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Name: Shaina Neil Paula C.

Course and Section: AB Foreign Service & FS301
Subject: International Political Economy
Date: March 5, 2018
Professor: Jumel G. Estrañero
Title: US-RP-PRC: The tension in the South China Sea

US-RP-PRC: The tension in the South China Sea

China is the world’s second largest next to US and soon to be the next number one
economy within the next years. Some researchers are worried because the president of China
also known as the strong man in China Mr. Xi’s rule might worsen the relationship between US
and China. After many years US helps China, the administration of President Donald Trump
called China a strategic competitor. The United States are preparing plans and spend more on
military to sustain their advantage over the People Liberation Army.

We all know that President Donald Trump does not respect the dignity of his political
opponent. Maybe because of he is jealous that China would become the greatest country in the
world. I think if President Donald Trump’s term will end, Mr. Xi will be stronger and have a
greater power. Mr. Xi’s move is to protect the power of China, terrorism and war strengthens
by new technology. He believes that only stability can ensure the government of China and he
thinks that he is the only person who can achieve this.

China is great in economic, political and strategy. They are the main target of US when it
comes to trade against low priced of imports of products. Chinese companies are helping to
build or finance around the world. They already establishing military bases and building
infrastructure around the world. China is a great help in the Philippines regardless of its issue,
even though our president hates US we still need them the United States is more important to
us as an export market.

The Spratly Island is a territorial argument that is been raging for century and I believe
as a student that island belongs to the Philippines. Our country is an archipelago state that
means Spratly is still in the Philippine water. South China Sea is very important to the United
States, the order is to ensure that the maritime dispute is to be resolved with negotiation. To
maintain the geopolitical position the US needs to protect the allies in the region.

I think after ten years if US and China went to war over South China Sea, economically
the US and China would suffer tremendously. Philippines can be a strong country by educating
the youth, have a good government, establish peace and security and have an effective