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Varghese Mathew

Present address
Mangalathu House,
Ermathoor P.O,
Alleppy District,

Contact details :
Email id: [Primary]

Career Objective

Engineering Professional Seeking Challenging opportunities to Enhance Skills And Career Growth.

Summary of Skills
 Strong Oral and Written communication skills (Report generation of each project)
 Ability to solve Technical problem and great attention to detail (Obtained optimized results )
 Enjoys teamwork and ability to adopt new technology.(Successfully trained M.Tech graduates)
 Excellent project and time management skills.(Completed all projects in stipulated time)

Academic Qualification

Qualification Institute University/ Board Year Percentage

Post- M.V.J College Of Engineering, VisvesvarayaTechnological 2013- 78.20
Graduation Channasandra , Bangalore University 2015

Graduation Aeronautical Society OF India Aeronautical Society of India 2010 60.00

HSC St. Francis D'Assisi Jr. College, Borivali Maharashtra State Board 2004 77.33
(E), Mumbai

SSC St .George High School , Malad (E), Maharashtra State Board 2002 77.20

Technical & Computer Proficiency

IT- Skills

Operating Systems Windows, Linux

Meshing software Hyper-mesh , Pointwise, Autocad
Analysis Software ANSYS (APDL) ,Fluent , SU2, Ansys WorkbenchV.15
Documentation MS Office, Tecplot, Paraview
Work Experience

1) Spice Jet Airlines [Material Planner] "Feb2017 - 30July2017"

319, UdyogVihar,
Phase-4 ,
Gurgaon - 122016,
India .

Role  Material Planner [Material Provisioning and material

routing ]
 Supply and Logistics
 Data Analysis

Responsibility:  Creation of Material Part Number as Per requirement in

 Floating request for Quote for the required Material
 Purchasing of material and components to various
vendors by creating and issuing purchase Orders.
 Procuring material with minimal cost and ensuring
company profit

Recent Projects  Data migration from RAL to AMOS

 Procurement of various tool and Commercial Items to
ensure smooth Running of the Cargo stores stock and
 Data Analysis of various freight forwarders to determine
the best and most economical one with regards to cost.
 Tire data analysis to determine the average landing
obtained for the various vendor for claiming any unwanted
 Relative net cost estimation of the current fleet for various
tires to obtain the comparatively cheapest ones which
has been successfully utilized currently to gain maximum

2) NAL [ M.Tech Project Trainee.] ‘Aug 2014 – Sept 2015’

2 DOF rigid body flutter of a typical wing section as well as flutter analysis of a deformable AGARD 445.6
wing was carried out by using time domain fully coupled SU 2 software at National Aerospace Laboratory-
CTFD Division, Council of Scientific Research, India).

Rigid Body Flutter of Isogai wing Section[NACA 64a010 Airfoil]

Fully Implicit time marching scheme is utilized for flutter boundary determination of NACA-64A010,typical wing
section of Isogai wing .Unsteady RANS equations are used to determine the flow parameters. The implicit
RAN's equation is coupled to the governing structural equation of motion. Dual Time Stepping is used for
achieving better convergence in each time step. The response of the wing section to the flow fluctuation is
used to determine the critical flutter values at each mach number The results are utilized to distinguish the
stable, unstable as well as critical mach number domain at each mach number along with the transonic dip
region in the Mach Number V/s Flutter index curve

Agard 445.6 Deformable Wing Flutter Analysis

Flutter analysis was carried out determine the critical flutter index for the Agard 445.6 deformable wing at
Mach No.0.499 & 0.678.Pointwise Software is utilized for building the required Su2 mesh file format by
building the CFD and Structural domain separately and later combined into a single file manually by carefully
editing and adding mesh file parameters which also includes markers like Izone which provides Su2 details
about the zone number (1=fluid,2=solid)
Newmarks time marching Implicit scheme is utilized for determining the Displacement ,velocity and
acceleration at each nodal point of the wing . the results obtained are in agreement with the available
experimental data


1. Obtain flutter index V/s Mach number graph within transonic flight regime ( 0.7 to 0.95 Mach) for ISOGAI
2. Steady state analysis of AGARD 445.6 wing and NACA 64a010 Airfoil using su2 Simulation code

3) GTRE[ Thermal Stress Engineer[FEA]- Ansys, Hypermesh]

Gas Turbine Research ‘Sep2012 to Sep 2013’

Defense Research and
Development Organization
Ministry of Defense, India

Role : Perform Thermal FEA Analysis of Gas Turbine Engine Compoinents

Using Ansys Mechanical - APDL and Hypermesh Software to
Determine the Nodal Temperature and Induced thermal Stress in
Structure subjected to heat Flow

Responsibility :  Mesh Generation using Hypermesh Software

 Thermal Stress Analysis using Ansys Mechanical APDL
 Prediction of nodal temperatures of bodies (turbine,
combustor casing ) subjected to hot flow
 Post-processing And Report Generation using MS Office

Projects  Transient Analysis of Jet Pipe Liner Thermal; Barrier Coating

to determine the Thermal Nodal Temperature Loads using
Shell Elements
 Turbine casing FEA Analysis to determine the thermal Stress
on Components Subjected to hot flow
 Fan Split Casing Analysis
 Thermal Analysis of Gas Turbine Exhaust cone to determine
the best configuration .

4) GTRE[ Structural Stress Engineer[FEA]- Ansys, Hypermesh ]

Gas Turbine Research ‘July 2011 to July 2012’

Defense Research and Development Organization
Ministry of Defense, India

Designation : On Job Trainee

Role : Analyst
(Stress Analysis ,Jet Engine components)

Responsibility :  Domain Discretization of provided CAD model

 Analysis in ANSYS mechanical APDL
 Result validation and preparation of reports
 Mesh Generation Using Hypermesh

Projects  Gas Turbine Exhaust Cone Stress Analysis to predict and

determine the optimum design using combination of shell
and solid elements for obtaining stress and displacement
 Debris Guard Stress Analysis using Beam Elements in
combination with shell element for determining the stress and
displacement pattern over the structure
 Engine Casing Buckling Analysis

Seminars attended

International Seminar On Green Initiatives Organized By Aeronautical Society Of India In Association With IATA
Held On 16th February ,2011 In Mumbai .Completed Training By Appearing For Exam At End Of Training.

Paper’s presented

1 2
1. T. Varghese Mathew and Sharanappa V. Sajjan ,“Time Domain Aeroelastic Analysis of an
Aerofoil” CFD Annual Symposium, 2015.

2. Vasanth Dhanagopal1, T. Varghese Mathew2 and Sharanappa V. Sajjan3 “Time Domain Flutter
Analysis of the AGARD 445.6 Wing” CFD Annual Symposium, 2016
Personal Details

Father’s Name : Mathew Ninan

Date of Birth : 13 March 1986
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Unmarried
Passport No. : N3899234
Passport Expiry Date : 28/10/2025
Hobbies : Reading, Painting, Solving Puzzles , Playing Cricket, Exploring and Learning
New FEM and CFD Tools
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam
Current Designation : Looking for challenging opportunities[ Ready to Relocate]


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: 1/03/2018 T. Varghese Mathew

Place: Kerala