Anda di halaman 1dari 3

1. Are you Employed ?

( )
a. Yes b. No

If yes only then proceed

2. Do you have any Insurance Policy? ( )

a. Yes b. No
3. Which Insurance do you have? ( )
a. Life b. Non Life c. both
4. Which Co’s Insurance Policy you prefer the most? ( )

(Rank Them)

a. LIC
b. ICICI Prudential
c. SBI Life Insurance
d. ING Vysya
e. Reliance Life Insurance
f. Tata AIG Life
g. Any other ____________(Specify)
5. For how many years do you have Insurance Policy? (Please tick)( )
a. 5 years b. 5-10 years c. 10-15 years d. any other__________(Specify)
6. What do you think are the benefits of Insurance cover? (Rank them) ( )
a. Cover future Uncertainty
b. Tax deductions
c. Future Investment
d. Any other (Specify)
7. Which future of your Policy attracted you to buy it? (Rank them) ( )
a. Low premium
b. Larger risk coverance
c. Money back guarantee
d. Reputation of company
e. Easy access to agents
f. Any other
8. Your monthly Income ? ( )
a. 4k b. 4k to 8k c. 8k to 12 k d 12kto 16k e. other___(specify)
9. Do you really think Insurance Policy cover in today’s scenario is not essential?


10. What is your perception about Insurance? ( )

a. Saving tool b. A tax saving device c. A tool to protect future

11. How was / would you bought / buy an Insurance ? ( )

a. Customer approached Insurance COs
b. Insurance Cos approached Customer
12. Are you satisfied with the Policy? ( )
a. Satisfied b. not satisfied c. not responding
13. Are you satisfied with service agent? ( )
a. Satisfied b. not satisfied c. not responding
14. Do you pay taxes? ( )
a. Yes b. no
15. Where have you invested for tax savings? ( )
a. LIC
b. NSC
d. PPF
e. PF
f. EPF
16. Which is the best form of investments? ( )
a. Fixed assets
b. Bank deposits
c. Jewellery
d. Securities
e. Shares
f. Insurance
17. What do you intent to gain from investment? ( )

a .saving and returns b. securities c. tax benefits

18. What is the right age to buy Insurance? ( )

a. After 25 years b. after 35 years c. after 45 years d. any time
19. How would you rate Insurance companies? ( )
a. Rigid plans
b. Non user friendly
c. Un satisfactory
d. Non-aggressive
e. Satisfactory
f. Good
g. Very good
20. Are you planning for new investment ? ( )
a. Planning b. not planning
21. Would you go for Insurance if a service provider away from the city offers better service
and products? ( )
a. Yes
b. No
c. Un certain