· like heads, and for their
habit of sleeping whenever it is rainy, windy, or stonny.
I ndeed, it is quite a rarity to su one that is awak.

. Affinity: Storm ../ Physical Attacks X
6. Common Sign:
• Habitat: The Sea Southeast of the
Summerlands -
+ Items Dropptd: Sieey·Be·Gones -
Ruby Ripple Ice Cream
0 Tricks: Rock·a-Byc Baby, Healing Tear, &.
Thunckrspark, and more
• ~
'" [

- ,
.. '
Red Napper Sweet Bream Siestar Fish
These creatures are capable of Though it is said that these Creatures that sport a permanently
fighting skillfully while apparently creatures can use their fins to slee py expression . Their
:uleep, leading some to believe that swim, this is unconfirmed due to charmingly helpless deme anor
they are actually awake the whole the fact that no one has ever seen makes them popular with children.
time. one awake.

e Fire ../ Physical Anadts X e water../FireX • No,.

.A Star Ph~icalAttacks X • Star
• Unlmown A Star • Unknown
• Creamy Milk • Thdka North of <h< • Planetdrops
Snow- \\IlLite Ice Cream Surnmrrlancb Patty Cakes
• Healing Rain, Lo..-e-Struck, • Glowshrimps 0 Shower Cunain,
Upsy-Daisy, and IT'ICft Cappuccinos Mighty Light, Slow Polce,
0 Bubblt, Light Relief,
Healthy Glow, and IT'ICft ""'-

Shonky-Honker ,
These charming creatures, whom JOme bdit\o<t are born
from the hearts of music lo~n, communinte via a series
of staccato pups from their shiny brass ~aks.

e Affinity: None
• Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: Near Castaway Cove
+ Items Dropptd: Sandwiches
0 Triclcs: Body Blast, Drowsy Drops,
Demon's Fury

Sharper-Parper Trumpy-Pumper Honky-Tonker

C reatures whose aptitude for Creatures with two additional brass These creatures grow ruffs that are
music is without parallel in the horns that allow them to create in fact pianos, allowing them to
natural world. This talent makes music with greater harmonic play complicated harmonic pieces
sharper-par~rs very popular in complexity. They are also triply without accompaniment.
human communities. loud, of course.

•Miasma Manhes
+ Planetdrops
Planet Crystals
· Unknown

+ Unknown
0 Pup, Generator,
•· Unknown
0 Yoo-hoo, Purifying Pulse, Mighty Light, and more Rod-a-Bye Baby,
Tricksy Nixy, and mort TwinlcleTwinl:le,

Creatures who are born and raised inside balloons, giving
them the ability to ride the six winds and sou through
the skies.

. Affinity: Storm../
A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Old Smoky
+ ltems Dropped: Crispy Lettuces
0 Tricks: Gust Buster, Blunt,
Sling Stone

, .... , .. ,
' ..-,· '

~ [9

' ' '

Balloonatic Hot-Air Balloonatic Water Balloonatic
Creatures who have developed 'Ibese creaturn have propellers on Creatures with a specially adapte<l
thicker, tou~r balloons. Though their tails that allow them to fly balloon that allows them to dive
they are able to fly through heavy under their own steam, meaning underwater. The outer membrane
rain as a resuh, they still require they no longer have to rc:ly on is as strong as steel, and is able
a favorable wind. the wind. to withstand great water pressure.

e Storm../ . Fire../ e water../

A. Moon • Moon
• No Longer Mine • Unknown • Unknown
+ Caramels • Unknown • Unknown
Pixie Dew ® Htat ~. Hocus Focus, ® Snowblov.u, Bracer,
0 \Vhirly Whirlies, Body Blast, Ray Gun, and more Water Cannon, and mort
Rockfall, and more
.... , ,
' ..
These creatures absorb people's Asualynx have the ability to Both the light of morning and
strength through their shadows, and draw power from the night sky the dark of night are present in
their inky, slinky bodies allow them and unleash it upon an enemy. 'The these creatures. The two dements
to blend eiTortleuly into the night. resulting blast of enagy looks just produce a powerful explosive
like a shooting star. uaction when combined.

e Light ../ Darkness X • ugh<../ . ugh<../

· M~
• Unlmown
• Moon
• Unknown
+ Unknown • Unlmown • Unlmown
0 HnlthyGiow, 0 TwinkleTwinkle, 0 Light of Life, Mighty Light,
Rise and Shine, Crosswind, Upsy·Daisy, Lease of Life, Shawtt, and more

""'"""' ""'~'

, Auroralynx
' Auroralynx appear on quiet evenings, leaving a glimmer of
spectral light in their wake. Many a traveling wi:z.ard has

eAffiru<yo Light .../ Darkness X

.A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Billy Goat's Bluff
+ Items Dropped: Coldstones
®Trich: Purifying Pulse, Healing Ttar,
Healing Rain
Ghastly crealUres bern in the heart of darkness.
Daemonia are fearsome creatures, of uncertain origin. Whilt' sagtly scholars
agree that they cannot be of this world, they can say little else with any
certainty-save that they art p;mial to sundaes. Indeed, they can occasionally
be sun scoffing them in the shadows.

Legendary Beasts
- - IZ - -
Lights that Glow in
Darkest Night
'What was it that was seen in
the mirror .. . ?
Rumon are circulating in Amurnnia about a priest who
disa~ared on an island to the north of the continent .
He w:as last seen on the evening of the new moon,
standing in front of a mirror with a candle in his hand.
'Those who saw him that night claim tNt though he only
held one candle, coundess Hames were reflected in the
mirror, as well as a set of eyt:s and a grinning mouth ..•
.. ,

Ice ~een
Saidtopreyupon injured travelen,
dragging them into the shadows
and feasting on what remains of
their vitality.
Eldri tch Empress
Creatures who dwell in the
darkness and erttp up on their
prey unnotiCfii, slicing them open
withcruelbladesoo~l«i intheir
• ....
Sinister Sovereign
Haughty creatures who sneer at

even the most powerful ad~-enaries.

Sinister sovereigns han~ never been
known to show any mercy on the

"""'· ~ttlefitld.

e watcr../FirtX • Non< • Non<

.II. M~ • Sun • Sun
"i · Poison·Be-Gones
• 1bc: Glitttting Grotto • Unknown
+ fluffyR.itt + + Unknown
~ FairyQocolate Crownbttries 0 Hot Hutr, Ray Gun,
~ ® Darkness B«kocu, Enlighten, 0 Poison Pinch, Polar Puff, Black Blast, and more
Snowblower, and more Ill Wind, and more

Ice Maiden
Ice maidens are generally found wandering aimlessly around
snowy plains. The mirrors which adorn their robes are said
to show the face of the penon one most detests, though this
is almost certainly htanay.

. Affinity: Water../FiuX
A Common Sign: Twin Moon
• Habitat: The Winter Isles
+ Items Dropped: SnOIPI Radishes
Blizzard Blooms
0 Triclcs: SnOIPiball, Evil Embntt,
Dark Cloud
-~ -

The spike upon the head of
uch sunshade is not merely
decorative--the beast behind the
Attention-loving creatures, usily due to the stars on
their heads. Their fondnen for the
. .'
Creatures whose fixation with

glamor has caused them to lose

sight of who they really are.
vtil knows only too \1/'ell how to limelight has not ~~ led any of Nighuhades themselves do not
use it. them to show their faces, h~. belie~ this to be the case, of

• """"
.II. S.m
• 'Tht Thmbstone Trail

• No<><
.II. Moon
• Unknown
+ Confusion-Jk-Gones • Unlrnown + Unknown
Phoeni:t Feathen 0 Raule Dazzle, 0 Time to Shine,
0 5« Stan, Poison Pinch, Thunderstorm, Rt:~ck-a-~Baby,
Stalagmitts, and mort Crosswind, and more Demon's Fury, and more

, Lightshade
' These shy crtaturts always cover their faces with a ~~eil.
They like to wait for their prey in the darkness, pouncing
on them with an unup«:ted and sinister strength.

e Affiru<yo No..
A. Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: The Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropped: Yogurt
Sweetie Pies
® Tricks: Spite, Sand Blast,
Darlmess Beckons

, Shrimpaler
' Creatures said to be born from the weapons of evildot-n.
Shrimpalen have an irritating habit of sticl:ing their tridents
into anything and anyone that seems unfamiliar •

• Affinity: Storm X
.6. Conunon Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Old Smoky
+ Items Dropped: Cakes
0 Tricks: Smash Hit, Blunt,
Ray of Light

Impaler Grimpaler Hymnpaler

Impalen are bdieved to bring bad Grimpalen' wings stain the very These righteous creatures only
luck in their wake, and villagers air black, making the accursed fight alongside those who seek
lock their doors whenever one regions in which they live seem justice, and are known for the
approaches. still more: ominous. lk: wary-they dazzling white light which shines
attad: passe rsby on sight . from thdr wings.

e Stc.-mX e Darlmess .../ Storm X e Light ../ Physical Attacks X

.6. Star WaterX .6, Star
• '1lle Sea North of Autumnia A Moon • Unknown
+ Nix-Be-Gone, • Nevmnott • Unknown
Drill Screws • Moondrops 0 Light Relief, Haling Tear,
0 Fling Flame, Hot Huff, Planet Crystals Twinkle Twinkle, and more
Petrifying Poke, and mort 0 1Jl Wind, Dukneu lkcions,
L«ch, and more
These creatures use their large ears as wings to Oy through
the sky. Though much is still unknown about rtlin, uges
agree that they are foes to be avoidtd at all costs.

e Affinity: None
• Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: Unknown
+ Items Dropptd: Unknown
0 Tricks: Water Bomb, \Vhirligig,
Raulc: Dazzle

Electrixx Medixx Angelixx

Creatures capable of summoning These elegant creatures seem to Foes are transfixed by the general
storms to smite their enemies. da.nce through the air. Though magnifice~ of these creatures,
Though they are believed to train their faces never betray any making their devastating wind
rigorously e~ry day, no one has emotion, they will always come spells all the more unexpected.
ever actually ~n them doing so. to the aid of an injured companion.

e N<m< e I>.ukn<u , / e Ligh< , /

•· Unknown
~ •· Unknown
~ •· Unknown
+ Unknown + Unknown + Unknown
0 Plasma Ball, Gencn.tor, 0 Healing Rain, Water Cannon, 0 Wind 1\mnel, Healthy Glow,
Mighty Light, and more Showtr Curt~n, and mctt Twinkle Twinkle, and mort

Boggly-Boo .' ,
Though these creatures are not considerN to ~ evil, they
do have a childlike love of mischief. 'Ikir favorite trid: is
creeping up behind travelers and flicking Wir ears.

e Affinity: StOfmX
A Common Sign: Sun
• Habitat: Near Old Smoley
+ Items Dropptd: FluffY Ritt
0 Trid:s: Enlighten, Fling Flame,

Bigger-Boggle Hoggle-Boggle Moggle-Boggle

Playful creatures that ;ue very good These creatures strike enemie1 These cat-like creatures have a
at hide-and- seek. Their flexible with their long, sharp claws before habit of thrusting their paws at
bodies can be squeettd into the slipping away to safety. The speed anyhumantheysee. Felinefancien
tiniest of crevices, making them with which they hit and run makes daimthi,tobeevidencethatthey
almost impossible to find. them very tricky customers. enjoyhumaneontact ...

e Storm X e Darlcness ../ Storm X e Storm X

A. Sun LightX .6. Sun
• Unknown A Sun • Unknown
+ Blindnen-lk-Gones • Nevmnott • Unlcnown
Pixie Dew + Unknmvn 0 Thunderbolt, Healing Rain,
0 Plasma. Ball, Hot Huff, 0 Thundentorm, Ill Wind, Mighty Light, and mort
Crosswind, and lTlOU Heat &:y, and more
Tragic beasts to .mom death did not allow tb: escape they
so craved.
MoSI wizards fail to notice the presence of mortui until they are standing
right next to them. This is only natural, of course--having been condemned
to wander this world for eternity, they have become very adept at passing
by unnotittd. Should you happen to spot one, resist the urge to scream,
and offi:r it some cake.

Legendary Beasts

The Great Ghost Ship

What awaits after a life on the ocean wave?

"A group of night fishermen were casting their nets in the moonlight when,
all of a sudden, a great darkness fell upon them. When they turned around
to see what was bloddng the moon, they
spit<! an enormous battleship--one they had
not seen approaching, despite its great siu.
Without any warning, the g.alleon opened fire
on the fishermtn and sank their boat, before
fad ing back into the gloom as silently as it
had come .•. "
-Extract fiom a c:o;mguard's report.
Boo-Bougie Bougie-Woogie Bougieman
Bou-bougies like nothing more than Bougie-woogies are believtd to host It is believed that extinguishing
to sneak up on lost tra\•elen at lavish nighttime gatherings that the light on a bougieman's tail
night, and give them a frightful are so secretive, no witnessts are brings misfortune to the kingdom
shock. They can often be heard allowed to kave alive. it calls horne.
cackling as their hapless victims

e Nont e Darkness .../ Light X e Dark~ss ../ lJght X

.6. Moon 6. Moon . M"""
• Unknown • Miasma Marshn • N~e
+ Unknown + Iron Diamonds + Pixie Dew
® Darkness lkckot'lt, Hoi: Huff, Moon Crystals
Dark Cloud, and more 0 Ill Wind, Whirly \Vhirlies, 0 Black Blast, Time to Shine,
Light Fantastic, and more Lttch, and more

, Bougie
' Though generally found floating around in a manner not
dissimilar to human souls, these creaturesarealsocapable
of disguising themselves as candles .

• Affiru<y• Non<
A Common Sign: Moon
• Habitat: Ghosdy Gorge
+ l1ems Dropped: MooOOrops
Camalion Cakes
0 Trich: Saboragc, Spite,
Demon's Fury

.. II 0 0
, VJ .


!Jj '·-

' .... '

Ghost Wisperer Kill-o'-the-Wisp Wispula
Theseercaturesareusuallyseenat Assassins who lurk in the darkneu, These horrible creatures
dusk, rising from the ancient gra\'es waiting for the moment to pounce. attracted by the smell of fresh
where they reside. They lea\'e thei r They have a surprising range of b lood, but are actuall y rather
deamt possessions below, wrapped weaponry secreted about their choosy about whose veins they
in bandages for safekeeping. person. bite into.

e Fire../Dubless../ e Fire.../Darkness.../ e Fire ../ Darkness ../

Water X Light X Water X Light X Water X Light X
A Star
• Nevermore

Stu Crystals

Black Blast, Evil Embrace,
• Mom

e Lttth, Ill Wind, Enlighten,
0 Dzrkness Bttkons, Spite,
Firewall, and more
Thundentorm, and more

These creatures are at their happiest when dancing together
in large groups, and can become rather restless if left alone.
• Affinity: Fire../llirlmess../WatttX
ugh• X
A Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Tombstone Trail
+ Items Dropped: Blindness·Be-Cones

0 Tricks:
Dark Cloud, Pick-Me-Up,
--.. ~- · ···

fling Flame


Ex-girlliend Phantasma Grandamned

Born from the souls of people Born from the hurts of mothen In time, all girlfiends and
who were unluclcy in love, these who have lost children, phantasma ex-girlfiends will turn into
creaturesareveryjealousofhappy lookafterotherlostwubasthough these wizened old creatures.
couples, and strive to make their they were their own flesh and Grandamneds are actually very
lives a misery. blood. powerful, and l:now curses that
can kill instantly.
e Dulmeu ../ Ught X e Darkness .../ Light X e Darl:ness ../ Light X
A Star 6. Star • Moon
· Unknown
• Nar the Miasma Manhes • Unl:nown
+ Cune-Jk-Gones • + Unl:nown
All-Be-Gones 0 Ill\Vind,Sharpcner, 0 Blacl: Blast, Pici:·Me·Up,
® Darkness B«kocu, l...eech, and more Soulshield, and IT'IDtt
Rock-a-Bye &by,
Blunt, and mort

Undead souls, usually found haunring graveyards. They still
retain memories from their lifetime, and tend to think that
total strangers are their long-lost lovers.

. Affinity: Darknen ../ Light X

A Conunon Sign: Twin &.m
• Habitat: The Tombstone Trail
+ Items Dropped: Planetdrops

0 Triclcs: """""'
Demon's Fury ..• - · ~ •·
II 0 0
, VJ .·


' ~ '

.' '. . i .
Bone Ranger
Creatures who have ground their
way up the military ranks. Bone
rangtn art taken by such fury when
Bone Brigadier
These creatures have endurt'd
countless hardships to make it to
the top. The many nicks and chips

Bone Baron
While many generals pay lip
service to notions of honor and

fraternity, these bra\'t creatures

attacking that they often lose limbs in their bones attest to jun how feel them in their bones.
without even noticing. battle·hardened they have become.

e Physical Attacks ../ Fire X e Physical Anacks ../ e Physical Attacks ../ Wattt X
,a. Sw ,a. M~ • Sun
• Ghosdy Gorge
+ fluffy Rice
Sore1<xnh Ring1
® Blunt, Evil Embrace,
· Unlmowo
Yoo·hoo, Dark Cloud,
Wu Cry, and morc
• Unknown
+ Unknown
0 Soulshidd, Slice 'n' Ditt,
Maddening Melody, and more:
~uifying Poke, and more

, Bonehead
' Having worked themselvts to the bone as soldien, these
creatures are now just skdetont. For all their efforts, however,
they never rtteivt'd a single promotion.

e Affinity: Physical Attaclu ../ Storm X

A. Common Sign: Moon
• Habital: The Shimmering Sands
+ Items Dropped: Olocola1c:
® Trid:s: Sabotage, Smash Hi1,
Ray of Light

, Zambo
' It may look like they hal'C seen better da)'1, but th"e
creatu~s are actually born like: this. Even so, it is hard not
to be ~pulsed by their insistent groaning...

g . Affinity:
, . .6. Conunon Sign: Star
• Habitat: The Tombstone Trail
+ ltems Dropped: Stardrops
Bau Bells
0 Tricks: Demon's Fury, Spite


Zomboatswain Cap'n Zombo Mumbo Zombo

Shaped by the curses of drowned Creatures born from the souls of Sometimes the restless souls of
sailors, these malicious creatures unrepentantpirate captains. Cap'n aspi ring win rds who died before
like nothing bener than to suck :wmboscontinuetoleadtheirloyal achieving greatness give r ise to
the blood of the living. crewouttoseaeachnight in search these creatures. They would
of ships to plunder. happilystudymagieforalletemity.

• Noo< e None e Darkness .,/ Light X

A Sun A Star .6. Star
• The Sea North of Aurumnia • Su to the North of Autumnia • Nevermore
+ CUT~C·Be·Gones + GrttnGrapes • Unknown
Fairy Chocolate B•ndlowtt 0 l11 Wind, Firewall,
0 I...ttch,Hellitosis, 0 Darkness Bed:ons, Heat Ray, SnowblO'WtT, and JT'IOn
Blaclc Blast, and more o-.y Dmp., " " ' -
Mortui ~~
Eggroll ." ,
Unfortunate egg- like creatures, born ~fore they wtre fully
ready. 'They have: wr.tppcd themstlvts in bandages and att
waiting for thei r bodies to form.

e Aflinity: Darkness .../ Light X
• Common Sign: Star
• Habitat: Tht Tombstone Trail
+ Items Dropptd: Emberstones
0 Triclcs: Evil Embrace, Dark Cloud,

• ~

Scrambled Eggroll Humpty Bumpty Eggyptian
These creatures have partidly Humpty bumptics are what eggrolls Eggrolls that died before they wtte
formed, and some of their bandages become when fully formed . Their fully formed. Their souls remain
have been removed. They are sturdy oval bodies are perfectly napped within the bandages, which
generally optimistic, and look suited for rolling attacks, as they move as thoogh they have a life
forward to being fully unwrapped. are only too happy to demonstrate. of their own.

e Darkness .../ Light X e Darkness .../ e Th.rkncss ../

•· ~
Billy Goat's Bluff · Unknown

~ •· Unknown
+ Blacl: Truffles + Unknown + Unknown
Jade Marbles 0 Lttth, Firewall, 0 Darkness Beckons,
0 Ill Wind, Spite, Bdly Buster, and mott 1ime to Shine,
Pbantom Fangs, and more Final Curtain, and more

Every land has legends that speak of the mythical beings whom we wiz.ards
refer to as nobilia. All such creatures are utrcmely powerful, and not to
be crossed lightly, for they are known to have long memories and vengeful
dispositions. The genus has been shrouded in mystery for so long that some
have concluded it is beyond human undemanding. No tl'\le wi u rd would be
satisfied with such an explanation, of course, but the fact remains that some
things in this world are simply too rare to permit familiarity.

Legendary Beasts

- 14 - --~~-
The Shining Tree

A legendary tree, said to grant

the world protection.
The legends of a certain village mention a curious and ancient tree. This tree
is said to have shone brighdy since time immemorial, conferring protection
upon every part of our world, and all who live within it . Investigating this
le~nd is forbidden, however, for it is believed to incur the wrath of the gods.
Of cou rse, there will always be those who do not heed such warnings. Ind~d,
some years ago, one bold adventurer claimed to have learned of the tr~'s
location, and declared his intention to travel there and bring back a leaf u
proof of his discovery.

At the rime of going to print, he has yet to return •••

Nob ilia

, Mandragorer
Fn»t-loving ettatures that have been observed gulping down
whole icebergs in seconds. The ice they consume remaim
frottn within their stomachs, giving their bodies a heft that
is of great use during battle.

e Affinity: None
.6. Conunon Sign: Planet
• Habitat: Unknown
+ ltems Dropped: Unknown
0 Tricks: Flame Fan

. .... ,

, ~ . -.

Pandoragorer --
Mendragorer Thndragorer
Though selfish and ill·tempered, Though their tears are known to These gluttonous crutures comb
pandoragoren are surprisingly have a healing effect, the selfish beac~s insearchofthings to eat.
k.ind towards their minions, and nature of mendragorers means they They are known to become violent
are alw.ays willing to do battle in willnevershareanyofthem. when hungry, so it isbeuertoa\'Oid
order to protect them. thematsuchtimes.


.6. Planet A. Planet .6. Planet
• Unknowo • Unknowo • Unknown
+ Unknown • Unknowo + Unknown
0 Restcnr Auron and more 0 Upsy-Daisy, Ught Fantastic, 0 Slow Poke, Wallop, and mort
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- - 1%--

Even the greatest of sages must rest from time to time, and those
who lind themsdves far from home and weary from wizardly
exertion know to make for the nearest Cat 's Cradle. The
Cat'sCradle chain of inns has branches in every part of the
world, and each one: boasts different amenitie~me are
sim ple hotds, while others are grand spa resoru. What all
Cat's Cradles have in common, however, is the warm 'Welcome
you'll receive &om thc:ir Punprietors. Just be sure not to stare at their
cat's·ear coiffures!

Many guests have spoken of the strange

dreams theyhaveexpc:ric:ncc:dwhilesleeping
at Cat's Cradle establishments-though they
never seem to remember what transpired
therein. Curiously, guests only seem to have
these dreams when they slc:c:p in a room that
contains a pic:cc:ofartentitled"ASketchof
the Dream World."
Chapter Six

Twelve Tales
of Wonder

Be they comicall or tragicke,

Tall Tales beside the Fire
Are much akinne to Magicke
In the Wonder they inspyre.
The Cowardly Prince
In a certain country there lived a prince named Tamale, who was sharp of mind
but weak 9f spirit. His father was a brave king-strong, wise, and loved by his
subjects-but the noble example he set served only to weaken Tamale's spirit. On
one occasion, his father told him thus,
"Soon, my boy, it shall~ rime for me to retire, upon which thou shalt bet::ome king."
While the announcement delighted the Prince, it filled him also with a terrible dread,
for he did not have the spirit required to ascend to the throne.
In his vexation, he wandered from the castle, lost in thought, whereupon he encountered
a fearsome-looking lion.
The Prince tried to flee, but the Lion caught him easily in his paw, lifted him to his
gaping mouth, and swallowed him whole.
At fir.a, the Prince thought he was doomed, but at length he began to reconsider
his position.
"At least I no longer have to become king!" thought the Prince.
After taking a deep breath, he said to the Lion,
"Mighty Lion, I am the Prince of this country, and the day after tomorrow I was
due to become its king. Since thou hast now swallowed me, however, thou must needs
become king instead ."
"King, eh?" replied the Lion. "I shan't complain about that."
Thereupon, the Prince led the Lion back to the palace.
The courtiers were shocked to see the Lion enter the palace, but the Prince pleaded
with them &om inside his stomach, and the Lion was accepted as king.
The Lion proved to have quite an aptitude for royal duties. Whensoever there was a
dispute in his kingdom, the Lion would simply growl at the quarrellers,
"Stop complaining, or I shall eat you alive. 11
Whensoever a bridge was swept away by a flood,
the Lion would simply use his paws to rip down
a tree and lay it across the river.
Regarding taxation and legal matters, the
Lion was utterly ignorant, but whensoever
such a problem arose, Prince Tamalo would
speak to him from inside his stomach and
provide him with a sound solution.

Two Dragons
After some rime, news reached
the JGng that two dragons were
ravaging the eastern and western
edges of his kingdom. The people
were terrified and looked to their
king to deliver them from this
terrible evil, upon which the King
announced that he should go and
smite the dragons himself.
But even the fearsome Lion stood
no chance of defeating two such
terrible dragons.
"My dear stomach dweller/' said
he then. "What in the wide world
should I do now?''
Prince Tamalo considered the Lion's question, and at length, provided him with a
suitable scheme.
The Lion headed east, to the part of his kingdom that was being ravaged by the larger
dragon, and roared in its ugly face.
"Dragon, I shall soon slay thee! I fear thee not, for no matter how large thou art,
thou shalt never devour me."
"0 hal'' scoffed the Dragon. "We shall see about that!"
Upon which he ate the Lion whole.
From inside the dragon's stomach, the Lion said,
"Dragon, thou art now the King of this land. It is therefore thy royal duty to defeat
the dragon ravaging the western part of thy kingdom."
At first, the Dragon paid him no heed, but when the Dragon wimessed the humans
around him bowing down in deference (as Prince Tamalo had requested them to
do beforehand), he decided to do his royal duty, whereupon he went to the western
mountains and slew the other dragon.
Once the other dragon had been slain, the Lion commenced to scratching the inside
of the Dragon's stomach.
"Owww! It hurts, it hurts!" cried the Dragon, rolling on the floor in agony. "Have
mercy, I beseech thee!"
To which the Lion said,
"If thou wouldst not feel this pain, thou must promise never again to hurt the people
of this kingdom.''
"Owww! Very well! I promise!" cried the Dragon in reply.
But the Dragon was a cunning beast, and Prince Tamale knew that he would break
his promise the moment the Lion was out of his stomach. He therefore had the
Lion take out the babbling berry that he'd told him to bring with him and place it
inside the Dragon. This berry was known to make noises that sounded like someone
muttering to himself.
"With that babbling berry in his stomach, the Dragon shan't notice when the Lion
escapes/' thought Prince Tamale .
Later that night, when the Dragon was sleeping, the Lion crept out of the his gaping
mouth and set off back to the palace. The Dragon left the King and his subjects
alone for evermore.

A New King
The kingdom had been at peace for ten yean when the Lion said to Prince Tamale,
"Stomach dweller, it is time thou earnest hence &om in there. I would have thee take
my place on the throne."
Prince Tamale was shocked, and replied in a quivering tone,
"I fear that I do not have the spirit to become king."
"But thy judgments over the past ten yean have invariably been wise," said the Lion.
"That is as may be, but I am a coward," replied Prince Tamale.
"It was only h«ause I was protected by a great strong lion that I could act so
Yet the Lion paid no heed. With an almighty sneeze, he ejected Prince Tamale &om
his stomach. It had been ten yean since Prince Tamale had seen the wide world
outside, and he could not believe his eyes. The Lion's mane was now full white, and
his face was covered in wrinkles. Shut up inside the Lion's stomach, Prince Tamale
had been quite unaware of any of this.
"As thou canst see with thine own eyes," said the Lion, "I have grown old. Ten
years hast thou resided in my stomach, and yet not once didst thou scratch me or
cause me any pain-as I myself did to that dragon--though thou couldst have done
at any rime. The courtiers and subjects of this kingdom did not accept me because I
am strong, they accepted me because I have given them my all--by which I mean,
thou hast given them thine. Thou art the true King of this country. Thou lackest
not the spirit, I assure thee."
In like manner, everyone at the palace beseeched Prince Tamalo to become their king.
"Prince Tamalo, everyone is humbly grateful for everything thou hast done. Our
country needeth just such a king as thee."
Upon hearing these words, Prince Tamalo felt his courage swell up within him.
As king, Tamalo gave still more of himself to his country, and despite the fact that
the Lion had retired, he continued to live alongside the King in the palace.

Though many countries are ruled by animals these days, in ancient times all kin~ were
human. Indeed, the magnificent lion about whom you have just read was the first ever
animal to be acknowledged as a king, and the world has never been the same since.
The Squirrels
and the Bramble
Protectors of the Forests
Once upon a rime, the whole world was lush and green and covered in countless
forests. In the mild days of spring, children would play in their clearings, making
necklaces &om wild flowers, while in summer, they would shelter &om the sun under
their ancient trees. And in autumn, of course, they would pick and eat their juicy
&uits. Indeed, forests have always been important to youngsters, being care&~ places
in which to play with gay abandon.
But what do you know of the "Forest Guardians"?
Every forest has one. They are believed to be god-like creatures that protect the
woods they inhabit, as wdl as al1 the creatures that dwell within.
But how do these Guardians come into existence?
No human knows for certain, of course, but it is believed that they are somehow selected
from amongst the creatures that live in the forest. Naturally, since the guardian is
responsible for protecting all the forest's inhabitants, the biggest, strongest creature in
the forest is usually the one selected. There has, however, been one notable exception,
as related in this well-known fable ...

A Proclamation from the Deities of the Forest

A FOREST, luxuriant with leaves, was home to a gently flowing river and a spring
that produced fresh water, and all the Beasts lived there in amity-from tiny insects
to creatures as big as two men.
One day, the Deities of the Forest made a proclamation.
"The time has come for you to choose your guardian."
For the forest did not have a guardian at the time. As soon as the message was received,
a controversy prevailed among the beasts of the forest, with each one claiming that
he would make the best guardian.
"These sharp fangs will frighten away any enemy!" growled the Black Wolf.
"These huge claws will shred impostors to pieces!" roared the Gray Bear.
And so it continued, with every large forest animal boasting his own case, from the
Stag with his great antlers to the White Catfish who dwelt in the spring.
The forest's smaller inhabitants-those who had no chance of winning any test of
strength~ould but watch this assembly of the beasts in silence .

The bickering continued for several nights until one day, a golden haze descended
upon the forest, bringing with it an aroma so sweet that the Beasts soon forgot about
choosing a guardian and simply spent the day in a contented daze, staring at the new
golden coloring of the trees around them.
The very next day, however, crimson saplings sprouted from some of the trees, and
quickly grew into a large tangle of red Bramble-for the golden haze the Beasts had
so enjoyed was, in fact, a cloud of evil-disposed spores. By the time any of them
noticed, however, the Bramble had covered the entire forest.
The Bramble
THE BRAMBLE strangled tree aft:er tree, causing them to wither and die. It seemed
only a matter of time before the entire forest would be quite devoid of life.
Thus, the Wise Owl said,
"Somewhere in this forest is the tree in which the spores first took root. That tree is
the source of this terrible Bramble. Cut off its source, and the entire thicket will wilt."
Desperate to save their forest, the Black Wolf and the Gray Bear resolved to find the
tree that the Wise Owl had mentioned. However, the Bramble had grown so thick
and so dense that their great bodies simply would not pass through it . It was rime for
the smaller forest creatures to come to the fore--the ones who abstained while the
other beasts had bickered and boasted about who was strongest.
And so the Mottled Snake slithered through the Bramble, moving deep into the forest,
in search of the tree where 6rst the spores took root.
"Alas! The Bramble wraps the tree completely," hissed the snake. "We shall need to
cut through it somehow, but I have neither claws nor tttth, only this forked tongue.''
Upon hearing the Mottled Snake's report,
the Blue Woodpecker leapt into action.
"I shall peck through the Bramble in no
time!" he chirped with con6dence.
But as he neared the tree which the
Mottled Snake had described, the Bramble
became too thick, and he was quite unable
to spread his wings, let alone Ay close
enough to peck at the Bramble, and thus
he went back dejected.
That was when the Field Mice and the
Squirrels rendered their assistance.
"These sturdy front teeth of ours shall
gnaw through the Bramble," squeaked the
Field Mice.
"But the Bramble goes all the way to the
top of the trtt/' observed the Squirrels.
"Can you truly climb so high?''
The Field Mice had to concede that they could not, and so it was the Squirrels who
set off to cut through the Bramble that surrounded the tree that had been the lint
to succumb.

The Squirrels
THE SQgiRRELS soon reached the tree1 and scaled it with ease. In no time at
all they were nibbling at the Bramble and making light work of cutting through it.
No sooner had they begun to chew their way through the Bramble than large parts
of the thicket that covered the forest fell away and withered-and so the Squirrels
decided to continue nibbling until the tree was completely &ee of the Bramble.
Alas, the Bramble contained poisoned spores, and the Squirrels who swallowed them
soon felt the effects and fell, lifeless, to the forest floor. And yet, this did not deter
the other brave Squirrels, who had resolved to rid the tree of the Bramble and save
the forest at any cost, and each of them continued to chew.
The moment the last of the Bramble was cut, and the entire tangle withered away,
the last remaining Squirrel fell &om the tree, dashing its head upon the ground.
The Squirrels had saved the forest.
When the Black Wolf and the Gray Bear were finally able to wade through the dead
Bramble, they came across the bodies of the dead Squirrels and let out terrifYing cries.

The Guardian
As the animals' cries rang out, the Squirrels' souls floated &om their bodies as pure
orbs of light.
The Black Wolf and the Gray Bear watched in amazement as the orbs floated into a
hollow in the tree, bringing it back to life.
The Deities of the Forest had spoken: the Squirrels were the forest's true guardians.
Though they were among the smallest and weakest of the Beasts, their courage was
greater than all of the largest creatures.

Size has no bearing on a creature's stature.

The Teary Fairy
Sit right, boys and girls, I'v~ got a story to tell you. A "fairy tale," if you like. Fairies like
me used to be ten a penny, see, but youed be hard pressed to find one these days. Always on
the move, we are. Anyway, this story's about a very special fairy, and while it all happened
a long, long rime ago, the fairy's still going strong today--or so I hope, anyway! Right then,
let's get cracking, en't itH
This story's about a little fairy who wouldn't stop crying-sobbing, he was, day and night.
Now, us fairies are helluva impressionable, especially when we're little. We learn all sorts of
tidy tricks from other fairies, but we can pick up bad habits just as easy. I don't know whose
miserable mug this pooer dab saw when he lint popped out into the world, but it must ha\'C been
p~r tragic, 'cause the first thing he ever did in his life was cry. And then he kept on crying.
Now, it's not like this fairy wanted to be spouting lean all the rime, he just couldn't help
himself. E\'Cry time it got dark, he'd well up--like blinking clockwork he was . What's more,
young fairies can be helluva cruel, and this little cry·fairy got ribbed something terrible--all
of which just made him want to cry even more, of coune.

The Puddle of Tears

One day, a traveling wizard happened to spot this fairy standing next to a puddle of tears. He
was proper knackercd, this wizard, and helluva thirsty. So what he did was, he took a drink
from the puddle, en't it?
"There's lovely!" he thought, and felt ten rimes better straightaway.
Then otf he went with a spring in his step, and got on with his wizardly work. A bit later,
when everything was done, he decided to go back and thank the fairy--for the tears he drank,
I mean. But when he came back, the puddle was even bigger than before.
"Ohhh fairy," he said, in this grand old voice. ''Why do you cry so much? I've bttn gone three
days and still you v.>eep."
"Sob," said the fairy. "Scared I am, likt:. Scared of the dark, and I don't know what to do about it ."
After a few more sobs, he went on,
"And everyone mal:e1 fun of me. Good for nothing, I am. Life's rubbish."
And with that, he went back to sobbing.
"I see ..• " said the wise old wizard, stroking his big white beard. "~rhaps a lantern is what
you nttd."

So he whips this tidy lantern out of his cloak, and plonh it on the end of the fairy's nose, right?
Now, the light &om the lantern made the fairy blink like mad, but it didn't half cheer him up,
and sure enough, he stopped crying. Felt like he'd been born again, he did!
"You see, little fairy?" said the wizard, "You shall never be in the dark again, no matter where
you go."
"I'm .•. I'm not scared anymore!" the fairy gasped, cracking the first smile of his whole entire life.
"And you are no longer good for nothing, either!" laughed the wizard . "That smile of youers
will bring comfort to a great many people. Come with me, and I shall show you."
So the fairy packed up his daps in a little bag and went off with the wizard. They had some
pretty hair-raising adventures, and all, but the fairy never once got scared. He had the lantern
on the end of his nose, see. And even after he parted ways with the kindly wizard, he never
cried again, and the light on his nose is still shining to this day. Have a look around you, like.
He might be right nearby!

Well, what do you say? Proper tidy ta1e, wasn't it? I bet you've got a tear in youer eye now!
A Kidnapped Princess
The king of a peaceful kingdom had one daughter, whom he loved very much. This
princess was very brave and very wise, and assisted her father in ruling the kingdom.
Hard by the edge of the kingdom was a steep mountain. No one ever approached it,
however, for it was known that a witch lived in a cave at its foot. This witch had
long had an inclination to rule the kingdom herself, but the fearless princess never
failed to foil her plans .
The Witch had an apprenri~ who was top half bear and bottom half man. This
5 apprentice was known as the Bear-Man, for that was his name; and was feanomely
~ strong, but very dull-witted; and always carried out the witch's commands to the letter.
One day, the Bear-Man was in the cave making potion when the Witch returned with
a young woman. It was-yes, guess!-the Prirn::ess who was always ruining her plans! I
The Bear~ Man looked at the Princess and was twice shocked. Firstly, at how wondrous
fair she was; and secondly, at the sight of her hands and feet, which the Witch had
turned to wood using magic.
"Look after the Princess/' the Witch commanded
the Bear ~ Man. "Do not let her get hungry, or shed
a single tear, else there shall be trouble!"
The Bear~Man immediately went to fetch some fruits
and preserves from the larder. Since the Princess's
hands had been turned to wood, the Bear·Man
tried to put the fruit in her mouth directly. But the
Princess turned away &om him, and looked instead
at the Witch.
"What will you do with me?''
"I shall tell your father that I have taken you
hostage," the Witch replied, "and demand his
kingdom in return for your &eedom.''
"That would be a waste of time," retorted the
Princess. "Father is always telling me not to
believe anything witches say. He will not
trust you, even if I am in mortal danger."
"Silence!" shrieked the Witch1 and with
a wave of her wand cursed the Princess,
who became quite unable to speak. The Witch had stolen

her voice.

The Bear-Man's Duties

The next day, the Witch went to the palace to negotiate with the King, and it was
left to the Bear-Man to provide for their royal hostage.
The Bear-Man liked looking after the Princess. He felt sorry for her, with her wooden
limbs and stolen voice, and he tried his very best to take good care of her.
The Bear-Man was in fact very kind, you see, and despised doing evil things. He was
happy knowing that the Witch would not scold him for being kind to the Princess.
After all, it was the Witch herself who had commanded him to look after her!
But while the Princess did not shed a single tear; neither did she smile so much as
once. The Bear-Man used the finest ingredients to cook dishes that he hoped would
make the Princess happy; but when the meals were served she would do no more than
stare at him in total silence.
Now, the Bear-Man knew that the Princess would only smile when her hands and
legs were &ee again; and she had regained her voice. But the Bear-Man could not
lift the curses himself, and he knew that the Witch would never do it. All he could
do was continue to cook fine meals for the Princess.
The Princess Who
Wouldn't Cry
Several days passed, and still the
King would not listen to the Witch's
demands, just as the Princess had
foretold. This did nothing for the
Witch's mood, of course, and one
morning, when the Bear·Man was
bringing food to the Princess as usual,
the Witch shouted at him,
"Why are you wasting such good food on her!?
Anything will do, as long as it stops her from crying."
"But I thought that the Princess would be happier if she could eat fine foods,
Mistress ... "
"Who told you to make her happy!?"
With that, the Witch snatched up her wand and, with a flick of her wrist, rendered
the Princess stony deaf. She then proceeded to tell the Bear-Man a secret,
"There is a ~ason why I told you to stop her &om crying. If she sheds but a single
tear, all of her cunes will be lifted at once."
The Bear-Man now realized that the Witch had not wanted him to be kind to the
Princess; or to look after her--she had simply wanted him to stop her from crying.
He now knew what he had to do to make the Princess happy once more.
The next time the Witch left: the cave, the Bear·Man put his paws around the Princess's
rosy neck and started twisting; yet she still did not cry. The Bear·Man felt he had
no choice but to strike her; he was strong, and the poor princess was unbalanced on
her wooden legs. She fell to the ground violently.
"Now, cry, I beseech you! Cry and all your curses will be lifted!"
The deaf princess lay on the ground, clearly in pain, yet still she did not cry. She
simply continued to stare directly at the Bear·Man. The Bear·Man, for his part,
resolved to treat the Princess with great cruelty. He stopped feeding her; set snakes
and insects upon her; and pulled out her beautiful golden hair.
The Bear·Man tried his best to be brutish, but when he looked upon the Princess in
agony, he felt so sorry for her that he started sobbing. Though he hurriedly wiped the
tears away with his big paws, knowing that he must not let the Princess see him crying,
it was too late. The Princess had realized that something was amiss, and resolved not
to shed a single tear, no matter what ordeals the Bear-Man put her through.
The Bear-Man snarled and bared his teeth, and treated the Princess more cruelly than
ever. But the Princess was very brave and very wise, and did not shed a single tear.

Tears at Last
A month passed, and the Witch visited the King once more. When she returned to
the cave this time, however, her mood had changed.
"The King refuses to negotiate; and there is no point keeping a hostage anymore. It
is time to kill her. 11
Upon which she waved her wand once more, sending a deadly arrow whistling towards
the Princess.
The Bear-Man immediately threw his great bulk in front her, shielding her &om the
arrow, which pierced his chest. As he crashed to the ground, the wand fell from the
Witch's hand.
The Bear-Man's fate was sealed, but with his last morsel of energy he opened his
eyes and looked up at the Princess. She stared back at him, her eyes wide.
"I have done such terrible things ... I will die an evil man in your eyes ... "
Such were the Bear-Man's sorrowful thoughts as he perished. As he did so, tears fell
in a flood from the Princess's eyes, raining down upon her wooden feet and arms,
lifting the curse and returning her to normal.
The Princess immediately stood, picked up the Witch's wand, and used it to draw a
rune-for the Princess could use magic as well, you see. A large fire engulfed the
cave, and the Witch's wailing could be heard for miles around.
Once the blaze had subsided, nothing remained of the Witch, save for a small pile
of pitch-black ashes.
At that moment, the Bear-Man was brought back to life-as a beautiful young
prince! For his dull-witted bear form was nothing but a cune, imposed upon him by
the wicked witch.
The Prince asked in a weak voice, for he was still upon the brink of death,
"Your Highness ..• Why did you cry for me?"
"Wimessing your death ... It filled me with a terrible sorrow. Had I only known that
crying would lift my cune, I should have done so far sooner! I see now that you were
trying to help me; even as you did those horrible things."
"I treated you terribly, your Highness . Please forgive me .. ."
"Of coune I forgive you. You are a kind penon at heart, and for that I am truly
grateful. Now please, do not die ... "
Upon hearing these words, the Prince shed one final tear, and breathed his last.
The Forbidden Spell
The Princess stared at the Prince's lifeless body for a long while, before picking up
the wand once more with conviction. She had settled upon a course of action.
She would cast "Ashes of Resurrection."
Upon casting the spell, the cave was filled with white light; restoring breath to the
Prince's lungs as it shone upon him--the Princess's spell had brought him back to life!
The very next moment, however, the Princess fell to the ground. As she lay there,
she raised her face and asked the Prince,
"\Vl10 ••• are ... you?"
"'Ashes of Resurrection' is a forbidden spell," he replied, mournfully. "Those who
cast it always pay a terrible price. The price you have paid is your memory of me ... "
And the Prince's eyes filled with tears of terrible sadness once more.
"'Why are you crying?" asked the puzzled Princess.
"Btcause ... something important has been lost."
Upon hearing the Princess's next words, however, the Prince could not help but smile.
"Well ..• perhaps together we may make it anew?''
There was once a boy wizard who was endowed with a great deal of magical ability.
No sooner was he able to walk than he could cast spells no other wizard could,
controlling the clouds above and making great seas and mighty mountains move at
will. In truth, such feats did the boy more honor than he deserved, for he had not
practiced any more diligently than other wizards. His talents were innate, and had
been with him since birth.
The boy, however, grew up quite ttrtain that he had been blessed by the gods, and came
to believe that his rightful place was among them, in heaven itself. No sooner had the
thought crossed his mind than the boy h«ame desirous to make it an immediate reality.
Boys who are born with such exceptional powers are seldom accustomed to waiting.
A Trial from the Gods
The boy made for Jabar al~Dukhan, the highest mountain
in all the world, and climbed to its summit, reasoning
that the gods would hear him more clearly if he were
closer to heaven.
"Gods, I beseech you to listen. I am the most powerful
wizard in this world. Verily, no man alive is my equal,
and thus I believe that my place is in heaven with you. I
wish for you to consider me one of your own."
The heavens responded with an enormous thunderclap.
The boy wizard's insolence had roused the passion of the
gods. The thunder was followed by a bolt of lightning,
aimed directly at the boy.
But the boy was ready. With a simple wave of his wand,
he swaned the lightning away.
"Do you see?" he cried to the gods with glee. "Do you see how powerful I am?"
At length, a Voice responded from the heavens.
"Boy, if you truly believe yourself to be as powerful as a god, then you may prove it
by taking this trial. Overcome it, and your wish shall be granted!'
The boy leaped with great joy upon hearing these words, believing as he did that no
trial was beyond his powers.
Suddenly, however, everything became quite dark. The boy had no idea where he was.
Indeed, his hand could not be seen in front of his face.
The Voice spoke once more.
"Boy, this is the World of Darkness. Your task is to tolerate it for eight days."
"So it is simply a matter of waiting?" thought the boy, relieved. "That shall not
prove difficult."
But the Voice went on,
"There is a door in front of you, Boy. Raise your hand and you shall feel it. On the
other side of this door is the World of Light, where all godly knowledge resides.
Enter, and you shall become one of us. The door, however, must not be opened until
eight days have passed."
With that, the Voice fell silent, and all was quiet once more.
The boy reached out his hand in &ont of him. Though he could not see it, the door
was there, just as the voice had said.
"I shall open that door," the boy said decisively. "I shall wait a full eight days, and
then I shall become a god, and all will be revealed to me."
Seven Days of Darkness
At fint, the boy could do nothing but sit and contemplate his current plight. It was
not long, however, before his mind started conjuring all sorts of thoughts.
What wenden awaited him when he became one of the gods?
What manner of place was the heaven that the gods called home?
How would he treat his human minions once he was one of their gods?
And so it went on ... He found himself increasingly agitated, anxious to see what
awaited him once he opened the door to the World of Light.
He kept his resolve for six days and six nights, but on the seventh day, the boy was
overcome by curiosity.
"In one more day I shall become a god," thought the boy. "Surely it is of no
consequence if I open the door a little early."
He reached for the door once more, and traced its even surface. Eventually his hand
came across a small protrusion which felt like the cover of a keyhole. Timidly, the
boy lifted it and looked through to the other side.
A blaze of blinding light flooded through the keyhole, knocking the boy a full cubit
backwards. It was incredibly bright, and yet he simply could not close his eyes. The
world on the other side of the door was beyond the boy's human imagination. Its
scale and beauty seemed to pierce his very soul.
"The world of the gods ... "
The thought alone made the boy shiver, but even as he did so, he was plunged into
darkness once more.

The Ever-Wandering Eye

The boy had failed the trial. Yet he was still allowed to enter heaven and become one
of the gods, for they acknowledged his abilities, and showed compassion toward him.
They could not, however, show the same compassion toward his eye, the one that
had peered at the World of Light. The eye was condemned to wander, disembodied,
through the skies for all eternity.
The boy wizard's eye traverses the skies to this day, soaring above the birds, gazing
down upon the world below.
It can never hope to soar as high as the heaven where the gods reside, however.
Indeed, it is trapped between the human world and the world of the gods forever.
Occasionally, when it is overwhelmed with extreme dissatisfaction, the eye swoops
down close to the earth's surface, bringing a devastating whirlwind in its wake. These
howling gales are known to have destroyed cities and forests; and are rightly feared
by ordinary humans.

And so, the consequences of the boy wizard's folly are still being felt.
-~2~LL~~~~~LLI~2··~~~2~21Q~~L ~
~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~s~~~~~~~~w~~~ ~
On a Hilltop
\Vhat follows is the extraordinary story of an ordinary little girl. ..
\Vhen I was a little girl, I had the reddest hair you've ever seen, and I lived with my
mother in a small village, tucked away in the hills. I was never any good at magic,
but I loved gardening, and could grow all sorts of flowers and medicinal herbs.
Behind my house was a low hill from which you could enjoy a wonderful evening
view. I used to walk to the top of it every night, to sit on a big old root and watch
the sun go down .
One day, my mother cut her hand on a glass that I had broken. Though she washed
the wound straightaway, just as she'd always taught me, the cut soon became infected,
and by the next morning, she had a very high fever. I took care of her the best I
could, of coune, but several days passed without any improvement in her condition.
Then one night, after I'd cried myself to sleep with worry, I woke with a start to find
myself standing in front of a strange door. I opened this door, and walked through it
to emerge on top of my favorite hill. It looked just the same as it always did, except
for one thing-there was someone else there, sitting on my root and sobbing quietly.
I took a sharp breath, and thought to myself; could the girl sitting on
the root actually be me? Her hair was just as red as mine, and
it glittered like a ruby in the setting sun.
The Bright Blue Bird
I was feeling quite sad m}'5elf, but the girl sitting on the root seemed absolutely
inconsolable. Feeling sorry for her, I asked,
"Are you all right? Why are you crying?"
At this, the weeping girl lifted her face, giving me another shock. It was exactly
like mine!
"1 was careless ... and my bird flew away,' she said. 'Oh, I did love it so ... "
"So that's why you're crying. I've been careless too, as it happens. I made my
mother sick ... "
I thought for a moment, then asked,
"What kind of bird was it?"
"It was blue. Bright blue. It was so very beautiful ... "
" ... My mother's eyes are blue as well," I sighed, "but they don't seem to sparkle
like they did before she took ill.''
We carried on talking for a little while, and before long we'd become firm &iends.
She loved gardening too, and was enjoying gazing at the sunset &om the crest of the
hill. It seemed we had absolutely everything in common. Eventually, I said,
"Here, take this. It's a Rower I grew. It's called a 'warm welcome/ and birds love
it. Perhaps it might make your blue bird come back."
I had already put some of these fl.owers at my mother's bedside to try and make her
feel better, as well as some in her hair.
"Thank you!" said the girl, smiling. "Oh my, it really does smell
wonderful. Hey, would you like to come to my house?''
I nodded, and off we went, down the hill together
and into the girl's house. She placed the fl.ower
I'd given her next to the window.
Before long, we heard a sound.
"Peep peep peep! Cheep cheep cheep!"
And a blue bird fl.ew in through the
"Chichi!" shouted the girl,
recognizing her missing pet.
Th~ bird had flown straight for the vase that held the flower. It ~~m~d a lin!~ unst~ady,
as though on~ of its wings was injur~d, but I couldn't help f~~ling happy that th~
"warm welcom~" I'd given the girl had made her bird com~ back.

Waking From the Dream

All of a sudden, I was in &ont of the strange door again. I walked through it and
found myself lying in bed once more.
"It was just a dr~am," I sighed.
Then I threw off the sh~~ts, and went to my mother's bedroom. Much to my surpris~,
though, I found that sh~ wasn't there. That's when I heard a sound coming &om the
kitchen, and ran downstairs.
"Mother!" I cri~d.

"Good morning!" she r~plied cheerily.

"You must have be~n wondering where I'd got to! I just felt so much b~tter when
I woke up this morning! Now then, would you like some breakfast? I'm famished!"
And my mother's blue eyes were sparkling once more•..

Every person in this world has a soul mate-a person in another world with whom
they share a soul. Soul mates' destinies are intertwined, and occasionally they even
overlap. So should you ever chance to step through a strang~ door, do not be surprised
if you meet someone just like you!
The Little Girl
IN XANADU, the kingdom in the clouds, the ruler has always possessed many a
mysterious power, not least the ability to make the most prescient of prophecies. This
is the story of one such ruler, of whom little was expected when first she ascended
to the throne ...
Xanadu's new ruler was a little girl, cowardly and weak. Though it was a peaceful
place, with a temperate climate and few if any monsters, Xanadu had never known a
cowardly ruler. The thought alone was simply preposterous.
The girl herself knew that she was a coward, having never displayed courage or daring
since the moment of her birth. She was scared of sleeping alone, and the thought
of being in the temple at night filled her with a holy dread. Despite claiming that
she had a well of courage to draw on if necessary, she would undoubtedly have been
found wanting if she had been asked to deal with a giant, or a dragon, or even a lion.
Life surrounded by adults was lonely and dull for the little girl. She had no friends,
and became very sullen. As a result, everyone assumed that she was humble and wise,
for most of those who rise to rule over Xanadu are powerful sorceresses, and prone
to self-importance. Though baseless, the myth of the little girl's wisdom meant that
her reign was very peaceful, with none of the tensions or infighting that marred the
reigns of her predecessors.
Sinister Rumors
SHE HAD NOT ruled for long, however, when it became apparent that a dragon
had taken up residence near Xanadu, in a great cavern, measureless to man. Alas, this
was no ordinary dragon. Indeed, it was said to be as large as a castle, utterly evil,
and endowed with a tail twice five miles long. Such sinister rumors grew, as sinister
rumors always do, and by the rime they'd reached the palace, they had the courtiers in
a state of some excitement. After much frantic discussion, a conclusion was reached.
Their ruler--the little girl-must be sent to deal with the dragon. Though she was
still young, everyone believed her to be both wise and brave, and it was concluded
that her age was of no significance. Thus, having no choice but to fulfill the duty
assigned to her, the little girl set off for the dragon's cavern.

A Savage Place
THE WANING MOON cast scarcely any light into the dismal cavern, and big
wet drops fell onto the little girl's head as she made her way through the darkness,
nervously clutching her wand. Though she quivered with fear, she knew that she had
little choice but to push on. She was the ruler of Xanadu, after all, and rulers must
show courage, however frightened they may be.
Having pushed deep into the cavern, the girl finally encountered the dragon. It was
not as big as she'd feared, but it would still have ordinarily been more than a match
for a little girl like her. The dragon, however, was injured. One of his wings was
broken, and he was unable to fl.y. Indeed, he had no way at all of avoiding the little
girl's spells. It seemed the tables had turned in her favor. Just then, the dragon turned
to her, and said,
"You came alone? I suppose you knew I was injured. I shall surely perish soon. All
you need do is wait, and your duty shall be fulfilled."
But the little girl took out her wand and proceeded to draw a rune. The spell she
cast began to heal the dragon's wounds. Being so young, it took a long rime for the
healing magic to work, but her concentration never wavered.
"Heal me, and I could come after you, and eat you. Are you sure about what you're
The little girl thought for a moment, before replying politely,
"I should not like to be eaten, yet I do not see why you should die. Perhaps we could
reach an agreement instead? I will heal your wing if you swear to spare this kingdom."
The dragon made no reply, and simply gazed at the girl with flashing eyes. Once
his wing had been fully healed, the dragon picked up the little girl and, placing her
on his broad back, strode out of the cavern. Then, flexing his newly healed wing, he
carried the girl to the summit of a tall mountain. As the dragon reached the top of the
mountain, it seemed to grow in &ant of the girl's eyes . At last it began to resemble
the castle-sized dragon that the courtiers of Xanadu had mentioned. Indeed, it began
to look as though it could eat a castle thrice over.
"This is my true self," declared the dragon. "Now, you may be weak, but you are
both courageous and kind. My original intent was to eat every one of your subjects,
but I have decided to honor our bargain, and spare this kingdom."
The dragon's kind words touched the little girl deeply, and the two of them became
great friends. Then, the dragon shrank back to his smaller size and put the girl on
his back again, and together they made for Xanadu. When they reached the city 1
however, the dragon grew big once more. When the little girl explained what had
happened to her courtiers, they realized not only that she was wise and brave, but
that she was also very kind. From that moment on, she was no longer refened to as
the "little girl." She had become the "~een of the Heavens ." She never forgot her
dragon friend, and they spoke together often until the end of their days.
The Lazy Son
TWO SHEPHERDS, who were father and son, worked together in the fields. The
Father looked after the sheep &om morning till night, constantly patrolling the pasture
and looking out for wolves. The Son, however, spent every day at leisure, staring into
the distance and not lifting a finger to help his Father.
One day, the Father turned to his Son and said with regret,
"I am getting old, and shall soon be retiring. Though you are my only son, it has
become dear to me that you have no enthusiasm for shepherding. I am starting to
think that I should be better entrusting my flock to someone else."
The Son was quite shocked, for the flock was his only livelihood, and resol~ to
start ass~sting his Father in the field~hasing sheep, tending the grass, and so on.
Alas, he soon grew tired of such tasks. At a loss as to what to do, the Son supposed
he should pay a visit to Old Father Oak, an ancient tree in the Deep Dark Wood
possessed of infinite wisdom on all matters.
"0 Old Father Oak, is there not some manner of fruit that I can swallow to excite
my enthusiasm?" the Son asked in vexation.
"I am afraid that such things do not exist/' replied Old Father Oak. "There is,
however, a fountain hidden deep within a nearby forest. Drinking of its water provides
a goodly dose of energy."
The Fountain
THE SON traveled in the dir~tion indicated by Old Father Oak until he came to
the fountain and tested its cool surface with his hand.
"I shall take some of this water home with me." he thought, before realizing that he
had no vessel in which to carry it.
"Alas, I must return home empty-handed ... " he lamented.
The Son was about to go back to fetch a jug when he decided to sample a mouthful of
the fountain's water. Sure enough, he immediately felt the great surge of energy that
Old Father Oak had predicted, and used his ax to chop down a nearby tree, carving
it into a pitcher that was almost as big as himself.
Once the pitcher was finished, the Son filled it with water from the fountain and made
for home. The vessel was very heavy, and the journey was a long one. He nearly gave
up on several occasions, but every time he felt like abandoning his journey, he would
stop by the wayside to take another gulp of water from the pitcher; and eventually
he arrived back home.
"I have water enough here to last a lifetime," the Son thought with a sigh of relief.
He was very weary, and he fell into bed to sleep soundly rill morning.
The Pitcher
THE SON awoke &om his slumber, and resolved to take another drink of water from
the pitcher.
"0! How full of life I am!" he exclaimed happily, and set about his duties at double
the usual s~ed. As he did so, he resolved that no one else must be allowed to drink
the precious water in the pitcher.
In the days that followed, the Son spent much of his rime ensuring that no one went
near his pitcher--yet he took care to attend to his chores while he did so, knowing
that his father would otherwise be angry. Whenever a Villager approached the pitcher
for a drink of water, the Son would interrupt his own labors and offer a cup of different
water, thus preventing any of the water in his pitcher from going to waste. He was
also reluctant to waste the water from the fountain on himself; and so worked hard
every day without touching it.
Then, one very hot day, after the Son had been hard at work in the fields, he realiud
that a terrible thing had happened ...
The Water
THE WATER had evaporated in the searing heat of the sun. When the Son realized
that the water upon which his future depended had disappeared, he was overcome with
despair and collapsed upon the grass.
The sight of the Son lying prone excited the Villagers' concern; and they rushed to
see if he was all right, for the Son had a gained reputation in the village for being
kind and hardworking, on account of all the cups of water he was wont to provide
thirsty Villagers.
Some of the Villagers gave the Son a drink of water as he lay there, and he was
amazed at how delicious it tasted. It was the freshest, cleanest water he'd ever drank;
and, what's more, it gave him the same surge of energy that the water &om the
fountain had done.
His Father stood next to him and said kindly,
"No water on earth can compare to the first water you drink after swearing all day.
Why, I should think it is a fair sight better than the water from that fountain,'' for
the Father knew that his Son had visited the fountain.
The Son rose to his feet and smiled back at his Father.
"You are right, Father. It truly is better by far."

Hard toil brings its own rewards.

Four Brothers
In a certain kingdom, there once lived four brothers. Though their parents had both
died, and they had grown up poor, the brothers had become famous and highly regarded.
The first brother was very strong. Once, when the kingdom was in need of a new lake,
he had lifted a stone bigger than three dragons out of the ground, creating a great
hollow. He then carried the stone to the top of the tallest mountain in the land, lest
it prove an eyesore to anyone. The King could not contain his delight as he watched
the hollow slowly 61Jing with water.
The second brother was the greatest artist in the land. He wtnt to the top of the
mountain, and carved wonderful sculptures &om the stone that his brother had carried
there, and offered them to the King, who was rendered speechless for the lint rime
in his life by their beauty.
The third brother was known as a master craftsman. He took the sculptures that his
brother had made and erected sturdy walls between them, creating a mighty castle.
He even used the remaining pieces of stone to build a working clock. The King was
amazed at how it always told the correct rime, despite being made of stone.
The King now had a new castle that he believed was the most beautiful, the best
defended, and the most convenient in the wide world. The brothers were delighted, and
became full of confidence, for each of them believed that he was the greatest man alive.
"I am the one the King should thank for having such a wonderful castle. After all, I
am the one who carried that stone all the way up the mountain. Thou mayest have
carved the stones, and thou mayest have bound them together, but had I not brought
the stone up here in the first place, nothing of that could have been done/' said the
first brother.
"Ha! But the King would not have looked twice at the castle had I not carved those
sculptures so beautifully!" retorted the second brother.
"And yet it was I who took thy sculptures and made them into a castle. What use
hath a king for sculptures, pray tell, beautiful though they may be?"
After some time, these
discussions became so &actious
that the three brothers resolved
to live apart, on the eastern,
western, and southern edges of
The youngest brother of the
four was unlike his three older
brothers. He excelled at nothing,
and was weak and clumsy.
Though his older brothers
would mock him constantly, the
youngest brother was a docile
sort, and did not pay much heed
to such insults. He was, however,
worried about his brothers living
apart, and he resolved to pay
each of them a separate visit.

A Thick Fog
A short while later, disaster befell the
kingdom. A thick fog covered the entire
land, blocking all sunlight for one hundred
days. Crops would not grow, and people
became unwell, and yet the very worst of it
was that the fog put an end to all music, for
it simply could not be heard through the
heavy brume. The whole kingdom adopted
a silent, funereal air, and still the source
of the fog remained a mystery.
One night, as the King slept fitfully, he
had a strange dream. In it, someone was
telling him that the only way to clear the
fog was to play a certain Jlute--the most beauteous flute in the world. Upon waking,
the King immediately summoned the three brothers who had built his castle and
commanded them to build such a flute. Since the three brothers no longer spoke to
one another, however, they would not cooperate, and each went off to carve his own.
"I am the only one capable of making a flute fit for a king," said one brother. "It is
simply too great a feat for the two of you."
"Ha! Thou mightest better say that of thine own selfl" countered the second. "My
flute will be the finest, as thou shalt soon see."
"Boast if you will!" scoffed the third. "All men know that mine will be the best!"
And so the arguments continued.
Afl:er some rime, all three brothers finished making their flutes, and went to present
them to the King and his subjects. All the kingdom gathered on the shores of the
lake that had been created by the first brother, anxious for the presentation to begin.
The first brother picked up his flute, which was very big and made of stone, and
blew. Try as he might, however, the flute would not produce a sound. The King
soon turned his attention to the second brother. His Jlute was a beautiful, delicate
instrument made of clay, but when he blew it, it too produced no sound. The King
was now becoming nther agitated, and hastily commanded the third brother to blow
his Rute. It was made of a single bone, with holes drilled in the appropriate places,
and yet it too could produce not a single note. The King was furious, and banished
the brothers &om his sight.

The World's Greatest Flute

Several days later, the King awoke to hear the song of the flute that he had dreamed
about. It was a beautiful sound, one that cleansed the heart and brought tears to the
eyes of royals, ministers, soldiers, ploughmen, and even the baker's cat, whom many
had thought deaf. As the A.ute played on, the thick fog that had plagued the kingdom
began to dear.
The King was naturally delighted, and started searching for the source of this blissful
sound. Trusting to the evidence of his ears, the King came at last to the house of
the fourth brother. There he found him and his thr« brothers sitting together, with
tean in their eyes.
The King began to extend his warmest gratitude to the youngest brother, but was
politely interrupted,
"Alas, this flute was not my work. My three brothers built it."
And he proceeded to explain all that had come to pass.
The youngest brother had been visiting his three brothers every day, hoping to persuade
them to work together as before, but his brothers were stubborn, and would not listen.
Aft:er some rime traveling hither and thither, from south to east to west and back
again, all the youngest brother's efforts got the better of him, and he collapsed in a
heap. When his three elder brothers heard what had happened, they all felt sorry for
their youngest sibling, and went to visit him as he recovered.
The eldest brother visited him first.
"Is there aught I can do for you?" he asked.
"Indeed there is, hie thee to the forest, and cut down the tallest tree thou findest
there. Chop it then into small pieces and bring them here to me."
Thinking that his brother wanted firewood to keep him warm under the thick fog, the
first brother agreed to do as he was asked.
''Very well, younger brother," he said, "I shall start cutting right away."
"Thank you," the youngest brother replied from his bed, and before long the first
brother came back, a smile on his face and a pile of logs under his arm.
The next day, the second brother came to visit his youngest sibling.
"Is there aught I can do for you?'' he asked, upon which the youngest brother brought
out one of the logs that the first brother had cut for him.
"Indeed there is . Carve of this wood something beautiful for me. Perhaps a pipe?''
Thinking that his brother wanted on ornament in his room to make him feel better,
the second brother agreed without the slightest hesitation.
"Very well, younger brother," he said, "I shall start carving right away."
"Thank you," the youngest brother replied from his bed, and before long the first
brother came back, a beautiful wooden pipe under his arm.
The next day, the third brother came to visit his youngest sibling.
"Is there aught I can do for you?'' he asked, upon which the youngest brother brought
out the pipe that his second brother had carved.
"Indeed there is. Wouldst thou be so good as to drill some holes into this pipe for me?"
Thinking that his brother wanted something to entertain himself while he was ill, the
third brother gladly agreed.
"Thank you," said the youngest brother from his bed when his older brother had
returned with the finished pipe, "but I actually have one more request."
"Of course, younger brother. What is it?"
"Call our two brothers, and tell them to come here.''
Though the third brother hated his older brothers, he could scarce refuse his ailing
sibling's request, so piteous did he seem, and he agreed to go and fetch them.
Despite all being gathered beneath the same roof, the three brothers would not look
at each other, much less speak.
Then, in the midst of the silence, the youngest brother pulled out the flute they had
made and lifted it to his lips.
As soon as he began to play, the three brothers began to weep, realizing how foolish
they had been. As they listened to the sound of the flute, they recalled the past that
they had shared: their humble home; their parents who had loved them so; the days
when they had supported each other and helped each other before they won fame.
The four brothers continued to weep as they realized that each was only truly special
when he worked with the others-all four of them, indeed, for it was only the youngest
brother who could produce a pure note from their flute. The tears they wept were the
most beautiful tears the world had ever seen, for they were tears of love.
After the King had finished listening to the youngest brother's story, he decided to
give all four brothers a special medal. From that day onwards, the brothers agreed to
always work together, and they all lived happily ever after.
The Dreamer
There once was a boy who spent every day in a daze, dreaming of soaring through
the skies.
As a young child, he was always asking wizards to make him float for a few moments-a
delightful experience!~ut he himself was no good at magic. Since he also hated
lessons of all kinds, there really was no hope of him becoming a wizard, but still he
dreamed of being able to fly. Nothing could make him give up on his dreams!
One day, the boy took a journey to another world. There was a tunnel that connected
the two worlds in those days, you see, and people we~ able to travel between them
quite easily.
Now, the boy knew that there was no such thing as magic in the other world, meaning
that no one there was able to fl.y. He had, however, heard rumors about a painter who
lived there who also dreamed of taking to the skies, just like he did.
As soon as he arrived in the other world, the boy headed straight for this painter's
house--but when he got there, there was no one home! Feeling rather bold, the boy
decided to take a look around for himself. The first thing he saw upon entering the
painter's house was a magni6cent sketch, a drawing of a strange machine that was
attached to something that spun around very quickly.
There was no doubt about it-this was a machine that could Ay!
"'What a shame," thought that boy, "that in my world, magic is so common that no
one bothers inventing things like this!"
Flushed with excitement, the boy took a tracing of the painter's sketch, and took it
with him back to his own world.
After working hard for several years, the boy 6nished building the machine in the
sketch, and for the 6rst rime ever, he was able to Ay!
"'Why, this is the happiest moment of my life!" thought the boy with a big grin. Even
though it was only for a few seconds at a rime, he was 6nally able to live his dream.

The Sage and the Young Wizard

A short while after he had finished building the painter's flying machine, a sage visited
the boy, and spoke to him very grandly,
"You must dispose of all knowledge gleaned from that other world."
The boy was shocked.
"But why!?" he asked. "This machine lets me soar through the skies! It's what I've
always wanted!"
"Using a machine to achieve something that should only be achieved using magic is
akin to poisoning this world."
"Poison!? Why is it like poison?"
"Magic may only be used by those who possess a pure heart and who have undergone
the proper training. Wiurds borrow some of nature's power and use it to humans'
bene6t. Only those with a pure heart, one uncorrupted by evil, are able to do this.
Using machines to triumph over nature is not the behavior of the pure-hearted."
Now, what the sage meant was that anyone could use a machine to manipulate
nature--even the untrained and the evil. Machines gave ordinary humans powen
that only gods and wizards should have.
Though it hurt to admit it, the boy knew that what the sage had said was true, and
very reluctantly handed over his tracing of the painter's sketch. As he did so, however,
a young wizard who had been watching them interjected,
"Esteemed Sage, wasn't magic originally intended to make our lives easier? If machines
achieve the same effect, why shouldn't we use them?"
"Because machines can be used by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons," replied
the sage impatiently.
But the young wizard was undeterred.
"I have been to the other world, and I know how things work there. They have
people called 'scientists'-they are the ones who make the machines-and they work
mira.cles! They are capable of mixing iron with other metals to create things
called 'alloys' which are strong enough to plough even the rockiest of soil. You cannot
deny that farmen' lives are much easier as a result!"
"Surely you do not believe that all 'scientists' seek to improve people's lives?" the
sage snapped back. "Do you not think, perhaps, that some of them wish to use their
machines to control people--to bend them to their will?"
The young wiurd was speeehless for a moment, but he soon found his tongue again.
"Couldn't the same be said for magic? Aren't there some people who seek to use
magic to increase their own inftuence?''
The boy tried listening to the conversation between the sage and the young wizard,
but they used a lot of difficult words and he had trouble following it. All he wanted
to do, after all, was fly.

- ~

A Dream Come True!

In the years that followed, more and more people made visits to the other world . They
would become increasingly surprised and impressed by the machines they saw there,
and would rush back to their own world to tel1 people al1 about them.
The sages realized that something must be done, because teehnology from the other
world w:as threatening to ruin the balance of their own. They decided to seal the
tunnel to the other world, to ensure that the place of magic within society was never
threatened again .
Now, visiting the other world was not completely forbidden--why, powerful wiurds
could still cast the spell known as "Gateway" and travel to the other world any rime
they pleased!
When the boy, who was a young man by now, heard about what the sages had done,
he was terribly disappointed.
"Dash it all!" he thought. "Now I'll never be able to visit the other world again!"
And yet he still dreamed of flying-if anything, he dreamed of it more than ever!
Having thought about it every day for a long rime, he eventually had an idea.
"What if I build a flying machine that's powered by magic? Surely the sages couldn't
object to that! I shall make it magical, but I shall jolly well build it and fly it as I like!"
Many months of hard work later, the young man's magical flying machine was complete.
Its magical power had been provided by-yes, you guessed it!-the young wiurd
who'd had the argument with the sage all those years ago.
Once the final touches had been applied, it was rime for a test flight . The young man
straddled his machine and took off into the sky. 'I'be machine's wings flapped gently
as it glided through the air, and its magically enchanted engine allowed him to stay
in the sky for several hours.
Mid-way through the test flight, he looked down. The sheep in the fields were as
small as dormice, and he could see the waves of the sea in the distance glinting in
the morning sun.
"I don't think anyone alive has ever felt happier!" thought the young man with glee.
Indeed, he was too captivated by the scenery to spare a thought for the effect his new
magical machine would have on the world.

Had he known what impact it would have, you can be sure he would not have been
quite so elated!
The Deep Dark Wood is a dense green forest, located in the northern part of the
continent now known as the Summerlands. Though there are some beautiful crystal-
clear waterfalls and other sites of minor interest, travelers mainly flock to the Deep
Dark Wood on account of a great tree known as "Old Father Oak/'
Princes and paupers alike have long visited this tree in the hope of gleaning some
understanding &om him, for Old Father Oak's great wisdom and benevolence have

led men to consider him the "World's Elder"-though no such title officially exists.

The Young Tree's Journey

There was nothing unusual about the tree that became known as Old Father Oak when
his first green shoots emerged &om the ground, many centuries ago. The tree grew,
as all trees grow, year on year, his branches reaching upwards in search of sunlight
and his roots thrusting downwards in search of water.
One day, when he was still but a young sapling, he was dug up by a group of humans,
and a large stone was placed beneath him, just below his roots. And he was then
replanted on top of the stone, and the hole around him refilled with soil. And the
humans recited an incantation, and drew a rune, and, when this ceremony was over,
retreated &om the forest.
Now, the presence of the stone made life difficult for the young tree--no matter how
hard he tried to stretch his roots, the stone meant that they simply could not reach
any further into the ground. After several days of trying, the tree was about to give
up when, all of a sudden, the stone started speaking to him
"Tell me, what can you see &om up there? Pray tell me what you can see? For I am no
ordinary rock. One day I shall be a magical stone. A great and very important one."
The tree was very surprised to hear the stone talking to him so casually, and not a
little vexed.
way of my roots."
The tree uttered these words much to his own surprise,
for he had never been able to s~ak before.
And so the stone began explaining his situation to the tree.
It ap~ared that in order for the stone to become a magic stone,
he had to be pla~d beneath the roots of a tree, and enchanted
in a special ceremony. And so, as the tree grew older and wiser,
he would impart some of his wisdom onto the stone, and allow the
stone's own magical power to develop. The tree's ability to talk
was simply one of the things he had learned as he had grown, and
the stone had learned this from the tree.
Armed with his newfound talent, the tree began talking to the
birds and the fairies and the other forest creatures, and, upon
hearing their tales of the outside world, developed an insatiable
desire to travel-to leave the spot to which he was rooted.
And so he began pulling at his roots, until
cracks ap~ared in the ground. He
kept pulling day after day, unable
to stop or be stop~d until,
eventually, the inevitable happened, and, with a great creaking sound, the tree wrenched
himself and his short roots out of the ground altogether. It was at this moment that
the young tree discovered that he knew how to walk, and so resolved to leave the
Deep Dark Wood immediately and make for pastures new.
The stone felt very sad to see his only friend in the world preparing to leave, and said,
"Promise that you will come back and see me sometime, won't you, young tree? I
should like nothing more than to hear all about your travels."
"Of course! I shall come back to see you, I promise."
And so the tree set off on his journey. He felt sorry for the stone--who would now
never become the magic stone he so wanted to be--but he knew that he had to follow
his own dreams.
The young tree's journey allowed him to acquire great wisdom. Every time he
encountered perils or monsters, he would simply stand stock still and pretend to be
an ordinary tree. Should a predator come sniffing, the young tree would wait until it
was very close before rustling his branches violently, giving the creature a terrible

fright, and sending it scuttling away in fear.

The Promise to the Stone

The tree's journey continued, through stonns and blizzards; into dank, black caves
and across deep, blue oceans. On the way, he would sometimes meet other trees on
journeys of their own . Most of the trees he encountered had also been chosen as
locations for burying magical stones, and they too had left their stones behind and set
out on their own adventures. He also encountered trees that were broken or withered,
having become lost in the desert, or trapped in great snowfalls.
One day, several months into his journey, the young tree realized that it was becoming
more and more difficult for him to move. No matter how much fresh water he drank,
or how pleasant the sun felt upon his leaves, he was becoming slower and slower.
"This must be what happened to all those dead trees I saw," the tree thought. "And
that's what's going to happen to me ... "
Suddenly, the tree remembered the promise he had made to the stone back in the
Deep Dark Wood- his promise to return to the forest and tell the stone all about his
travels. The young tree had not visited the stone once since that day. Indeed, he'd
completely forgotten about him.
"I should go back," he thought. "I should return and speak to the stone, while I still
have strength enough to move."
And so the tree set off home, back to the Deep
Dark WOO<!.
The tree's short roots were dragging behind him
all the way, trying to get him to stop, but the
tree ignored them, and eventually made his way
back to the forest where he'd first sprouted from
the ground. The sight of his old stone companion,
however, gave him a real shock. Having failed
to become magical, the stone had been mistaken
for an ordinary rock, and most of him had been
chipped off and carried away to make tools and
other objects. Only a tiny piece of him remained. Undeterred, the young tree proceeded

to recount all his travel stories, and the little stone listened to every one in silent wonder.

What Happened Next •••

When the tree had finished telling the stone the last of his tales, he thought to himself,
"Now that I have fulfilled my promise to the stone, I shall not mind if I wither and
die where I stand."
Curiously, however, the tree noticed that he was feeling far healthier than he had for
a long while. It turned out that much as the stone's ability to talk had come from the
tree, the tree's ability to walk had come from being near the stone. And as he spent
more and more time away from the stone, the tree had started to lose this power. He
now understood that the unfortunate dead trees he had seen on his travels had lost
the power of movement on account of neglecting to visit their stone companions.
The tiny stone and the tree, who was no longer very young, formed a firm alliance,
and became inseparable friends. Indeed, the tree placed the stone into a hollow in his
trunk, allowing him to share all his knowledge and wisdom. The two would occasionally
go on journeys together, acquiring even greater experience and wisdom, for it turns
out that while the stone had not become magical during the tree's long absence, he
had become incredibly knowledgeable.
As the yean went by, the tree and the stone garnered great repute for their surpassing
wisdom, becoming known as "Old Father Oak" and "The Telling Stone," respectively.
Indeed, to this day, travelers still venture into the Deep Dark Wood seeking advice
from this most unlikely pairing of tree and stone.

And so ends this branch of the story of Old Father Oak and The T elling Stone.
The Young
Woman's Journal

An old traveler stood on a street comer, telling a crowd of people all about his
adventures. The crowd enjoyed listening to his tales, and one of them asked him,
"%at is the most incredible thing you have ever seen?''
The old traveler thought a while, and answered,
"Let me tell you about a notebook I found. I was traveling through some truly
inhospitable terrai~ jungle so thick that no light passed through its canopy, located
in the foothills of a steep mountain range. I was certain that I was the first human
to set foot in the place-until I came upon a notebook. Imagine my surprise when I
looked inside and saw that it was a young girl's journal. I became obsessed with it. I
couldn't stop thinking about this little girl and what had happened to her. Listen to
"'~\...; these entries. Did you ever hear of a tale so wondrous as hers?"

- "I wonder wlurr. you'vt gt»U ••• I'vt: hun looAi"8for you all timt, hut I
can'tjind you anyw!urr•.. "

- - "Passin,g through a village today. 1/uard JO'ITIL ptoplt taWng ahcut Ji'U··· Tluy
ducn'htd you a little diffirmtly .firnn what I mntmhtr, but it was definittly
you. Tluy said you. wtrr.luadif18 nqrt/t. So that is wlttrr I shall go, /(}(),"

- - "[don't lulitvt it. T1uy say you'w... tltrown yourself into SC1TU lind qf
swamp--somtthing called tM 'Miasma Mars/us'... Wlzy would you do ruck a
thing? What am I going to do rww?'

- - "I finally found somtont wJw could tdl nu ahaut tlusc 'MUmna Manltu.'
It dotJn't sound good. It sums tltat who gazt at tlu man/us an lurrd
towards tMm by tlu 'evil spirits' who midc tlurr.. Thty prry on those wlto'w
hm OVtrcOJIU by despair, ami comptl tlum to throw tMmH.!vtJ in ... Is that
wltat lwpptnd to you ... r·
- "/finally understand. The mptay of tlu Miarrna Mars/us... Wtll, Ilrww
what I !raw to do."

- "Last night, a traveling wizard told 'flU that ptoplc in this world sit. art a soul with a
ptrson in antJt/ur world. 77uu ptoplt art calltd 'soul matts.' Acconiing to him,
wul matts' liws art inurtwintd. and qffict tach otlur. By throwing thtmulws
into tht Miasma Marsha, howevtr, ptoplt can cut tlu lwnd that linls tlum to
thtir soul matts, allowing thtir htarts to bt anuumtd by tvil. Vhost who havt
dom sq art btytmd rdtmptitm. Ewn rtltasing tht;m thtir htarts and

Ht told mt samtthing tlst as wt/1. Somtthing important. I rutd SOmt timt to

thinA about to do next. .. " I
- - ''It is dtcidcd. I must htcomL a wizard. It is th.t (ITl/y way I can save you."

- - "It's been ~vtml ytars sina /last wrote in journal. I'm a Creal Sage
Mw, capable if" hrraching time itic!f. I'Vl decided to go had and rescue th.c you. I'm going to talc good care, righ.tfiom th.c very start. I ~Mw
I'll n!Vlr he able to return to time, hut I wii/TUJt regret In th.c
world, /'//find th.c 'jloating soul' to wh.ich. you were once connected, and I will
ahsorfJ it. That soul will he reborn-as my own ch.ild."

- "I'm setting out on a journey. a long journey to acquire th.c 'lifo' l n!ed
in order to saVl you. That is th.clcast I can do for you, after you did
forme .. .

I believe one day your soul will return, and wt:'ll mut again.

l'&u saved me..•

l'&u sacrificed rocryth.i'fl8.for me...

l'&u gaw your lifo so I could liw min!...

l'&u ..

I must su you again.

All:er the old traveler had finished reading the journal, the crowd that had assembled
before him stood silent for a long while. Before any of them could think of what to
say, the old traveler turned around and shuffied off to continue his wanderings. But
just as he was about to leave the town, he looked back at his dumbstruck audience
and addressed them once again.
"The notebook wasn't the only thing I found that day. There was a wand lying next
to it. I think it must ha~ bttn hen ... "
Chapter Seven

Regions of
the World

Some think the World a Mysterie

Through which to blindlie blunder,
Yet Wiseards since Prehistory
Have sought to know its Wonder.
~~ The Summerlands: North
The northern part of t~ Summcrlands enjoys a pleasandy mild climate all year round, and is
covert'd in lush rtgetation as a result. No trip to dle nort~m Summerlands is complete without
a visit to the cat-rul~ city of Ding Dong Dell, wh«e encounters with feline &icnds can add a
dash of color to any wizard's journey.

G' The Rolling Hills tr'- The Deep Dark Wood

The Rolling Hills spread southwards &om the The oldest and most beautiful forest in the
edge of the Deep Dark Wood, and arc home Summerlands. All manner of wonders await those
to a rich variety of wildlife and several natural who venture inside, fiom fearsome guardians to
wonders. Travelers are adviK<!to remain vigilant talking trees.
in this arn-not only for monster attacks, but
also for the ti'OVts of hidden trtasure that a~
oA:en found here.
Against a picturesque backdrop of crystal-
clear rivers and historic woodlands stands
Ding Dong Dell, the largest settlement in the
northern Summerlands. The city is famous
for its cat king, and for the harmony with
which grimalkin and humans coexist within

• Golden Grove is a famously fertile forest,

te-eming with life. Tile waters of a miraculous
The Tranquil City of the Cat King

Ding Dong Dell is situated in the middle of the lush Rolling Hills that extend all the: way
to the Detp Duk Wood. This part of the: Summerlands enjoys constant \Qnn weather,
making the city a recommended destination for any visiting wiurd.

Ding Dong Dell is home to a siuble population of cat- like people known as grimalkin, and tht city
is fan)OI.n for the harmonious atmosphere in which humans and grimalkin coexist. Incked, a cat king
has sat on the Ding Dong Dell thront sintt time immemorial.

The mild climate means that the pace of life in Ding Dong Dell is slower than in some big cities. This
makes it the perfect destination for the weary traveler who's looking to recover &om a lengthy journey.

C!) City: Ding Dong Dell

~ '!) Climate: Relatively ~rm all yecar round

~ Local Dtlicacin: Bumbler Honey

~ Character: Warmhearted but indecisive

<i) Festinb: 'The Catnap Ownpionship, The Tug-o'-T~I T011mey

'!) Local Sports: Tug-o'·Tail

King Tom Xl
~ Recent Developments
in Ding Dong Dell

There are unsavory dements 111 even the most
peaceful of SOCitlles, and m Dmg Dong Dell,
troub le comes in dlt form of mice. 'The city' s battle •
against mice has raged for centuries, though in rmnt
umes, tht- gnmalle~n have been able to assert their 'f
super1onty. There are rumors, however, that a new 'f:::_~.~~~·
dan of miSChltVOUS mitt are lurkmg somewhere m ~
the cuy, wanmg for the nght moment to take revenge --~~"tli~IB.

~ Souvenirs
Ding Dong Dell is )mown for producing some of the
world's finest fabrics.

+ Bumbkr Honey + Rustic Ga rb

Local Customs: Nost' Touching

A Popular Meeting Place: Royal Square

A largt open square, located close to the royal palace. It is notable for the large Statue in
iu midst--depicting King Tom l-and for the widt rangt of shops and other amenities
that surround it. Very much the heart of the city, there is alwaY' something of interest
taking place in Royal Square.
~~ The Summerlands: South
Tht southern part of the Summerlands is dominated by a large sandy destn, at the ttnter of which
lin the grand and mysterious city-state of AI Mamoon.

With the fishing village of Castaway Cove to the south and the: Jabal al-Dukhan volcano (nid::n:uned
"Old Smoley" by locals) to the ~st, this area has w~thing to pi'llle the interest or any traveler.
G' The Temple of Trials
This glorious temple was erected by the
their skills. Only those who pass the rigorous
tem held within an realistically aspire to
one day becoming sages.

f? AI Mamoon
A dtsert oasis, ruled by a bovine queen.
Famous for its flavorsome babanu and milk
hunger and slake their thirst.

~ The Shipwreck Shore

Known as the "Ships' Graveyard," the
treacherous sea around the Shipwr«k Shore
is littered with broken hulls and snapped
masts. Most of the wr«kt'd vessels here are
slowly sinking into the seabed, their names
long since forgonen.

'@ The Vault of Tears

The ruins of a formtrly prosperous city. Its
labyrinthine none passageways are still a
sight to behold.

@ Castaway Cove
An adorable fishing village, known as the
"Jewel of the Southern Seas." Cutaway Cove
is famous for being the birthplace of the
"flying boat," a truly unique fishing vend.

~ Jabal al-Dukhan
("Old Smoky")
A mighty volcano, constantly bubbling with
red-hot lava and utterly devoid of plant life.
At ttnain points in history, "Old Smoky" has
been prevented &om erupting via the magical
placement of a. vast boulder in its crater.
A Desert Oasis that Grows More Prosperous by the Day

Thtrt is no more impressive sight than that of the gleaming towttS of AI Mamoon rising
out of the endless desert. Within its walls, bountiful babana trees and rwo ettamy milk
fountains await the weary t~vder. Fin t-time visiton to AI Mamoon arc struck by two
things: the city's general magnificence, and its residents' commitment to equality. Indeed,
AI Mamoon is one of the only states in the world to have b«n ruled over a long socttssion
of female sovereigns. That it is so prosperous can be no coincidenct.

~ <!.) City: AI Mamoon

'!} Climate: Hot and arid

~ Local Delicac:iet: Babanu, Creamy Milk

~ Character: Resilient, possibly due to the heat

<€) Festinb: 'The &bana HaJ'V'9t

'!) Local Sports: The Ouis ~lay

Tht Cowiipha of AI Mamoon
'!:> The History of Al Mamoon
AI M2moon was just a small desert oasis wlKn a visiting
sage d«idtd to erect two mille fountains in its midst (in the
area now occupied by the city' s ctntral ~are). 1be crtamy
milk provided by the fountains allowed for dle sekcti\'t
cultivation of plants, and the eventual development of the
~bana----'1 &uit now recognized as one of dle thr« grat
foods of the world. AI Mamoon therefore owes iu current
prosperity to the generosity of one sage and the hard work
of countless babana farmers.

'!:> Recommended Delicacies

Made using local babanas, these deltttablt dessats can only
be samplt'd within the walls of AI Mamoon.

• Babana Split • Chocolate Babana

Local Customs: Traditional Mus ic

Tht inhabitants of AI Mamoon arc rc:nownc:d for thc:ir

love: of music and dancing, and locals may wdl invite
you to sing a song with them . Be: sure: to accept, as
it is one: of the: best ways to gtt to know the people
of this unique: city- state.

A Popular Muting Place: 'The Fountains of M ill:

AI Mamoon's central square plays host to the

legen<bry milk fountains that are the source of the
city's prospe rity. The milk that flows therefrom is
txtrcmt!y creamy and absolutely deliciout--not just
a rdfeshing drink in its own right, but also a key
ingredient inmanytastydishc:s.
Village of Maritime Merchants
and Fearless Fishermen

Castaway Cove is part of the

Mamooni Empire, and is known
as the hub of the world's babana
trade. It isalsohometofishermen
who use unique vtssds known as
flying hom. First- time visitors
olkn find the hustle and bustle
somewhat intimidating-to say
nothing of the dress code!-but
most end up not wanting to leave.

~ Climate: Hot and humid, but with a pleasant ~ Loa.! Character: Rough and ready, but kind·
seabr~u hearted
~ Loc:al Delicacies: Dumbnounden, Glowshrimps ~ Local Sportl: Flying lx».t racing

<i) Street Merchants and

Their Wares
The street peddlers of Castaway C~ are
world-renowned. Their stalls a~ good places
to find both unexpected treasures and utter
tat-it is up to you to try and tell the di!Jerence.
Teachings for Aspiring Wi zards
- ~3~

tJ:::Ee Temple of Tiials :K

In the northeastern part of the Shimmering Sands lies an ancient structure
known as the Temple of Trials. The: temple, protttttd by a fearsome stone
guardian, was built to provide tuition for would-be sages. Wiurds fortunate
enough to tnin there
must pus both the Test
of Wits and the Test of
Friendship, before facing
who art capable of
overcoming the third
test have the capacity
to bttomt sages.

~he Supreme Sage :K

Visitors to the Temple of Trials may be fortunate
enough to be granted an audience with the Supreme

impart his wisdom and advice to
those he dttms worthy. A visit to
the Supreme Sage is imperativt for
any wiu.rd who wishes to make an
impression on the battlefield.
T eachings for Aspiring Wizard s
- J4~-

~ Shipwreck Shore ::1{

Bordering an eerie: stretch of water known as the: "Ships' Graveyard,"
countless vessels have: met their end olF the: Shipwreck Shore:. Against all
reason, foolhardy sailon continue: tollock thc:rc:insc:a.rchofsunkc:ntrc:asurc,
their ships invariably meeting with the: same: fate: as thei r prc:dc:cc:ssors. A
crud cycle: indc:c:d. Though some: survi\'011 have reported seeing a strange: light
just before: thei r ships
were: dragged beneath
the: waves, no one: has
that searching for it
would be a regrettable:
waste: of a wizard's
time---and life:.

[:3he Vault of Tears J.

Formerly the: capital of a wealthy desert kingdom, this ruined city is now
referred to as the: Vault ofTc:an. It is said that a woman's soh1 can be: heard
coming !Tom the: vault every night, but no human has C:\'tt been seen inside:. It
is possible: that both
name: by which the:
ruins arc: now known
were: inspired by the:
statue of the: weeping
woman that can be
seen in one: of the:
T eachings for Aspiri ng Wizards
- ~s~


The Origins of Stone Culture

Most traveling wi:z.ards will already be fami liar with the
waystones that lie scattered around the kingdoms of the world.
Waystonesaregreattreasures, bequeathedtousbytheancienu,
i: and they are capable of recording our thoughts and memories as
' ~... well as restoring body and mind. Indeed, they are an invaluable

~ .;..~- ~;~·::. part ofanywi2ard'sjoorney.

~s~ . ... ~~:~ The dawning of the "Age of Sages" was marked by the
widespread use of stones in magic, to the extent that it is sometimes ealled
the "Sagely Stone Age." The wiurds of the period worked to uncover the
mysteries of stones, and uKd stone statues and tablets to store knowledge. Such
was the importance of stooes that special spells were developed in order to make
their transportation easier, and a truly wondrous stooe·based civiliution emerged.

Early stone tablets, called "memory stones," could store thoughn

and memories, while later, more advanctd designs were able
to move and talk of thei r own volition. 1bese stonet--SOme
of which exist to this day-are unrivalled in their magical
knowledge, but they are abo deeply susctptible to flattery,
and will gladly share their wisdom with any wiurd who
knows how to ask. 1k sure to take e\·ery opportunity to
learn &om such stones.

City Guardians
Most of the great cities of history were built &om stone. Not only did this
providt them with sturdy walls, it also conferred magical protection upon them.
Indeed, there are many cities, towers, caves, and other locations that benefit
from such proteetion. 1bese locations are said to be guarded by "living stones."
Living stones continue to guard buildings long after humans have stopped using
them, meaning that the world is full of melancholy living stones, stoically
guarding long·abandoned cities.
Autumnia'd to the cut of the Summttlands, Autumnia's hanh
terrain is b~dly divided between Billy Goat's Blu!F in
the north and the Pig Iron Plain in the sooth. Autumnia
wzs once home to several rival kingdoms, but of them,
only the southern state of Hamelin could daim to be more
dun a shadow of its former self.

(j' Nevermore f? The Miasma Marshes

A rtttntly renamed castle, once the royal palace A deeply unsettling place, redolent of human
of a now-dev.astat«< kingdom. tragedy. 1M regrelt of the dead art said to haunt
the marshes still.

~ Perdida ® The Tombstone Trail

A small and relatively unknown village, where A dark and eerie valley, filled with tombs said to
fables and rumors about tlx Savior are rife. belong to ancient priesu. 1be Tombstone Thil is
the only path betw«n the northern and southern

Hamelin is an ancient imperial city dun has bttn
a cradk of scientilic and magical research for
generations. h is located in the heart of the Pig
Iron Plain, in the southern pari of A111umnia.
Seat of Scientific and Magical Learning

Hamelin is the l~t city in Autwnnia and the capital of what it ofkn call~ the "Pig Iron
Empire." b is a popular dtnination for the less magically minded, as iu modern fac ilities
make it an easy place for non- wizards to li~. 1bt city is continuously being improved,
with the latest development being a system of tracks that allow whole buildings to be
moved around via the powtr of steam. The main complaint voiced by visitors to Hamelin
is that all the industry and machinery produces a thick smog that sits heavily in the lungs.

<!) City: Hamc:lin.

~ Climate: Btrety and chilly, being situated on a high plateau

~ Local Dtlkacin: Black Tl'\lffin

~ Cbaracte r: lnquisi!iveandcncrgeti<:,butn.thetcokland
indifferent :ulint

<!') Festivals: 'The Royal Proension

<!) Local Sports: Competitive truffiing

1k Emperor of Hamelin
~ The Common March
of Progress
Tht citiuns of Hamelin are united both by their
inquisitive natu res and their dtsire to support and
protect their empire. As a result, large- scale magi-
scientific military projects are quite normal. Such
projects are always kept top-se<:ret, of course, but
rumors s~st that Hamelin's latett development,
the Porro Grosso tank, is ~raJ ka~s aMad
of any weapon in the other nations ' respectiv-e

~ Local • Black Trufiles This extremely rare V1.riety of edible fungus has
Delicacies a wonderful aroma, and is said to be served to the
Empccror as an accompan iment to every meal.

Hamelin at its Btst: 'Tht Royal Proctuion

This procession is a traditional event that sees the Emperor make his way through the
streets of Hamelin. It is also an opportunity for the Empire to show o!f its very latest
ttchnological advances.

Symbols of Hamelin: The Pig

Surprising as it may seem to those who've visited modem-
day Hamelin, the city was once: known for large-
scale pig rearing. I ndttd, pigs could be credited
for Hamelin' s present prosperity, having been
responsib le for rooting out the blacl: trufBn which
account for the Empire's wealth. Interestingly,
"Hamelin Pig" is now a term of abuse applied to those
who fixate upon work to the dttrimmt of their appearance.
Scant reward for all the pigs' l.abon.
~~ Other Islands
While tht- Summerlands and Autumnia are the two largnt continenu, the~ are plenty of smaller islands
that the curious traveler would do wdl to visit. Here are just two of the more notabk examplts.

part of the largest of the
Winter bin. Some say it is
so labyrinthine that no one who
has enteud has ew:r come out.
They are, of course, WTOng.

tr Yule
Located in the southern part
of the Iargen island, Yuk is
~ 9 the only inhabited settlement

~ io.<h<_W.ot<dd"·.""."""
QC 6?J v1:~t :,;:m::n:::~~:1g~;
one da res leave the house.
- 0

'0 I

~ The Winter Isles ~

A coli«tion of islands located northwest of the Summerlands. The climate is extremely cold,
and the ground is covered in iee and snow all ~ar round. Be sure to wrap up warm shoold you
The W.nter Islet

< •

~ Teeheeti ~
A small, isolated island, covert<! in a thick forest, untouched by human
hand. Not even the most adventurous of the fishermen who work nearby
have dartd enter the forest, and very few people know what sttreu it

~ The Fairyground
Hidden away inside the forest is the
village home of the fairies. The village is
overlooked by a mountain that's so large,
its summit is wrapptd in cloud.

A Tiny Tundra Town of Ice and Snow

Yuk is located in the $0Uthem part of the largest of the Winter Isles. Though it is ofl:cn
unspeab.bly cold, the town is also known as dlt ~st platt &om which to view the aurora.
Visitors to Yule often rema rk upon its thicl: wall, which is <it-signed to keep out both
momten and the wom of tht cold.

<!) Climate: Permanently cold and snowy ~ Local O!aractcr: Cold at lint, but very nrmhc:aned
l!) Local Dclicac:ict: let Stew ~ Fe$tivals: The Snowman Gala

~ The Glittering Grotto

The legend in Yule is that this curious cave lets you take a
glimpse into the past. In complex layout makes it a popular
d~tination for wizards-in-training, but they are often ldl
disoriented by the eerie voitts that can be heard within.

The Elder of Yule

A Fairy Village Deep Within the Forest

The Fairyground is 1. curious village, hidden deep within dle forest at the center of
Ttthecti. It is home to all manner of fairin, who light up the dark forest with their
constant laughter and grilled-chcex- snacks.

~ Climate: Hot, but cool in the shade of the n us ~ Local Character: Cheerful and big·hc:arted
~ Local Dtlieacies: Fairy Rarebit ~ FcS!i~ls: The Tidy Ti ucn Comedy Festival

'€> The Cavity Club

A legendary venue where all the great fairy
comedians cut their tttth. Comedians have three
performances a day to show the audi~cc what they
are capabk of, and hopefully get some laughs in
return. The Cavity Club audience are a famously
tough crowd, and fairies know that if they can make
it here, they can make it anywhere.
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
-J 6 ~

t\idden Forest Glades

The Secret Homes of the Forest Dwellers a.roond the world's forests for long enough a.nd you ma.y stumble a.cross
a. tha.t's not ma.rked on any map. Clearings such as these tht
domain of the forest dwdlert---people who live to protect the woodlands
they call home. Shunning towns and cities, forest dwellers spend their days
in communion with the natural world.

Mysterious Forest Dwellers

Forest dwellers art said to bt able to talk to both plants and a.nimals, which
may be the reason behind the curious mode of sptteh they havt dtvtloped.
Forest dwellers are also capable of enduring great heat and terrible cold,
much like a majestic old trtt.

Aspiring wiurds would do well to learn from them.

A Lost City, Floating in the Sky
Xanadu was a city built exclusively via
magical means, 1ituatN atop a mighty stone
pillar that was summoned from the depths of
theearth.Itwuruledbyagreat sorceress
who possessed truly fearsome magical power,
and whose prophesies were bdievtd to bt

<!) Climate: Plc:uantly warm all reu round

<!.) Loca.l Delicacies: Chaffy Grain

€1 Local Character: Taciturn

~ Local Sports: Cloud~~ racing

<i) The Dragon's Lair

A cave near Xanadu that was destroyed at the
same time as the floating city. It was once
said to be the home of a mighty dragon, and
was therefore off· limits to ord inary travekn.
Teachings for Aspiring Wizards
- 17~

[:::2he Other World :J{

Another World About Wbich Little Is Known
The world you ~e btfore you is not the only world in existence. There is
at least one more, but since only wizards who have mastered the "Gateway"
spell are able to visit it, not many people have ever been there. Some lucl:y
individuals have somehow managed to visit wi thout performing magic,
howtve r, and have even returned to tell the tale.
All of the~ people talk of the strange things they've seen--the clothes in
particular. One penon even brought bacl: a pair of spectacles that were pitch
blacl:! No one has yet ascertained what purpo~ they are suppo~d to ~rve.
Othen claim to have witnessed young men applying a strange gelatinous
substance to their hair, making their heads lool: somewhat
similar totheposteriorofacreatureoftheavesgenus.
A few apparently u~d the same substance to
make their hair stand on end, as though
they had been struck by a bolt of
lightning. These stylings would
appear to ~rrt no practical
purpose, though many
visitors observed that
coiffured men enjoyed
more attention &om their
female counterparts.
Some have also reported
seeing people who look exactly
like themselves. About twenty yean ago,
the governor of Castaway Cove wrote in his travel
journal that he'd s~n an enormous snake in the other world, puffing douds of
smoke and running along a strange metal path. Still more disconcerting was
the fact that the snake seemed to have swallowed a btllyful of people, one
of whom looked exactly lil:e the governor. 1k governor naturally assumed
he was hallucinating and concluded that he must bt ill-though he was in
fact entirely healthy, and is still going strong to this day.
Somewhere in the world, there is said to be an inaccessible landmass, one that is
shrouded in a deep fog and thick cloud. Legends claim that this land was once home
to a highly prosperous civilinrion, though such rumors have never been conlirmed.
No one actually knows how to get to the place, though some claim that the fog
clears for one day a year, allowing one to sail towards it. Others say that the
Eye of the Storm will JOmetimes cast hapless sailors upon its shores. It must be
emphasized, however, that these are only rumors. Curious wi u rds should use their
initiative and think of their own methods of clearing away the fog, rather than
relyi ng on S«<ndhand hearsay.
The Nazcaan Alphabet
Aeons ago, when d\C Nazcaan civilization was at its ~ak, the language ~ speak today ~
wrinen using a difftrtnt and considerably more ancient lenering system--om~ that has co~ to
be known as the script. A guide to its alphabet, indicating the mockm letters to which
its symbols correspond, is displayed on the opposite page.

In its most ancient form, Nau:aan did not even consist of what we would call "letters," but
comprised in11ead a dizzying variety of tripartite "glyphs." ~r, the laborious nature of their
production meant that by the time most of the renowned $agt]y writings were produced, words
were already bting rendered using individual symbols. 'These symbols were historically wriuen--
and therefore read-fimn right to left. It was not until the Middle Ages, when the loose sl~
many associate with wi:z.ardry became popular, that the practice was abandoned-much to the
dismay of washerwomen, who had been eyeing ink-stained wizards' robes as a potential goldmine.

Nazcaln script is notable for its lack of both spacts bttween words and of punctuation in gene ral.
Hot-bloodtd young wizards-in-training are often htard complaining of tht difficulty this creates
in detc:rmining whtrt words and sentencts begin and tnd, but it is generally aCi:epted that reading
Nazcaan should not prove challenging to thost with realistic sagtly ambitions. To address tht
complaint more dirtctly: tht fact that the vast majority of modtrn scripts now incorporate thest
featurts is a consequence of tht spread of literacy beyond rardied scholarly cirdes, and the
concomitant nttd to assist tht common rtackr.

More astute souls will by now h~ notittd that tht Nazcaln script dots not distinguish betwttn
lower- and upptrcast letters. In fact, it was not until tht dc:velopmtnt of tht printing press,
many ctnturies after tht fall of tht Nazcaan civilization, that such a distinction was conttivtd.
l nd«d, tht two cattgorits were: named after tht uppt r and lowtr drawtrs, or "cases," in which
the: mov'able type: was stortd--but that is a digression for an01her time.

Finally, as the accompanying guick dearly shows, the constituent lc:ttc:rs of tht Nn.caln and
modem alphabets do not corrtlate exactly. This is due to the fact that certain modc:rn leners
wtre invented long after tht Nazcaln alphabet fell &om use, while ctrtain Nazcaln letters were
ul timately tht victims of modern printing methods, which saw thtm rendered as pairs of othtr
letters. For example, our letter w is a modtrn rendering of the Nncalin double l (vv), L being
itself the ancient equivalent of both the modtrn v and u. The Na zcain lttter Q (th), meanwhile,
survives only as a sound, and is now rendered as a combination of t and h. Likewise, ~ is
nowadays rendered as a combination of c and h, and 'ti as a combination of e and i.

A novice's guide to reading tht ancient texts:

1. Find tht beginning of the passage, and start rtading &om right to left, using the guide on
tht opposite page to dtcipher tht ancient symbols.

2, Remember that tht Na:zcain script featurts no spaces, no distinction between lower- and
uppercase letters, and no punctuating marks. You will need to engage you r brain in orckr to
worl: out whtre words and stnttncts begin and end.
3· Be aware that some of our modem lttters did not exist in the Nazcailn alphabet, with j, u,
and w being represented by ~ (i), L (v), and double L (v) respectively. Remember also
that two mockm letters art sometimes represented by one ancient symbol (namtly th, ch,
~ ~ The Nazcaan Script ~


~~~<9il\1 ~ t
p R
"X, GJ. 0~ eA 7~ ~~ f
T U / V X Y Z

Q ~ ~

I l 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 0

Heed it, and r~peat not the mistakes of the past.

High above the clouds, the child of white light

Casts the world once more into dark~st night
The path unto th~ dawn was never fair
It is one fraught with su!Pring and despair
w~ll knoweth she of both their power
Entombed there in her iv'ry tower
Though full many have sought to breach h~r keep
Its walls ar~ too high, its myst'ries too dttp
Hope springeth yet amidst the Jlowcn
Vlhen you find them, you will find her bower
Each rime you fear that you have lost your way
Hark unto the child, mark what she would say