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2017-2018 Academic Calendar

BBA, B.COM, BHM, MBA ( General & Digital Marketing)Programs

Event Dates
Induction Program for BBA, BHM and MBA Programs 19th July to 2nd August 2017
Academic Registrations for Odd Semester of 2017-18 7th August 2017
Class work Commencement for Odd semester 8th August 2017
1st Test 18th to 21st Sept 2017
National Seminar 23rd September 2017
2nd Test 14th to 18th Oct 2017
3rd Test 13th to 16th Nov 2017
Last Instruction day for even semester 8th Dec 2017
Odd Semester End Examinations 15th Dec 2017
Semester Break 26th Dec 2017
Academic Registrations for Even Semester of 2017-18 27nd Dec 2017
Class work Commencement for Even semester 28th Dec 2017
National Workshop 25th January 2018
1st Test 30th Jan to 2nd Feb 2018
2nd Test 5th to 8th March 2018
3rd Test 3rd to 6th April 2018
Last instruction day for Even Semester 16th April 2018
Even Semester End Examinations 25th April 2018
Commencement of Summer Internship for
8th May 2018
BBA/ B.Com/ BHM/ MBA Programs
Closure of Summer Internship for
July 3rd 2018
BBA/ B.Com and BHM
Closure of Summer Internship for MBA July 31st 2018

Commence- Last No of
Event ment of Class Test - 1 Test -II Test III Instruction Working
work day Days

Odd 19.07.2017 14th to 18th 14th to 18th 13th to 16th 08.12.2017 15.12.2017
Sem Sep, 2017 Oct, 2017 Nov 2017.
27 18 23 21 89
Even 28.12.2017 30th Jan to 2nd 5thto 8th 3rd to 6th April 16.04.2018 25.04.2018
Sem Feb 2018 March, 2018 2018.
23 25
26 11
2017-2018 Academic Calendar
MBA ( B&FS) Times Pro Program


Academic Registration for Odd Sem 2017-18 July 19 ,2017
Commencement of class work July 20th ,2017
1st Test 23rd to26th August 2017
2nd Test 20th to 23rd September 2017
Operational Workout/Case studies/Seminars/Mini
01st to 06th November, 2017
Projects/Reading Seminars
Last Instructions day 20th November, 2017
Odd Sem End Examinations 29 th November to 11th December 2017
Academic Registration for Even Sem 2017-18 18th December ,2018
Commencement of class work 19th December ,2018
1st Test 18th to 22nd January ,2018
2nd Test 17th to 21st Feb,2018
Live Projects/Case Studies/Seminars/
10th to 14th March ,2018
Reading Seminars/ Mini Projects
Last Instructions day 17th March 2018
Even Sem End Examinations 26st March,2018

Commenc Workout/Case
Last Comprehensi No of
e-ment of studies/Seminars/M
Event Test - 1 Test -II Instructio ve Workin
Class ini
n day Examination g Days
work Projects/Reading
Odd 19.07.2017 23rd to26th 20st to 23rd 01st to 06th 20.11.2017 29.11 2017
Sem Aug 2017 Sep, 2017 Nov 2017.
29 22 25 12 87

Even 17.01.2018 18h to 22st 17thto 21st 10th to 14th March 17.03.2018 26.03.2018
Sem Jan 2018 Feb, 2018 2018.
25 23 17 7

NOTE: Changes can be attracted in the exam dates few times based on the dates
of DBF, NCFM & NISM exams.