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“UANG PANAI” To be Faced or To be Avoided

By Fitrianingsih

Being able to be in a challenging life with someone who has engaged someone’s heart is a
huge ambition for the future. Involving someone else as a couple in a life to gain Allah’s mercy is
what we call marriage. However it becomes a warning for a man who is 20 years or more to be
sincerely in love and propose to a woman of a certain social background in South Sulawesi.
“Uang panai” is a custom from South Sulawesi in which the man must fulfill certain requirements
to marry his chosen woman, this may include giving a plot of land, jewelry or money. The value
of money that should be provided by the man and the other requirements are determined by the
woman’s family. As can be seen from the recent phenomenon, these are all burdening a man to
marry the woman because “uang panai” which is beyond the wedding procession is a kind of
tradition that is considering the social status of a certain family in south Sulawesi especially for
Buginese and Makasarese.
For some men, uang panai has a positive effect. The man will show his dedication
through his hardwork. For others, uang Panai is definitely misfortune and such a compulsion for
those who will get the sacred bond of marriage meanwhile the man doesn’t have overwhelming
properties and much money to contribute. To be more profound, cancelling wedding procession
because of uang panai is a very common thing in South Sulawesi whereas to marry a girl with a
high level of education, good physical appearance, high level of social background, and also the
only daughter might be in plenty of consideration.
Moreover, if the requirements are not able to be fulfilled yet by the time of the wedding,
the man must sign an agreement starting he will fulfill those requirements after the wedding
procession. With regard to this issue, it might be ilustrated that the romantic days after wedding
will not be fully enjoyed because of those requirements. This too can be a real nuisance.
Is Uang Panai to be faced or to be avoided? for women and men, there can be different
prespectives for those who are categorized as underprivilege. Hence, the men’s prespective
toward this issue might be indicated in their choice for the future whether they want to dedicate
their hardwork to marry the women from south Sulawesi in a right path or try to avoid what we
called uang panai by looking for another possibilties and to what extent the men will concern to
be with his choice in the future life.
To sum up, what the women from south sulawesi are supposed to do dealing with this
issues are praying and to be better day by day in order to get the best one who will make such a
struggle to pick them up.