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The captain/master is the ship's highest responsible officer and acting on behalf of
the ship's owner. Besides that a captain also served as :
- A leader on board
- Holders of public authority (it mean all those who are on the ship, whoever
he is without exception must obey the captain, this is for security and order
on the ship)
- Law enforcement (a captain has the authority to act as police and
prosecutors on board in the event of a crime)
- A civil registry employee (It mean in the event of a birth or death, the captain
is authorized to become a civil registry employee on board)
- And as a notary
As a leader on board, a captain has responsibility such as
- Responsible for the safety of the voyage
- Responsible for the safety of the ship's crew
- Seaworthiness or commonly called (seaworthy) (is concept that runs through
maritime law) how to get seaworthy? One of them by perform sea trial
routine on schedule

The Chief Officer/First Mate is the head of the deck department on a vessel. Duties
of The Chief Officer include :

- Maintenance of the ship's hull

- Cargo supervisor
- All aspects of the accommodations (Lights at gangway, sign)
- Life saving appliances and firefighting appliances (Nozzles, Liferaft,

related to the main duties of the officer as the supervisor of loading and unloading
cargo then the officer is responsible for

- Cargo operations and cargo gears (Crane, Derrick, Hook, Etc)

- Stability
- Safety and security of the ship, as well as the welfare of the crew on board.
The Duty and Responsibilities of Second Officer is related to navigation vessel. They
are :
- Updating charts
- Making passage plans
- Charts Maintenance
- Electronic Maintenance, like GPS, Radar, AIS, Radio Communication
- Non-Electronic Maintenance, like Sextant
- And operation of the navigation lights

Third officer duties vary depending on the type of ship, crewing, and other factors.
Duties related to the role of safety officer focus on responsibility for items such as
- Firefighting equipment
- Lifeboats
- and various other emergency systems like EPIRB (Direct alert to Search and
Rescue Services near voyage) and SART (to alert around the range of the
ship’s radar)

I never know there was a fourth officer in the ship. Otherwise, is any fourth officer,
it must be a new officer who is trained before becoming a third officer


Is served as a radio/communication operator and responsible for maintaining the
safety of ships from distress

Highly skilled in marlinspike seamanship (is about tying of various knots from rope,
wire, wire rope).The Boatswain generally carries out the tasks instructed by the
Chief officer, directing the Able seaman and Ordinary seaman.


An Able seaman works under the Boatswain, completing tasks such as working
mooring lines (lines or rope for secured the ship to berth from free movement of
the ship on the the water), operating deck gear (Crane, Derrick, Hook), and
standing anchor details. The AB also stands a navigational watch, generally as a


The lowest ranking personnel in the deck department. An Ordinary seaman[OS]
generally helps out with work the Able seaman are doing


This is the entry-level position that requires no previous working experience.
Coming from merchant marine college for practice and learn becoming officer.
Practice and learn like
- How to Store cargo
- Ship Maneuvering
- Ship Stability
- And learn ship managements according to the type of ship, to work on the
ship runs regularly and efficiently