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Observation Task 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading

Focus: Identify the structure used by your MST while implementing a shared
or guided reading lesson.

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify and discuss the purpose

of Shared or Guided reading and how it helps promote Concepts About Print
(CAP) skills, phonemic awareness, letter knowledge and phonics.

Procedure: Familiarize yourself with the Observation Table: Shared/Guided

Reading. Identify the specific book and reading skills modeled by your MST
and any skills that were demonstrated by the students.

Table 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading (Example)

The title of the book: Shapes on the seashore

Type of Reading (Shared or Guided): Guided
What the teacher does What the children do Comments
- She engorged the children to - They were trying to watch - I liked how the children are
identify the tittle of the story the cover of the book and they interest, engorged and
by guessing from the cover of start expecting what the book participating with the teacher.
the book. is about.
- The teacher was asking the
students to guess the tittle of
- She asked them what they the story by watching the
can see in the cover of the - They were answering by cover of the book instead of
story, the colors and reading describing the pictures that reading by herself only which
the tittle after the teacher. on the cover of the book. is useful to keep their
attention with her.

- She asked them from which

side we must read the story - They answered that we have
(Right or left). to flip the paper by using our
left hand and read from left to
- She starts reading the story
for them.
- They were listening and
answering the question.
Reflections on Observation Task 3: Teaching Shared/Guided

1. Which concepts about print (CAP), phonological awareness, letter knowledge and

or phonics did the teacher focus on? – She was focusing on the shapes that

were in

The story which are: rectangle, circle, spiral and star and she focused also on the

litter B and the sound of the letter.

a) What did strategies/activities the teacher use to help the students

understand the concept being taught? – The teacher was hanging

the pictures of the shapes on the board and she asked them to

match the shapes the on the board with the shapes that are in

the story and say their names by raising tier hands.

2. Were there any initial/medial/final sounds, punctuation, sight words or word families that
were covered during the lesson? If they were, select (a); if they were not, select (b).

a. What was the purpose of teaching these concepts? Explain its importance.

a) Provide one (1) activity example of how initial/medial/final sounds,

punctuation, sight words or word families could have been could have been
covered during the lesson.
- It is important to teach the children the sounds of the letters by

connecting the story with the sound of a letter which will be useful to

teach them easily and it will be easy to remember through the story.