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Rachmadio Noval Lazuardi

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Adopt an example of regional agricultural problem, and discuss about your solution to overcome
it with your research interests.

Agriculture is one of the key sectors of Indonesian economy. Although the contribution of
agriculture sector to national gross domestic product keeps showing a declining trend year by year, as the
data shows that in 2013 agriculture sector contributes to 14.43%[1] of national GDP while in 2016 it is
significantly decreased to 13.8%[2], as many as 40% of the labor comes from the agricultural sector[2].
One of many problems in agriculture industry of Indonesia is lacking of productivity, if it is to be
compared with national consumption as the population growth keeps increasing rapidly. It is said that the
productivity in agriculture needs to be escalated by 60% in order to keep up with the demand of national
consumption by 2030[2]. Beside productivity, another challenge that should be tackled is how to overcome
the uncertainty of production. This challenge is particularly harmful to smallholder farmers, since the
uncertainty is deemed as a questionable risk by financial institutions which are reluctant to provide credit
to smallholders. So, my solution to tackle this problem is by enhancing AI to agriculture sector, as my
research interests is in Artificial Intelligence.

We are now already facing an era of technology where every aspect in our life is enhanced with
fancy technological products. But, in Indonesia, technology in agricultural seems to be outdated and not
so many people interested in developing a technology to demolish agricultural problem. It is indeed very
important to implement advanced technological product in order to increase the productivity and also
the stability of production. One of solution that can be implemented is to create a smart farming system,
where we can use nowadays technology such as IoT (Internet of Things) and also AI. The idea is to gather
various data that can affect the yield of each farms such as weather data from satellite, soil data from
sensors, geographical data, and other important data that can be used to profile the productivity index of
each farm land. By doing this, we could help the farmers to understand more the needs of their field. In
other words, from this system the farmers would be able to communicate with their fields.