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Several Ways of Decreasing the Addiction of Gadget

Nowadays, gadget has become a usual thing for every single person. Especially in
children to teenager, most of them already get addicted to gadget. This becomes a
problem since being addicted with gadget can make the children become obesity,
ignoring society, less achievement and many more. There are several things that
we can do to overcome this problem.

First, set the rules of using gadget. Avoiding the over time of using gadget,
parents should set some rules for their children in using gadget. They can use
gadget if they can finish their homework correctly but only for one hour. If they
want more, give other rules like they can get extra a half hour time to play gadget if
they help their parents at home.

Second, providing other alternative fun games or activity. Many people reach
their gadget every moment one of the reasons is because of boring. Some fun Body
activities like scrabble, monopoly, sport, making experiment of science, and others
can minimize their willingness to use gadget.

The last, have more quality time together. By having quality time together,
children will not feel alone and bored. It will make the children happy without
really focusing more on their gadget. Having quality time like hanging out together,
having dinner out or playing together at home can decrease the use of gadget.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that there are several things that
we can do to decrease the addiction of gadget such as set a rule of using gadget,
providing other alternative fun games or activity, and have more quality time
together. Besides, we need to be aware of the gadget addiction it self. Sooner we
prevent is better.