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Travel and Tourism Welding

NCFE Certificate for Airline Cabin Certificate in Sustainable NEW NVQ Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) Welding and Joining - Levels 1 & 2
Crew - Level 2 Tourism - Level 2
This course is available at Main
Campus, Kingsway, Dunstable.
If you wish to work in industry, this LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2
course will help you become
This qualification will provide This course will raise awareness of
This course also takes place at
DAY Wednesday DAY Monday competent in many relevant areas. DAY Friday Friday
candidates with key insights into the the key elements of sustainable
the Learning Warehouse,
You will study: Levels 1 & 2 in DATE 03/10/08 03/10/08
role of airline cabin crew. DATE 01/10/08 tourism and eco-tourism in a range DATE 29/09/08
Leighton Buzzard.
welding oxy-acetylene, manual metal
of destinations.
TIME 1830-2130 TIME 1830-2100 arc, metal arc gas shielded welding TIME 0900-1630 0900-1630
The course looks at:
and tungsten arc gas shielded
• Understanding the airline industry WEEKS 30 Units cover sustainable tourism, WEEKS 24 WEEKS 30 30
welding. You will need to have
• Effective customer care the impact of tourism on the local
FEE £295 FEE £250 completed GCSEs at Grade C or FEE £685 £685
• Effective team work and environment, and how to manage
above, for entry onto the Level 2
communications the effects of tourism. DISCOUNTED £200 £200
• Health, safety and aviation FEE

Travel and Tourism

security The course looks at:

CODE 23541 E18MA • Understanding the airline industry CODE 23543 E18MA CODE 21168 D18MA 21149 D18MA
• Understanding the airport
process. • Effective customer care
• Effective team work and Please note: Fee shown is per annum.

City & Guilds 3267 Certificate in Welding Skills - Level 2 NEW

Progression can be into airlines' own communications
training schemes as well as other • Health, safety and aviation security
Level 3 related courses. • Understanding the airport process.

This course is available at Main

Progression can be into airlines' own
Campus, Kingsway, Dunstable.
You will gain an understanding of the DAY Wednesday Wednesday
training schemes as well as other
basic skills and processes associated
Level 3 related courses.
This course also takes place at
with welding. You will cover advanced DATE 01/10/08 14/01/09

NCFE Certificate in Travel & Tourism Management - Level 3 NEW

the Learning Warehouse,
methods of oxy-acetylene, manual
TIME 1800-2100 1800-2100
Leighton Buzzard.
metal arc, MAG and TIG welding. You
need the Certificate in Introductory WEEKS 20 20
Welding or appropriate industrial
experience as entry qualifications for FEE £295 £295
This qualification aims to increase the candidates’ skills and knowledge of DAY Thursday
candidate’s understanding of sales and promotions. this course. DISCOUNTED £110 £110
contemporary and legislative issues DATE 02/10/08 FEE
in Travel and Tourism and how these The course is for candidates over 18,
TIME 1830-2100 CODE 21158 E08MA 21158 E08MB
issues impact upon organisational in employment, with a previous
processes and the management of qualification at Level 2.

The Learning Warehouse Leighton - Linslade

people. It also provides candidates
with skills to help solve problems FEE £450
associated with managing revenues DISCOUNTED £200
and customer services, and develops FEE

VTCT Certificate Waxing (Depilation) - Level 2

CODE 23544 D18MA


The Learning Warehouse Leighton - Linslade

This course is available at the
Kingsland Skills Institute
You will learn the application of both DAY Tuesday Thursday

Campus, Houghton Regis.

hot and warm wax, covering the

See page 29.

practical and theoretical knowledge DATE 30/09/08 02/10/08

City & Guilds 3267 Certificate in Introductory Welding - Level 1

of waxing depilation. You do not

TIME 1800-2130 1800-2130
This course also takes place at
need any formal qualifications or prior

the Learning Warehouse,

experience to take the course. WEEKS 15 15

Leighton Buzzard.
You will need to purchase a
professional kit and uniform. FEE £195 £195
You will learn and develop your DAY Tuesday Tuesday DISCOUNTED £90 £90
welding skills on this beginner's Further details and order forms will FEE
course. You will undertake practical DATE 30/09/08 13/01/09
be given to you at the first class.
tasks to City & Guilds standards, CODE 26157 E08WA 26157 E08WB
TIME 1800-2100 1800-2100
covering a choice from oxy-acetylene, VTCT registration fee £15.
manual metal arc and MAG. You do WEEKS 20 20

not need any formal qualifications or This module forms part of the Beauty
prior experience to take the course. FEE £295 £295
Specialist Diploma.

CODE 21167 E18MA 21167 E18MB

All the courses on this page take place at Main Campus, Kingsway, Dunstable.

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