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ADB Competency Framework

for Managers Levels 7 – 10

1. Competencies define the critical skills and behaviors required to succeed within ADB. They also explain how behaviors are
expected to develop as staff progress between job grades, as explained through indicators.

2. ADB's competency framework sits at the core of our staff management practices, such as recruitment, assignment, staff
development, and performance management. Competencies describe the behaviors we expected of ADB staff now, and in the future.
Cascaded from Strategy 2020 and ADB's Values, encouraging all staff to demonstrate the competencies will assist in achieving the
long-term goals of ADB. The framework is composed of two groups of competencies:

a. Core competencies: comprised of six competencies expected to be demonstrated by all staff, regardless of their role
or location.
b. Managerial competencies: comprised of four competencies expected to be demonstrated by all staff at Level 7 1 and
ADB's Core and Managerial Competencies

Core Competencies
1. Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills
2. Client Orientation
3. Achieving Results and Problem Solving
4. Working Together
5. Communication and Knowledge Sharing
6. Innovation and Change

Managerial Competencies
1. Managing Staff
2. Leadership and Strategic Thinking
3. Accountability
4. Inspiring Trust and Integrity

For Lead Professionals, all Managerial Competencies other than Managing Staff apply.

How to read the competencies

Each competency 2 includes three components:

1. Competency Description: The description provided by the indicators includes a summary of the behavior expected at ADB
and will differ depending on staff group and level.

2. Staff groups: ADB's core and managerial competencies are expected to be demonstrated by all applicable staff categories:

a. International Staff: internationally recruited professionals with technical knowledge and experience of international
standards and ability to apply them to the context of any DMC.
b. National Staff: locally recruited professional and technical staff with knowledge and experience of local standard and ability
to apply them in the local context.
c. Administrative Staff: locally-recruited technical support and administrative staff.

How some competencies are expected to be demonstrated will differ between our seven staff groups and the levels within each
group. This is a reflection of the different experiences and corresponding behaviors that ADB requires our staff groups to apply
and demonstrate on the job. The staff groups are presented in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Core Staff Groups at ADB

With the exception of the Managerial Competency Inspiring Trust and Integrity which has one level of proficiency

3. Levels of proficiency: Three levels of proficiency have been provided to guide how the demonstration of the competencies
may differ for staff within each staff group. The three levels are:

Developing: staff new to the role and/or learning to demonstrate the competency
Proficient: expected demonstration of the competency
Advanced: outstanding demonstration of the competency

Staff considered as "Advanced" should also be able to demonstrate the behaviors and skills described under the levels of
"Developing" and "Proficient".

The levels of proficiency build upon each other and explain the behaviors that staff are expected to develop as they gain
experience and progress within their staff group. An example of how the competencies are presented is found below in Figure 2.
Figure 2. Example of presentation of Levels of Proficiency for each Staff Group

1. High level competency Competency

description description

2. Applicable staff group

Staff group


3. Three levels of
proficiency for Proficient
applicable staff


Who to approach for more information

For more information on the competencies, please contact Director, BPHR or the Client Services Group.

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

1. Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

Demonstrates breadth, depth, and leadership in own area of technical expertise. Maintains up-to-date knowledge in concepts and practices
related to an area of work. Produces useful analyses, methods, reports, and recommendations. When appropriate, develops other staff in ADB
and client organizations.

Provides thought leadership

ƒ Applies knowledge to high risk complex issues

ƒ Develops new techniques and procedures to monitor and evaluate development impact
ƒ Trials the application of new project and program theories
ƒ Regularly shares information on area of technical expertise

ƒ Develops and shares new theories and applications


ƒ Develops other specialists in ADB and client organizations as a subject matter expert
ƒ Convinces sophisticated clients to follow ADB's technical advice
ƒ Focuses on creating depth in area of technical expertise within ADB

ƒ Demonstrates high levels of job-relevant knowledge and skills to be an internationally recognized as a subject matter expert

ƒ Interprets latest research findings to assist clients in relevant legislation and policy changes
ƒ Sought after by departments, clients, and MDBs for advice on current and emerging issues
ƒ Represents ADB as a spokesperson on technical issues

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

2. Client Orientation
Listens to and adapts approach to understand and meet different needs and concerns. Delivers proactive services and effective, customized
products to clients. Evaluates the degree to which client needs are met and, if required, adapts approach to better meet needs in the future. Treats
all clients fairly, consistently, and with respect.

Develops, manages and maintains complex and critical client relationships

ƒ Persuades clients on what they may or may not need from ADB's programs

ƒ Involves stakeholders and clients in relevant strategic planning

ƒ Reaches consensus to satisfy client groups with differing or conflicting needs
ƒ Establishes effective relationships with high level decision makers and opinion leaders

ƒ Leads complex client negotiations to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes


ƒ Guides others on how to effectively involve diverse groups of stakeholders and clients in strategic planning
ƒ Ensures consistent client satisfaction, particularly in highly sensitive and complex situations
ƒ Proactively manages relationships with decision makers and opinion leaders that contributes to achieving ADB's goals

ƒ Maintains long-term relationship when agreement in complex and high-level negotiations is not attained

ƒ Incorporates current and emerging client needs in Departmental and organizational strategic planning
ƒ Frequently assists others to manage challenging client situations as a role model on outstanding client management
ƒ Resolves complex, significant client issues in a manner that strengthens the long-term relationship

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

3. Achieving Results and Problem Solving

Conducts balanced analysis and uses good judgment to solve problems. Commits to, and follows through on concrete, timely and cost effective
courses of action, even if obstacles are faced. Focuses on achieving quality results that balance the outcomes sought by all stakeholders. When
appropriate, is prepared to take independent action. Takes appropriate risks required to meet results.

Aligns sector or country-level priorities with ADB and DMC objectives

ƒ Identifies short-term issues in programs and initiatives

ƒ Implements plans to address issues with programs and initiatives that may impact the achievement of results
ƒ Implements operational processes, resources, and systems, to deliver results at lower cost
ƒ Focuses on quickly and fairly addressing staff issues
ƒ Plans for ADB’s current or immediate risks by developing contingencies

ƒ Conducts complex analyses and reviews to achieve planned results


ƒ Integrates projects and programs contributing to sector, country, and regional results
ƒ Identifies and plans for future issues in programs and initiatives
ƒ Designs operational processes, resources, and systems, to deliver higher quality results at lower cost
ƒ Manages for results by planning staff resources, implementing, monitoring, and reporting outcomes

ƒ Perseveres to achieve critical results despite multifaceted and unexpected problems and challenges

ƒ Conducts complex and state-of-the-art analyses, investigations, and reviews as an expert to achieve planned results
ƒ Focuses on long term sector, country and regional progress as the measure of results, as opposed to short-term gains
ƒ Identifies and incorporates future external environmental risks in risk management strategies
ƒ Negotiates with confidence and guardianship for ADB's objectives, even when faced with contradictory client needs and/or desired

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

4. Working Together
Commits to workgroup goals and works effectively with individuals of different views, culture, nationality, gender, and age. Develops collaborative
relationships both within and outside ADB. Adopts a collegial approach to tasks and manages conflict. Seeks or offers help when needed and
acknowledges others’ contributions. Promotes effective teamwork.

Leads teams and fosters a collegial culture throughout ADB

ƒ Develops and transfers knowledge of team members across themes, sectors and countries

ƒ Builds and fosters relationships with significant internal and external stakeholders
ƒ Removes obstacles to support team success and ensures necessary resources are available
ƒ Actively builds and manages diverse teams to leverage the benefits of different views and inputs for ADB

ƒ Leads the achievement of interdepartmental or multi-client project goals


ƒ Builds sustainable and productive long-term relationships with strategic partners at Ministerial, Central Agency and Sector level
while appreciating differing objectives and concerns
ƒ Actively manages potential team conflict situations before they arise
ƒ Builds a safe environment within teams where staff and clients feel comfortable to openly share differing views and opinions

ƒ Exemplifies what good team leadership and membership at ADB means


ƒ Develops new internal and external relationships at the highest organizational levels that are critical to ADB’s long-term success
ƒ Sought after to lead high-level internal and external team conflict identification and resolution
ƒ Serves as a role model and promotes the benefits of working in diverse teams

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

5. Communication and Knowledge Sharing

Communicates with awareness for the diversity of ADB's stakeholders. Demonstrates active listening. Builds networks with others for the effective
communication and exchange of knowledge and ideas. Diligent in seeking and delivering feedback. Seeks to openly communicate to all relevant

Leads ADB in effective two-way communication and dissemination of knowledge

ƒ Diligently seeks and follows up on feedback

ƒ Amends own communication approach to make others more comfortable

ƒ Proactively identifies client needs for knowledge products and solutions
ƒ Actively contributes to the formation of knowledge products and services

ƒ Diligently seeks and acts on feedback from internal and external stakeholders

ƒ Consistently provides the appropriate level and amount of communication to internal and external stakeholders
ƒ Develops approaches for information access and the dissemination of relevant knowledge solutions
ƒ Stimulates the formation of novel and useful knowledge products and services

ƒ Promotes a culture of two-way open communication by all staff


ƒ Expertly represents ADB in complex and sensitive forums and negotiations with stakeholders, clients, MDBs and other entities
ƒ Convinces staff and clients to embrace knowledge sharing in all operations
ƒ Sought out for guidance on leveraging the full value of ADB's development knowledge

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

6. Innovation and Change

Initiates, sponsors, and supports change. Demonstrates support for changes required by ADB to achieve Strategy 2020. Responds to change with
an open attitude and for opportunities to support the change to succeed. Adopts new policies, systems and processes in a constructive and timely
manner. Seeks more efficient ways for work to be completed in order to better meet the needs of clients and colleagues.

Drives the change agenda in ADB

ƒ Demonstrates awareness of own actions and role in implementing Strategy 2020 by gaining the support of teams, colleagues,

senior management and clients

ƒ Communicates to staff and clients the reasons for organizational changes
ƒ Seeks better product and service delivery enabling ADB to meet changing client needs
ƒ Drives the implementation of new organizational approaches to improve the quality of client services and products

ƒ Acts as a change sponsor to win the support of those who are resistant to Strategy 2020 or organizational changes

ƒ Persuasively communicates the reasons for organization change, addressing concerns and encouraging thinking beyond possible
immediate personal inconveniences
ƒ Anticipates the need for changes in policies and procedures to increase the effectiveness of ADB's assistance
ƒ Drives the development of a continuous improvement and openness to change culture throughout ADB

ƒ Champions change required by Strategy 2020


ƒ Motivates staff and clients to understand the reasons for organizational changes to gain their active support
ƒ Develops effective structures and processes to plan for and manage change successfully
ƒ Persuades resistant clients of the need for change by demonstrating the actual and long term potential benefits

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

1. Managing Staff
Applies ADB's staff policies in a consistent and transparent manner. Manages staff performance and development effectively through active
performance management, regular feedback, and recognition. Creates a supportive environment for maximizing staff performance and fostering
ethical behavior. Assigns workload fairly while optimizing staff resources. Builds well balanced and effective teams, which are inclusive of different
views, culture, nationality, gender, and age.

Creates a supportive environment for maximizing staff performance

ƒ Consistently and transparently applies staff policies in similar situations

ƒ Provides specific feedback to staff about their achievements and development priorities
ƒ Makes self available for staff to seek guidance and advice
ƒ Explains to staff the benefits of working collaboratively
ƒ Considers individual staff strengths, development opportunities, and workload management ability, when distributing tasks and
ƒ Ensures consistent and transparent application of staff policies in all situations, even when challenged by stakeholders
ƒ Proactively manages the performance of all staff by delivering meaningful feedback about strengths, development areas, and

performance issues at all opportunities

ƒ Prioritizes staff management by building an open and supportive environment where all staff are focused on results, even in
difficult situations
ƒ Motivates staff to collaboratively achieve Departmental results and collectively share achievements
ƒ Considers team strengths, development priorities, and divisional accountabilities, when distributing tasks and accountabilities
ƒ References staff policies as one input to explain the reasons supporting decisions
ƒ Balances the need to quickly address performance issue and maintain team functioning

ƒ Delegates appropriate authority and deliverables to fully leverage and motivate the team's talents, diversity of views and
ƒ Instills a culture of working together by role modeling the collective achievement of results and not becoming distracted by
differences of opinion or obstacles
ƒ Assigns work tasks by consistently leveraging the benefits of diversity and aligning stakeholder requirements, project objectives
and team strengths

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

2. Leadership and Strategic Thinking

Inspires commitment from all stakeholders to ADB’s mission and vision. Acts as a role model for ADB in all interactions. Translates the big picture
of ADB’s strategy for development effectiveness into department/division priorities. Helps others to understand how the ADB’s products and
services, processes, people, and structure support ADB's strategy to best meet the region’s needs.

Inspires commitment from all stakeholders to ADB’s mission and vision

ƒ Modifies own behavior to the needs or requirement of the task and individuals involved

ƒ Communicates support for ADB's vision, mission, and strategy

ƒ Helps others understand how their daily work contributes to achieving Divisional, Departmental and ADB strategies and work
ƒ Aligns Divisional and Departmental plans with the needs of Strategy 2020 and client priorities
ƒ Involves current stakeholders during project and solution planning
ƒ Aligns words with actions
ƒ Seeks opportunities to gain support and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders for ADB's vision, mission and strategy

ƒ Motivates others who are unclear or not aligned with the priorities of Strategy 2020 by explaining the rationale and big picture
supporting objectives
ƒ Sought out to assist in aligning Departmental and organizational strategies and work plans with the needs of Strategy 2020
ƒ Consistently involves current and potential stakeholders in designing and managing organizational changes needed to achieve
ADB's strategic objectives
ƒ Takes responsibility for their own and the team's performance, even if problems are encountered
ƒ Consistently promotes and communicates a positive image of ADB's mission, vision and strategy within and outside of ADB, even

when challenged or in difficult situations

ƒ Serves as a role model holding themselves and others accountable for aligning their work with the needs of Strategy 2020
ƒ Leads the formation and implementation of driving organizational initiatives and changes needed to implement Strategy 2020
ƒ Identifies risks and stakeholders that may impede the delivery of ADB's strategic objectives and addresses concerns in a timely
manner to gain their buy-in

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

3. Accountability
Understands with clarity the outputs and outcomes for which the individual will be accountable. Takes responsibility for own words and actions
and, when relevant, the consequences of decisions, performance, and behaviors. Follows through with committed actions decisively, responsibly
and through to completion. Celebrates successes and analyzes mistakes in order to improve performance and to ensure they do not reoccur.

Seeks to be held accountable for ADB's operations

ƒ Assumes responsibility for Divisional or Departmental actions by explaining to stakeholders the reasons for successes and failures

ƒ Devises systems and procedures to ensure that the Division or Department is accountable for its decisions, performance and
ƒ Provides appropriate clarification, support and resources to staff so they are accountable for their areas of responsibility
ƒ Insists on the highest standards of accountability from all staff

ƒ Consistently assumes responsibility for Divisional or Departmental actions by explaining successes, failures, and proposing

remedial actions
ƒ Invests significant time in creating a culture of accountability and responsibility by using experience and advice to guide others
ƒ Share accountability to improve the Division or Departmental performance and effectiveness
ƒ Quickly manages and resolves situations when accountabilities are not met

ƒ Serves as a role model for taking personal, Divisional and organizational accountability

ƒ Accepts responsibility as a leader to improve the organizational culture of accountability by observable actions and behavior
ƒ Inspires others to accept responsibilities and be accountable for performance
ƒ Leads the resolution of situations where Departmental or organizational accountabilities are not being delivered

ADB Competency Framework for Managers Levels 7 – 10

4. Inspiring Trust and Integrity 3

Demonstrates consistency between words and actions. Displays the highest ethical standards and develops an ethical organization. Upholds
ADB’s reputation by exemplifying the highest standards of honesty and integrity in professional and personal conduct. Role models ADB rules and

Upholds ADB’s reputation by exemplifying the highest standards of honesty and integrity
ƒ Expresses views and behaves that enforces ADB values and inspires others to follow
ƒ Establishes an environment that encourages open communication and responsible information sharing
ƒ Delivers on commitments, obligations, and promises

ƒ Avoids abuse of power or authority in any circumstance

ƒ Consistently applies and upholds ADB rules and code of conduct
ƒ Takes prompt and consistent action to address unprofessional, improper, or unethical behavior, including possible misconduct
and violations to ADB's anticorruption policy
ƒ Acts promptly to address any situations of perceived, potential, or actual conflicts of interest
ƒ Maintains confidentiality of information in accordance with ADB rules

There is only one level of proficiency for “Inspiring Trust and Integrity.”