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Text for questions number 1 – 3

A man had a parrot. It was a very beautiful bird and every day the man talked to it.
"Pretty Polly," he said. "You are a pretty Polly."
"Pretty Polly," the parrot said. "You are Pretty Polly."
Every day the man spoke new words to the parrot "Hallo" he said, and "Goodbye."
One day the parrot was not in its cage. It was flying about the room. The man came into the room and saw the
parrot. "What are you doing?" he said.
"What are you doing?" the parrot said.
The man laughed. Then he went out to visit his friends.
That evening a thief came to the house. He walked round the house and looked into the windows. There was no
one at home. The thief broke open the door and entered the house. First he went into the sitting room. In the
sitting room he found some bowls and vases. He put them into a sack. Then he went into the bedroom. In the
bedroom he found a gold watch and some money. He put these into the sack, too. He stole many things from
the house and put them into his sack.
The sack was soon full. The thief put it over his shoulder and walked to the door. He opened the door and
looked out and no one there.
"What are you doing?" a voice said.
The thief jumped high into the air and dropped his sack. Then he ran out of the house and down the road.
"What are you doing?" the voice said again: "Pretty Polly. Hallo, Goodbye. What are you doing?"

1. What did the parrot do when the man spoke new words to it?
A. It understood the new words.
B. It said "Hallo" and "Goodbye".
C. It repeated the new words.
D. It flew about the room.

2. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To tell about a wonderful parrot bird
B. To amuse the reader about a marvelous parrot
C. To give a value to the thief
D. To give an information about the parrot

3. The following statements are true according to the story, except…

A. The parrot is able to imitate the master’s voice
B. The thief realized that there is the host in the house
C. The thief was caught by the host
D. The thief jumped and ran

Text for questions number 4 – 6

Dear Taruna,
Guess what! I’m coming to Indonesia next summer. Isn’t that exciting? Maybe we can meet somewhere. Is
your town in north, south or central Indonesia? I have some relatives who live in Bali so I will probably go
there first.
I would like some advice from you because I don’t know very much about Indonesia. Remember this is my
first visit. I’d like to see Jakarta, of course, but there are so many beautiful places to visit. Please help me.
What’s the weather usually like in the summer in Indonesia? Does it rain a lot?
My brother will accompany me there. If I come to your town, can we go swimming in the sea there, or is it far
from the sea?
Please write to me and answer my questions! I’m very thrilled about coming to Indonesia.
I hope we can meet somewhere. Let me know, Okay? Bye for now.

Your pen friend,


4. Who sends the letter ?

A. Taruna
B. Brian
C. Brian’s penpal
D. Taruna’s brother.
5. “ I have…I will probably go there first . “The underlined word refers to…
A. Indonesia
B. Jakarta
C. Australia
D. Bali

6. The following are true about the letter above, except…

A. Brian will come to Indonesia in Summer
B. Brian is not Indonesian
C. Brian and Taruna will meet in Brian’s country
D. Brian and Taruna are pen friends

7. Arrange the following sentences into a good order.

1. It makes Indonesia rich in custom houses.
2. Indonesia has many ethnic groups.
3. Every province has its own custom houses.
4. There are so many custom houses.
5. West Kalimantan has Bentang.
6. For example, Central Java has Joglo.
7. Central Sulawesi has Toraja and there are still many others.
A. 2 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 7 C. 2 – 4 – 6 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 7
B. 2 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 7 D. 2 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 3 – 7

Text for questions number 8 – 10

A vegetarian is someone who only eats fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, nuts, and seeds. They do not eat
fish, meat, or poultry (for examples, chicken or turkey), and sometimes they avoid dairy products and eggs as
well. Some vegetarian, however, keep all animal products out of their lives. These kinds of vegetarians are
called vegans.
Vegans not only refuse to eat meat and fish; they also avoid eating cheese, eggs honey, and butter, because all
of this food comes from animals. Many vegans feel that eating food derived from animals or using anything
produced from animals is a form of animal abuse. Vegans refuse to buy or wear animal products, such as
wool, leather, and silk. What is more, vegans do not use health care products such as soap, shampoo or
cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Vegans strive to lead a “cruelty-free’, and are often very aware of
animals rights issues.

8. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To retell about how important to be a vegan
B. To describe a lot about the vegan
C. To persuade someone to be a vegan
D. To tell someone about the important of vegetarian

9. What is animal abuse?

A. It is a government’s rule for the vegans
B. It is the vegetarian’s habit as a vegan
C. It is the vegan’s products for carnivorous
D. It is the vegan’s consideration to the carnivorous

10. Which one is Not true about a vegan according to the text?
A. The vegan avoids all of dairy product
B. The vegan drinks milk but don’t eats egg
C. The vegan keep care about animal’s right
D. The vegan keep concern about animal abuse

Text for questions number 11 – 13

The loop paper plane

Material needed
 A sheet of heavy paper
 A pencil
 Sharp scissors
 A paper clip
 Crayons
 Fold the paper in half the long way
 Then draw an airplane with wings and a tail on it
 Next, draw a line about an inch away from fold on each side the full length of the paper
 Then cut on the airplane and color it. You can draw airplane markings near each wing tip
 Next refold your airplane. Now fold your each wing down along the line drawn on it.
 Then add the paper clip to the nose. You can change the way your airplane flies by changing the wing
shape and putting more than one clip on the nose

11. What should you do before cut out the airplane?

A. Fold the paper in half
B. Add paper clip on the nose
C. Draw a line on each side the full length of the paper
D. Fold each wing down along the line

12. How can we change the way of the airplane fly?

A. By folding the each wing of the paper
B. Changing the wing shape and putting more than one clip on the nose
C. Cut on the airplane
D. Fold each wing down along the line

13. How many paper do we need to make twin paper plane?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

Text for questions number 14 – 15

14. What does Martha hope for Ervina's birthday?

A. She wishes her happiness.
B. She gives her prosperity.
C. She returns her love.
D. She always be true friends.

15. “…that’s who,me.” The underlined word refers to…

A. Ervina
B. Martha
C. Martha’s friend
D. Ervina’s boy friend

Text for questions number 16 – 18

POPPIES COTTAGES, Kuta hidden away in secret garden poppies is after three decades still being discovered by those who
wishing to escape the glitz and glamour of grandiose hotels, while expecting, comfortable clean surrounding, friendly service
and Balinese charm.
Phone: (0361) 751 059
Fax : (0361) 752 364
E-mail: Info @ poppiesbali. Com Web : www. Poppiesbali. Com

16. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To entertain the readers about the Poppies Cottage in Bali.
B. To remind people to come to the Poppies Cottage in Bali.
C. To inform about the Poppies Cottage in Bali.
D. To advertise the Poppies Cottage

17. Where is Poppies Cottage located in Bali?

A. In a hidden town
B. In glamorous town
C. In the garden.
D. Near glitz hotels.

18. …by those who wishing to escape the glitz and glamour of grandiose hotels. What does the underline word
A. luxurious
B. famous
C. expensive
D. beautiful

Text for questions number 19 – 20

To my best friend Ella,

Happy Idul Fitri. Hope you forgive my mistakes thoroughly. May

Allah The Almighty accepts all of our good deeds.


19. Why did Niken write the text above?

A. To tell Ella about Idul Fitri Day
B. To forgive Ella mistakes
C. To congratulate Ella and to apologize
D. To invite Ella to make Idul Fitri card

20. What is their relationship?

A. Close friend
B. Sisters
C. Neighbor
D. Little sister

Text for questions number 21 – 23


The ants are very interesting. They have been running about everywhere. They seem very busy. They have
been looking for food. When an ant finds something, it takes it to the nest. If one ant cannot carry it, it calls its
friends to help.
Ants are social insects. They are like people. They live in families and build their own houses or nests. But a
family of ants may consist of tents of thousands. Each, ant has its own work to do. There are hunters, workers,
and soldiers. The hunters hunt for food for all the ants in the nest. The workers build the nest. Most ants make
'their nest in the ground. The workers dig holes in the ground and make rooms. The soldiers guard the nests
against the strangers and enemies.
The workers and soldiers get their food from the hunters. The queen is a special ant. It gets special food from
the hunters. It does not have to work. Its only job is to lay eggs,
21. The queen is a special ant. It gets special food form the hunters. The word "it" in the statement above refers to
the ...
A. queen
B. hunter
C. ants
D. food

22. What is the first paragraph about?

A. life of the ants
B. ants can run everywhere
C. busyness of the ants
D. ants always help each other

23. How does the queen get its food?

A. By the king
B. By the hunter
C. By its worker
D. By its special ant

Text for questions number 24 – 26

This traditional beverage has the function of reducing body odour, refreshing,
smoothing, and slimming our body.

1 kg turmeric
1 kg palm sugar
250 g black tamarind
salt as much as needed
3 l of water

Peel turmeric and wash it. Then, slice it. Use a grinder or blender to grind the sliced turmeric. Pour the
ground turmeric into a deep pan and add the rest of the ingredients. Bring it to boil. Stir it occasionally.
Once it is boiled strain the mixture. Let it cool off and serve it with some ice cubes

24. This recipe tells us how to make “kunyit asam”. It is a kind of ….

A. Cookie
B. Drink
C. Soup
D. Biscuit

25. We have to … the turmeric before we wash it.

A. peel
B. cut
C. grind
D. boil

26. Once it is boiled strain the mixture. The underlined word most nearly means ….
A. pour the mixture with a sieve to separate the solid part from the liquid part
B. move substance around, using a spoon in order to mix it thoroughly
C. combine two or more substances, in a way that they cannot easily be separated
D. cut something easily with a sharp blade
Text for questions number 27

The use of bicycles or other wheeled transport is not permitted on footpaths on factory area

27. What does the text tell mean?

A. No vehicles are allowed to pass on the walk ways
B. Factory forbid people to use wheelchairs on the footpath
C. Pedicab is permitted to pass the Footpath
D. Cars and motor vehicles are allowed to pass on the pass way

28. to - promise - the - get - people’s - keep - trust

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The best arrangement is …
A. 6 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5 – 7
B. 6 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 7
C. 6 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 7
D. 6 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 – 7

Text for questions number 29 – 30

Dear France,
After having lunch, do your homework and take a bath. Don’t
forget to put the key under the pot before going to your music

29. When will France go to music course?

A. In the morning
B. In the afternoon
C. In the evening
D. In the night

30. Where does France have to put the key?

A. On the table
B. Behind the door
C. Beneath the pot
D. Above the pot

Text for questions number 31 – 34

Last weekend the girl scouts and the boy scouts of my school had their first fun camping outside the school
They left for Cikoneng at 05. 00 a.m. After a long and thrilling drive they arrived at the village and found a
good camping site “Let’s set up our tents there,” said the leader while pointing at a garden. Then, they started
to work. In a short time the tents were ready and they put a small flag on the top of each tent. After that, some
girl scouts made a fire while some others cooked their lunch. The boys were busy working. The lunch was
ready at 03.00 and they immediately started to eat. After that, they took a little rest
At 04.30 p.m the leader blew his whistle and all the girl scouts and the boy scouts gathered around to start their
fun camping programs.

31. When did the scouts begin their fun camping programs?
A. At night.
B. In the evening.
C. In the morning.
D. In the afternoon.

32. The scouts set their tents up.…

A. on the mountain
B. beside the road
C. at the garden
D. in the valley
33. “… and some others cooked their lunch.” (paragraph 3 line 5). What does the underlined phrase refer to?
A. The teachers.
B. The girl scouts.
C. The boy scouts
D. The leader of scouts.

34. What’s the main idea of the third paragraph?

A. The scouts set up their tents.
B. The scouts came to the camping site.
C. The scouts prepared everything for camping.
D. The scouts started their activities in camping site.

Text for questions number 35 – 38

Once upon a time, there lived a Clouds family. Papa Cloud, mama Cloud, and Cloud children lived quietly in
the sky.
Every morning, the Cloud children went to the sky playground to play with the sky slide. But since there was
only one slide, they had to take turns on the slide. Lody the youngest Cloud child, look impatient. He could
not wait his turn to come. His brother Tody, didn’t like his attitude. Suddenly, they were quarreling. Their
white bodies became gray. It meant they were very angry. When the Clouds were angry, water usually came
out of their bodies. It meant rain for the people on earth.
“stop it, Children! Stop fighting!” papa Cloud said.
“You can play t he slide in turns. Now, shake hands. Both of you!” ordered papa Cloud.
Lody and Tody shaked hands and slowly their colors changed. Their bodies’ bacame fair again. The rain
stopped and people on Earth could go on their activities again.

35. How many children were there in the Clouds family?

A. one C. three
B. two D. four

36. What the children do on the slide?

A. fly
B. creep
C. glide
D. detest

37. When did the earth rain based on the text?

A. when cloud family sad
B. when the children played with the slide
C. When papa cloud asked his children to stop quarrelling
D. when children were fighting

38. But since there was only one slide, they had to take turns on the slide.
The underlined word has same meaning with ...
A. although
B. because
C. nevertheles
D. meanwhile

Text for question number 39 and 40


39. Who is the notice above for?

A. The zoo visitors
B. The zoo animals
C. The officers
D. The government

40. The notice means ….

A. We should give the animals human food
B. We are prohibited to feed them
C. We are allowed to take their food
D. We can buy animal food there
Text for questions number 41 – 42

To : All Employees
Effective date : February 1st, 2013
Subject : Staff uniforms .

All employees are required to wear a uniform during work hours. This is to make it easier to distinguish them
from customers. Women should wear a colourful blouse with black pants or a black knee-length skirt. Men
should wear black pants with an orange or red T-Shirt.


41. What should woman employees wear?

A. an orange shirt and black pants.
B. a yellow skirt and black pants
C. a black skirt and colourful blouse.
D. a white skirt and colourful blouse.

42. Why do all employees have to wear a uniform during work hours?
A. To differentiate them from the customers.
B. To show that they have a good uniform.
C. To give them good appearance.
D. To make them friendly.

43. News – delivers – it – a lot of – and – the readers– to – information

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

A. 3–2–1–5–4–8–7–6
B. 3–2–6–7–4–8–5–1
C. 3–2–4–7–6–1–5–8
D. 3–2–4–1–5–8–7–6

Text for questions number 44 – 45

Dear Amanda,
Hi friend, here I invite you to my 15th birthday party

On Tuesday, 23rd Desember 2013

At 4:00 p.m
In my house, Jl.Bumi Asri no 14 bandung

Please come,! without you the party is nothing


44. In what year was Laila born?

A. 1998
B. 1997
C. 1996
D. 1995

45. “Whithout you the party is nothing”. Means…

A. Laila hopes that Amanda will bring the present
B. Laila really hope for Amanda’s coming
C. Laila hopes that Amanda won’t come to her party
D. Laila hopes that the party will be cancelled by Amanda
Text for questions number 46 – 47

No Airline Flight Origin Departure Destination Arrival

1 Air Asia AA 540 Bali 05:00AM JKT 06:00 AM
2 Garuda GA 203 Bdg 06:00AM JKT 06:15 AM
3 Lion Air JT 335 Jkt 09:00AM SBY 09:30 AM
4 Merpati MN 455 Jkt 01:00PM PAL 02:00 PM
5 Bima Air BM 345 Papua 02:00PM JKT 03:30 PM

46. Which statement is true according to the text?

A. The destination of Bima Air is Palembang
B. Air Asia takes off from Jakarta at 05:00 a.m. and lands in Bali at 06:00 a.m.
C. Garuda lands in Bandung at 06:15 p.m
D. Merpati takes off from Jakarta at 01:00 p.m. and lands in Palembang at 02:00 p.m

47. Which flight should you take if you want to go to Surabaya?

A. Air Asia
B. Garuda
C. Lion Air
D. Merpati

Text for questions number 48 – 50

Yesterday was Sunday. Erna didn’t go to school. She went to the market with her mother. When they arrived at
the market, they …(48)… vegetables and fruit. Erna brought the fruit and her mother brought the vegetables.
Then they stopped at the grocery store to buy a sack of rice and some sugar.
Erna asked her mother,“How do we carry these shoppings, Mom?” Her mother answered,”Call a pedicab and
ask the driver to carry these shoppings.” Erna …(49)… a pedicab near the gate of the market. She asked the
driver to carry the shopings to the pedicab.
When they …(50)… at home, they got off. Erna rang the doorbell and her father opened the door. Her father
took the shoppings from the pedicab and her mother paid the driver.

A. Purchased
B. Brought
C. Made
D. Rode

A. Look up
B. Look after
C. Look for
D. Look into

A. Arrived
B. Went
C. Waited
D. Took